Specialized Catamount Classic sets standard for women’s cycling


Vermont’s Specialized Catamount Classic is the newest addition to the ProXCT calendar hosting the series finale and is setting a new standard for women’s cycling. Catamount Outdoor Family Center is determined to make a strong statement by bring women’s racing to prime time. The Catamount Classic will have both elite women and men’s races, but, for the first time in mountain bike racing history, this race will prioritize the women’s field.  The goal of this event is to make up for lost time and inequalities in the sport. In a way that will support the growth of the sport for women as equally as it has supported men.
The UCI mandate for a Category 2 races, like the Catamount Classic, states that women be paid 65% of what men are paid. Not only is the prize money mandate unequal, the rules state that men should be paid 15 deep while the women are paid 9 deep. Thanks to G-Form, a company proud to support women’s racing and pushing the envelope in women’s cycling, the Catamount Classic will make their own mandate. For the first time in competitive cycling, G-Form will not only equal prize money, they will pay the women more.  

“We have been striving to support women in cycling for years and are excited that we can do this on a national stage with the support of companies like G-form and Specialized,” race promoter Eric Bowker said. 

G-Form and Specialized Women’s are leading the charge to put women’s cycling exactly where it belongs, in equal view to the future cyclists of the world, inspiring both male and female generations.
The weekend will also serve as an ideal example of equality for the next generation of female mountain bike racers. Little Bellas, a non-profit mentoring on mountain bikes program born at Catamount and inspired by the local Vermont Davison sisters, are putting on a camp at this event. These young girls will get the opportunity to not only watch Olympians, world champions, and national champions battle for the win, but they will also be able to interact with them.

“Catamount and G-form are leading the charge, and we are excited to have the Little Bellas experience positive momentum surrounding women and sports,” explains Sabra Davison. 

The Catamount Classic is prioritizing the current and future generation of female mountain bikers showing that these racers deserve the spotlight too.  
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