Travis Smith Election Statement


Travis Smith
Coach - Track Sport Committee

I submit my application for the coaching representative to the track committee with excitement, as I believe I am uniquely qualified for this position.

As an independent track cycling coach and athlete with over ten years of experience in high-level, international competition, I have an established record of working with young or developing athletes and being able to propel them to the highest levels of competition. The combination of my experience, work ethic and communication skills, makes me an excellent candidate for the coaching representative to the track committee. 

As my history indicates, my honed eye for identifying talent and the training programs I have created and implemented have proven successful, not only for myself, but for my athletes as well.  I would look forward to the opportunity and challenge to develop these types of programs further within USA Cycling and to provide a unique point of view towards reviving track cycling in the United States from a Track Cycling coaches’ perspective. 


Travis Smith