USA Cycling announces Volkswagen KOM for Monday’s Pro Road Race


USA Cycling is excited to announce as part of its partnership with Volkswagen, the addition of a Volkswagen King of the Mountain jersey that will be awarded at the upcoming 2012 USA Cycling Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships in Greenville, S.C. The Volkswagen King of the Mountain competition will reward the rider with the most points after four grueling climbs up Paris Mountain during the road race.

The competition within the larger road race is new to the Greenville edition of the USA Cycling Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships. On each of the four trips up Paris Mountain, the top five riders will be scored. The first rider to the top will receive 10 points and the next four successive riders will receive seven, five, three and one point, respectively. The rider who finishes the race with the most Volkswagen King of the Mountain points will receive the jersey at the podium ceremony and a check for $1,000.

“Volkswagen and USA Cycling wanted to add another performance related element that could animate the race even more and provide an incentive to those riders who are at the front of the race each time they crest Paris Mountain,” USA Cycling Chief Operating Officer Sean Petty said.

Indicative of the polka dot jersey awarded for the King of the Mountain winner in the Tour de France, the jersey features blue polka dots and Volkswagen’s “Think Blue” messaging. “Think Blue” embodies Volkswagen’s goal of creating environmentally friendly products and solutions, encouraging more eco-conscious behavior and contributing to a sustainable future. It’s about being more responsible on the road and more environmentally conscious - not just in their cars, but everywhere, every day.

“We are very excited to align with USA Cycling to unveil the new Volkswagen King of the Mountain jersey,” said Tim Mahoney, Chief Marketing Officer, Volkswagen of America. “Through partnerships like this, Volkswagen hopes to further engage Volkswagen fans and cyclists in our ‘Think Blue’ philosophy that encourages eco-friendly behaviors.”

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