Team Swift Race Reports - March 2013



Team Swift Race Reports
March 2013

Stanley Goto on the attack!!!   Photograph by Keith C. Flood
Stanley Goto on the attack!!! Photograph by Keith C. Flood

Race Reports for:
1. Madera Stage Race
2. Land Park Criterium
3. San Dimas Stage Race
4. Copperopolis Road Race
5. Norcal MTB Races
6. Red Kite Criterium

March Top Results:

1st Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 13-14 Ben Cook
1st Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 10-12 Luke Lamperti
1st Place Copperopolis Road Race Junior girls 10-1 Isabella Brunner
2nd Place Madera Stage Race, Crit Senior Category 3 Drew Gonzales
2nd Place Madera Stage Race, RR Senior Category 4 Ryan Clarke
2nd Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category Drew Gonzales
2nd Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 17-18 Drew Gonzales
2nd Place Copperopolis Road Race Junior girls 15-16 Emily Abraham
2nd Place NorCal Race #2 Sophomore Boy D2 Eli Kranefuss
3rd Place Madera Stage Race, Crit Senior Category 4 Ryan Clarke
3rd Place Madera Stage Race, G.C. Senior Category 4 Ryan Clarke
3rd Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 17-18 Stanley Goto
3rd Place Norcal HSMTB #3 Varsity Boys, D1 Eli Kranefuss
3rd Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 10-12 Gianni Lamperti
4th Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 13-14 Isaiah Chase
5th Place Madera Stage Race, TT Senior Category 4 Ryan Clarke
5th Place Copperopolis Road Race Juniors 15-16 Ben Cook
5th Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 17-18 Ryan Clarke
5th Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 15-16 Miles Daly
6th Place San Dimas Stage Race, RR Juniors 17-18 Drew Gonzales
7th Place Copperopolis Road Race Juniors 15-16 Miles Daly
10th Place Copperopolis Road Race Juniors 15-16 Ethan Frankel
11th Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 15-16 Emmet Pfau
11th Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 5 Ben Cook
13th Place San Dimas Stage Race, Crit Juniors 17-18 Drew Gonzales
14th Place Madera Stage Race, RR Women Category 4 Emily Abraham
14th Place Madera Stage Race, G.C. Women Category 4 Emily Abraham
15th Place San Dimas Stage Race, G.C. Juniors 17-18 Drew Gonzales
16th Place Madera Stage Race, TT Senior Category 3 Drew Gonzales
16th Place Madera Stage Race, Crit Women Category 4 Emily Abraham
16th Place Norcal HSMTB #2 Varsity Boys D1 Griffin Wigert
18th Place Madera Stage Race, TT Women Category 4 Emily Abraham
21st Place Copperopolis Road Race Senior Category 4 Griffin Wigert
22nd Place San Dimas Stage Race, TT Juniors 17-18 Ryan Clarke
22nd Place San Dimas Stage Race, G.C. Juniors 17-18 Ryan Clarke
22nd Place San Dimas Stage Race, Crit Juniors 17-18 Stanley Goto
22nd Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 3 Stanley Goto
23rd Place Copperopolis Road Race Senior Category 3 Stanley Goto
25th place Red Kite Criterium Senior Category 5 Karan Desai
25th Place Norcal HSMTB #3 Varsity Boys, D1 Griffin Wigert
27th Place Madera Stage Race, TT Senior Category 3 Drew Gonzales
27th Place San Dimas Stage Race, Crit Juniors 17-18 Ryan Clarke
27th Place San Dimas Stage Race, TT Juniors 17-18 Drew Gonzales
28th Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 5 Karan Desai
29th Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 3 Ryan Clarke
31st Place San Dimas Stage Race, RR Juniors 17-18 Ryan Clarke
31st Place San Dimas Stage Race, TT Juniors 17-18 Stanley Goto
31st Place San Dimas Stage Race, G.C. Juniors 17-18 Stanley Goto


Rider Race Reports

1. Madera Stage Race 3/9-10/13 Madera

Ryan Clarke
Racing Age 17, Senior Category 4

2nd Place Madera Stage Race, RR Senior Category 4
3rd Place Madera Stage Race, Criterium Senior Category 4
3rd Place Madera Stage Race, Overall GC Senior Category 4
5th Place Madera Stage Race, TT Senior Category 4

Stage 1: Criterium
My pre-race for the crit was really simple; I woke up and ate some oatmeal and then got an alright warm-up in. I knew that because our field was small odds were pretty good that things would come down to a sprint finish. Everything was pretty straightforward throughout the race. The only action was the two time bonus sprints for 5 seconds. After the second prime sprint with 7 to go I attacked and had a small gap with the rest of the field all strung out and gaps everywhere. I'd given my attack a decent amount of effort, but the guy behind me wouldn't pull through so I sat up. My plan for the finish was to be about 6 or 7 back and then come around since people would burn out from the last corner to the finish. I ended up following the eventual second place's wheel and tried to come around too early and got caught in the wind too long but I managed third with a 5 second time bonus.

Stage 2: Time Trial
The TT was a flat 10 mile course in a square. It was really windy out and I was spun out the first 5 miles or so from the huge tail wind. The other half was a hard headwind/crosswind. I could have gone a bit harder to make up some time, but I had non-aero wheels on, so I was pleased with a 5th place.

Stage 3: Road Race
I had a bad time in the road race last year. It was windy and my stomach hurt, but luckily this year the wind wasn't bad at all and I felt good. It was really too windy to attack and stay away plus with a small field of 20 or so, people were going to try really hard not to let anything get away. I figured it would come to a sprint again, so I just sat in and tried to stay sheltered the best I could. Luckily everything went to plan and I had plenty of energy left for the finish. With 150m to the line the guy in front of me shifted and almost went down, but I made it past him and edged out another rider for second giving me a nice 20 second time bonus and helping me toward 3rd overall.

Drew Gonzales
Madera Road Stage Race
27th Place Madera Stage Race, TT Senior Category 3
2nd Place Madera Stage Race, Criterium Senior Category 3

Stage 1: Time Trial
I warmed up the same way I always do for a time trial. I got on my trainer for a solid 40 minutes while listening to music. I opened my legs with pyramids and rolled to my start line to roll out and line-up. My time trial, as always, felt long and windy. For the first third of the course, the wind was fighting me. Then the second third I had a cross wind, and the final third I rode into a head wind. I finished with an average of 43 kph and rode to 27th place.

Stage 2: Criterium
In the crit, I decided to race it passively to save for the sprint. I waited patiently for the one hour crit and rarely went into the wind. When the lap cards said 4 to go, I moved though to the front to prepare myself for the sprint. I tried to position myself so that as we came closer to the finish, people in front of me would tire, and burn off until I was at the front. On the last corner, I left 8 riders in front of me. Then after the corner I jumped from the field and passed 7 of them. I finished second.

Stage 3: Road Race
In the race, I joined a group of eight riders who started a break. We rode fifty miles together and rotated to maximize our efforts. Eventually, the effort was too strong for me to hold and the break dropped me. When the field caught me, i was so exhausted from the break that I was dropped again. I rolled to the finish alone.

Emily Abraham
14th Place Madera County, RR Senior Women 4
14th Place Madera County, Overall Senior Women 4
16th Place Madera County, Crit Senior Women 4
18th Place Madera County, TT Senior Women 4

Stage 1: Criterium
I woke up Saturday morning feeling good and ready to take on the day of races. I ate a nutritious breakfast, ate a few CLIF shot bloks and spun on the trainer. After a nice 30 minute warm-up, I was beginning to feel nervous as the women started to line up at the start. I wasn't too stressed since this was my first stage race and it was more of a practice/fun race but I still wanted to do well and push myself. The whistle blew and we took off, immediately I told myself to find a good spot and stay there. I managed to grab a wheel towards the front and the two women I was behind were on the same team. I heard one of them say, “Don't let anyone try to pull.” Right then I knew they were planning on working together to win the race. Since I didn't have anyone else on the team in my race, I tried to think of a strategy. Then suddenly someone came around on the left and attacked. As soon as she went, I started to sprint and grab her wheel but then decided that wasn't a good idea and slowed down. This was a horrible mistake, I had the opportunity to stay in front and I lost it. Everyone started to speed up to try to bridge the gap between the field and the woman who attacked. She ended up staying out in front the rest of the race.

Stage 2: Time Trial
This was my first ever Time Trial. I learned a lot about when is a good time to push myself more. Also I realized that I must pace myself since there isn't anyone out there to help out when I get tired. I really enjoyed the Time Trial and I'm excited to do another so I can do even better.

Stage 3: Road Race
I wasn't feeling as great for the Road Race as I did for the Crit and TT. My legs were tired and I was worried I would be left out in the wind for most of the race. I told myself not to get discouraged, I knew if I pushed myself I could keep up no matter how tired my legs were. Right away when the race began we were in the wind. I grabbed a wheel and held my line. The whole field stayed together until the first right turn towards the bumpy section of the race. I heard that there was a pretty rough section of road but I defiantly wasn't expecting it to be as bumpy as it was. A few women started to fall off the back but I held my place and was able to stay with them until we got to the rolling hills that led to the finish line. I wasn't worried about the hills until we started up the first one. My legs were screaming and it was only the first lap of three. The field then spread out a lot and although I lost the main field, a group of five women and I started to work together. We helped one another out and I stayed with them for the rest of the race until near the end of the final lap, when I just couldn't keep up any longer. I was proud that I didn't finish in last though! Overall the race was really fun and I think it was a great experience.

2. Land Park Criterium 3/16/13 Sacramento

Drew Gonzales
2nd Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 17-18

At the beginning of Land Park, I went straight to the front of the race and began pulling at a moderate pace. I wanted to spin out my legs a little more, and if I was at the front, then no one would attack. After I finished my warm up pull, I went back in the group to race the way I always do. On the second lap, I began to move up and position myself better, but on my way to the front of the group, Owen of team Specialized attacked the field. I used my momentum from my advancing in the pack to jump on Owen's wheel. Owen and I rode the rest of the race alternating pulls, but on the last lap, he displayed his power and attacked. I finished the last lap of the race solo and finished second.

Drew Gonzales
2nd Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 3

In the next criterium, I decided to race it passively to save for the sprint. I waited patiently for the one hour crit and rarely went into the wind. When the lap cards said 4 to go, I moved though to the front to prepare myself for the sprint. In several occasions, I had to bump with other riders to maintain my position. The field that I was in felt a little more experienced than usual and therefore the bumping was safe. I tried to position myself so that as we came closer to the finish, people in front of me would tire, and burn off until I was at the front. On the last corner, I left 8 riders in front of me. Then after the corner I jumped from the field and passed 7 of them. I finished second.

Stanley Goto
3rd Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 17-18

Free stuff is free stuff. Free stuff is like the world giving a nice pat on the back and saying "Your welcome sir or ma’am” That was the race entry fee, free! Rumor has it that some guy paid for all of the juniors fees, that's super cool. That person now deserves to see 50 kids on bikes suffer relentlessly around a circuit. You'd have to ask around if he or she did, but I suffered a bit but also had some fun, but that's not allowed is it? Our races started at just about noon so Drew, Ryan and I packed in Drew's car like a bunch of bros and hopped and bopped down to Sacramento. I fueled up with a sandwich that my mom made and then set up on the trainers. Team Swift was out there in force. We had Coach there showing the Women pro 123 field her infinite wisdom by placing top ten and we had so many juniors that it was tough to fit us all under the tent and we are all a pretty small emaciated crowd, except Drew, who is buff. The whole race was to be one big heterogeneous mixture of kids from 10-18 boys and girls. As the race rolled off with 50 of us, quickly Team Swift exchanged some attacks with Team Specialized and then finally one specialized ride leaped out of the pack like a kangaroo, (He's Australian), and Captain Gonzales (Drew) followed. They were gone and soon more jabbing took place. Finally the elastic snapped and a group of 3 got away after Ryan had sprinted for a prime. I bridged, it was tough, I felt like I had not hydrated enough after my warm-up and the weather did not help, feelings of a cramp ensued. After I had made the junction, I noticed another Swifty had made the journey, at first I thought it was Ryan but it was Ben, he's 14, what a champ! The group was motivated to work and we worked in harmony for the most part. With 3 to go Ryan had joined the party. Since the other 17-18 racer in the group was a sprinter and would blow me out of the water I decided to work for Ben and I got on the front to work. After we crossed the finish with 2 to go the strong Australian guy leaped past us to lap us the same lap, because every rider must be on the same lap, we where now at 1 to go. Nobody knew this at the time so we just carried along on our merry way thinking it was still 2 to go. As we came around to the start/finish my ears honed in on Coach Laura's voice, she was yelling "SPRINT!!!" I figured with her infinite wisdom that if she says something I should follow it or I'm "fired" so I did a 15-meter sprint, won the pack finish, and 3rd place. Well wasn't that easy. Wait, it get's better... The prize money was excessive to say the least; I was awarded $40. I felt bad, going around stealing money from unprepared racers, but then I looked in my wallet and then I felt better. Listening to coach's orders paid off. Pun intended.

Stanley Goto
22nd Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 3

It only took me a few thousand years to get my Category 3 upgrade but I did and that's what is important. My first 3's race, oh goody, and I get to race with Ryan and Captain Drew, sounds like fun. For our first Category 3 race Coach gave us only one task, "Go for a prime" which sounds simple enough. Obviously I had other ambitions such as stay active in the race and get in some moves, but they became tough to accomplish due to some leg cramp-age, but I did go for a prime, I was planning to lead Ryan out but he got caught in the muck of the pack so I ended up leading out thin air. The rest of the race I sat back enjoying the improved smoothness of the Category 3 pack while trying to prevent my lingering cramp feelings. Not your most exciting way to go about things but my calves where truly being a bunch of whiners today, see I'm shifting the blame beyond me. Good news Drew got 2nd and made some dough and Ryan got a prime. This race pays, I'd like to thank the organizers, and I intend on returning next year, thanks!

Ryan Clarke
Racing Age 17 Senior Category 3
5th Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 17-18

I was looking forward to Land Park because it was the first race in my new Sidi Wire shoes. They look pretty sweet and I was stoked to finally have a chance to put them to the test. I was somewhat skeptical about the race organizers starting all of the juniors together because some of the younger riders might get in the way of the start, but they ended up staggering the start so it worked out perfectly! After starting, the 15-16’s jumped onto the five 17-18’s and formed a large pack. The race started with a few attacks from Matt Valencia of Specialized and me and Stanley took turns covering them. A lap later Owen (also Specialized) attacked and Captain Drew jumped on his wheel. I knew Drew and Owen would stay away from us, so I watched for Matt to try and bridge up to Owen to make sure Drew wouldn't be outnumbered. A few laps later I went for a prime and got it (my gap to the field was so big the officials thought I was trying to bridge...). I sat in and waited for Matt to make a move. Another prime lap was called, but I didn't hear the bell so when a 15-16 went for it, I saw it as an attack and went with him to try and bridge to Drew. I realized at the line it wasn't an attack so I eased off and then Matt attacked me and my previous effort left me unable to react. Stanley covered it, but younger guys made the move, so I didn't want it to get away from me. I tried a few times to bridge solo, but each time it was brought back by one of the many 15-16’s and once by a younger teammate that didn't realize what I was doing. With a few laps to go, I finally got clear and bridged to Stanley and Matt. With 2 to go, Owen lapped us and as we neared the line Coach yelled at us to "GO GO GO SPRINTTTTTTT". I found out later that everyone finishes on the same lap as the leader, so we were actually on our finishing lap not 1 to go. Stanley ended up with 3rd place after a brilliant 10m sprint and did a great job listening to Coach.

After the race was over, I saw Ben Cook, age 14, had been in the second group with me and Stanley. I wanted to say good job watching the race and picking the right move to go with!

29th Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 3

The 3ls race was after the Juniors, so I was a little fatigued but still ready to race. The goal for this race was for me to go for primes and help set up Drew for the finishing sprint. The race started with a prime within the first few laps. I was near the front and Drew told me to attack, so I did. I thought I was trying to stay away for the duration of the race, so I let a few guys catch me. I realized too late that they wanted the prime, so I missed my chance. I sat in and went for another prime halfway through the race. I went at 600m to the line and almost made it first, but someone passed me 50m away. Luckily it was a two place prime, so I still got something. With 4 to go, I found Drew and started pulling him up the front. We got pushed into the gutter and almost into the curb, but the field moved right and we moved up. With Drew in a good spot, I tucked in. I lost a few places by people moving past and wasn't in a bad spot with 2 to go. Unfortunately I got caught behind a crash that almost took me out and had to slow for another in a corner, so I barely caught the end of the strung out pack at the finish.

Karan Desai
Racing Age: 17, Senior Category 5

28th place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 5

About a week before Land Park Criterium, I decided to do the Red Kite Criterium to get some more preparation and to test my fitness. I did pretty well so I was very optimistic about my chances in Land Park. My parents and I decided it was best to stay the night in Sacramento because of the 8AM start time. My mom and I woke up at about 5:45; I consumed a banana and some yogurt with granola. The previous week, I was sick for a few days and I never got over the virus so when I woke up that Saturday morning, I felt quite ill. My mom and I got to the registration at around 7:15. When getting there, I realized that I forgot my racing license! I told the organizers what happened and they asked me for my racing number. I gave it to them and they allowed me to race. I got a 15-minute warm up and some time to ride the ride the course with my teammate, Ben Cook. At about 8:05, the Cat 5's were off. The pace was quick from the start. Ben looked very strong throughout the race; it was very clear that his hard training paid off. Good job! I was hoping to stay towards the front but like Cherry Pie and Red Kite, I was stuck right at the middle. I stayed there throughout the race. With about 3 laps to go, there was a big crash, which led to a neutralized lap. After the neutral lap, we were off again and the pace remained high. On the last lap, someone was leaning on me and I therefore almost crashed in the chicane. I luckily was able to stay upright but lost a lot of momentum. I came to the finish lap with a 28th place, the pack was scattered. I learned a lot during this race; I need to stay within the first 10 or so riders to make sure that I’m not involved in crashes or such. I can’t wait for the new Mavic wheels to arrive, I’m sure that will give me a big boost as well!

Emily Abraham
12th place Land Park Criterium Senior Women Category 4

I was feeling really confident for the Land Park Criterium. I did the Cal Aggie race in January which was the same course so that helped a bit. After a nice spin and warm-up on the trainer, I was ready to race. I got lucky because Coach Laura was mentoring this race, so I was able to get some tips to help me improve. The race started off at a good pace, I made the mistake of hanging towards the back when I could have easily moved up to a better position. I probably could have even made an attack, but for some reason I still find myself scared to move to the front. Which is something I will learn to get over as I do more races. I was able to stay with the field the whole race, but I felt I could have pushed myself more and done better. I think I came out of this race with a lot of knowledge though, so that's always a good thing!

Emily Abraham
2nd place Land Park Criterium Junior Women 15-16

The Juniors' race was in the afternoon a few hours after I did the Women's race. I wasn't concerned about this race since there were only two other girls I was racing against but I still worked hard. For some strange reason, the official's decided it would be a good idea to but all the juniors boys and girls from age 10-18 in the same race so it was pretty much chaos. Although the race got really mixed up and spread out immediately, it was still fun to be in the same race as my team mates. It was weird for me to be racing in the same race as the boys and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with them, but I tried my best! Even thought I didn't keep up with them for long, I still enjoyed this race.

Ben Cook
14 years old, Senior Category 5

1st Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 13-14

In the Land Part Crit, all of the juniors from 10-18 start together. I was very excited about this going into the race, as I would get to race with some of the older guys, and have a more realistic race. Well it worked out just like that.
The start of the race was just like Coach Laura said it would be, a mad dash for position. I flew around the side of the field, and launched myself into a spot in about the 2nd row back from the front. I stayed there for a while, with Stanley and Ryan nearby. Team Specialized made lots of attacks in the first few laps, but they were drawn back most of the time. Finally, a 17 year old from Specialized attacked, and Drew bridged to him. Together the two stayed away for the rest of the race.
There was another series of attacks from Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada, Stanley attacked back on one of them, but was followed by three Sierra Nevada guys. I saw this and went after them to help out Stanley. After almost a lap of chasing, I finally caught on and recovered in the back for about half a lap, then started taking pulls. The five of us stayed away, and since the other guys were all 15-16’s, not including Stanley, who is a 17-18, I had already won the 13-14 race.
It was the second to last lap, when the guy from Specialized who broke away with Drew flew by our side. We all thought that he jumped the gap, then attacked, but it turns out that he lapped us! Which put us all on the last lap, but we didn’t know this at the time, and thought we had another lap. This set us up for a 20 meter sprint when we heard Coach Laura telling us to sprint. Stanley was the first one in our break, followed by John from Sierra Nevada.
This finish put Drew in 2nd place overall, and Stanley in 3rd, and myself in 5th. Overall I had a really fun time at Land Park, and learned about when to chase attacks, and when to let them go. I am hoping I can compete again next year.

Ben Cook
14 years old, Senior Category 5

11th Place Land Park Criterium Senior Category 5

This would be my 2nd cat 5 race, as my first one was Cherry Pie. As the race started, it was instantly fast, but with the large field size, I hung out in the draft and didn’t have to push for most of the time. Towards the middle of the race I realized that the best spot to attack was right after the chicanes, so I hung out until the last few laps.
There was a bad crash that happened right next to me, and in front of my teammate, Karan. We were both okay, and we continued as the race was neutralized to clear the road for the next lap. At this point there were 2 laps to go.
I began to move to the front of the race, and on the last lap, I attacked right after the chicanes. In earlier laps when the race wasn’t quite as fast, my attack would have worked, but this time the pace was up. I attacked and got a few seconds ahead of the field, but was pulled back. We were 300m from the line and I was in the front. So I had no choice but to sprint as the other riders came around my sides. I had attacked way to early, and ended up getting 11th in the sprint. Overall the race was fun, and I learned about attacking and timing.

Isaiah Chase
4th Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 13-14

The race started with all the juniors together. When the starting whistle blew everyone started to go. Quickly, the older riders moved up to the front of the pack and started a pace line. The younger riders got dropped quickly and then later on I couldn’t hang on. I tried to get back but I couldn’t so I rode with my teammate, Emily, for quite a while. When we got lapped by the second breakaway I got on their wheel and rode with them for the rest of the race. It was very confusing having all the juniors race together because it was very hard to figure out what place you got.

Luke Lamperti
1st Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 10-12


The race started and we were with the 10-18 kids so we had a group of 50 racers ready and anxious for a win at Land Park Crit. I knew the race we going to be hard because we had the eighteen year olds to pull us. When the whistle blew we raced to get on a wheel. I jumped on Ryan Clark because I knew he could jump hard. On the first lap Drew and a Specialized kid got a break from the peloton. Drew is on my team so I cannot try to bridge the gap. On the second lap there was an attack by Sierra Nevada team and that split the group up even more. Then the race went on and after a few laps an attack by Ryan Clark that stuck but I could not jump on so a lap later I tried to bridge the gap with no one on my wheel. Then I realized that I was not going to catch them so I sat up to let them catch me so I could work with them. I almost could not jump onto a wheel. In that time I learned that I should not completely stop peadaling and keep going just not at a fast pace. The leaders passed us when we had 4 laps to go so it went to 2 laps to go. On the last lap nothing happened until the final sprint which I won for my team in the 10-12 class. It was a fantastic day of racing at Land Park!
Luke Lamperti =

Gianni Lamperti
3rd Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 10-12

We lined up behind 17-18, 15-16, and 13-14 and got ready to start. The whistle blew and my brother Luke who was on my left ran into me because somebody on his left ran into him. I crashed into a person on my right and fell onto the curb. I jumped up as fast as I could and got on my bike and sprinted into the field. There were attacks from people in other classes. I stayed where I was in the middle of our group until 2 laps to go and I started moving up. By one lap to go I was where I thought I wanted to be. When we came out of the last switchback I was third wheel on the left side. When we got to the straight I started sprinting early. I got pushed into the gutter, and then realized I should have been on the right, but got out of it. Luke passed me so I started sprinting harder, but then I stopped peddling as hard and at that second Grover Rozek passed me. I was kind of disappointed that I stopped peddling hard. I learned the race is not over until you actually cross the finish line, not just inches in front of it. All in all, I was happy with my results.

Emmet Pfau
15 old, Senior Category 5

11th Place Land Park Criterium Juniors 15-16

Since it was my first Race I was very nervous about it. I missed the online registration so I wasn’t sure if I was going to race. That’s something I learned, to make sure not to miss the online registration. Another thing I learned is to get a trainer to warm up. But I had a lot of fun in my first race and I’m glad I did it.


3. San Dimas Stage Race 3/22-24/13 San Dimas

Drew Gonzales
6th Place San Dimas Stage Race, RR Juniors 17-18
13th Place San Dimas Stage Race, Crit Juniors 17-18
15th Place San Dimas Stage Race, G.C. Juniors 17-18
27th Place San Dimas Stage Race, TT Juniors 17-18

Stage 1: Time Trial
I warmed up the same way I always do for a time trial. I got on my trainer for a solid 40 minutes while listening to music and talking to Ryan and Stanley who were warming adjacent to me. I opened my legs with pyramids and rolled to my start line to roll out and line-up. I rolled to the start line early because it was so far from where we had parked the van. The beginning of the time trial was flat and pitched up about 500 meters after the start. I tucked myself into an aero position on my road bike and began hauling to the base of the climb. The rest of the climb was just a sufferfest and therefore I remember very little but the heat in my legs. I finished 27th.

Stage 2: Road Race
The road race course is one of my favorites because the climbs are very short but very steep. I use my sprinting advantage here and moved up easily on the climbs. For the duration of the race, I spun my legs very rapidly anticipating the climb. Spinning in the race made a huge difference. It allows my legs to be much more rested for the big efforts. The whole race, I felt very comfortable in the pack and did not move into the wind or make any attacks. I saved myself for the last climb because I knew it would be by far the most difficult. On the last lap before the climb, I prepared myself by being at the front of the race going into the climb; I stood up out of the saddle and spun up the climb passing riders on my way. at the top, I kept my pace going to crest the climb with the lead group. I took many risks going down the descent to stay with the lead group. The group drove the pace to the finish line. I found it very difficult to stay out of the wind, so I jumped early, but others also had the same idea. It was a very long sprint in which I missed the podium.

Stage 3: Criterium
The 25 minute crit was very fast and very dangerous. Throughout the duration of the race, I fought to stay upright in every corner and near the front of the field. I knew that being first out of the last corner would mean winning the race, but I hesitated in fear of crashing and missed the opportunity. I finished somewhere in the middle of the field.

Stanley Goto
San Dimas Stage Race Juniors 17-18

22nd Place San Dimas Stage Race, Crit Juniors 17-18
31st Place San Dimas Stage Race, TT Juniors 17-18
31st Place San Dimas Stage Race, G.C. Juniors 17-18
32nd Place San Dimas Stage Race, RR Juniors 17-18

Stage racing is fun. I got to bond with the team and the team cat in the van for a while. You would think that I would get an overload of Drew and Ryan considering we go to school together but the ride down was cool. Chit-chat and munching. Can't have too much of a good thing. Unless it's something like homework, inherently good for your mind, but I had too much of it so some of it had to get done in the car, but that's ok, problem solved. We got down to So-Cal at about 10AM-ish after a quick night stay in front of the grapevine and pre-rode the TT course. My legs felt little effect of the car ride and they were quite alright, compared to last year when my father and I beamed it to So-Cal in one quick overnight swipe, "Jack Kerouac" style, minus the drug use and maniacal driving. Driving non-stop left my legs a little stale last year so the stop-over was definitely worth it. We did packet pick-up all team-like and had a good dinner and went to bed, with laughs and chats in-between.

Stage 1- up hill Time Trial:
This was the second time I've done this cool race. The quick <20 minute effort made it key that the warm-up was fast and hard. We (Drew, Ryan and yours truly) all started within 10 minutes of each other at about noon. By that time the weather was rather hot and we ran out of water, luckily we had our cool dads and cool coach to acquire some cool fluids for us. Coming into the race I had a few ambitions, but I really tried not to think about it too hard because I knew that a lot of these guys are extremely quick, or "hella fast" if you want to use some northern California vernacular speech. As the clock clicked away and I went off, I didn't take the first few minutes full blast to put myself into oxygen debt too fast and then after that it was just push push push for the rest of the way up. Pretty simple. Personal critique for the race; do more extended climbing for this race. Most of the hills I train on in the weekdays are shorter and steeper then what this race was. I felt like I was unsure of my pacing most of the way up. Just things to think about for next year. The winner of the race started 30 seconds behind me and blew my doors off within 4 minutes; it was an honor.

Stage 2-Road Race:
As bike racers we are like a pack of birds. We sometimes go around solo, in random directions and then upset some people. If we need something some of us make lots of noise to get it, most of us have skinny hairless legs. Sometimes we all get together and ride together streamline. So we're birds right? My metaphors are lame but you're going to have to bare with me.
Bright and early we had breakfast and made our way to the race. None of us were in with a reasonable chance for GC, so our job today was to stay active, watch for breaks and to see what Drew can do if he's in the right place to unleash his sprint. I tried to get in a fair warm-up for our 42-mile race, 6 times around a course with 2 sharp rollers. I got a front row spot on the start, which doesn't get you much in a road race but it did make for a good chance for a photo-shoot. I saw our sponsor Doug from Time bikes with Coach Laura, they were laughing about something, as always, and making jokes, as always. The race started with a mild pace and pulsed as we approached the smaller feed zone hill. A break of 2 went up the road already, which was a bummer. The pace was never, ever comfortable for me, it always felt fast after the first lap. My legs felt pretty good but these kids where pretty quick. They'd attack and then the pace would not slow, someone always had the legs to pull through, I hung on using the shelter of the pack. Before the main KOM climb I would use some of my cranium in conjunction with my legs and would scoot up skillfully near the front before we zipped up the climb, which was too long and steep to sprint up yet was far from an actual hill climb. By the time we crested the ascent I would be clinging to the arrière of the peloton and would zip down the hill. On the first lap there was a crash on the descent from the KOM, I shall now describe it to you, "Bam Bam!" You pretty much get the picture. Most importantly I stayed away from the mess and went on my merry way to enjoy the rest of the race on 2 wheels rubber side down. After 5 laps of the group chasing the breakaway with a quick steady pace, coming around with 1 to go was a relief. I was pretty much suffering for most of the race and it was nice to hear that comforting bell. On the short rollers on the backside of the climb I came out of my familiar home in the pack and swung myself near the front. I was at the very front soon enough and chased down a small attack. My 15 seconds of glory, I'm going to cry like a baby right now but that hurt. It hurt real bad. It hurt so bad that when the next strong attack came a few moments later that I was so lame that I couldn't even grab the last wheel in the pack and found myself dangling off the back and soon enough off the back at the base of the last time up the climb. I was the silly bird with a gimp trying to keep up with the faster far superior pack of birds. Now I feel a little silly. I could have cowered in the pack but instead I beat myself near the front for a bit and got dropped. Whoops. I did another time trial for the last few miles and finished, and that’s something, even for this foolish bird.

Stage 3-Criterium:
25 minutes? Huh? That's it? I am joking, haha, in fact these race organizers do a wonderful job, it’s fun, well that's all you really need, I imagine it is way easier said than done to organize a smooth running fun stage race. They have a lot of races to fit in on this downtown course in one day and they put us early in the morning so we could get home for school the next day. It's true they really do care. I had Denny's for the 4th time in 4 days and it was still good. Eggs over medium, hash browns and oatmeal. I was not feeling any extra fatigue from the previous days. I slept well and ate well and it showed. The warm up had to be intense again because the race would be super intense. Getting a good start position would be important so we nudged our way through roll out and then got a reasonable start on the line. The race went a lot like this, try to hold position then move up, repeat. There are many ways to go about this, where to move up, how much you move up, how much energy are you willing to use moving up. I was having a hard time doing this, but it was getting done. That race was quick, before I knew it was 1 to go and then the finish line. There was some craziness too, having a bunch to teenage dudes zipping around a tight circuit on expensive bikes with these tiny tires. Yah testosterone man! Some personal critique; I knew I was not one of the strong guys there so I was tentative to fully capitalize on opportunities to move up and would still be stuck in the muckyness and not further near the front where it was cleaner. I would get swamped more often and have to move up more. I don't know if I would have had the legs but I could have been more attentive to be helpful to Captain Drew. O Captain! My Captain! Hopefully I will be of more service another time. I can't even help him with his math; he's normally helping me.

San Dimas was fun; we hung out and raced bikes. Something cool to note is that I roomed next to the guy that won the Pro opening time trial. But then I switched rooms and the next day at the road race he crashed and got airlifted out, that's a bummer. Overall it was a good weekend of fun seriousness and fun shenanigans.

Ryan Clarke
Racing Age17 Senior Cat 3

22nd Place San Dimas Stage Race, TT Juniors 17-18
22nd Place San Dimas Stage Race, G.C. Juniors 17-18
27th Place San Dimas Stage Race, Crit Juniors 17-18
31st Place San Dimas Stage Race, RR Juniors 17-18

Stage 1: Time Trial
I was looking forward to the time trial because it’s a hill climb and I usually fair well on the hills. I was forced to take a few days off leading up to San Dimas because I had tendonitis in my ankle. I warmed up well, but my legs felt a little off at the start line. I gave it a really good effort, but with my days off I just wasn’t in my best form.

Stage 2: Road Race
The road race was the same as last year: a tough 7 mile circuit with a short, but steep climb right before the finish. I felt really off before the race. I was not feeling super strong at all, and I knew I’d really have to race smart to stay with the pack. An attack went right at the start, but I didn’t follow it knowing it’d be brought back. The first lap was easy and I was right at the front going up the climb. The next 5 laps blew up the hill because of the sprint and KOM points that were offered. The early break was brought back at the start of the 6th lap and as we started up the hill for the last time, I just couldn’t hold the pace of the field and slowly slid backwards in the field. I ended up finishing a little behind the pack, which was frustrating knowing that had I not had to take time off, I would’ve done a lot better.

Stage 3: Criterium
My job for the criterium was to possibly go off the front, but more importantly help my teammate, Drew, go for the field sprint. The course is a 6 corner course with a slight incline and a downhill straightaway before the final turn. I attacked up the hill on the second lap, but nobody wanted to let anything get away because the crit was only 25 minutes long. I sat back in and within the last few laps I helped Drew move up in the field to a better spot for the sprint. I got him up to around 10th and I sat in behind him. I wanted to be in a spot to help him should he get into any trouble. I wasn’t really tucked into the field well, so I slowly was forced back by people taking poor lines through the corners. I lost a lot of ground and ended up near the back. As the race picked up I had to close some gaps to stay with the field and ended up with a pack finish.
Overall, I feel like I could have done better had I not had to take care of my ankle, but my performance this year has motivated me to do train harder for next year and has given me valuable knowledge and insight into what to expect for next year.

4. Copperopolis Road Race 3/30/13 Copperopolis

Griffin Wigert

21st Place Copperopolis Road Race Senior Category 4

Since the race took place on a Saturday and because it was very far away, about 45 minutes from Stockton, my dad and I drove to Stockton to stay in an extremely cheap hotel. I would do 3 laps on a 21 mile course, adding up to 63 miles. I woke at 6am and got in the car. I did one pyramid for warm up. The start was pretty bumpy. I kept in the middle of the pack over the climb and for the entire 21-mile lap. At the finishing descent I was able to get up to the top riders. I stayed with them until the climb, when I was dropped from fast-disintegrating pack. I worked with a group of four to get back up into the now only 20 rider pack. I again stayed there the entire second lap, until on the third lap I was dropped on the climb, this time for good. I rode the rest of the race solo, finishing 21st. I was disappointed, and I realized I am in need of more training on long, drawn out climbs.

Emily Abraham
2nd Place Copperopolis Road Race Junior Women 15-16

The course for the Copperopolis race isn't top on my list. The scenery is extremely pretty, but the rough roads (especially on the descent) are horrible. There were only two other junior girls in my race, so I assumed we would stay together and work together the whole race. But I was completely wrong. The three of us were only together for about the first five miles, until the climb. One girl, Kristin Wolfe, was behind me and the other girl, Cynthia Wang, was in front. When I finished the main climb and the rollers began, I could see Cynthia in front of me. She looked so close, that I knew I could catch her. Unfortunately since I was out there by myself I didn't have the energy or strength to close the gap that was slowly getting bigger and bigger. I was out there on my own for a while until Kristin sprinted and caught up. We worked together and saw Cynthia not too far ahead. I thought for sure we would catch up to her, but we were starting the next climb just before the decent and she was gone. I get pretty nervous on the downhill so I knew Kristin would pass me. She went down quite fast and before I knew it she was out of sight. As I started the second lap I told myself, I'm not giving up that easily. I gave it all I got and went as fast as I could to try and catch her on the uphill. As I started climbing, she wasn't anywhere to be seen and I started to become discouraged. Then I turned a corner and there she was! I kept going and passed her on the steep section of the climb. Once I finished the uphill, I glanced back and didn't see her anywhere. So I continued on by myself, minding my own business, saying hi to some of my team mates as they raced by. Then I realized Kristin was behind me and could speed up on the flats to catch me, so I started going a bit faster. She never did catch me again though and unfortunately I wasn't able to catch up to Cynthia in front either, but overall I had fun.

Ethan Frankel
Racing Age 15, Category 4
10th Place Copperopolis Road Race Juniors 15-16

The race started out on a bumpy, two-mile flat section at a fairly moderate pace. It sped up as we reached the long hill. Three racers couldn’t hold the quick pace and dropped early on the hill. As attacks kept coming up the hill, I couldn’t keep up so I dropped back along with a Tieni Duro racer. I pushed hard up the hill, quickly dropped the Tieni Duro racer, and as I neared the end I saw the peloton reach the top and a Sierra Nevada racer drop back. He and I rode together for the rest of the first lap, taking long turns pulling each other. We went at a good pace, not too fast, but not slow either, and finally hit the worst pavement of the course, the final descent. The Tieni Duro racer caught up with us and we stuck together for the rest of the race. We hit high speeds on the very rough descent, but stuck together while getting pelted with small pebbles. We pushed the pace on the hill to the finish, kept pushing on the descent away from the finish and through the two-mile flat road. Then Sierra Nevada and I pushed up the hill and saw that Tieni Duro wasn’t as strong as a climber, but was keeping up. We pushed through the top of the hill and rode a much faster second lap (about four minutes faster). On the final climb, I started to pull away a little, and kept trying. As I started the descent they stuck with me and we again rode a fast descent. I could feel the tension in the air as we rounded the corner leading into the final climb to the finish. I sat back to conserve energy, and the Sierra Nevada racer attacked. Tieni Duro and I chased and caught him with about 100 meters left. Immediately after, the sprint started and we were together going into the finish with Sierra Nevada first, then Tieni Duro, and then me.

Ben Cook
14 years old, Senior Category 5
5th Place Copperopolis Road Race Juniors 15-16

I was very excited to race with the big boys in California’s “Paris Roubaix”. It may not have been cobble stones, but those roads were tough. We started off the race as planned, tempo riding over the first cruddy patched up road until the climb, then Miles and I came to the front. Being from Marin, we are generally very good climbers. So Miles set the pace high, while I waited in the pack for attacks. Halfway up the climb, we looked back to see that we had dropped half the field! Our planned worked perfectly.
After a small descent we came together in a double pace line, and started talking. We had a bit of conversation with Sierra Nevada and our friend from Chico State, Garrett Marking. During our chatting, Robert Terra from Sierra Nevada had a flat. Which stinks, because I really liked Robert. So after he was out, we continued our race together, primarily consisting of Garrett, Miles, and myself having light conversation in the back. We made it to the descent, and that’s when the we split apart. Miles, Conner (another Sierra Nevada kid) and I were dropped on the teeth chattering descent. We chased hard, spinning out on our tiny junior gears, and began a chase group. Miles was fairly worn out, and Conner didn’t seem to want to pull. Once as I moved to the back he tried to go behind me and skip his turn. “On his wheel!” I said to Conner, and sure enough, he took his turn. We caught up along the first stretch of our lap. Garrett was out with a broken derailleur, and after that the race grew quiet. I caught up with the rest of the guys on the climb, and found out that Rupert, from San Jose, had broken away solo. So I sat on the wheel of John, another guy from Sierra Nevada, and started to climb. I was feeling great as we immediately started to drop people.
We hit the wall of the climb, and I shifted into my large rear sprocket... or not. My chain was sucked into my rear wheel, causing me to have to get off, and I lost about 20 seconds fixing the problem. As I got started again, I saw Miles, who was also feeling great, and was planning to catch up later on the climb. I took a brief look over my shoulder just as his foot came unclipped and he almost went down. He also lost time, as he couldn’t clip in well on such a steep climb. Neither of us were able to catch back up.
From there on it was a very lonely ride for both of us, every time I looked over my shoulder I could see Conner a few minutes behind me, and sometimes I could even see Miles. I made my last attempt at catching up on the flat before the turnaround point, but after time trialing hard and getting nowhere, I gave up.
I rode side by side with a few other riders from senior categories, and we were careful not to draft, as it was illegal. I finally made it over the false flats and onto the descent. I sprinted to the line, and nearly fell off my bike from fatigue.
Turns out Rupert stayed away, and John got second in the sprint. I learned to check out all my equipment carefully before the race, and also to prioritize, as I now had another lap to race with the 13-14’s. Overall I had lots of fun in the 15-16’s, and am looking forward to competing in not only the 15-16’s, but also in Copperopolis again.

Ben Cook
14 years old, Senior Category 5
DNP, Copperopolis Juniors 13-14

Well, I had just raced 42 miles of the worst roads in history, and was about to go do another 20. I rolled into the start, and found out that my competition was my school friend, Zach, and Grover, from Sierra Nevada, and I like Grover, so that was good. The three of us decided to work together. And besides us... there was Davis. We started at a good speed, with Zach, Grover, and I pulling. Right off there was a crash, none of the three of us were involved, but Davis guys went down.
So we got to the climb, and I was starving. I got no food at the feed zone, and my waffle slipped out of its wrapper on the climb. Thankfully, Zach gave me some of his food. I was sitting up and eating it, with Zach, Kyle from Davis, and Grover up a few meters ahead. Then I tried to shift into my large sprocket again, but that’s apparently not allowed, and my chain slipped off again. I had trouble fixing it, and I called up the service car. The driver got out, and we tried for almost a minute to fix it, at this point I was pretty happy with just calling it quits, and jumped in the van. Turns out I brought over an extra spacer in my cassette when I switched the cassette to my “race” wheels.
So I sat in the car, watching the Pro/1/2’s, and reflecting on the day. Zach got away and won, which mildly ticked me off, as he is one of my main rivals. But this time he was better than the rest. Sadly, Grover was beat by Kyle, who, not to be rude, but he didn’t pull too much today.
But what am I to do? It was a good experience, or at least the 15-16’s was, and now I can say I’ve had a truly cruddy race. Maybe next time will be better.

Isabella Brunner
1st Place Copperopolis Road Race Junior Girls 10-12)

I had not raced since Cherry pie (which I won first place, 10-12 girls). Today I woke up at five thirty. The ride was two and a half hours away. I was wide awake and pumped up, ready to go. I wanted to eat a good breakfast, so I had oatmeal, banana and juice. It filled me up. I bundled up for the long drive. Today was going to be the best day EVER!!! First time on the bike since my hand got cut in the fan belt. I was not fully healed and I was afraid I would not perform well. As we approached I got butterflies in my stomach. At the race, I was driven to the midpoint of the course where my event was officially started. I was only racing against another girl from the Davis team. After a few minutes the first hill came up. I had this, I flew up and passed her, left her in the dust, never saw her again (even after the finish). For the next nine miles I rode alone, periodically drafting groups of older racers. The course was mostly hills and rollers, with rough pavement. They were really tough, my fingers ached, but I was not giving up now. One last uphill around a corner to the finishline. I flew right up. I had won Copperopolis! Not too shabby for a last minute decision to ride. I have regained my confidence and am looking forward to my next race!
-Isabella Brunner

5. Norcal MTB Race Reports March 2013

Griffin Wigert
Norcal HSMTB #2
March 10, 2013

16th Place Norcal HSMTB #2 Varsity Boys D1
This race was near the town of Folsom on a prison’s property. The course was pretty flat, and had some twisty sections. It had some sharp turns and a gravel road in the middle. The course was about 6 miles long and I would do 4 laps. I got there at 9:00am to help the team. I ate a bagel and a sausage for breakfast. I sat around the tent doing stats homework until 12pm, when I went and warmed up in a petting zoo parking lot with my teammates. I lined up for the start at 1 o’clock. I assumed it would be slow and bumpy, so I choose a low gear, which turned out to be wrong. I was shelled from the main group within seconds and then was caught in a traffic jam of riders for the first 1/3 of the first lap. After that I was able to ride my own pace for most of the race. I took a Clif Shot handoff at Lap #2 and #4 and a bottle handoff at Lap #3. I was positioned at about 15th place going into the last lap, and the 16th place rider who I had previously passed was about 20 seconds back. He was steadily closing his gap, so I slowed up and stayed in his draft all the way to the finish. Unfortunately I misjudged how long the finishing stretch was; it was too short and I could not get around him. I still had a good race and placed 16th.

Eli Kranefuss
2nd Place NorCal Race #2; Race Behind Bars Sophomore Boy D2

I was sick for the first Norcal race, so I didn’t know anything about whom I was racing against. After a few pyramids on the trainer, I ate a Clif Bar and I went to the start line for staging. I found a spot in the third row, after the two rows of call-ups and sat there, waiting for the start. When the start came, I sprinted up on the grass to seventh place and stayed there as we entered the single track. When the first double track climb started, I passed a group of 4 people putting me into third place. I drafted the second place guy until he started falling back. Then I passed him and started drafting off of the first place guy, who was the race leader. For the first two laps we jockeyed for 1st place. Then finally, on the third lap, he dropped me and he beat me by about 20 seconds. Either way, I was happy on a second place finish.

Griffin Wigert
Norcal HSMTB #3
March 24, 2013

25th Place Norcal HSMTB #3 Varsity Boys, D1

This race again took place at Granite Bay near Folsom. The course was a mostly flat 6 mile loop that I would do 4 times. This time the entire Norcal League was there, as the other times it had been divided into North and South Conferences. The varsity pack numbered about 50 riders. I got to the start line, and the top riders in points had already gotten their reserved positions at the front. The other riders were forced to have a running race to the pack, which I did not do great in. I started near the back. When the start went off, I had chosen a good gear and passed about 15 riders on the first lap. When I came through for the second lap, I was in 27th place, with a small pack 20 seconds in front of me. This pack disintegrated before I could reach it. I was handed a Vanilla Clif Shot at the feed zone, but I dropped it so I ate the one in my pocket. The second lap I was able to join in a group of 4 other riders. I attacked these riders before the start of the 3rd lap. I was handed a water bottle at the feed. Going into my fourth lap, some riders had caught up to me and I had caught other riders, so I was riding with a group I thought I could beat. Coming into the finish, I was with two riders, both who I attacked with about 600 meters left. One of the riders caught and passed me, and won the sprint. The other rider barely passed me at the end. I was disappointed with a 25th place, although I realize the pack was bigger.

Eli Kranefuss
3rd Place NorCal Race #3; Granite Bay Sophomore Boy D2

This was a big race. They merged the North and South Conferences for the first time. Call-ups were based on points for this race and because I was sick the first race, I was low on points so I didn’t get a call-up or priority staging. Once again, after a few pyramids and a Clif Bar I rode down to the staging area. I found a spot right after the Priority Staging in the fifth row, the closest to the front I would be able to go to. I took a few sips of water and waited for the start. Once the whistle blew, my road racing skills came to me and I sprinted through the pack immediately passing about 20 people. Sitting in fifth place going through the first single track, I looked for areas to pass. When the trail widened, I passed a few people until I was in the lead group. This group shattered soon after, and I found myself with only one other guy from Santa Cruz in first and second place. We drafted off of each other for the first two laps, but I bonked a little, and he dropped me on the third lap. Feeling like I was in a solid place, I just kept pedaling. Then, about 2/3 of the way into the last lap, the third place guy, who beat me last time, got onto my wheel. Wanting to beat him, I picked up the pace, but he stuck there like glue. Then finally, on the last turn in the sand, he sprinted around me taking second place from me and beating me once again. I ended up learning more from this race though, because I now know that I must eat more next race so that I don’t bonk.
6. Red Kite Criterium 3/10/13 Livermore

Karan Desai
Racing Age: 17, Senior Category 5

25th place Red Kite Criterium Senior Category 5

Before I was to do Land Park Criterium, I decided to do a new Criterium located in Livermore. My last race was Cherry Pie, which was about a month ago so I was a bit unsure how I would do in the Cat 5’s. I had the previous week off of school so I spent a good amount of time training. Unfortunately, I crashed on Wednesday so I was a bit unsure how I would do with my injuries from the crashes.
I woke up at about 4:45 am to get dressed and to eat a breakfast. Shortly after eating, I loaded my bike in the car with my trainer to set off to Livermore. It was about 1 hour drive from my house so not too long. As my dad and I arrived at the Criterium, I had about half an hour to do the pre-race pyramids and to ride the course. As we lined up for the start, I consumed a Clif Shot blok to give me extra energy during the race. The mentors took us around the course on a neutral lap and people were already fighting for position. We got back to the start line and the whistle went off. For the first few laps, I was right in the middle of the pack. There were a few riders who weren’t confident riding in a pack so there a few crashes in the opening laps. As there were about 2 laps to go, I made my way up to the first ten or so riders hoping to win the mass sprint. With 1 lap to go, there was a crash in the front of the main pack. I luckily avoided it but I lost a lot of speed, which took me out of contention for the final sprint. I crossed the line and finished 25 place out of about 50 or so riders. I was very happy about my race.

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