Race Results for
The Mineral Wells Stage Race
Bedford, TX
(Event Information)
Individual Time Trial on 02/18/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Pro/Cat 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1358.48Adam Koble   Denton, TX 269412   Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
2373.92Greg Hercules (1 - Cat1)   Bryan, TX 260061   PACC
3389.35Justin Maciekowicz (2 - Cat1)   Overland, MO 199884   Dogfish Racing Team
4404.79Stephan Hirsch   Indianapolis, IN 337040   787 Racing
5420.22Mario Arroyave (3 - Cat1)   Waxahachie, TX 224500   Velossimo Racing
6435.66Collin Davis (4 - Cat1)   Euless, TX 225276   Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
7451.09Chris Carlson   Plano, TX 6135   Matrix/RBM
8466.52Anthony WHITE (5 - Cat1)   Granbury, TX 274005   Velossimo Racing
9481.96John McAllister (6 - Cat1)   Fort Worth, TX 206241   Velossimo Racing
10497.39Jason Short (7 - Cat1)   Lakewood, CO 168216   Threshold Endurance & Wellness
11512.83Corey Ray (8 - Cat1)   Coppell Texas 157827   PACC
12528.26Phillip Snodgrass (9 - Cat1)   Dallas, TX 266817   DNA Racing
13543.70James VanDeven (10 - Cat1)   De Soto, MO 128064   Dogfish Racing Team
14559.13Christopher Powers (11 - Cat1)   Flower Mound, TX 63195   Matrix/RBM
15574.57Todd Farrell (12 - Cat1)   Keller, TX 103971   ThinkFinance Racing
16590.00Joshua Carter (13 - Cat1)   Fairview Heights, IL 110443   Dogfish Racing Team

Men - Cat 2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1378.32Travis Kropf   Mineral Springs, AR 335654   ThinkFinance Racing
2382.32Matthew Kessing   Austin, TX 282150   Team Wooly Mammoth
3386.31Caleb Fuchs   Hico, TX 291325   ThinkFinance Racing
4390.30Cailean Carlberg   Tulsa, OK 242682   Bicycles of Tulsa
5394.30Rob Bell   Oklahoma City, OK 252928   Team Undiscovered
6398.29Alexander Gibson   Estes Park, CO 300219   ThinkFinance Racing
7402.29Tommy Rushing   Wichita Falls, TX 232621   Velossimo Racing
8406.28Ryan Dromgoole   Denton, TX 275193   PACC
9410.27Adam Gaubert   Durango, CO 219159   Team Wooly Mammoth
10414.27Robert Biard   Austin, TX 260814   787 Racing
11418.26Bryan Reid   Dallas, TX 172139   Colavita Racing
12422.26Shawn Hodges   Dallas, TX 273378   PACC
13426.25Imari Miller   Fort Worth, TX 274863   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
14430.24Kyle Anderson   Wichita Falls, TX 238136   PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS
15434.24Evan Bybee   Oklahoma City, OK 226469   DNA Racing
16438.23Nathaniel Beams   Dallas, TX 259780   PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS
17442.22Robert Smallman   Indianapolis, IN 337310   Pro- Form Bike Shop
18446.22Kyle Parrott   Plano, TX 306764   Matrix/RBM
19450.21Hunter Stewart   Dallas, TX 208878   GS Tenzing
20454.21Joey Mesa   Oklahoma City, OK 133355   Team Undiscovered
21458.20Michael Sheehan   Austin, TX 323876   Jack & Adam's Racing Team
22462.19justin rempel   Tulsa, OK 294677   Bicycles of Tulsa
23466.19Noah Williams   Wimberley, TX 185731   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
24470.18Stephen Mire   Covington, LA 281103   Team LaS'port
25474.18bob Cummings   Rose Hill, KS 276726   Dallas Racing
26478.17Jonathan Hughes   Austin, TX 295711   Austinbikes/Revenant
27482.16Brady Schmiedeberg   Edmond, OK 213881   Oklahoma City Velo Club
28486.16Charles Parmain   Tulsa, OK 27307   Bicycles of Tulsa
29490.15Matthew Jones   Lakewood, CO 225189   Oklahoma City Velo Club
30494.15Farangmeher Ghadiali   Basking Ridge, NJ 195843   PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS
31498.14Ricky Randall   Highland Village, TX 272809   Hotter'N Hell Hundred
32502.13jonathan perry   Austin, TX 287417   Austinbikes/Revenant
33506.13Michael Bruzina   Hartsburg, MO 282794   Dogfish Racing Team
34510.12John Moore   Tulsa, OK 208556   Bicycles of Tulsa
35514.12Jonathan Lang   Baton Rouge, LA 244682   Team LaS'port
36518.11Chad Hodges   Moore, OK 175928   DNA Racing
37522.10Ryan Fiddler   Stillwater, OK 202325   Bicycles of Tulsa
38526.10mike lalla   Coon Rapids Mn, MN 201623   Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
39530.09Grady Hodge   Shreveport, LA 291560   Team LaS'port
40534.09Zachary Lytle   Dallas, TX 60167   PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS
41538.08Steven Williams   Dallas, TX 140978   GS Tenzing
42542.07Matthew Gosling   Dallas, TX 303626   Team Party Time
43546.07David Potter   Shreveport, LA 225620   Team LaS'port
44550.06Erin Elliott   Oklahoma City, OK 225120   DNA Racing
45554.05Michael Morgovnik   Austin, TX 196720   Team Wooly Mammoth
46558.05Isaiah Newkirk   St.louis, MO 282064   
47562.04John Ryan   North Richland Hills, TX 240838   Team Bicycles Inc.
48566.04Jason Cook   Dallas, TX 133781   Rockwall Cycling
49570.03Brian Parks   Oklahoma City, OK 168619   Team Undiscovered
50574.02Kyle Sigl   Fort Worth, TX 243733   ThinkFinance Racing
51578.02Jonathan Garrett   Grapevine, TX 12865   Knobbies & Slicks
52582.01Benjamin Silk   Broken Arrow, OK 164011   Bicycles of Tulsa
53586.01Jacob White   Pauls Valley, OK 272180   Tulsa Wheelmen
54590.00James Day   Austin, TX 276837   Team Wooly Mammoth

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1488.81Zachary Carlson   Plano, TX 277433   Matrix/RBM
2490.83Colin Strickland   Austin, TX 338708   Jack & Adam's Racing Team
3492.86Tanner Culbreath   Tulsa, OK 258588   Scuderia Superleggera
4494.88Zack Lavergne   Littlerock, AR 309923   PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS
5496.91Jonah Tannos   Leaguecity, TX 300681   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
6498.93Brandon Melott   Warr Acres, OK 260604   Oklahoma City Velo Club
7500.95Steve Quick   Houston, TX 263808   Shama Cycles
8502.98Juan Borondy   Cleburne, TX 268504   Velossimo Racing
9505.00Jess Parker   Jenks, OK 161436   Scuderia Superleggera
10507.02James Perrin   Pearland, TX 339558   Bike Barn Texas
11509.05Travis Furman   Lincoln, NE 336770   Lincoln Industries Cycling
12511.07James Kennedy   Lewisville, TX 288691   
13513.10Aaron Highfill   Choctaw, OK 294228   DNA Racing
14515.12John Ehinger   Lewisville, TX 210503   Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
15517.14Steve Sterling   Allen, TX 255810   Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
16519.17John Wilmeth   Newwaverly, TX 298416   PROACTIVE
17521.19Wayne Strohman   Wichita Falls, TX 208430   Team Undiscovered
18523.21Glen Watson   Leaguecity, TX 290034   Bike Barn Texas
19525.24ed hughey   Austin, TX 268661   Velossimo Racing
20527.26Brian ODonnell   Houston, TX 331128   Shama Cycles
21529.29Michael Wilder   Albuquerque, NM 260481   PACC
22531.31Lee Allen   The Woodlands, TX 286853   Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team
23533.33Mathias Ihlenfeld   Austin, TX 303009   787 Racing
24535.36Michael Bohn   Celina, TX 212895   Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
25537.38Nick Torraca   Grapevine, TX 338924   
26539.40Christopher Hill   Sioux Falls, SD 131183   Velossimo Racing
27541.43Frank Cusimano   Richardson, TX 301599   DNA Racing
28543.45Sean Brown   Burkburnett, TX 272798   Hotter'N Hell Hundred
29545.48Robert Archer   Richmond, TX 325060   Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports
30547.50Trent Hickey   Yukon, OK 203080   Oklahoma City Velo Club
31549.52Jeffrey Reiter   Austin, TX 240520   Team Cycle Progression
32551.55Ryan Culp   Fort Worth, TX 308970   Velossimo Racing
33553.57Colby Logback   Dallas, TX 305633   Team Party Time
34555.60Tommy Willis   Oklahoma City, OK 229656   Oklahoma City Velo Club
35557.62Roger Mangham   Little Rock, AR 259017   Central Arkansas Velo/CARVE
36559.64Mathew york   Asheville, NC 292077   Crest/RBM Cycling
37561.67Tony Steward   Edmond, OK 326388   Oklahoma City Velo Club
38563.69Michael Wert   Flower Mound, TX 319236   FCS Cycling Team: p/b Mr. Restore
39565.71John Brown   Fort Worth, TX 114178   TBi - Dedicated Race Team
40567.74John Gardiner   San Antonio, TX 317754   Velossimo Racing
41569.76Scot Pemberton   Stiener Ranch, TX 114557   VooDoo Racing
42571.79Gonzalo Ramirez   Fort Worth, TX 236150   
43573.81Erique Williams   Houston, TX 297166   Bicycle World of Houston
44575.83Cody Howell   Benbrook, TX 305187   Velossimo Racing
45577.86Aldo Curiel   Bonita, CA 256588   Hotter'N Hell Hundred
46579.88Bari Mayer   Austin, TX 310107   787 Racing
47581.90John Price   Houston, TX 151427   Tuneros Racing
48583.93Brent Aston   Dallas, TX 293737   Mirage
49585.95Richard Lamb   Spring, TX 20185   Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports
50587.98Ben Sewell   Dallas, TX 177629   KingRacingGroup
51590.00Judson Copeland   Edmond, OK 240939   Team Undiscovered

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1498.04Jack Stepczynski   Fort Worth, TX 164777   ThinkFinance Racing
2500.08Daniel Appelo   Albuquerque, NM 207338   Scalo Veloce
3502.12Roy Williams   Dallas, TX 306589   Rockwall Cycling
4504.17Zack Sutton   Parker, TX 303152   The Bicycle Store
5506.21Kent Myers   Austin, TX 260618   VooDoo Racing
6508.25Harry Mann   Fort Worth, TX 305275   ThinkFinance Racing
7510.30Steven Mitchell   Coppell, TX 272688   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
8512.34Jamie Stopforth   Jenks, OK 308200   Tom's Bicycles
9514.38Ryan Godfrey   Dallas, TX 357701   Dallas Bike Works
10516.43Dustin Sallee   Guthrie, OK 293282   Team Undiscovered
11518.47Gene Daniel   Tulsa, OK 335306   Team Soundpony
12520.52Stephen Norris   Fort Worth, TX 204825   ThinkFinance Racing
13522.56Seth Likens   Tulsa, OK 331530   Tom's Bicycles
14524.60Beau Lee   Oklahoma City, OK 330186   DNA Racing
15526.65Aaron Wade   Austin, TX 347742   VooDoo Racing
16528.69Adam Spears   Wylie, TX 244697   Mirage
17530.73Carson Lange   Lakeway, TX 349134   787 Racing
18532.78Stephen Ware   Houston, TX 304641   Southwest Cycling Club Racing
19534.82Kyle Springer   Lubbock, TX 305613   ThinkFinance Racing
20536.86Terry Storch   Edmond, OK 302332   Team Undiscovered
21538.91Matt Wickett   Tulsa, OK 335980   Tom's Bicycles
22540.95Charles Mills   Dallas, TX 290561   Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
23543.00Houston Skipper   Kannapolis, NC 312608   Central Carolina Cycling Club
24545.04Heath Lambert   Coppell, TX 322160   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
25547.08Eugene Ilang   Yukon, OK 309092   
26549.13Tyler Roberts   Wildwood, MO 243473   International Christian Cycling
27551.17Jeff BRADLEY   Missouri City, TX 283153   Southwest Cycling Club Racing
28553.21Enoc Ishida   Cedar Hill, TX 353980   Cowboys Racing
29555.26Kaleb Nimz   Oklahoma City, OK 292811   Team Undiscovered
30557.30Ian Scott   Allen, TX 290418   McKinney Velo Club
31559.35John McKelvy   Dallas, TX 321730   PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS
32561.39Mike Patrick   Tulsa, OK 291400   Tom's Bicycles
33563.43Eric Hinton   Dallas, TX 344248   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
34565.48Joel Saldana   Carrollton, TX 362145   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
35567.52Said Assali   Houston, TX 353912   Shama Cycles
36569.56Matt Centofonti   Dallas, TX 365654   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
37571.61Keegen Knapp   Little Rock, AR 314228   Central Arkansas Velo/CARVE
38573.65Andrew Quick   Coppell, TX 341828   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
39575.69Jon Wyrick   Austin, TX 323880   VooDoo Racing
40577.74Zoran Smaic   Red Oak, TX 120194   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
41579.78Justin McQuerry   Alpharetta, GA 299251   Bicycles Outback p/b Jubilee Mitsubishi
42581.83JonHoward Hanson   Keller, TX 290868   
43583.87Gene Dan   Houston, TX 307988   Shama Cycles
44585.91Dylan Postier   Stillwater, OK 358709   Team Undiscovered
45587.96Nathaniel Goodell   Lewisville, TX 358058   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
46590.00Willem Van Der Gryp   Coppell, TX 354628   Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing

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