USAC announces changes to Anti-Doping Committee


(June 2, 2016) – USA Cycling announced Thursday that Dr. Paul Dimeo will no longer participate on the recently formed USA Cycling Anti-Doping Committee after public comments made last week in the London Times challenging whether performance enhancing methods like blood doping and the use of EPO should be banned. USA Cycling concluded those views contradict USA Cycling's position and could undermine the clear objectives of the Anti-Doping Committee. 

The Committee, which was formed earlier this year, has the stated purpose: “The new Anti-Doping Committee will be comprised of experts who will help USA Cycling determine how it can best reduce banned doping practices within amateur and professional cycling in America. The committee’s focus will be to determine the optimal level of testing to cost effectively create a credible deterrent, recommend what other actions USA Cycling can take to reduce doping (e.g., education), and evaluate the effectiveness of USA Cycling’s anti-doping efforts over time.”

USA Cycling CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall said, “While we welcome dissenting opinion within our committee, the conversation must focus on the problem at hand: how to eliminate doping from American cycling. We fully respect Dr. Dimeo’s right to challenge the system and as an academic, it is important that he does. We in fact knew he often challenged the status quo. But his recent comments advocating the legalization of certain doping practices made it clear that he does not share our fundamental views regarding eliminating doping from sport through the rigorous application of well-established anti-doping efforts.

“We are thankful for the contributions he has made to our organization in the past, both from his research last year which helped us identify the extent of amateur doping in American cycling and his help in forming the committee.”

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