Results and Rankings

Following you will find the guidelines for submitting your race results online. Please feel free to contact the Results and Rankings Coordinator at, at any time during the process if you have any questions.

1. You will need to have an account on the USA Cycling website. You do not need to purchase a rider license to have an account; just create a login and password.
2. Once you have created an online account, please complete the online results and rankings agreement (see link below) to have the ranking logo applied to your race. This logo also indicates that the point value level has been set for your race. If this value is not set, the system will not rank your event.
3. When the point value level is set, you will receive an email notification granting permission to submit and edit race results directly from your USA Cycling account.
4. When your race results are set with the proper information (follow example format headings for Mountain Biking and Road/Track/Cyclo-cross), you will just need to follow the directions through the new system submission process found at

Show the Results and Rankings Agreement