USA Cycling announces winners of the 2011 election


Colorado Springs, Colo. (September 16, 2011) — USA Cycling is pleased to announce and congratulate the winners of its 2011 election for the 30 open seats on its seven new sport committees.

“I would like to welcome the newly-elected members of our sport committees and applaud them for taking the initiative to run for a position within USA Cycling’s committee structure,” said Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling. “I truly appreciate the effort and passion displayed by all of the candidates who ran; and I look forward to working with the sport committees to help shape the future of bike racing in America.”

Earlier this year,USA Cycling’s Board of Directors approved a revised organizational governance plan with the goal of ensuring the bylaws and operating principles of the company accurately reflect the current business models of the sport today and for the foreseeable future. The new governance structure is designed to clarify roles and responsibilities and eliminate ambiguity in the original documents created in 1995.

The old associations (USCF, NORBA, USPRO, BMXA and NCCA) have been replaced by seven sport-specific committees: BMX, Collegiate, Cyclo-cross, Mountain Bike, Professional, Road and Track. Members of the pre-existing association trustee boards who had time remaining on their elected terms were transitioned to appropriate sport committees. Elections were then held from September 1 through 15 for the remaining open positions.

More information can be found on USA Cycling's Governance webpage, including the Amended and Restated Bylaws of USA Cycling, Inc., the Second Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation, and a complete list of sport committee representatives.

Newly elected candidates from the 2011 USA Cycling Election:

Road Committee

Coach: Hunter Allen
Commissaire: Dan MacLeod
Male Eligible Athlete: Lang Reynolds
Masters Athlete: Todd Scheske
Race Director: Dieter Drake

Cyclo-cross Committee

At-large Member: Joan Hanscom
Coach: Mark Fasczewski
Female Eligible Athlete: Katie Compton
Male Eligible Athlete: Tim Johnson
Local Association Representative: Tom Mains
Masters Athlete: Tom Stevens
UCI Race Director: Brook Watts

Mountain Bike Committee

At-Large: Jill Logan
Coach: Travis Woodruff
Commissaire: Don Russell
Cross-country Eligible Athlete: Heather Irmiger
Gravity Race Director: Keith Darner

Track Committee

Coach: Mark Tyson
Local Association Representative: David Mitchell
Race/Venue Director/Manager: Adam Duvendeck
Team Director: Dena Eaton

Collegiate Committee

Club President: Sophy Lee
Commissaire: Bill Wykoff
Varsity Team Director: Dean Peterson*

BMX Committee

Commissaire: John Pingol
Female Eligible Athlete: Amanda Carr*
Coach: James Herrera

Professional Committee

Commissaire: Randy Shafer
Women’s Team Director: Nicola Cranmer*
Female Eligible Athlete: Kristin Armstrong


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