#RideToCollege Do Your Research


When looking at schools it can seem like the options are endless, because they are! Are you unsure of where to start? Do your research. 

Start out on the USA Cycling website where you can find lists of both varsity and club teams. From there check out the school websites of any and all schools that interest you and sign up to receive brochures and mail from the admissions offices. These informational pieces will help you learn more about the schools in general, including campus life, educational opportunities, and housing. 

Armed with brochures and school-specific information, you can begin to make a list of colleges to focus on. You’ll want to see if those schools will be attending college fairs near you, or if you can arrange a campus visit. Your high school may host a fair or spring break college trip, or you can go to a recruitment fair at a USA Cycling National Championship. There are recruitment fairs at mountain bike, amateur road, and cyclo-cross national championships. 

Doing your research now will help down the road as you begin to narrow your list based on majors, location, club/varsity cycling, and a myriad of other reasons. By being well informed of different college’s offerings, comparing schools will be far easier. 

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