Weekly Collegiate Race Recap October 14, 2013


MWCCC: Michigan Technological University Conference Championships - by Casey Hildebrandt

Racing took place up in Copper Harbor and Houghton of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this past weekend for the Conference Championships held by Michigan Technological University.  The Copper Harbor trail system is home to hundreds miles of trails and incredible terrain.  IMBA has played a large role in developing the trails, providing a perfect test as the last race for riders before nationals coming up in two weeks.

Cross Country started off the weekend’s events in Copper Harbor as Conference Omnium Champions Drew Dillman (Marian University) and Corrie Osborne (Ripon College) took the wins yet again.  Downhill took place on a brand new run as teammates JD Swanguen and Dakotah Norton (Lindsey Wilson College) took the top two spots followed by Tom Holaday (University of Wisconsin).  The women’s podium had teammates Crystal Kalogris and Shayona Glynn (Marian University) taking first and third while Brittany Bates (Lindenwood University) came through with the second fastest time.

Racers headed down to Houghton for short track and slalom action early Sunday morning.  The trails were just off of Michigan Tech’s campus and featured trails built by the some of the same people developing the Copper Harbor trails.  Dillman took the short track win, but the women’s race broke apart as teammates Allie Dragoo and Coryn Rivera (Marian University) were able to get rid of Osborne.  Slalom completed the weekend’s events as Chase Hines (Marian University) edged out Jarrod Adcock (Northern Illinois University) in the men’s final.  Marian swept the women’s podium with Felicia Stancil, Kalogris, and Glynn.
Marian University won team overall, followed by Lindenwood University and Lindsey Wilson College.  The conference has a break in the schedule before heading to Nationals.

SCCCC: Baylor University Race Weekend - by Emily Franco

Men's B racing through local Waconians pristine trail at Cameron Park
Men's B racing through local Waconians pristine trail at Cameron Park
Photo: Centenary College Cycling Team 
Yet another wet weekend for the Collegiate racers of the SCCCC. Baylor University held a very muddy and technical race this weekend at Cameron Park. Tony Baca (Midwestern State University) opened up the weekend with a super fast .5 mile short track loop for the Men’s A’s. Go big or go home was what many of the riders were thinking before the race started on the short track. For the women, yet again, Elizabeth Lurz (Abilene Christian University) dominated the Women’s A’s with an effortless win. After the riders had time to fix many of their now broken bikes we went down the road for the team relay. Josh Sutherlin (Texas A&M) newly upgraded A rider led Texas A&M to their first team relay win of the season. Included in Josh’s team are Michael Stivers, and Aurelie Collee. Not far behind A&M finished Baylor and The University of Texas.

For the second weekend in a row the riders couldn't catch a break. Overnight it continued to downpour until the start of the cross country race. It was a quick start for the riders in fear of another storm cells pending arrival. This race was unlike any others the riders had faced so far this year. An extremely technical course that would make one think you had left Texas and were in the mountains of Colorado. Yet again, Tony Baca (Midwestern State University) brought home a win for MSU. Tony made battling the mud and technical climbs look so effortless, leaving the second place rider, Doug Todd (West Texas A&M), nowhere in sight as he crossed the line. As for the Women A's, we could have predicted this result, Elizabeth Lurz (Abilene Christian University) stole away the cross country gold proving her hard efforts and tactical riding is paying off.

Notable finish to Cole Stewart (The University of Texas) for defending his leaders’ jersey for another weekend! Doug Todd (West Texas A&M) and his own teammate Robbie Chrisman (The University of Texas) were hot on Cole’s heels looking to steal it away before Nationals. The SCCCC will wrap up the season at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnett, Texas on November 2, but not before they head up to the east coast for Nationals.

The SCCCC wishes the A riders good luck as they had to Nationals in North Carolina!!

WCCC: Cal Poly's Race Weekend - by Kirsten Pearsons

Two of Chico's riders duke it out on the rollers during the Men's B Dual Slalom.
Two of Chico's riders duke it out on the rollers during the Men's B Dual Slalom.
Photo: Will Scheel
Riders were up bright and early at the V6 ranch to tackle the cross country courses at Cal Poly’s Parkfield Classic. Everyone faced the demanding fire road climbs and sandy yet speedy single track descents of the baseline 9 mile course. Men’s A, Men’s B, and Women’s A riders took on even more with challenging course extensions chock-full of extra leg-screaming climbs and quick, choppy descents. Saturday afternoon’s sweet dual slalom course was in no short supply of pitched berms and rolling jumps making for quite the crowd-drawing event. Sunday’s short track took place on the same course as last year with an added drop-off towards the end of the lap. Riders flew around the course, across a dried creek bed and up and around the many sharp descents, kicker climbs, and tight turns. The weekend concluded with downhill – a fast and furious steep descent packed with jumps, dips, and even a rock garden.
Next week we’re off to Dirt Club Ranch for UC Santa Barbara’s home race, our last race weekend before Nationals.

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