UCI Road Inscription


The 2013 UCI road event inscription period is now closed. USA Cycling accepted UCI event inscription forms, date requests, and technical guidebooks until Monday, May 21, 2012.

Events wishing to be considered for UCI road inscription should follow the below procedures.


Events wishing to be UCI-inscripted should avoid major road bike event date conflicts (i.e. World Cups, Championships, Olympic games)

New Events

New events must submit documentation including type of race including discipline, specialty, format, description of the course including total length in kilometers, type and number of participating teams, financial ascpects including prizes, travel and subsistence expenses, and references concerning organization with their event inscription form. 

Existing Events – New Location

Existing events with any substantial changes (venue/location change), must submit a technical guidebook with their event inscription. The venue/location change may be considered a ‘new’ event, so please keep that in mind when the final approvals for category levels are received from the UCI.

Bid Fee

If you are organizing a UCI race in 2012 and it is completed, there is a standard, non-refundable bid fee of $500 that must accompany your forms. The forms will be sent to Micah Rice and the check will be made out and mailed to USA Cycling by May 21, 2012.

If you are requesting to organize a UCI event for the first time or if the UCI event that was placed on the calendar for 2011 was cancelled, the bid fee is $5,000. $4,500 of this bid fee will be used towards your 2012 USA Cycling permit fee and insurance surcharges. Any of the balance after these two fees will be refunded to you. If you cancel your event before August 15, 2012, the deadline for the UCI Road Commission meeting, we will refund $4,500 of your bid fee. If you cancel your event after August 15, 2012 USA Cycling will keep the entire $5,000 bid fee. We made this decision to ensure race directors are serious about hosting a UCI event and to protect NRC race directors while managing the domestic race calendar. 

UCI Financial Obligations

All events must have paid their 2012 UCI Road event inscription fee to USA Cycling by Monday, May 21, 2012, in order to be considered for 2013 UCI Road event inscription. If you have not received your event inscription invoice for 2012 or if it has not been paid, please pay the UCI directly or notify USA Cycling Vice President of National Events Micah Rice if you have not received the invoice. Click here for a more detailed look at UCI financial obligations.

  • Fees are calculated:
    1. Dependent on event class
    2. UCI fee includes allowances (expenses and travel excluding lodging and breakfast) for officials appointed by the UCI and enrolment fee for each race on the international calendar
    3. If the event is a women's elite event there is a travel and subsistence expense as outlined in the registration procedure document
    4. Annual contribution to the Cycling Anti-doping Foundation- calculated on the basis of 5% of the UCI fee
    5. Extra days are an additional fee, but not twice the price of the calendar fee
  • Modifications or cancellations to the event will be charged a fee by UCI
  • Prize money is based on discipline and class of event


Currently, criteriums are allowed to be be part of a 2.2 stage race. We hope that more stage races will take UCI inscription into consideration so there are more racing opportunities for our Pro Continental and Pro Tour Teams to race on homesoil.

U23/Junior/Women's event

If you are interested in forms and calendar for a new U23, Junior, or Women's event please email Micah Rice.

Useful Links for reference

If you have questions or would like further clarification on UCI road event inscription, please contact USA Cycling Vice President of National Events Micah Rice at 719-434-4283.


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