USA Cycling Rule Changes for 2014


2014 Rule Book Cover

With the 2014 rule book now posted to the USA Cycling website, here are several rule changes for the upcoming season. These changes have come about through sport committee meetings, internal research and member feedback. 

Note: The below summaries are NOT the full rules. Please reference the rule book for the complete rule.

Most notable, we have changed the age categories that define junior and youth riders. A rider who has a racing age of 9 is now a junior instead of a youth. Youth is chronological age of 6 through racing age of 8. Chapter seven of the rule book indicates which national championships have had age groups that are now broken into 9-10 and 11-12, replacing the older 10-12.

One-Day Licenses

1A2(c): The definition of a one-day license was tightened to make it clear that the license may only be purchased by someone who holds the lowest category for the discipline of the race. No rider who has previously held a higher category can purchase a one-day license. In other words, it is a beginner, trial license.


1D2: The term “Professional” was better defined for the applicable disciplines. For road and track, a professional rider is one who is a current member of a UCI team. For mountain bike, a professional rider is one who is a current member of a UCI MTB team or who has earned that category via other USA Cycling procedures.

1H9(l): This rule clarifies that professionals may not enter races unless they were designated for professionals by the race director on the event flyer and race permit. We have deleted an old rule that said riders on UCI Continental teams can ride any race open to cat 1 riders.

1H9(m): This rule establishes that pros may not ride state championships unless there is a category specifically for them.

Results Management & Reporting

1G7(e): Clarifies the role of the chief judge when the race director has hired a professional timing company.

1M6(e): Establishes that the race director is responsible for acquisition and publication of results.

Field Limits

1H5: Establishes the field limit of 75 for any race that includes cat 5 men, either alone or with other categories, or cat 4 women, either alone or with other categories. Also clarifies that for criteriums and cyclo-cross, any field limit applies to the entire number of riders on the course at one time and not just one field in the case of multiple fields on the course.

Kit Design

1J5(f)iii: Teams that create a jersey or kit design for their riders who have won a national championship must follow the internationally approved template.

Race Courses

1N4: Wording has been added to the rules of the course to make it clear that riders must stay on the designated course and that fallen barriers or tape shall not suspend that responsibility.

8F7: A penalty has been added for avoiding an obstacle in a cyclo-cross race.

24-Hour Mountain Bike Racing

5D7(o): More flexible wording has been added in how to handle race stoppages during a 24-hour mountain bike event.

For questions on USA Cycling rules, please contact Shawn Farrell, USA Cycling’s technical director, at or 719-434-4264.