Team competition closes out 2014 Juniors Track National Championships


Carson, Calif. (June 29, 2014) – Competition concluded at the 2014 Juniors Track National Championships on Sunday at the VELO Sports Center in Carson, Calif., with the team pursuit and team sprint events.
Danielle Mullis and Julia Sante took care of business in the women's 17-18 team sprint for Volharden.
Danielle Mullis and Julia Sante took care of business in the women's 17-18 team sprint for Volharden. (photo by Brian Hodes)

The Sandbaggers, made up of Weston Flickinger (Akron, Ohio/Summit Freewheelers), Nikos Hessert (Evanston, Ill./xXx Racing), Matthew Valencia (Los Altos, Calif./NCCF-Team Specialized Juniors) and Chazmichael Morales (El Segundo, Calif.), won the 4km men’s 17-18 team pursuit in a time of 4:47.908, topping Performance Cycle, made up of Eoin Costello (Santa Clara, Calif./Performance Cycle Coaching), Rylan Doherty (Poway, Calif.), Matt Kaiser (Oakland, Calif./Performance Cycle Coaching) and Neil Laxamana (Milpitas, Calif./Performance Cycle Coaching), who finished in 5:23.872.
“It’s seriously a dream come true,” said Flickinger. “I never would have imagined I would win it in the team pursuit. Coming into this I had a bad week, I did the worst races I’ve ever had in the 200, the sprints and the Keirin, so this just caps it off. This is seriously just a dream come true. We have the opportunity to go to Worlds. I’m ecstatic and couldn’t be happier.”
Momentum Group, comprised of Edward Horvet (West Hills, Calif./LUX-Specialized Cynergy), James Mellen (Schnecksville, Pa./Sprinter’s Edge Track Development Team) and Dominic Suozzi (San Pedro, Calif./Team Winded Development) won the men’s 17-18 team sprint in 48.146 seconds, topping The Archers, made up of Flickinger, Hessert and Cole Reece (Emmaus, Pa./T Town Elite), who finished second in 52.602 seconds. Win Crash or DQ finished third, as Nikesh Patel (Coopersburg, Pa./T Town Elite), Peter Winski (Katy, Texas/Northwest Cycling Club) and Joe Christiansen (Lyons, Colo./Velocity Cycling) combined for a 53.828-second effort.
Danielle Mullis (Rochester, Mich./West Michigan Coast Riders) and Julia Sante (Queensbury, N.Y./Farm Team Elite Women’s Cycling Team) of Volharden took the women’s 17-18 team sprint in 38.348 seconds, besting TWENTY16 Por Cycling’s Kirsten Williams (Lonetree, Colo./TWENTY16 Junior Development Team) and Hannah McDade (Tigard, Ore./TWENTY16 Junior Development Team), who took second in 39.409 seconds.
“I’m really excited about the jersey, but we also made time standards, which means that we’ll be competing at Junior World Championships, so that’s probably the most exciting thing right now,” Mullis said. “I’m currently planning on going to Road Nationals next week, but then after that it’s just going to be 24/7 on the track training and getting faster in preparation for Junior Worlds.”

Riders prepare to begin the men's 17-18 team sprint.
Riders prepare to begin the men's 17-18 team sprint. (photo by Brian Hodes)
In the 3km men’s 15-16 team pursuit, the Specialized Junior team of Gage Hecht (Parker, Colo./NCCF-Team Specialized Juniors), Grant McElroy (Portland, Ore./NCCF-Team Specialized Juniors), Sandor Delgado (Hialeah, Fla./Interactive Metronome Development) and Jules Gilliam (Manhattan Beach, Calif./NCCF-Team Specialized Juniors) took the top time of 3:33.660. Wolverine Racing riders Justin Leong (Los Altos, Calif./Limitless Cycling Racing Team), Luke Mullis (Rochester Hills, Mich./Wolverine Sports Club), James Brookshire (Hendersonville, N.C./Volharden) and Kevin Hernandez (Winnetka, Calif./LUX-Specialized by Cynergy) finished second in 3:42.251, followed by Team Last Minute Up, represented by Zachary Gottesman (Greenbrae, Calif./Mellow Motors), Liam King (Albany, Calif./SJBC), Zachariah McClendon (San Pablo, Calif./Performance Cycle Coaching) and Noah Thomas (Mertztown, Pa./Sprinter’s Edge Track Development Team), who finished third in 3:51.274.
TWENTY16 Pro Cycling was the lone team women’s 15-16 team pursuit competition. Made up of Hannah Arensman (Rutherford College, N.C./TWENTY16 Junior Development Team), Summer Moak (Katy, Texas/TWENTY16 Junior Development Team) and Kristin Wolfe (San Jose, Calif./SJBC), the team recorded a 3km time of 4:02.575.
In the 500m men’s 15-16 team sprint, the UFOs, made up of Victor Morandi (Houston, Texas/Northwest Cycling Club), Delgado and Gilliam climbed the podium with a time of 51.879 seconds. Tres Amigos, represented by Richard Salter (San Diego, Calif./SDBC-Emerald Textiles), Noah Schlosser (Stevenson Ranch, Calif./ Cycling Team) and Hernandez, took second in 53.045 seconds, followed by Wolverine Racing, made up of Leong, Luke Mullis and Brookshire, who posted a time of 54.190 seconds.
Representing Sprinter’s Edge, Eva Burke (Macungie, Pa./ Sprinter's Edge Track Development Team) and Allyson Wasielewski (Orefield, Pa./ Sprinter's Edge Track Development Team) combined for a women’s 15-16 team sprint gold medal in 38.456 seconds, followed by TWENTY16 Juniors’ Moak and Arensman, who took second in 40.036 seconds. The Southern California team of Rachel Cross (Costa Mesa, Calif./Incycle Racing p/b Full Circle) and Wolfe finished third in 41.866 seconds.

More information on the 2014 USA Cycling Juniors Track National Championships including start lists, schedule, results, photos and daily event recaps are available on the event webpage.

2014 USA Cycling Juniors Track National Championships
VELO Sports Center - Carson, Calif.
June 25-29, 2014


Men Team Sprint 17-18

1.  Edward Horvet (West Hills, CA)   MOMENTUM GROUP TS   48.146 
1.  James Mellen (Schnecksville, PA)   MOMENTUM GROUP TS   48.146 
1.  Dominic Suozzi (San Pedro, CA)   MOMENTUM GROUP TS   48.146 
2.  Cole Reece (PHILADELPHIA)   THE ARCHERS   52.602 
2.  Nikos Hessert (Evanston, IL)   THE ARCHERS   52.602 
2.  Weston Flickinger (Akron, OH)   THE ARCHERS   52.602 
3.  Joe Christiansen (Lyons, CO)   WIN CRASH OR DQ   53.828 
3.  Peter Winski (Katy, TX)   WIN CRASH OR DQ   53.828 
3.  Nikesh Patel (Coopersburg, PA)   WIN CRASH OR DQ   53.828 

Women Team Sprint 17-18

1.  Danielle Mullis (Rochester, MI)   VOLHARDEN   38.348 
1.  Julia Sante (Queensbury, NY)   VOLHARDEN   38.348 
2.  Hannah Mcdade (Tigard, OR)   TWENTY16 PRO CYCLING   39.409 
2.  Kirsten Williams (Lonetree, CO)   TWENTY16 PRO CYCLING   39.409 

Men Team Sprint 15-16

1.  Sandor Delgado (Hialeah, FL)   UFOS   51.879 
1.  Jules Gilliam (Manhattan Beach, CA)   UFOS   51.879 
1.  Victor Morandi (Houston, TX)   UFOS   51.879 
2.  Kevin Hernandez (WINNETKA)   TRES AMIGOS   53.045 
2.  Richard Salter (San Diego, CA)   TRES AMIGOS   53.045 
2.  Noah Schlosser (STEVENSON RANCH CA)   TRES AMIGOS   53.045 
3.  Luke Mullis (Rochester Hills, MI)   WOLVERINE RACING TS   54.190 
3.  Justin Leong (Los Altos, CA)   WOLVERINE RACING TS   54.190 
3.  James Brookshire (Hendersonville, NC)   WOLVERINE RACING TS   54.190 

Women Team Sprint 15-16

1.  Eva Burke (Macungie, PA)   SPRINTER'S EDGE   38.456 
1.  Allyson Wasielewski (Orefield, PA)   SPRINTER'S EDGE   38.456 
2.  Hannah Arensman (Rutherford College, NC)   TWENTY16 Pro Cycling   38.456 
2.  Summer Moak (Katy, TX)   TWENTY16 Pro Cycling   38.456 
3.  Rachel Cross (Costa Mesa, CA)   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA   41.866 
3.  Salma Huque (Douglasville, GA)   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA   41.866 

Men Team Pursuit 17-18

1.  Weston Flickinger (Akron, OH)   THE SANDBAGGERS TP   4:47.908 
1.  Nikos Hessert (Evanston, IL)   THE SANDBAGGERS TP   4:47.908 
1.  Chazmichael Morales (El Segundo, CA)   THE SANDBAGGERS TP   4:47.908 
1.  Matthew Valencia (Los Altos, CA)   THE SANDBAGGERS TP   4:47.908 
2.  Eoin Costello (SANTA CLARA)   PERFORMANCE CYCLE TP   5:23.872 
2.  Rylan Doherty (Poway, CA)   PERFORMANCE CYCLE TP   5:23.872 
2.  Matt Kaiser (Oakland, CA)   PERFORMANCE CYCLE TP   5:23.872 
2.  Neil Laxamana (MILPITAS)   PERFORMANCE CYCLE TP   5:23.872 

Men Team Pursuit 15-16

1.  Sandor Delgado (Hialeah, FL)   SPECIALIZED JUNIOR   3:33.660 
1.  Jules Gilliam (Manhattan Beach, CA)   SPECIALIZED JUNIOR   3:33.660 
1.  Gage Hecht (Parker, CO)   SPECIALIZED JUNIOR   3:33.660 
1.  Grant Mcelroy (Portland, OR)   SPECIALIZED JUNIOR   3:33.660 
2.  Luke Mullis (Rochester Hills, MI)   WOLVERINE RACING   3:42.251 
2.  Justin Leong (Los Altos, CA)   WOLVERINE RACING   3:42.251 
2.  James Brookshire (Hendersonville, NC)   WOLVERINE RACING   3:42.251 
2.  Kevin Hernandez (WINNETKA)   WOLVERINE RACING   3:42.251 
3.  Noah Thomas (Mertztown, PA)   TEAM LAST MINUTE TP   3:51.274 
3.  Liam King (Albany, CA)   TEAM LAST MINUTE TP   3:51.274 
3.  Zachary Gottesman (GREENBRAE)   TEAM LAST MINUTE TP   3:51.274 
3.  Zachariah Mcclendon (Sanpablo, CA)   TEAM LAST MINUTE TP   3:51.274 

Women Team Pursuit 15-16

1.  Hannah Arensman (Rutherford College, NC)   TWENTY16 Pro Cycling   04:02.575 
1.  Summer Moak (Katy, TX)   TWENTY16 Pro Cycling   04:02.575 
1.  Kristin Wolfe (Sanjose, CA)   TWENTY16 Pro Cycling   04:02.575 

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