Race Results for
North Coast Gran Prix of Cyclocross
Green , OH
(Event Information)
Cyclo-cross on 09/30/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Pro 1/2/3 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1192.91Steve Twining   N. Lawrence, OH 236108   
2210.94John Proppe (1 - Cat2)   North Royalton, OH 301502   Lake Effect Racing
3228.97Jim Baldesare   Kent, OH 63797   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
4247.00Ernesto Marenchin   Stow, OH 41544   Pivot Cycles - Crankskins.com
5265.03Joe Lautzenheiser (1 - Cat3)   North Lawrence, OH 350138   Orrville Cycling Team
6283.06Jay Karpinski (2 - Cat2)   Cleveland, OH 342768   
7301.09Cameron Jackson (3 - Cat2)   Bay Village, OH 243794   Stark Velo
8319.12Robert Sroka (4 - Cat2)   North Royalton, OH 270997   Team Lake Effect
9337.15James Dieringer (2 - Cat3)   Lakewood, OH 171905   Spin
10355.18David Chernosky   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 49665   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
11373.21Brent Thompson (3 - Cat3)   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 278707   Summit Freewheeler p/b Ohio CycleWorks
12391.24George Gantner (4 - Cat3)   South Euclid, OH 355416   
13409.27Michael Vanucci (5 - Cat2)   Sagamore Hills, OH 58217   Team Lake Effect
14427.30JASON SUPPAN (5 - Cat3)   Orrville, OH 310626   SoupCan Racing
15445.33Nate Szabo (6 - Cat3)   Parma, OH 235675   Team Lake Effect
DNFMitch Gabel (Cat3)   Lakewood, OH 262227   

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
2351.67Brandon Halleen   Akron, OH 302187   
3John Larson      SoupCan Racing
4397.69James Dieringer   Lakewood, OH 171905   Spin
5420.70William Westover   Pittsburgh, PA 361758   
6443.71Steven Kurpiewski   Pittsburgh, PA 265551   Fort Pitt Velo
7466.72Paul Donatelli   Akron, OH 269651   Stark Velo
8489.73Adam Newman   Pittsburgh, PA 242827   
9512.74Gregg Brekke   Lakewood, OH 154192   Gates Carbon Drive
10535.75David Schalmo   Cleveland, OH 379080   

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1480.06Ryan Madis   Hudson, OH 284218   WAS Labs Cycling
2Gavin Parr      Stark Velo
3Keegan Minard      Stark Velo
4Tad Hannibal      Team Lake Effect
5Burke Fortner      
6558.61Keaton Adams   Stow, OH 359202   WAS Labs Cycling
7574.32Harrison Stoneking   Broadview Heights, OH 387413   WAS Labs Cycling
8590.03Emerson Stoneking   Broadview Heights, OH 389922   WAS Labs Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jeremy Neth   Hudson, OH 387954   WAS Labs Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1312.25Christopher Huck   Navarre, OH 165499   Snakebite Racing
2326.87William Westover   Pittsburgh, PA 361758   
3341.49Brooke Furio   Rocky River, OH 12572   Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club
4356.11Emilio Poggio   Shaker Heights, OH 326258   Team Lake Effect
5370.73Patrick Conneely   Ventura, CA 212187   JBV Coaching
6385.35Wesley jones   Orrville, OH 200114   soupcan racing
7399.97Aaron Hershberger   Dalton, OH 339694   Orrville Cycling
8414.59Chris Smith   Canton, OH 263109   Stark Velo
9429.21Derek Wilford   Euclid, OH 134363   Spin
10443.83Matt Turi   North Canton, OH 209312   Stark Velo
11458.45Rick Parr   Uniontown, OH 27316   Stark Velo
12473.07Ryan Knopf   Strongsville, OH 200115   SoupCan Racing
13487.69Michael Chapman   Norton, OH 291562   Orrville Cycling Club
14502.31Kurtis Fraley   Lewis Center, OH 295857   BikeSource
15516.93MIchael Minard   Massillon, OH 311694   Stark Velo
16531.55jason rapp   Peninsula, OH 189752   snakebite racing
17546.17Joe Stratton   Rocky River, OH 301549   
18560.79Jason Samonds   Pittsburgh, PA 342828   Fat Head's Brewery
19575.41Mike Cousino   North Ridgeville, OH 329380   Snake Bite Racing
20590.03Paul Porter   Midland, TX 233764   Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1290.53Nate Loman   Fairlawn, OH 236165   Team Lake Effect/Hammer Nutrition
2304.26Bill Marut   Painesville, OH 169120   Team Lake Effect
3317.99Joe Pallotto   Mantua, OH 54101   Lake Effect Cycling Team
4331.72russell verlinger   Cleveland, OH 36616   scum city racing
5345.45David Jolin   Bellville, OH 289233   Stark Velo
6359.18Derek Wilford   Euclid, OH 134363   Spin
7372.91Chris Riccardi   Tallmadge, OH 115805   Lake Effect Cycling Team
8386.64Dave Bartels   Twinsburg, OH 303715   Ohio Cycle Works / Summit Freewheelers
9400.37James Laing   Northolmsted, OH 302256   Stark Velo
10414.10Jim Yankush   Youngstown, OH 72219   Stark Velo
11427.83Josh Schmidt   Oberlin, OH 287999   
12441.56Tom Wilson   Chesterland, OH 300061   
13455.29Evan Wachs   Cleveland, OH 36843   
14469.02Edson Madis   Hudson, OH 326356   WAS Labs Cycling
15David Somotle      Spin
16Paul Appelbaum      
17510.21Tim Fortner   Lakewood, OH 77664   Team Snakebite
18523.94Daryl Breedlove   Painesville, OH 59456   Chagrin River Cycling

Men - Cat 3/4 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1378.79Theodore Rauh   Akron, OH 260991   Chamois Butt'r Cycling Team
2388.51Scott Kuboff (1 - Cat3)   University Heights, OH 298848   Snake Bite Racing
3398.23Steven Brewer   Butler, PA 295586   Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem/ Bike Gear Guru
4407.95Ben Hay (2 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 274129   Iron City Bikes
5417.67Steven Kurpiewski (3 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 265551   Fort Pitt Velo
6John larson      SoupCan Racing
7437.11zachary chappell (4 - Cat3)   Akron, OH 358069   snakebite racing
8446.83Erick Madis   Hudson, OH 237913   WAS Labs Cycling
9456.55Andrew Miller (5 - Cat3)   Tallmadge, OH 309911   Snakebite Racing
10466.27Chris Nicula (6 - Cat3)   Philadelphia, PA 254842   Chagrin River Cycling
11475.99Matt Schneider (7 - Cat3)   Stow, OH 310900   WAS Labs Cycling
12485.71Josh Hoblet (8 - Cat3)   North Lima, OH 105599   
13495.43Ian Broadhead (9 - Cat3)   Kent, OH 346976   Lost Cogs- Kent Cycle
14505.15John Nichols (1 - Cat4)   Chagrin Falls, OH 313270   Chagrin River Cycling
15514.87Christian Korey (2 - Cat4)   Pleasant Hills, PA 378942   SV/Bikesource
16524.59David Helmuth (3 - Cat4)   Orrville, OH 386084   Orrville Cycling Team
17534.31Josh McKinney (10 - Cat3)   Sun Prairie, WI 361677   Y-Not Cycling/Trek/Bontrager
18544.03Dominic Wisler (4 - Cat4)   Galloway, OH 220394   Mama Mimi's presented by Kenda
19553.75Kristian Graham (5 - Cat4)   Granville, OH 231846   Team Six One Four
DNSAdam Newman (Cat4)   Pittsburgh, PA 242827   
DNSJoe Hall (Cat3)   Columbus, OH 221249   Mama Mimi's presented by Kenda
DNFKenneth Gardner (Cat3)   Chesterland, OH 290880   Blue Sky Cycling Club

Men - Cat 4 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1476.23Jacob Crow   Kent, OH 390290   
2480.78Jason Church   Stowstow, OH 387193   
3485.33Ryan Comeau   Kent, OH 386291   
4489.88Renato Pereira   Cleveland, OH 378353   
5John Schmitmeyer      
6498.98Jason Samonds   Pittsburgh, PA 342828   Fat Head's Brewery
7503.53Christian Korey   Pleasant Hills, PA 378942   SV/Bikesource
8508.08Jonathan Scott   Cleveland Heights, OH 377013   Scum City Racing
9Brian Marsh      
10517.18Heath Brown   Kent 358758   
11521.73Ryan Madis   Hudson, OH 284218   WAS Labs Cycling
12David Miceli      MSMOC
13530.83David Helmuth   Orrville, OH 386084   Orrville Cycling Team
14David Somotle      Spin
15539.93Dante Escusa   Columbus, OH 131988   Bicycle One
16544.48Jack Hanselman   Sagamorehills, OH 310205   
17549.03Christopher Hroblak   White Oak, PA 399604   Fat Heads Racing
18553.58Mike Schiltz   Canton, OH 31580   Stark Velo
19558.13Joshua Goran   Kent, OH 388520   Team Big Ring-Realcyclist.com
20562.68Roger Sapp   Kent, OH 387997   
21567.23Adrian Wakeen   Canton, OH 389763   
22571.78Alex Kloss   Cleveland, OH 388872   Case Western Reserve University
23Frank Mocilnikar      
24580.88Stephen Cinch   Cleveland 384523   THEVEGANCYCLIST.COM
25585.43Michael DiDomenico   Euclid, OH 388841   
26589.98Rick Mace   Valley City 375756   
DNFEddy Wright      
DNFJosh McKinney   Sun Prairie, WI 361677   Y-Not Cycling/Trek/Bontrager

Men - Masters - Senior - 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1417.64Dick Brink (1 - Cat2)   Cleveland, OH 4859   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
2434.81Marshall Leininger   Canton, OH 205294   Stark Velo
3451.98William Flecher (1 - Cat3)   Medina, OH 277014   Stark Velo
4469.15Ron Kubala (1 - Cat4)   Northfield, OH 346212   
5486.32Phillip Wadsworth (2 - Cat4)   Avon Lake, OH 284529   Spin
6503.49Christopher Hroblak   White Oak, PA 399604   Fat Heads Racing
7520.66Robert Breedlove (3 - Cat4)   Painesville, OH 4716   
8537.83Frank Strang (4 - Cat4)   Mcdonald, OH 316942   MVC
9555.00Rich Grella (5 - Cat4)   North Canton, OH 51308   Stark Velo
10572.17Dale Seeds (6 - Cat4)   North Canton, OH 63439   Stark Velo

Women - Pro 1/2/3 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1258.57Sally Price (1 - Cat3)   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 172593   
2278.95Emily Ponti (2 - Cat3)   Mentor, OH 359459   team bicycle hub
3299.33Molly Hurford   Hampton, NJ 289723   Colavita Racing, Inc.
4319.71Julie Lewis-Sroka (3 - Cat3)   N Royalton, OH 143111   Team Lake Effect
5340.09Lorena Brown (4 - Cat3)   Navarre, OH 139053   Team SnakeBite
6360.47Hannah Brewer (5 - Cat3)   Butler, PA 303338   Ag3r
7380.85Kennedy Adams (6 - Cat3)   Stow, OH 310691   WAS Labs Cycling
8401.23Laura Webb (7 - Cat3)   Lakewood, OH 379521   
9421.61Veda Gerasimek   Transfer, PA 297211   Young Medalists / Team Rothrock
10441.99Kellie Strang (8 - Cat3)   Mcdonald, OH 303754   Cleveland Clinic RGF p/b felt
11462.37Gwen Davis (9 - Cat3)   Tallmadge, OH 245157   Lake Effect Cycling Team
12482.75Amanda Schmidt (10 - Cat3)   Oberlin, OH 288000   Avanti Racing Club
13503.13Melody Gerasimek   Transfer, PA 304981   
14523.51Angela Ridgel (11 - Cat3)   Lakewood, OH 231289   Team Snakebite
15543.89Jillian Hall (12 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH 220409   Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Camden Adams   Stow 365682   WAS Labs Cycling

Women - Cat 4 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1463.82Laura Webb   Lakewood, OH 379521   
2484.43Julie Healy   Butler, PA 387071   
3505.04Michelle Mead   Berea, OH 389166   
4525.65Elizabeth Hiser   Westlake Ohio 389080   
5Suzie Martens      
6566.87Rebecca Schur   Cleveland Heights, OH 375334   

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