Richard La China Election Statement


Richard La China
Mountain Bike Committee - At-Large
Mountain biking has been a significant part of my life, teaching me discipline, strength, keeping me healthy and providing balance in my life.  I started mountain biking recreationally in 1991 and began racing soon thereafter. Over the years, I have raced as a Cat 3, Cat 3 Clydesdale, Cat 2 Clydesdale & Cat 2 and Cat 1.  My experience working my way up the categories has giving me a unique perspective as to what it's like to compete at several levels—and weights— in mountain bike racing.
As a dad of two young kids, I want to do my part to ensure that the future of mountain bike racing stays as challenging, fun and rewarding as it has been for me the last 22 years. So, for the last two years, I have devoted much of my time to giving back to the mountain bike community. 
I saw a huge void in mountain bike specific coaching here in San Diego, so in 2011 I obtained my USAC Coaching Certification.  With that, I’ve held free weekly mountain bike workouts as a way for people of all levels to increase their fitness in the safety of a coached environment.  Typical attendance ranges from 25-35 attendees, some of which have gone from little to no mountain bike experience, to the podium at local and state level races.
Realizing that it takes both fitness and riding skills to be a successful mountain bike racer, I completed my International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) Skills Instructor Certification earlier this year.  I have used this knowledge to hold mountain bike (co-ed and women's only) skills clinics in and around Southern California, from beginner level up to intermediate and advanced/flow clinics.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching a rider have a light bulb or “ah-ha” moment and conquer a section of trail that they previously would have had trouble with.
I am confident my racing and coaching experience as well as my commitment to the future of the mountain biking discipline makes me an excellent choice for the USAC Mountain Bike Committee position.   Please consider me for your vote.

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