USAC seeks Safety, Anti-Doping Committee members


(Jan. 27, 2016) – USA Cycling seeks volunteers or nominations for two important advisory committees it is creating to support two major efforts to improve cycling events in America: increasing safety and ensuring clean competition. These committees will be comprised of experts on these topics from diverse backgrounds who can advise USA Cycling on actions to take as well as help evaluate the impact of those actions over time.
beginning racer program cornering with Mary Maroon
USA Cycling is establishing Safety and Anti-Doping Committees in 2016.

The Safety Committee will focus on reducing the incidence and severity of accidents in American cycling events, as well improving post-accident care. USA Cycling seeks experts in the fields of medicine, data analysis, cycling event promotion and officiating in addition to a rider representative who can speak for the racing community. To create a fact base on which to build recommendations, an evaluation of existing data on accidents and the establishment of improved data reporting methods will be the first area of focus for the committee. It is expected that the committee, working with USA Cycling staff, will establish a set of recommendations by the end of 2016 for USA Cycling to pursue.
The Anti-Doping Committee will focus on eliminating doping in American cycling events through testing, education and cultural change. USA Cycling seeks anti-doping experts, cyclists and event promoters with experience with anti-doping efforts, and business or community leaders with experience implementing regulatory and/or cultural changes amongst a large constituency. Determining the optimal level of testing to cost effectively create a credible deterrent will be a key focus, as will developing means to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-doping efforts over time.
Volunteers or nominations should be sent to Nancy Belenke at by Feb. 8. USA Cycling will select the committee members from the pool of candidates. The committees will be limited to roughly six individuals. Positions will be unpaid and are not part of USA Cycling’s formal governance structure, i.e., they are not USA Cycling Sport Committees. Meetings are expected to be held via telephone or video conference on a roughly monthly basis, and committee members are asked to be able to contribute at least an hour a week during start-up phase.

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