September 2011 Phone Call Notes


When: Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
            Attendees:   Jack McNeal (BRAO), Jim Patton (MABRA), Deb Schiff (NJBA), Judy Rhyne (CCA), Mark Guthart (IBRA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Darrell Webb (NCA), Andy Reiland (WCA), David Mitchell (PCA), Randy Legeai (LAMBRA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA), Greg Aden (SCNCA), Eric Smith (SCNCA), Andrew Ross (NYSBRA), Tadd Borek (NCNCA), Dave Fowkes (ICA), and Bill Nicely (NCNCA)
Staff:  Tom Mahoney, Gordon Weldon, Larry Martin, Valecia Frasier, Susan Diller, Andrea Brunelli, Randy Inglis, George Heagerty, Jeff Hansen, Beth Vialpando, Stuart Lamp, and Fred Blattspieler.
If you were present for the call, and I missed your name, please send me an e-mail so that I may add you to the list
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  1. Jim Helser, National Sales Manager, Voler – LA State Championship Jersey program
Voler is our sponsor for National championship jerseys and is our USAC Foundation supplier.  We have worked with them for well over 10 years.  The LA State Championship Jersey program is available to the LAs, and is not a mandatory program.  If an LA has an established supplier, they may keep that supplier.   However, for any LAs that would like to work with Voler, you will receive a 5% royalty on the short sleeve state championship jersey, as well as any other items that are considered state championship merchandise.  The royalty payments will be issued on a quarterly basis, and will be mailed along with the LA rebate payments.
Jim Helser
History of Voler:  Have been producing clothing since 1986, and is based in the U.S.  Merchandise is all produced in California.  15 years ago, they started the California State Champion program.  The program grew and was well received by the riders.  Based on the success of the California program, Jim thought it would be a good idea to offer to the LAs nationally and to build in a revenue source and a branding mechanism.
  • Every LA would have its own artwork/design in order to establish consistency for your area.  Voler will help the LA with the design process, and if an LA has an established design, Voler will work with that.
  • Jerseys are $33 (shipping is free) and will be available to promoters and LAs.  LAs will receive the 5% royalty on these jerseys.
  • Individuals may want to purchase additional jerseys.  Voler will work with each LA to verify the rider is the actual champion, and the rider can purchase the jersey on the Voler website.  LAs will earn the 5% royalty on these sales as well.  The riders will pay retail cost for any extra jerseys ($70).  Voler will ship these within 3 days.
Dave Miller (PCA):  It is important for the riders to be able to purchase the jersey at a reasonable cost.
Jim:  Voler can produce “coupons” for the riders to receive 1 State Championship jersey for the $33 price.  As long as the rider only receives 1 jersey at this cost, if the rider wants more jerseys, they will pay retail cost for any additional jerseys.
Bill Nicely(NCNCA):  If an LA entered the program, would Voler be willing to sell the jerseys at the reduced cost to the LAs in order to use jerseys for podium photos.  The LAs would need a set of each size in men’s and women’s.
Jim:  Yes.  This will help promote the jersey.
Andy Reiland (WCA):  WCA hands out 150 jerseys each year, what is the cost for group purchases?
Jim: $33.00.  To help the LAs out, Voler can create the coupon, so the LA does not have to purchase the jerseys up front and store them.  The $33.00 includes shipping.
Jack McNeal:  Is there a set-up cost?  Does the $33.00 cover that?
Jim:  Yes.
Jim Helser:
800.488.6537 x205
  1. Tom Mahoney – New Results and Rankings Programpen Support Request Report
    • As of September 1st the new Results uploading program and Rankings program was re-launched. 
    • Rankings program will be used for Cyclocross call ups.  Will follow the same call order as last year. (National Champion plus the top 7 from last year plus any National Champion that aged up into another age group.) Instead of the Time Trials, we will be using rankings.
    • The biggest difference for the new rankings program and the old rankings program, is that it is not what races or how many races competed in.  It will focus on who the rider has competed against.  It does not matter if you are a Junior and you are racing up with Senior men, or you are a Master and you are racing down with Senior men, or if you a Master Woman 3/4 and racing against whomever.  It is all about who you are racing against.  If Tom Mahoney rides against Todd Wells in Cyclocross and beats him, Tom’s ranking will reflect that he beat a National Champion. 
    • The system is based on a seating points that are awarded at a National Championships.  Each level and each age group have a different level ranking.
    • Currently only ranking Road, Cyclocross, Time Trial, Mountain Bike, gravity, cross-country, and endurance disciplines.  Working towards ranking track.  We need the LAs help in getting velodromes to submit results. 
    • There is a “results uploader” that simplifies the process.  Tom is working on a results guide that he will share before the beginning of next year.
    • Race predictor is new and works well if using USAC registration.
Randy Legeai:  Should I be using a new format?
Tom:  Okay to use the existing macro.  All you need is 4 columns, but it will not rank without the license number.  The system first looks for team, if it does not find it, will use the club information.
Dave Mitchell (PCA) Has a report that allows him to download all the results at one time.  Will share with Tom so he can review to see if it can be shared with all.
Dave Fowkes:  The website offers a new submission and an old one.  Is there a preference for which one to use?
Tom:  We will be getting rid of the old submission mechanism and best to use the new one especially for Cyclocross.
  1. Open Support Request Report
Great progress on keeping the open support requests to a minimum!
  1. LA Summit
Dates:  Friday, November 4th to Sunday November 6th
Please send flight itineraries to me
I am still creating the agenda and will share once complete
  1. Race Director Summit – Thursday November 10th to Saturday, November 12th
If you are interested in attending, please contact Tara McCarthy:
  1. Open Discussion
Dave Mitchell (PCA) What is the status of eliminating upgrade stickers?  This is still being worked on.
Randy Legeai:  There are still problems with the 7% fee threshold; there are promoters that are talking about going outside of USAC because of this.  One of LAMBRA’s biggest races is thinking of not sanctioning.  One Race Director took out 3 separate permits to avoid the 7%.  Eric Smith stresses that it impacts the riders due to the smaller prize lists.
We are having internal discussions about this issue.

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