Race Results for
Bubba Memorial Cylocross Series
St. Louis, MO
(Event Information)
Cyclo-cross on 10/16/2011

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1356.21Wesley Boyce   Shawnee, KS 296180   VCRC Factory Racing
2379.89Peat Henry   Saint Louis, MO 345312   Free Awesome
3403.57Rob Mayfield   Saint Louis, MO 275501   The Hub Bicycle Co
4427.25Peter Goode   St. Louis, MO 143223   Team Red Wheel
5450.93Erik Seaver   St. Louis, MO 275021   Team Seagal
6474.61Justin White   Godfrey, IL 273367   Death Row Velo
7498.29Matt Grothoff   Saint Louis, MO 163582   Team Seagal

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1236.28Daniel Miller   Columbia, MO 285982   Cannonball/Hub
2247.81Kurt Fletcher   Saint Louis, MO 11844   708 Racing
3259.35Casey Saunders   Saint Louis, MO 226313   Dogfish Racing
4270.88Devin Clark   St. Charles, MO 186238   The Hub Bicycle Co
5282.41Jeff Yielding (1 - Cat1)   Hermann, MO 204197   Revolution Cycles
6293.94Mike Bruzina (1 - Cat2)   Hartsburg, MO 282794   Dogfish Racing
7305.48Jay Strothman (2 - Cat2)   St Louis , MO 130537   Rokkit Racing
8317.01Tim Kakouris   Saint Louis, MO 56057   Off the Front
9328.54Anthony Dust   Edwardsville, IL 189613   Dogfish Racing
10340.08Justin Bowen (1 - Cat3)   Chesterfield, MO 286957   Off the Front
11351.61Paul Quindry   St. Louis, MO 105279   Gateway Cycling
12363.14Drew Black (2 - Cat3)   Wildwood, MO 270072   Mesa Cycles
13374.67Dennis Koscielski   Saint Louis, MO 225142   Dogfish Racing
14386.21Chris Cleeland (3 - Cat2)   St Louis, MO 189565   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
15397.74Scott Peipert (4 - Cat2)   Alton, IL 258364   Ritte
16409.27Bernd Faust   O'fallon, MO 243823   Dogfish Racing
17420.81Trent Donat (3 - Cat3)   Park City, UT 245308   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
DNFDan Young   Saint Louis, MO 243485   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
DNFJosh Johnson   Columbia, MO 75343   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
DNFKarl Stover   St. Louis, MO 34328   Green Street
DNFBrett Heuring   St. Louis, MO 228479   Dogfish Racing
DNFScott Ogilvie   St. Louis, MO 176998   Dogfish Racing
DNFMatt James   St. Louis, MO 241498   708 Racing

Men - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1291.05Sam Moore   Saint Louis, MO 77370   Canyon Sports
2295.95Michael Hills   Springfield, IL 199941   Wheel Fast
3300.84Aaron Koch   Millstadt, IL 307897   Dogfish Racing
4305.74Matthew Davidson (1 - Cat3)   Ballwin, MO 206493   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
5310.63Jason Murphy   St Peters, MO 290490   Momentum Racing
6315.53Rich Kisseloff   Algonquin, IL 97352   Dogfish Racing
7320.42Mark Hofmeister   St Louis, MO 185102   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
8325.32Peter Jensen   Saint Louis, MO 162736   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
9330.21Marc Ciufolo (2 - Cat3)   St. Louis, MO 6954   Blind Squirrel
10335.11Justin Armstead   Springfield, IL 271052   Wheel Fast
11340.00Leith Carey   Webster Groves, MO 327812   Unattached
12344.90Patrick Gribbon   Wildwood, MO 272010   Off the Front
13349.79Travis Frey   Brentwood, MO 290244   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
14354.69Mark French   Wylie, TX 277793   708 Racing
15359.58Mike Weiss   Saint Louis, MO 89705   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
16364.48Sunny Gilbert   Ballwin, MO 239522   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
17369.38Benji Bockting   Fayette, MO 260282   Columbia Bike Club Race Team
18374.27James Klages   Saint Louis, MO 72572   Veda Cycling
19379.17Ryan Wachter   Brentwood, MO 310585   Dogfish Racing
20384.06Derrick Young (3 - Cat3)   Gahanna, OH 285243   COBC
21388.96Kent Jones   Fenton, MO 18203   ICCC
22393.85Josh Picker (1 - Cat4)   Saint Louis, MO 279609   Team Seagal
23398.75Matthew Crews   Webster Groves, MO 85996   The Hub Bicycle Co
24403.64Ernest (Tony) Rigdon (2 - Cat4)   Columbia, MO 231499   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
25408.54Adam Rybar   Saintlouis, MO 307478   Sunset Cyclery
26413.43Darren Sherkat   Carbondale, IL 164144   Team Mack
27418.33Aaron Gardner   St Louis, MO 289187   Dogfish Racing
28423.22Andrew Lister   Springfield, IL 148168   Wheel Fast
29428.12Michael Bobelak   Ballwin, MO 4030   Pfoodman Racing
30433.01BJ Keane   Ofallon, MO 271607   Momentum Racing
31437.91Roberto Barrios   Carbondale, IL 263715   Heckawee
32442.81Lewis Reece   Webster Groves, MO 29363   Blind Squirrel
33447.70Peter Goode (3 - Cat4)   St. Louis, MO 143223   Team Red Wheel
34452.60Scott Bertelsmeyer (4 - Cat4)   Eureka, MO 285867   Pfoodman Racing
35457.49Jon Halterman   Chatham, IL 206388   Wheel Fast
36462.39Doug Nishimura   Ellisville, MO 26146   Blind Squirrel
37Randy Murdick      Sunset Cyclery
38472.18Jim Mayer   Saint Louis, MO 279233   Metro East Cycling
39477.07Dale Homolka (5 - Cat4)   Jacksonville, IL 144971   Wheel Fast
40481.97John Reimbold (4 - Cat3)   Carbondale, IL 210686   Heckawee
41486.86Michael Humphries (6 - Cat4)   Carbondale, IL 257161   Heckawee
42491.76Joel Maisenhelder   Creve Couer, MO 291448   Rokkit Racing
DNFAron Rauls   Wildwood, MO 222230   Off the Front

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1407.74Doug Nishimura   Ellisville, MO 26146   Blind Squirrel
2412.30Jacob Rohter   Rolla, MO 295210   Huffy Hammer
3416.85Matt Grummer   St Louis, MO 134919   Unattached
4421.41Frank Brummer   Teutopolis, IL 160252   Team Mack
5425.97Robert Trapp   Eureka, MO 292056   Cannonball/Hub
6430.52Patrick Koetting   Cape Girardeau, MO 258351   Unattached
7435.08Guillermo Garsed   Chesterfield, MO 331440   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
8439.64Robert Lounsbury   Belleville, IL 260453   Metro East Cycling
9444.19Walker Deibel   St. Louis, MO 257629   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
10448.75William Cahill   Saint Louis, MO 259681   ICCC
11453.31Thomas Heidbrier   Saint Louis, MO 202093   Rokkit Racing
12457.86Rick Bass   Saint Charles, MO 350008   Momentum Racing
13462.42Travis Finan   Defiance, MO 307713   Revolution Cycles
14466.97Ryan Ellen   Chesterfield, MO 295948   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
15471.53Seth Gausnell   Saint Louis, MO 229327   Unattached
16476.09Rudy Schwarz   Saint Louis, MO 230820   ICCC
17480.64Tim McAllister   Chesterfield, MO 253488   Just Me Racing
18485.20Leif Irgens   Plymouth, MN 46403   Off the Front
19489.76Patrick Work   Carbondale, IL 304710   Bike Surgeon
20494.31Tom Valvo   St. Louis, MO 250057   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
21498.87Jeff Murray   O Fallon, MO 360286   Harpers
22Nikita Linderen      Unattached
23507.98Michael Leistner   Saint Charles, MO 102662   Velo Force
24512.54Pete Holohan   Saint Louis, MO 224095   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
25517.10Matthew Roller   St Jacob, IL 308800   Metro East Cycling
26521.65Tim Dooley   St. Louis, MO 183707   Cannonball/Hub
27526.21Rob Ballou   Denver, CO 298422   Unattached
28530.77Jim Alseth   Kirkwood, MO 266546   Velo Force
29Fred Williams      Off the Front
30539.88James Felts   Rolla, MO 60645   St Louis Cycling Club
31544.43Randy Blackwell   Owensville, MO 351508   Team Red Wheel
32548.99Dale Cira   Saint Louis, MO 330080   St. Louis Tri Club
33553.55Sean Ross   Ofallon, MO 63079   Momentum Racing
34Louis Montague      Dogfish Racing
35562.66Jim Valentine   Ballwin, MO 197011   Team Seagal
36Aaron Burlingame      Unattached
37Kenny Vennell      Wheel Fast
38Jamie Young      Unattached
39580.89Craig Moncey   Saint Louis, MO 361930   Unattached
40585.44Micheal Uhlmeyer   Saint Louis, MO 360818   Unattached
41590.00Chris Alexander   Austin, TX 48269   Unattached
DNFJody Dwiggins      Wild Trak
DNFJustin Holden   Alton, IL 302858   Wild Trak
DNFMatthew Karnowski      Unattached
DNFRyan Gavin   St Louis, MO 250567   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
DNFTodd Nowlin   Saint Louis, MO 238015   Cannonball/Hub
DNFShawn Moore   Carbondale, IL 357439   Bike Surgeon

Men - Junior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1522.90Sawyer Cleeland   Saint Louis, MO 302176   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
2539.67Ashton Braddock   Saint Louis, MO 310412   Trek St. Louis
3556.45Benjamin Faust   Ofallon, MO 311404   Dogfish Racing
4Hayden Braddock      Unattached
5590.00Mike Bobelak Jr.   Ballwin, MO 329474   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
DNFNico Horstmann   Saint Louis, MO 361702   Unattached

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1296.50Sunny Gilbert   Ballwin, MO 239522   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
2316.82Britta Siegel   Saint Louis, MO 310867   Alriksson Go Green
3337.14Elizabeth Heller   St. Louis, MO 49234   Dressells Pub
4357.46Stephanie McCreary   Saint Louis, MO 286559   Pfoodman Racing
5377.77Pam Hinton   Columbia, MO 198666   Dogfish Racing
6398.09Teresa Sedlacek   Mesilla, NM 268408   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
7418.41Gina Richard (1 - Cat3)   St. Louis, MO 264804   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
8438.73Amy Strahan (2 - Cat3)   St. Louis, MO 183476   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
9459.04Patricia Work   Carbondale, IL 294661   Bike Surgeon
10479.36Sally Struckman   Ballwin, MO 273580   Pfoodman Racing
11499.68Allison Braddock   Saint Louis, MO 268413   Trek St. Louis
12520.00Kate Hrubes   Webster Groves, MO 276364   Cannonball/Hub

Women - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1537.54Gina Champion   Springfield, IL 289529   Wheel Fast
2542.08Mariasol Johannes   Saint Louis, MO 298086   The Hub Bicycle Co
3Missy Phegley      Unattached
4551.16Nikki Difani (1 - Cat4)   Kirkwood, MO 361423   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
5555.70Lauren Vasquez (2 - Cat4)   Ballwin, MO 347388   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
6560.24Bethany Himel   Ofallon, IL 279981   Metro East Cycling
7564.78Carrie Clay (3 - Cat4)   Saint Louis, MO 281148   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
8569.32Kate Keeler (4 - Cat4)   Saint Louis, MO 296905   Off the Front
9Angela Barbini      Unattached
10Kelly McGuire      Bike Surgeon
DNFYvette Liebesman   University City, MO 308469   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark

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