Tim Gallagher Election Statement


Tim Gallagher
US Professional Committee - Women's Team Director

Thirteen years ago, I wanted to start racing and my dad picked up a bike at a garage sale. If I raced the cyclocross season on it, I would get a road bike. A few months of suffering later, I got a road bike and started racing. I moved from CX to road and eventually added in the track. I've raced as a junior, an elite, and a collegiate rider. When I didn't have time to train and race, I began coaching. I added an officials license to the mix later, and I promote races at the local velodrome. Now I manage a Domestic Elite women's team and have taken it from primarily local races onto the UCI stage in a single season.
Cycling is who I am. I have seen and been active in the sport from every side. If elected, I will bring this experience, understanding of all the players and rules, and the balanced view that results to the Professional Committee. The professional athletes and events are what inspire people to pick up a bike; the grassroots level grows by the examples set at the top levels. The sport has seen bad examples set and it's critical to move the professional ranks away from the past and into the future. I want the professional teams, athletes, and events to set the example for all others.
Womens racing in particular needs to be better represented at the top levels. We have made tremendous progress with the introduction of equal prize money and equal status with the men in national championships. I see the entry-level categories filled with women who want to race and it's essential to provide those riders with opportunities to move forward and to progress.
Managing a womens team has become my passion. I will represent the voice of the womens teams to build the competitiveness and the future of the professional peloton. All parties must work together to promote the interest of the sport as a whole, and I look forward to working with the committee to secure the success of the sport.
Thank you for your vote!
Tim Gallagher

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