Race Results for
MN Memorial Classic
Waconia, MN
(Event Information)
Road Race on 05/26/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Masters - 40+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1330.16Mark Skarpohl   Mankato, MN01:46:26.00 48773   MBRC/Flanders
2344.60Daniel Casper   Northfield, MN01:46:27.00 214654   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
3359.03Matt Muyres   Bloomington, MN01:50:49.90 160576   Freewheel Bike
4373.47Michael Mardosz   Woodland, MN01:50:50.30 260519   Team Helen's
5387.90Jim Bell   Saint Cloud, MN01:50:50.30 102936   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
6402.34Clayton Shepard   Anoka, MN01:50:50.50 320280   MBRC/Flanders
7416.77Charlie Schad   Sartell, MN01:50:52.80 279431   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
8431.21Ed Alpasa   Maple Grove, MN01:57:00.30 160673   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
9445.64Adam Staufenberg   Plymouth, MN01:57:00.90 146505   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
10460.08Mark Betzer   St Louis Park, MN01:57:01.00 80795   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
11474.52Michael Slavics   Chanhassen, MN01:57:01.10 32917   International Christian Cycling Club
12488.95Jason Engle   Harrisburg, SD01:57:01.20 332930   CORE Orthopedics Avera Medical Group
13503.39Jay Woller   St. Louis Park, MN01:57:01.20 41777   MBRC/Flanders
14517.82Mark Mlinar   Hutchinson, MN01:57:03.20 48557   MBRC/Flanders
15532.26Mike Stensrud   Apple Valley Mn01:57:05.10 223834   MBRC/Flanders
16546.69Scott Robertson   Minneapolis, MN01:57:05.30 75507   G.S. Circo Azzurro
17561.13david ziemer   Greenfield, MN02:07:47.40 200339   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
18575.56Adam Hawkinson   Mound, MN02:08:03.30 256523   IC3 Twin Cities
19590.00Mark Halstrom   Sartell, MN02:12:52.70 282297   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
DNPGregory Shimonek   Papillion, NE01:50:50.40 102327   Midwest Cycling Community NE
DNPMarc Walter   Lincoln, NE01:50:50.30 59833   

Men - Cat 1/2 - Senior - 18+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1248.86Tristin Bentzler (1 - Cat1)   Chippewa Falls, WI02:36:34.80 161188   Synergy
2254.46William Stolte (2 - Cat1)   Topeka, KS02:36:35.10 34257   TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
3260.05Maxwell Anderson (3 - Cat1)   Hartford, WI02:36:35.10 178840   LAPT CC
4265.65Dan Teaters (4 - Cat1)   Green Bay , WI02:36:35.30 214818   RACC pb GG
5271.24Andrew Minier (5 - Cat1)   Anoka, MN02:36:35.40 135556   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
6276.83Jordan Ross (1 - Cat2)   Omaha, NE02:36:35.90 291825   Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health
7282.43Jens Brabbit (6 - Cat1)   La Crosse02:36:36.80 184406   Brone's Bike Shop
8288.02Spencer Oswald (7 - Cat1)   Lincoln, NE02:36:37.30 231748   
9293.62Gregory Alexander (2 - Cat2)   Woodbury, MN02:36:42.30 298718   Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performance
10299.21Lee Bumgarner (8 - Cat1)   Lincoln, NE02:36:43.10 317994   Team Kaos Cycling
11304.81Jonathan Toftoy (9 - Cat1)   Eden Prairie, MN02:36:45.50 233166   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
12310.40Adam Hanson (10 - Cat1)   Duluth, MN02:36:46.00 108535   Synergy
13316.00Brandon Gritters (11 - Cat1)   Mission Viejo, CA02:36:46.40 207755   CORE Orthopedics Avera Medical Group
14321.59David Paquette (12 - Cat1)   Decorah, IA02:36:47.30 264236   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
15327.19Rick Laliberte (3 - Cat2)   Fargo, ND02:36:49.90 210611   Synergy
16332.78Laszlo Alberti (13 - Cat1)   Minneapolis, MN02:36:50.10 193347   Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
17338.38Chris Arndt (14 - Cat1)   Wauwatosa, WI02:36:59.00 219506   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
18343.97Brian Koeneman (15 - Cat1)   Apple Valley, MN02:37:03.50 46700   Team Wheel & Sprocket
19349.57Brian Rach (16 - Cat1)   Chilton, WI02:37:32.30 257820   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
20355.16Brian Jensen (17 - Cat1)   Lawrence02:37:32.30 185340   TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
21360.76Chris Yotter (18 - Cat1)   Saint Paul, MN02:38:24.60 318312   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
22366.35Nicholas Kimpton (4 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:38:42.40 293536   MBRC/Flanders
23371.95Tim Savre (19 - Cat1)   St Paul, MN02:38:44.30 371826   Freewheel Bike
24377.54Levon Kalemkiarian (20 - Cat1)   Stillwater, MN02:38:44.80 243156   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
25383.14Tim Mulrooney (21 - Cat1)   Minneapolis, MN02:38:44.90 49630   Synergy
26388.73Benjamin Schinke (5 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:39:10.10 221927   Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
27394.33Brandon Krawczyk (22 - Cat1)   Waukesha, WI02:40:12.30 232232   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
28399.92Adam McClurg (23 - Cat1)   Waukesha, WI02:40:12.30 222744   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
29405.51Brady Prenzlow (6 - Cat2)   Brooklyn Park, MN02:40:12.40 307715   Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
30411.11Mariusz Czarnomski (7 - Cat2)   Cedar Rapids, IA02:40:12.60 272490   Mercy-Specialized
31416.70Joshua Roeser (24 - Cat1)   Buffalo, MN02:40:13.40 160630   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
32422.30Kent Woermann (25 - Cat1)   Lees Summit, MO02:40:13.60 278173   TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
33427.89Tyler Olson (8 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:40:49.80 294937   Synergy
34433.49Andrew Toftoy (9 - Cat2)   Eden Prairie, MN02:40:49.80 326050   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
35439.08Aaron Shaw (10 - Cat2)   Rogers, MN02:42:05.40 264910   Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
36444.68Jonathan Heile (11 - Cat2)   Milwaukee02:42:05.40 248092   Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
37450.27Michael Moriarity (12 - Cat2)   Bloomington, MN02:49:48.20 294003   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
38455.87Daniel Stahlmann (13 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:50:27.30 110521   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
39461.46Andrew Kruse (14 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:51:43.10 160686   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
40467.06John Rokke (15 - Cat2)   Lincoln, NE02:53:53.30 117302   Team Kaos Cycling
41472.65Jeffrey Anderson (16 - Cat2)   Blaine, MN02:55:12.40 279956   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
42478.25Marc Kermisch (17 - Cat2)   Maple Grove, MN02:55:12.80 80629   Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
DNFBrian Sprague (Cat2)   Horace, ND01:43:55.20 311210   US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS
DNFChris Spence (Cat2)   Omaha, NE01:43:51.00 164302   Team Kaos Cycling
DNFGregory LaVick (Cat2)   St. Paul, MN01:55:10.80 20517   Synergy
DNFKevin Limpach (Cat2)   Omaha, NE00:58:01.30 245870   Team Kaos Cycling
DNFKyle McClellan (Cat2)   La Vista, NE01:00:54.00 294793   Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health
DNFLucas Marshall (Cat2)   Omaha, NE01:55:28.30 295328   Midwest Cycling Community NE
DNFNicholas Frye (Cat2)   Madison, WI01:48:53.70 258744   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFSean Mailen (Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN01:47:18.10 251907   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
DNFVince Rosetta (Cat2)   Shoreview, MN01:55:11.20 254966   Synergy

Men - Cat 3 - Senior - 18+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1348.20Peter Oien   Siouxfalls, SD02:50:04.30 287353   Central Plains Cycling
2366.80Caleb Vukovich   West Des Moines , IA02:50:06.40 305778   Central Plains Cycling
3385.40Kyle Olson   Roseville, MN02:50:07.70 298937   Synergy
4404.00Matthew Broeren   Rochester, MN02:50:08.30 310534   Rochester
5422.60Andrew Gierke   Eau Claire, WI02:50:14.60 298058   Synergy
6441.20Nathan Klump   Mason, WI02:50:17.60 239719   Team Wheel & Sprocket
7459.80Tom Thorne   Dell Rapids, SD02:51:20.60 264255   CORE Orthopedics Avera Medical Group
8478.40Bart Hollaren   Rosemount, MN02:51:20.80 333156   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
9497.00Tim Karels   Plymouth, MN02:52:14.60 223980   Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
10515.60Devin OBrien   Minneapolis, MN02:53:30.80 319334   
11534.20Joseph Savoie   Omaha, NE02:59:14.30 170992   Elkhorn Valley Cycling powrd by Monster
12552.80Jacob Boening   Minneapolis, MN02:59:14.90 226666   Joyride
13571.40Karl Erickson   Fargo, ND02:59:15.10 204143   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
14590.00Tyler Johnson   Plymouth, MN03:06:16.50 310161   Minnesota Cycling Team
DNFAndrew Hellpap   Belleville, WI02:08:25.80 338786   Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
DNFCharles Anderson   Blaine, MN02:03:18.30 73373   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
DNFConnor Benton   Minnetonka, MN01:13:28.10 356634   MBRC/Flanders
DNFDamon Dunkel   Minneapolis, MN00:56:45.10 348612   Balance Cycling
DNFJames ODonnell   Papillion, NE00:55:58.60 289890   Lerner Company
DNFJohn McGuire   New Hope, MN00:56:45.30 318996   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
DNFKen Hum   Waukesha02:02:56.90 291669   Joyride

Men - Cat 4 - Senior - 18+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1538.46Alec Carlson   Fargo, ND01:55:37.00 271992   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
2539.98John Glynn   Edina, MN01:55:39.50 379978   Category 6 Racing Squad
3541.51Matthew Bartell   Waconia, MN01:55:39.60 60563   
4543.03Eric Tudor   Charles City01:55:39.80 386118   
5544.56Tyler Hecht   St. Cloud, MN01:55:39.80 376647   Saint Cloud State University
6546.08Tyler Nelson   Saint Paul, MN01:55:39.80 377744   Balance Cycling
7547.61Rich Anderson   Bellevue, NE01:55:39.80 219702   Team Type 1 Nebraska
8549.13Michael Dixon   Lincoln, NE01:55:39.90 285616   Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health
9550.66Kevin Laux   Edina, MN01:55:40.00 384500   Team Hoigaard's
10552.18Michael Kokotovich   Vadnais Heights, MN01:55:40.00 367488   Synergy
11553.71Zeb Johnston   Marquette, MI01:55:40.00 321268   
12555.23Kevin Sidwell   Minneapolis, MN01:55:40.10 350184   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
13556.76Noah Wilson   Minneapolis Mn01:55:40.30 367722   Joyride
14558.28Marcus Bush   Minneapoilis, MN01:55:40.40 293091   
15559.81Gregory Pfister   Germantown, MD01:55:40.80 395656   Virginia Polytechnic University
16561.33Michael Theiler   Minneapolis, MN01:55:41.40 368462   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
17562.86Richard Pearson   Fremont, NE01:55:41.70 221142   Team Kaos Cycling
18564.38Nicholas Hardt   Lake Elmo, MN01:55:41.80 359706   Sho-Air Minnesota Cycling Club
19565.91Scott Sabol   Chanhassen, MN01:55:45.30 245818   Basso pb Tonka Cycle
20567.43John Hammje   Minneapolis, MN01:55:46.50 376442   Angry Catfish
21568.96David Randleman   Omaha, NE01:55:46.50 58631   Greenstreet Velo Club
22570.48Tjorvi Perry   Eden Prairie, MN01:55:46.60 370693   Balance Cycling
23572.01Nick Watts   St Paul, MN01:59:24.10 352930   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
24573.53Noah Middlestaedt   Saint Cloud02:07:20.60 347262   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
25575.06Jared Gazda   Hopkins, MN02:08:07.50 378152   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
26576.58patrick parish   Bloomington, MN02:10:21.40 406576   
27578.11Eric Thoerner   Minneapolis, MN02:11:22.60 264225   Birchwood/GIS
28579.63steve obrien   Watertown, SD02:11:22.60 263620   Central Plains Cycling
29581.16Loren Willis   Saint Paul, MN02:15:52.50 329358   Synergy
30582.68Nick Maciosek   Hudson, WI02:23:53.10 233325   Chilkoot Velo
31584.21Nick Callison   West Des Moines, IA02:25:00.00 358402   Rasmussen Bike Shop
DNFJustin Valenstein   Eagan, MN01:03:41.50 368612   Synergy
DNFRobert Vigil   Eden Prairie, MN01:09:19.20 223690   Basso pb Tonka Cycle
DNFJared McLaren   Grimes, IA01:55:39.90 294736   Sakari Race Team
DNFRyan Waterfall   Milbank, SD01:55:37.70 292482   CORE Orthopedics Avera Medical Group

Men - Cat 5 - Senior - 18+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Nick Zawadski   Saint Paul, MN02:05:02.70 401620   Balance Cycling
2542.63Joel Swenson   Bloomington02:05:02.70 382734   Angry Catfish
3545.26Nicholas Garbis   Minneapolis, MN02:05:04.20 394942   East Isles Bike Club
4547.89Nicholas mcculloch   Fridley, MN02:05:04.20 198624   
5550.53Travis Pedley   Farmington, MN02:05:04.40 304968   
6553.16Matthew Prior   Minneapolis, MN02:05:05.80 388901   
7555.79Robert Ashton   Eagan02:05:08.90 292335   MBRC/Flanders
8558.42Stuart Newman   Omaha, NE02:05:09.20 148408   
9Matthew Finnesgard   02:05:10.70   
10563.68John Lehman   Omaha, NE02:05:15.00 381776   Greenstreet Velo Club
11566.32Derek Haag   New Hope, MN02:05:18.60 269288   County Cycles
12568.95Brent Magid   Excelsior, MN02:06:10.50 383874   
13571.58Daniel Gold   Minneapolis02:06:59.00 92943   East Isles Bike Club
14Wade Odia   02:08:01.00   
15576.84Richard Abrahamson   Belle Plaine, MN02:08:10.10 376303   
16579.47Adam Weitzner   Minneapolis, MN02:08:33.60 383139   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
17582.11Logan Arnold   Moorhead, MN02:08:36.90 406513   Great Plains Cycling Club
18Joshua Tibbits   02:10:38.40   
19587.37Andrew Lageson   Minneapolis, MN02:13:31.30 356842   St Goose Bike Team
20590.00Mitchell Talbot   Minneapolis, MN02:21:25.40 348314   
DNFDonald Berry   Stillwater, MN01:25:57.30 312654   Sho-Air Minnesota Cycling Club
DNFEthan Berry   Stillwater, MN01:25:56.90 312468   Minnesota Junior Cycling, Inc.
DNFMax Becker   Minneapolis01:08:56.00 393036   St Goose Bike Team
DNFRandy Marks   Omaha01:08:31.30 378356   Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Senior - 18+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1403.78Teresa Moriarty (1 - Cat1)   Minneapolis, MN02:04:15.10 169344   
2411.88Abby Ruess (1 - Cat2)   Saint Paul, MN02:04:15.20 312258   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
3419.98Leah Kleager (2 - Cat2)   Omaha, NE02:04:15.40 321400   Midwest Cycling Community NE
4428.07Angie Johnson (3 - Cat2)   Alexandria, MN02:04:48.60 316384   Bike & Fitness/Subway Cycling Team
5436.17Jennie Zhu (4 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:04:50.60 343332   Joyride
6444.27Paula Plant (5 - Cat2)   Chanhassen, MN02:04:50.70 209376   Birchwood/GIS
7452.36Karin Friberg (1 - Cat3)   Roseville, MN02:04:51.10 366761   Joyride
8460.46Corey Coogan Cisek (6 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:04:52.60 261947   Silver Cycling
9468.55Suzie Goebel (2 - Cat3)   Sioux Falls, SD02:05:10.30 406389   Central Plains Cycling
10476.65Michelle Jensen (3 - Cat3)   Lawrence, KS02:05:10.50 180587   Free State Racing
11484.75Aryn Flood (4 - Cat3)   Grimes, IA02:05:14.20 376080   VeloRosa Cycling Team
12492.84Meghan Mason (5 - Cat3)   Saint Paul, MN02:05:25.40 402160   Birchwood/GIS
13500.94Heather Edwards-Thoerner (7 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN02:07:12.90 112633   Birchwood/GIS
14509.04Stacy Kalemkiarian (6 - Cat3)   Stillwater02:07:15.30 355070   
15517.13Kelly Skinner (7 - Cat3)   Lees Summit, MO02:08:28.40 309087   Midwest Cycling Community KC
16525.23Cheryl Barker (8 - Cat3)   Hudson, WI02:08:29.70 264108   SilverCycling
17533.33Kaitlin Neary (1 - Cat4)   Omaha, NE02:08:29.70 393971   Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health
18541.42Gale Hellpap (9 - Cat3)   Belleville02:11:19.70 377249   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
19549.52MaryKay Marino (10 - Cat3)   Frankfort Il02:11:21.40 370666   Joyride
20megan mcculloch   02:18:59.80   
21565.71Heather Oxenford (2 - Cat4)   West Des Moines, IA02:18:59.90 380053   VeloRosa Cycling Team
22573.81Gabrielle Russell (11 - Cat3)   Richfield 02:31:03.70 384294   Birchwood/GIS
23581.90Veronica Descotte (3 - Cat4)   Minneapolis, MN02:32:04.40 404044   Birchwood/GIS
24Lisa Day   02:45:29.40   

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