Race Results for
Maverick Classics
Grand Junction, CO
(Event Information)
Road Race on 04/21/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Pro/ Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1172.64Kevin Mullervy   Boulder, CO 237586  119 Champion Sys.
2198.67Andrew Hemesath   Colorado Springs , CO 254826  130 Primal
3224.70Conor Mullervy   Boulder, CO 237726  120 Champion Sys.
4250.73Rolando Gonzalez   Durango, CO 145336  122 CRC
5276.76Ty Tuttle   Fort Collins, CO 348228  110 Sonic Boom
6302.79Kevin Nicol   Lafayette, CO 46845  107 Sonic Boom
7328.82Nate Taggatz (1 - Cat2)   Fort Collins, CO 374170  113 FCCT
8354.85N/A   Tucson, AZ 91005  131 Rock Racing
9380.88Micheal Catterall (2 - Cat2)   Golden, CO 260202  116 Pedal
10406.91Kevin Tempel (3 - Cat2)   Fort Collins, CO 246693  115 FCCT
11432.94Kevin Koch (4 - Cat2)   Grandjunction, CO 281921  109 Bycicle Outfitters
12458.97Mike Allen (5 - Cat2)   Fruita, CO 122097  108 
13485.00Ken Delo Delo   Avon, CO 157762  126 Mountain Roller
DNFMicheal Giem   Colorado Springs, CO 157100  123 Pedal
DNFJonathan Cavner (Cat2)   Colorado Springs, CO 282099  118 CP Racing
DNFJared Dean (Cat2)   Longmont, CO 363518  112 FCCT

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Nolan Herzog   Vail Co 378906  401 Alpha Cycle
2Sam Brown   Eagle 364328  403 Alpha Cycle

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Masters

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1358.65Matt Charity   England 376794  311 Steamboat Velo
2384.36Larry Marti   Evergreen, CO 178763  309 Franco
3410.07Walter Durrer   Loveland, CO 352686  304 Peleton Specialized
4435.78Chris McGee   Golden, CO 23458  302 Prestge
5461.49Ed Chamberlin   Grand Junction, CO 245225  301 LTR
6487.20David Fisher   Palisade, CO 11703  312 Cycling Inquis.
7512.91Mike Gettinger   Glenwood Springs, CO 311249  310 MG Cycle
8538.62Mitch Hyra   Glenwood Springs, CO 193033  313 Whole Foods Market Giordana Scott Sports
9564.33Samer Khodor   Evergreen , CO 78361  308 Nat. Groc.
10590.04Rodney Johnson   Minneapolis, MN 18031  307 Freewheel Bike
DNFdavid asselin   Louisville, CO 359058  208 Sports Garage
DNFDennis Simpson   Grand Junction, CO 294581  306 

Men - CAT C - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Brad Tyra   Colorado Springs, CO400511  433 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
2541.52Tyler Jones   Durango, CO350228  416 Fort Lewis College
3543.03Garrett Brown   Boulder, CO386124  420 University of Colorado Boulder
4544.55Cooper Shanks   Alamosa, CO400645  458 Adams State University
5546.06Logan Taylor   Cadillac, MI349506  475 Fort Lewis College
6547.58Kendal Young   Mineral Wells, TX360780  430 Fort Lewis College
7549.09John Bierman   Cincinnati Oh395022  447 US Air Force Academy
8550.61Jason Kearns   Littleton, CO396384  432 University of Denver
9552.12Brendan Lee   Longmont398521  441 University of Colorado Boulder
10553.64Andrew Giniat   Winnetka, IL263035  468 University of Colorado Boulder
11555.15Joshua Garland   Boulder, CO374791  438 University of Colorado Boulder
12556.67Andrew Cunningham   Grand Junction, CO338210  408 Colorado Mesa University
13558.18Shane Evans   Fort Collins, CO400478  469 Colorado State University
14559.70Joseph Esswein   U S A F Academy, CO395648  428 US Air Force Academy
15561.21Geoff Williams   Grand Junction, CO387210  482 Colorado Mesa University
16562.73Nick Cooley   Fort Collins, CO371456  455 Colorado State University
17564.24Mark Dennis   Steamboat Springs, CO294276  419 University of Colorado Boulder
18565.76jake wands   Fort Collins387588  446 Colorado School of Mines
19567.27Nash Bernik   Superior, CO399372  444 University of Colorado Boulder
20568.79Michael Morris   Grand Junction, CO376221  463 Colorado Mesa University
21570.30Michael Brazell   Old Forge Ny400487  411 University of Wyoming
22571.82Spencer Crowe   U S A F Academy, CO387117  425 US Air Force Academy
23573.33Brandon Lofton   Grand Junction, CO378467  462 Colorado Mesa University
24Quinn McGehan    440 University of Colorado - Boulder
25Zane Degrafferiried    481 University of Colorado Colorado Springs
26577.88Cameron Rouleau   U S A F Academy, CO387365  434 US Air Force Academy
27579.39Travis Gowler   Lone Tree, CO369140  403 Colorado School of Mines
28580.91George Clark   Evergreen, CO388685  429 Fort Lewis College
29582.42Joshua Lombardi   Longmont394317  442 University of Colorado Boulder
30583.94Adam Collamati   U S A F Academy, CO388282  471 US Air Force Academy
31585.45John Barnett   Castle Rock394718  421 Colorado Mesa University
32586.97Bradley Tornow   Longmont, CO374661  401 University of Northern Colorado
33588.48Alex Patel   Golden, CO383477  418 Colorado School of Mines
34590.00Dave Montgomery   Grand Junction, CO395838  407 Colorado Mesa University
DNFGrant VanHoose   Edmond, OK368531  453 Colorado State University
DNFLee Wise   Dayton, OH403713  476 US Air Force Academy
DNFDaniel ZimnySchmitt   Denver, CO401383  454 University of Denver

Men - CAT B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1492.67Alex Ranum   San Diego, CA277669  203 University of Colorado Boulder
2497.30George Simpson   Fort Collins, CO399388  249 Colorado State University
3501.94Edwin Supple   Littleton, CO370837  207 Colorado School of Mines
4506.57Travis Chapman   Greeley, CO309188  231 University of Northern Colorado
5511.21Dennis Cook   Irvine389974  250 US Air Force Academy
6515.84Andrew Cady   U S A F Academy, CO346110  214 US Air Force Academy
7520.48Cody Cupp   Twisp, WA328698  220 Fort Lewis College
8525.11Steven Nichols   Golden, CO368662  206 Colorado School of Mines
9529.75Jeremy Besmer   Colorado Springs359778  223 University of Colorado Boulder
10534.38Donny Warbritton   Boulder, CO361065  224 University of Colorado Boulder
11539.02Jason Lupo   Anaheim, CA289022  212 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
12543.65Andrew James   Grand Junction, CO396044  246 Colorado Mesa University
13548.29Cameron Brown   Littleton, CO359756  228 University of Colorado Boulder
14552.92Kelton Manzanares   Boulder Co374933  234 Colorado School of Mines
15557.56Andrew Daniels   Denver400579  251 University of Denver
16562.19Eric Gregg   Greeley, CO361711  221 University of Northern Colorado
17566.83Marcel Davidse   Boulder, CO359256  201 University of Colorado Boulder
18571.46Alec Ottevanger   Denver 395605  229 University of Colorado Boulder
19576.10Tucker Brown   Usafa, CO359742  208 US Air Force Academy
20580.73Nathanael Prewitt   Fort Collins, CO342070  233 Colorado State University
21585.37Duncan Koehn   Silverthorne359866  247 Colorado Mesa University
22590.00Cole Hanson   Grand Junction, CO375227  204 Colorado Mesa University
DNFJoseph Chiavetta   Fort Collins309189  213 Colorado State University
DNFJon Keyzer   Fort Collins, CO298334  242 Colorado State University
DNFMubarak Alajmi   Kuwait393035  252 Colorado State University

Men - CAT A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1190.79Camilo Zambrano   Boulder, CO357730  25 University of Colorado Boulder
2202.18Jackson Long   Boulder, CO246024  30 University of Colorado Boulder
3213.56Oliver Flautt   Boulder307228  32 University of Colorado Boulder
4224.94Bill Golembieski   Boulder, CO274222  24 University of Colorado Boulder
5236.32Renan Maia   Durango395741  26 Fort Lewis College
6247.70Brett Peters   Boulder, CO291239  27 University of Colorado Boulder
7259.09Brad Neagos   Denver , CO372580  56 University of Denver
8270.47Morgan Ryan   Ventura, CA177959  67 Colorado Mesa University
9281.85Dean Haas   Lakewood, CO271420  11 Fort Lewis College
10293.23William Buick   Boulder, CO292402  33 University of Colorado Boulder
11304.61Patric Rostel   Grandjunction, CO301113  10 Colorado Mesa University
12315.99Phillip Somers   Fort Collins, CO281783  34 Colorado State University
13327.38Kit Recca   Golden, CO252699  Colorado School of Mines
14338.76Stefan Zavislan   Usaf Academy, CO296754  US Air Force Academy
15350.14Sam Warford   Culver City, CA334408  18 Fort Lewis College
16361.52Clinton Mitchell   Arvada192127  39 Colorado State University
17372.90Samuel Phillips   Grand Junction, CO288750  13 Colorado Mesa University
18384.29Lucas Elms   Colorado Springs, CO311078  44 Colorado State University
19395.67Gilbert Ducournau   Durango, CO374303  17 Fort Lewis College
20407.05Aaron Canale   Annapolis, MD274814  19 Fort Lewis College
21418.43Kolby Preble   Forestgrove, OR284714  12 Fort Lewis College
22429.81Karl Schroeder   Usaf Academy, CO193633  US Air Force Academy
23441.19Ryan Standish   Durango, CO314860  48 Fort Lewis College
24452.58Zebulon Hanley   Denver309404  US Air Force Academy
25463.96Matt Lyons   Denver, CO293046  60 University of Denver
26475.34Troy Meeker   Frisco, CO333346  49 Fort Lewis College
27486.72Robbie Jones   Golden, CO284880  14 Fort Lewis College
28498.10Gabriel vanderMerwe   Grand Junction, CO389702  Colorado Mesa University
29509.48Cody Stephenson   Fort Collins 146653  43 Colorado State University
30520.87Garrett Braun   U S A F Academy, CO368131  69 US Air Force Academy
31532.25Natan Cavalca   Brusque385442  23 Fort Lewis College
32543.63Garrett Lundberg   Salida, CO306809  62 Fort Lewis College
33555.01Evan Glowiak   Vassar, MI300853  68 US Air Force Academy
34566.39Cullen Easter   Claremont, CA244581  46 Colorado Mesa University
DNFEric Steele   Broomfield, CO334230  28 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFJacob Arnold   Fort Collins, CO259024  64 Colorado State University
DNFMorgan Ryan   Ventura, CA177959  Colorado Mesa University
DNFNicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO305250  Colorado School of Mines
DNFAndrew Llewellyn   Louisville, KY222859  16 Fort Lewis College
DNFDanny Hiller   Boulder, CO246171  22 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFSkyler Trujillo   Fort Collins, CO284764  29 Fort Lewis College
DNFQuint Berkemeier   Lake Arrowhead, CA240136  45 Colorado Mesa University

Men - Cat 3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1368.20John Klish (1 - Cat3)   Grand Junction, CO 193003  219 LTR
2382.99Brandon Cusick (2 - Cat3)   Durango, CO 359316  226 GS Boulder
3397.78Brandon Babiracki   Colorado Springs, CO 341982  220 CPRacing
4412.57Kellen Tanner (3 - Cat3)   Littleton, CO 337116  206 Vele cycling
5427.36Thomas Rathbun (4 - Cat3)   Monument, CO 309511  221 CP Race
6442.15Steven Sperling (5 - Cat3)   Grand Junction, CO 204146  214 Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
7456.94Ken Christoff (6 - Cat3)   Fruita, CO 115807  217 Downton Vinyard Chruch
8471.73Paul Shumate (7 - Cat3)   Lakewood, CO 275449  222 Nat. Groc.
9486.52Robert Kyper (1 - Cat4)   Durango, CO 599  213 DWC
10501.31Justin Hall (8 - Cat3)   Longmont, CO 362548  211 Rio Grande
11516.10Andrew Galloway (2 - Cat4)   Wheat Ridge, CO 365112  227 X Cycling
12530.89Jerry Natale (9 - Cat3)   Littleton, CO 360127  201 Rucerx
13545.68Adam Fivehouse (10 - Cat3)   Denver, CO 224182  223 Primal
14560.47Lance Webster (3 - Cat4)   Dolores, CO 37523  204 Cakvitz
15575.26Gerd Leopoldt (1 - Cat5)   Grand Junction 402454  207 
16590.05Galen Wallace (2 - Cat5)   Palisade, CO 400598  203 
DNFpaul spencer (Cat4)   Denver, CO 400655  212 Vini Cycles
DNFQuinn Gallagher (Cat3)   Basalt, CO 63384  205 Cal 3
DNFRichie Hahn   Grand Junction, CO 345818  209 Hammer Nutrition-CMG Racing Team
DNFRandy Charrette (Cat3)   Ridgway, CO 69784  228 
DNFRaul Medina   Colorado Springs, CO 400589  229 
DNFBrian McFadden (Cat4)   Colorado Springs, CO 399424  230 

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1307.21Amy Charity   Steamboat Springs 363583  32 Vander Kitten
2334.30Rebecca Balboni   Durango, CO 345588  26 Exergy
3361.39Maria Santiago   Durango, CO 376546  30 Naked Women
4388.48Dana Shinn   Durango, CO 333302  34 GS Boulder
5415.57Rebecca Furuta   Longmont, CO 366392  29 Team Novo
6442.66Susie Jones   Steamboat Springs, CO 384870  27 Steamboat Velo

Women - CAT C - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Stacy Norris   Grand Junction, CO388230  523 Colorado Mesa University
2548.33Ashley Thrower   Usaf Academy, CO282349  520 US Air Force Academy
3556.67KC Kent   Golden, CO396255  515 Colorado School of Mines
4565.00Lauren Lundquist   Friendswood Tx396936  514 Colorado School of Mines
5573.33Nikki Champion   Golden, CO403645  513 Colorado School of Mines
6581.67Vivian Krishnan   Durango, CO398315  503 Fort Lewis College
7590.00Natalie CortezLopez   Grand Junction, CO375195  522 Colorado Mesa University

Women - CAT B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1520.85Rosa Foth   Dillon Co399354  320 Colorado School of Mines
2534.68Madeline Button   Fairbanks, AK394435  321 Colorado State University
3548.51Melanie Beale   Fort Collins, CO395130  322 Colorado State University
4562.34Hannah Rifkin   Boulder, CO399580  323 University of Colorado Boulder
5576.17Kalie Plasier   U S A F Academy, CO387009  327 US Air Force Academy
6590.00Leila Carrillo   Anaheim Ca328154  313 Fort Lewis College

Women - CAT A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1348.36Abigail Mickey   Aspen, CO326204  107 University of Colorado Boulder
2373.53Christa Ghent   Boulder, CO327486  105 University of Colorado Boulder
3398.70Kate Wold   Fort Collins, CO350082  104 Colorado State University
4423.88Linnea Dixson   Steamboat Springs, CO295757  103 University of Wyoming
5449.05Lauren Catlin   Fairfax, CA256601  124 Fort Lewis College
6474.22Madison Tuggle   Littleton, CO310004  121 Colorado State University
7499.39Nicolle Bruderer   Boulder, CO366636  106 University of Colorado Boulder
8524.56Tess Weathers   Golden, CO375264  128 Colorado School of Mines
9549.74MacKenzie Paul   U S A F Academy, CO367737  102 US Air Force Academy
10574.91Tirrel Miller   Fort Collins, CO259197  112 Colorado State University
DNFJocelyn Irwin   Vail Co375211  110 University of Denver
DNFIvie Crawford   Durango, CO262452  111 Fort Lewis College
DNFSofia Gomez Villafane   Durango, CO332624  116 Fort Lewis College
DNFNathalie Krantz   Flagstaff, AZ267760  117 Fort Lewis College
DNFJessica Bobeck   Fort Belvoir, VA359346  123 University of Colorado Boulder
DNFTanelle Berard   Clive, IA311902  125 University of Northern Colorado

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