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Scott Gray (center) and Jamey Yanik would emerge from the group to contest the men’s 35-39 championship.

USA Cycling issues several different types of licenses:

Each license has additional categories and discipline-specific versions that are available to members.

Buying a License

USA Cycling licenses can be purchased two ways: online or through the mail. More information on purchasing a license

Renewing a License

Any type of USA Cycling license may be purchased at any time during the year. All licenses expire on December 31 of the year issued. Licenses bought during the month of December expire the following year. FAQs about the new unified domestic license.

One-Day Licenses

Competitors who do not have an annual license can purchase a one-day license when registering for their event. Such riders do not become members and may not enter championship events. Riders that purchase a one-day license are entitled to the USA Cycling accident medical coverage for the event day the license was purchased for and limited to only the cycling activity of the event. All medical coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy(ies).

One-day licenses can be purchased when signing up via USA Cycling's online registration system or on-site. Events that don't use the USA Cycling registration tool may require on-site payment of the one-day license fee.

Auto Insurance reviews

For road, track and cyclo-cross events, riders may purchase a one-day racing license for $10 and be permitted to enter races open to men’s category 5 or women’s category 4.

For mountain bike events, riders may purchase a one-day racing license for $10 and be permitted to enter races open to category 2 or category 3 riders.  Riders must hold an annual license to race as a category 1 or Pro racer.

One-day License Fee Rebate
You can apply the cost of a single one-day license toward the purchase of an annual domestic racing license. The cost of a one-day license cannot be applied to the purchase of the following licenses:

The start of the U23 women's cross-country race
  • Collegiate annual license
  • Junior annual license
  • International licenses (including BMX)
  • Professional licenses
  • Mechanics license
  • Coaches license
  • Officials license
  • Race Director license

The one-day license must have been purchased within twelve months of the annual license purchase. For annual license applications that are mailed to us, the one-day license must be attached.

To receive the refund for an annual license purchased online, the one-day license application must be mailed to USA Cycling and a refund will be issued. Only one $10 discount per adult annual license per year will be granted.

To update an annual license account with posted race results achieved with a one-day license, please contact our Membership Services department at or 719-434-4200.

Your Membership Account

Your My USA Cycling page is where you will find all the information pertaining to your membership. Here you can update your account information, manage your email options for USA Cycling communications, find upcoming races or rides in your area, check out how you rank against others across the United States and take advantage of your exclusive member benefits.

For the yougnest competitors, the 5280' run-up was quite a challenge.

Parameters for Racing

Your current racing license must be presented to enter a USA Cycling event. As a current/licensed member, you are eligible to compete in all USA Cycling sanctioned events nationwide. All domestic licenses are valid only for racing within the United States and are the property of USA Cycling.

By using your license, you agree to know and abide by the rules as outlined in the USA Cycling Competition Rule Book and the policies of USA Cycling. You may request a hard copy of the rule book by emailing

Your racing age is determined by your age on December 31 of the current year.

You may not compete at levels above or below your current category as listed on your license.

Unattached status will be assigned if a club name is not submitted with your license application, or if your club is not currently registered with USA Cycling.

Racing Collegiate requires that you hold a current collegiate license and are a full-time student at a college or university.

Men's 70+ points race

International Licenses

International licenses (UCI) are needed for racing outside the United States along with a Foreign Permission Letter. Both of these may be requested online through your My USA Cycling page. USA Cycling must have proof of citizenship on file. Please be sure to submit either a copy of your passport or your birth certificate. UCI licenses expire on December 31 of the year issued.

The cost of an international license (non-BMX) is $200 and includes mountain bike, road, track and cyclo-cross domestic licenses to compete at USA Cycling events in the United States. Riders holding a current international license can compete in road, mountain, track and cyclo-cross competitions without having to purchase an additional license. This does not cover BMX, which requires a separate international or domestic license.

For current USA Cycling domestic license holders, you can upgrade to an international license (non-BMX) by paying an upgrade fee equal to the difference between what you paid for your domestic license and the $200 license fee. Your international license (non-BMX) provides you with insurance coverage while participating in UCI events outside the country.

Youth Licenses

USA Cycling offers youth racing licenses for kids six years old to a racing age of eight years old. These licenses allow race directors the opportunity the help young cyclists grow their passion for bike racing while racing against their peers. Youth license holders can only enter youth races, which must be on closed courses with circuits of no longer than five kilometers. Similar to younger juniors, youth racers are restricted to massed-start legal bikes with no aero equipment.

The price of a youth license is $35 each and allows a rider to race in road, mountain bike, track and cyclo-cross events. Youth athletes interested in BMX are encouraged to visit the USA BMX website. To buy a youth or junior license, a parent must create a separate account for the rider.

Connor Fields crosses the line to win the elite men's race

Replacing a License

Once you receive your license, review it to verify all information is correct. If there are errors, keep your license and return the mailer on which it was printed with the indicated changes. We will issue a replacement card free of charge within 30 days from the date of issue.

After the first 30 days, replacement reissue fee is $20. This includes lost or stolen licenses.

Members may also print out an Authorization to Ride receipt while they wait for their new license to arrive. This can be done by visiting your My USA Cycling page and clicking on the link found under the Account Information header.

Upgrade Your License Category

Each license allows for promotion to higher categories according to certain guidelines. For racing license upgrades, please note that only events permitted by USA Cycling count toward the upgrading process. Upgrades can be based on either experience, points, or race distance depending on the level and license type. Officials, mechanics and coaches each have their own unique levels of license and upgrade requirements.

Click here for more information on upgrading your license.

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