Race Results for
Mill City Cyclocross
Bayport, MN
(Event Information)
Cyclo-cross on 11/12/2011

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Elite

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1193.45Jesse Rients   Shakopee, MN02:30.th 147524   Kuhl/Bicycle Fit Guru
2204.91Matthew Petersen   Minneapolis, MN02:37.th 244920   Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
3216.36Brian Koeneman   Apple Valley, MN02:39.th 46700   Team Wheel & Sprocket
4227.82Oliver Vrambout (1 - Cat2)   Bayport, MN02:40.th 121438   The Bikery Du Nord
5239.28Christopher Fisher   Inver Grove Heights, MN03:48.th 182827   Crossniacs
6250.73Pat Lemieux   Saint Paul, MN03:51.th 210769   Specialized
7262.19Kent Throlson   Minneapolis, MN04:45.th 179235   Loon State Cyclists
8273.64Matt Muyres   Bloomington, MN04:45.th 160576   Freewheel Bike
9285.10Guy Alvarez (2 - Cat2)   Lino Lakes, MN05:53.th 155011   Crossniacs
10296.55Paul Ellis (1 - Cat1)   North Oaks, MN06:36.th 84976   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
11308.01Paul Thoresen (3 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN06:50.th 35511   Team Plan C
12319.46Mark Carey   Shoreview, MN07:08.th 76173   Unattached
13330.92Barry Tungseth   Stillwater, MN07:08.th 211935   The Bikery Du Nord
14342.37Frederick Feirn (2 - Cat1)   Shoreview, MN07:08.th 54313   Specialized
15353.83Daniel Jansen   Minnetonka, MN07:57.th 17677   Hollywood Cycles
16365.29Rick Laliberte   Fargo, ND02:58.th 210611   Synergy
17376.74Joshua Schwantes   Saint Paul, MN04:06.th 134220   Kenwood Racing
18388.20Drew Holbrook (4 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN06:38.th 16497   Freewheel Bike
19399.65Jason Digman (1 - Cat3)   Plymouth, MN04:44.th 245677   Dig It Cycling
20411.11Chris Cornelison (2 - Cat3)   Saint Paul, MN07:54.th 285958   Des Moines Cycle Club
DNFJay Henderson   Minneapolis, MN 15779   Silver Cycling
DNFRich Bergstrom (Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN 193869   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Junior - 10-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1351.86Ethan Furois   Falcon Heights, MN28:00.th 322612   Gopher Wheelmen
2363.76Alec Porter (1 - Cat3)   Saint Paul, MN28:06.th 311313   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
3375.65Tristan Manderfeld (1 - Cat4)   Sauk Rapids, MN29:24.th 269090   Crossniacs
4387.55Reece Oleson   Jordan, MN29:24.th 349404   Angry Catfish
5399.45Colin Catlin   Arden Hills, MN30:14.th 295785   Gopher Wheelmen
6411.35Daniel Svedberg   Woodbury, MN30:15.th 278187   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
7423.25David Hart   Stanthonyvillage, MN31:32.th 289783   Gopher Wheelmen
8435.15Paul Dahlen (2 - Cat4)   Zumbrota, MN32:21.th 284809   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
9447.05Thomas Wavrin   Henderson, MN32:37.th 342900   
10458.95Alasdair Boyle (3 - Cat4)   Minneapolis, MN32:49.th 353720   
11470.84Edison Foster   Northfield, MN34:06.th 358142   Unattached
12482.74Peter Behm   Northfield, MN35:22.th 342680   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
13494.64Nick Carter   Minneapolis, MN29:47.th 361308   Birchwood/GIS
14506.54Ethan Peterson   Minneapolis, MN30:22.th 360805   Birchwood/GIS
15Nick Gordon   30:49.th   
16530.34Wyatt Furois   Falcon Heights, MN32:04.th 361699   Gopher Wheelmen
17542.24Ellis Nordhougen   Minneapolis, MN32:13.th 361303   Unattached
18Luke undefined   34:17.th   MNJRC
19566.03Andrew Shwros (4 - Cat4)   Saint Paul, MN34:36.th 361700   
20577.93Treqwan McClellan Penn   Minneapolis, MN34:41.th 361306   Peacock Groove
21Guthrie Thoerner   32:01.th   Birchwood/GIS

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Master - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1252.24Michael Phillips   Minneapolis, MN41:59.th 200784   Curt Goodrich Racing Team
2261.88Ladric D'Schommer-Grant   Minneapolis, MN42:02.th 147307   Crossniacs
3271.51Thomas Thornquest   Golden Valley, MN42:45.th 147521   Kenwood Racing
4281.15Steve Laurel   Longmont, CO42:57.th 240886   Unattached
5290.79Scott Robertson   Minneapolis, MN43:29.th 75507   Curt Goodrich Racing Team
6300.43Paul Schoening   Plymouth, MN43:42.th 31734   Team Plan C
7310.06Mark Mlinar   Hutchinson, MN43:47.th 48557   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
8319.70Thomas Manderfeld   Sauk Rapids, MN43:56.th 82764   Revolution Cycle & Ski
9329.34Dag Selander (1 - Cat2)   Hudson, WI44:01.th 93949   Plan C
10338.98Mark Rathbun   Elk River, MN44:12.th 149700   Minnesota Cycling Team
11348.61Gregory Pautsch (1 - Cat1)   Chippewa Falls, WI44:18.th 180532   Planet Bike
12358.25William Kuster   Anoka, MN44:36.th 59499   Loon State Cyclists
13367.89Jon Friedell   Minnetonka, MN45:02.th 194324   Kenwood Racing
14377.53Jeffrey Hilligoss (2 - Cat2)   Eden Prairie, MN45:38.th 16228   Angry Catfish
15387.16Robert Marhefke   River Falls, WI46:19.th 22498   LaCrosse Velo Club
16396.80Robert Belz   Afton, MN46:29.th 87690   Loon State Cyclists
17406.44Dan Inderieden   Minneapolis, MN46:39.th 218333   Bent Crank Racing
18416.08Adam Grafa   Minneapolis, MN46:40.th 309212   Birchwood/GIS
19425.71Drew Holbrook (3 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN42:03.th 16497   Freewheel Bike
20435.35Todd Trembley   Faribault, MN42:16.th 217961   Unattached
21444.99Jeremy Norton (1 - Cat4)   Minneapolis, MN42:47.th 304499   Behind-Bars/LGR
22454.63Mark Overgaard   Vadnaisheights, MN42:53.th 297849   Gopher Wheelmen
23464.26John Stamm   Afton, MN43:52.th 149093   Loon State Cyclists
24473.90Eric Thoerner   Minneapolis, MN43:59.th 264225   Birchwood/GIS
25483.54Steve Hirsh (1 - Cat3)   Saint Paul, MN45:02.th 290283   Birchwood/GIS
26493.18Karl Svedberg   Woodbury, MN46:16.th 296081   Chilkoot Velo
27502.81Robert Ogren (2 - Cat3)   Bloomington, MN46:35.th 232145   Kenwood Racing

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1255.89Charles Simacek   Minneapolis, MN43:05.th 230406   Freewheel Bike
2261.33Trevor Olson   Rochester, MN43:06.th 264356   Unattached
3266.77Fred Mills   Saint Louis Park, MN43:53.th 261006   Freewheel Bike
4272.21Matt Leizinger   Minnetonka, MN44:17.th 284245   Angry Catfish
5277.65Eric Sundstrom   Elk River, MN44:17.th 98302   International Christian Cycling Club
6283.10chris yotter   Saint Paul, MN44:33.th 318312   Unattached
7288.54Daniel Wheeler   St. Paul, MN44:36.th 227791   Gopher Wheelmen
8293.98Charles Tri   Rochester, MN44:37.th 80524   29er Crew
9299.42Matt Kurke   Rochester, MN44:45.th 243687   Unattached
10304.86Matthew Montesano   Minneapolis, MN44:52.th 277696   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
11310.30Grant Larvick   Burnsville, MN45:12.th 328058   Angry Catfish
12315.74Taylor George   Apple Valley, MN45:22.th 245466   Crossniacs
13321.18Michael Moriarity   Bloomington, MN45:29.th 294003   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
14326.62Thomas Lapinski   Minneapolis, MN45:33.th 119574   Freewheel Bike
15332.06Brady Prenzlow   Brooklyn Park, MN45:40.th 307715   Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
16337.51Chris Van Ert   Saint Paul, MN45:44.th 230802   Peace Coffee Racing
17342.95Jeremy Ames   Minneapolis, MN45:55.th 285970   Freewheel Bike
18348.39Ryan Guy   Brooklyn Park, MN46:09.th 116933   Unattached
19353.83Samuel Bramel   Little Canada, MN46:22.th 291951   Gopher Wheelmen
20359.27Taylor Krosbakken   Fargo, ND46:32.th 329126   Grteat Plsins Cycling Club
21364.71Brandon Manske   Edenprairie, MN46:35.th 292551   Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
22370.15Bryan Hill   Minneapolis, MN46:36.th 315814   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
23375.59Adam Rambow   Saint Paul, MN46:52.th 302222   Birchwood/GIS
24381.03Josey Weik   Wrenshall, MN47:03.th 297766   ISCorp Cycling Team
25386.48Benjamin Cox   Woodbury, MN47:08.th 313208   Crossniacs
26391.92Steve Pribyl   Maplewood, MN47:10.th 297161   Unattached
27397.36Steven Pippin   Minneapolis, MN47:13.th 103461   Minnesota Cycling Team
28402.80David Peterson   Minneapolis, MN47:28.th 239997   Birchwood/GIS
29408.24Ryan Cate   Minneapolis, MN47:42.th 161311   Unattached
30413.68Matt Stein   Northfield, MN47:52.th 221389   Silver Cycling
31419.12Bruce Martens   Saint Paul, MN48:18.th 212731   Sho-Air MN
32424.56David Gabrys   Minneapolis, MN43:15.th 70955   Hup United
33430.00Adam Birr   Zumbrota, MN43:36.th 211747   Unattached
34435.45Vince Rosetta   Shoreview, MN44:45.th 254966   Synergy
35440.89Ted Clausen   Grand Forks Nd44:53.th 326712   Unattached
36446.33Jason Goldberg   Saint Paul, MN49:47.th 359   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
DNFdrew wilson   Rochester, MN 321766   Alamanz
DNFTodd Foster   Northfield, MN 311475   Unattached
DNFShane Kullman   St Paul, MN 19986   Loon State Cyclists
DNFJohn McGuire   New Hope, MN 318996   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
DNFAndrew Barlage   Hopkins, MN 301985   Unattached

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1359.38Jeff Peterson   Minneapolis, MN29:11.th 327274   Unattached
2364.55Matthew Sonke   Edina, MN29:38.th 327474   Unattached
3369.72Dave Fetters   Minneapolis, MN30:01.th 266342   Unattached
4374.89Chris Gibbs   Cambridge, MN30:05.th 361301   LCR
5Paul Sil   30:06.th   Unattached
6385.23mitchel Bruns   Otsego, MN30:06.th 361998   CylcovaXc622
7390.40James Kauth   Saint Paul, MN30:19.th 342876   Birchwood/GIS
8395.57Ryan Larson   Minneapolis, MN30:25.th 313780   Birchwood/GIS
9400.74Nat McIntyre   Minneapolis, MN30:27.th 360271   Unattached
10405.91Mike Brotman   Saint Paul, MN30:30.th 360474   Synergy Cycling
11Alec Iverson   30:43.th   LTF
12416.25William Dick   Minneapolis, MN31:20.th 360265   Top Natchez Racing
13David Jensen   31:36.th   Unattached
14426.59Ryan Guthrie   Hugo, MN31:42.th 356819   Gopher Wheelmen
15431.76Stephen Wilson   Golden Valley, MN31:49.th 304044   Peace Coffee Racing
16436.93Todd Hoekstra   St Paul, MN32:08.th 314978   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
17442.10Jeff Damm   Minneapolis, MN32:23.th 360269   Unattached
18447.27Bruce Porter   Woodbury, MN32:24.th 358801   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
19452.44Aaron Shaw   Rogers, MN32:26.th 264910   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
20457.61Brian Karpen   Minneapolis, MN32:33.th 262083   Omnium
21462.78Christoffer Graham   Wayzata, MN33:07.th 56693   Unattached
22Josh Holt   33:36.th   Unattached
23473.12Scott Shore   Minneapolis, MN33:36.th 311726   Birchwood/GIS
24478.29Jeff Sorenson   Pasadena, CA34:04.th 93171   Unattached
25483.46Karl Svedberg   Woodbury, MN34:13.th 296081   Chilkoot Velo
26488.63Peter Behm   Northfield, MN34:16.th 342680   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
27493.80Michael McKinney   Hudson, WI34:16.th 360010   Big Ring Flyers
28498.97Todd Siegwart   Excelsior, MN34:16.th 329180   Unattached
29Elliot Krizer   34:48.th   Unattached
30509.31Kevin Brandt   Apple Valley, MN35:27.th 350762   Fat City Cycling Club
31Mike Behrs   29:27.th   Birchwood/GIS
32Ben Bastian   29:29.th   Unattached
33524.82Paul Sanders   Issaquah, WA 272560   Unattached
34529.99Kent Furois   Falcon Heights, MN29:50.th 341008   Gopher Wheelmen
35535.16Prashant Singh   Eden Prairie, MN30:40.th 351318   Unattached
36540.33Alex Zeibot   St. Paul, MN34:24.th 253039   Crooked Cog(s) Cycling Club
37Dan Ballard   29:38.th   Unattached
38550.67Matt Lovaas   Edina, MN34:10.th 221930   International Christian Cycling Club
DNFReece Oleson   Jordan, MN 349404   Angry Catfish
DNFKurt Martinson   St. Anthony, MN 101293   G.S. Circo Azzurro

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - Elite

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1265.07Bianca Bergman (1 - Cat2)   Saint Paul, MN44:47.th 281786   Texas Roadhouse
2285.99Terra James   Minneapolis , MN45:23.th 281803   Angie's Kettle Corn/Bikery du Nord
3306.92Jeanne Fleck   Proctor, MN45:59.th 302812   Velo Duluth
4327.84Niki Soderberg   Wausau , WI46:57.th 310193   Team Kendra pb gg
5348.77Heather Edwards-Thoerner   Minneapolis, MN47:43.th 112633   Birchwood/GIS
6369.70Kristy Henderson   Minneapolis, MN42:24.th 264109   Silver Cycling
7390.62Meredith Rambow   Saint Paul, MN42:41.th 304746   Birchwood/GIS
8411.55Jacklyn Carlson (1 - Cat3)   Prior Lake, MN43:13.th 259941   Silver Cycling
9432.48Martha Flynn-Kauth   Saint Paul, MN43:45.th 326212   Birchwood/GIS
10453.40Sherry Berde Townsend   Mendota Heights, MN47:18.th 158605   Gopher Wheelmen

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1413.97Patricia Schmidt   Hampton, MN33:39.th 297027   Life Time Fitness
2427.28Rachel Jensen   Shell Lake, WI34:38.th 288627   Team Geargrinder
3440.58Anya Malarski   Duluth Mn34:50.th 302412   MNJrC
4453.89Lori Belz   Stillwater, MN28:07.th 80526   Big Ring Flyers
5467.19Patty Costello   Minneapolis, MN28:26.th 302062   Plan C
6480.50Lisa Thompson   Minneapolis, MN28:29.th 233402   Unattached
7493.80Tina Olson   River Falls, WI28:39.th 213217   Big Ring Flyers
8507.11Amy Kline   Maplewood, MN28:51.th 266646   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
9520.41Dana Buddenbaum   Bloomington, MN29:00.th 185483   Silver Cycling
10533.72Anne Normand   Duluth, MN31:44.th 359404   Velo Duluth
11547.02Kathryn Jensen   Saint Paul, MN32:27.th 362105   Unattached
12560.33Maya Espinosa   Saint Paul, MN31:31.th 361291   SPBRC

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