Weekly Collegiate Racing Wrap - March 6, 2012


SCCCC: Season Opener at Texas A&M University – by Kristen Kjellberg

This weekend the SCCCC gathered for the 14th annual Tunis-Roubaix race, hosted by the Texas A&M Cycling Team near College Station, TX. Over the years, this race -specifically the road race- has built a repertoire with both collegiate and TXBRA racers as being the "Hell of the South," and this year the race lived up to its reputation. The road race Saturday consisted of 12-15 mile loops with each loop containing 3-5 miles of strada bianca, aka "white road" in Italian, or "lots of big rocks" in Aggiespeak. Many racers were left to wonder why they didn't bring their mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes instead. The strada bianca popped tubes, tires, and derailleurs, and managed to unscrew a crankset. In almost every race, nearly half of the riders DNFed. But the more dirt-oriented racers were not at a total advantage, because while there were stretches of gravel and rocks, there were also hills - as many as this region in Texas could offer. The result was arguably one of the toughest courses in collegiate cycling.

The time trial did not offer a reprieve. While rocks were avoided, the hills were aplenty, and the wind changed directions so often that there was no "downwind". The Sunday criterium brought much less pain - at least less from the rocks and weather. Many racers were ready to make up for their misfortunes Saturday, which proved for some fast, furious racing. The conference meets again next weekend in Norman, Oklahoma where the Sooners promise an omnium to be remembered.

MWCCC: Mizzou Road Race Weekend – by Alex Meyer

Across the board Saturday’s road races were brutal races of attrition. The combination of high winds, open roads and lots of cross wind destroyed every field. In the Men’s A race, an aggressive first lap left a group of fifteen riders at the front. Further aggression in the second lap’s cross winds reduced the group to five leaders. The group came to the line in a sprint with Alex Meyer (UW Madison) taking his second win of the season, Hogan Sills (Purdue) in second, and Nick Grigsby (Lindsey-Wilson College) in third. The Women’s A race came down to a break of four riders Rachel Byus (Lindenwood), Regan Baum (University of Kentucky), Aimee Warnke, (UW Madison) and Summer Ohlendorf (UW Madison). Near the end of the second lap hard attacks in the cross wind splintered the group.  Byus took the win with Regan Baum and Warnke taking second and third respectively.

Sunday brought the chance for the riders to test their skills against the clock on a rolling 20 kilometer course. In the Men’s A, Alex Meyer (UW Madison) took the win with Hogan Sills (Purdue) and David Novak coming in close behind to take second and third. Mikayla Lyman (Lindsey Wilson College) won the Women’s A with Rachel Byus (Lindenwood) doing another strong ride to take second. Meghan Lapeta (University of Illinois Chicago) rounded out the Women’s A podium.  After the morning’s individual feats of strength it was time for the team time trials. With Marian not in attendance Lindenwood and Lindsey Wilson were the big favorites and they didn’t disappoint. Putting on a great show Lindenwood took the Men’s A with Lindsey Wilson in second. In the Women’s A race Lindsey Wilson answered with a win over the Lindenwood women.

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ACCC: Wake Forest Road Race Weekend – by James McCabe

By the time the dust settled in the tobacco capital of America, the ACCC just finished two very fast days of racing in Winston-Salem, N.C. Saturday’s road race was the fastest race of the year.
In Women’s A race, the ladies averaged over 23 mph, which makes Wake’s road race course one of the fastest of the year. At the line, it was Nina Laughlin (ASU), Caroline Moakley (NCSU) and Chrissy Eposito (VT). In the Men’s A race, a break would escape on the first lap and stay away for the whole race. The winner ended up being Andre Vandenberg (ASU), followed by Matt Bruner (NCSU) and Todd Whitescarver (ASU).

After App. State smoked the fields on Saturday, there was still time for teams to make a comeback during Sunday’s crit. With wide open lanes and strong gusts of wind, the course favorite the power riders and not the technical ones. In the Women’s A field, the six starting ladies would eventually end with a group of four rolling into the line. With attacks coming from Katy Applin (WFU) and Nina Laughin (ASU), the pace was kept high once again. At the line, it was a photo-finish as Corinne Landis (USNA) took the win over Katy Applin (WFU) and Caroline Moakley (NCSU). The Men’s A race was a series of attacks, with one getting away half-way through. The break would then break away, with Nick Inabinet (ASU) soloing away for the win, followed by Matt Rinehart (Duke) and Reid Beloni (ASU).

The ACCC is resting this weekend, but will head to William & Mary March 17th-18th.

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WCCC: Stanford Race Weekend - by Erika Pearsons

Time Trails were the first to take place as the larger teams of the conference took off on their 10K sprint. By the end of the TTT, the rest of the teams began to arrive, and the parking lot was now full of eagerly awaiting racers from across California and Nevada.

The road races were clean and fast on the decent, only a few walked with minor road rash. A Men’s B Davis rider went down hard and was air lifted out, but in an update on Monday after the race, he was in good spirits in the hospital. We wish him a speedy and positive recovery.

After a somewhat un-eventful road race, your classic out and back in beautiful 75 degree California sunshine weather, we turned our attention to the Criterium at Specialized Headquarters. Surrounded by faces wrapping the .5 mile circuit, the men’s C race was marred by crashes, and took over two hours to complete what should have been a half hour race.

The Women’s A took to the stage in an incredible race by the UCDavis team. First Sunshine Townsend pulled to the front in a solo breakaway to stir things up. Once she was back in the pack with half the race left, Danielle Haulman went off the front. In an incredible effort, with only one lap to go, she lapped the field in an incredible finale. Everyone on the sidelines, regardless of team colors, was cheering her on.

Davis had another strong performance in the Men’s A race with Anthony Ferretti finishing strong in the sprint finish.

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