U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Resources


www.usada.org/athletes is the main USADA page for athletes and their support personnel. This page links to information about the sample collection process, therapeutic use exemptions, results management process, and whereabouts responsibilities information. This page also links to Global Drug Reference Online (DRO) for searching the status of medication and serves as the main login page for any athlete in the USADA registered testing pool. There is also a webinar area, which provides a video of the general USADA education presentation.
www.usada.org/substances is the main page having anything to do with prohibited substances, therapeutic use exemptions, nutrition information, effects of performance enhancing drugs, and medical information including Global DRO and the drug reference phone line.
www.supplement411.org is a comprehensive tutorial for dietary supplement information. It explains the risks and issues associated with dietary supplements including the potential negative health effects and possible effects on drug test results. It also provides tools for reducing risk as much as possible in the decision making process.
www.usada.org/tue is the main page for determining if an athlete needs a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) and how to apply for one.
www.usada.org/testing is the main page for information about the testing process, results management, whereabouts responsibilities, and general USADA program information.
www.usada.org/collection explains what to expect when going through a sample collection process for blood or urine.
www.usada.org/event provides quick links for anyone who may be competing at an event for the first time where testing could occur.
www.globaldro.org is the comprehensive medication database to determine if medication is prohibited, (in competition, out of competition, specific sports, etc.)
www.usada.org/playclean  allows athletes to report doping anonymously.

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