Race Results for
Squawker Road Classic
Durgano, CO
(Event Information)
Criterium on 04/12/2009

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Pro 1 2 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1486.70Matt Shriver   Durango, CO 110703  22 
2512.52Joseph Thompson   Durango, CO 185428  117 
3538.35Chad Cheeney   Durango, CO 104313  118 
4564.17Brian Flaherty   Grand Junction, CO 175171  116 Unattached
5Michael Card     197 

Men - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Ben Norris   Greeley, CO 276351  288 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
2542.03Adam Looney   Anchorage, AK 283977  264 University of Wyoming Cycling
3544.05Sam Chovan   Steamboat Springs, CO 229072  218 University of Denver
4546.08Greg Wilkin   Boulder, CO 290568  296 CU Cycling - Boulder
5548.10Luke Harris   Fort Collins, CO 269648  248 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
6550.13Daniel Henning   Usaf Academy, CO 288491  262 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
7552.15Cody Settle   Usafa, CO 288508  269 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
8554.18Grant Ruehle   Denver, CO 276061  293 University of Denver
9556.20Austin Turner   Ogden, UT 290106  285 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
10558.23Chris Reith   Usaf Academy, CO 278284  263 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
11560.25Parker Conroy   Salt Lake City, UT 289987  212 University of Utah Cycling Club
12562.28Sam Kustel   Coloradosprings, CO 291215  221 Colorado College Cycling Team
13564.31Robbie Jones   Golden, CO 284880  274 Fort Lewis College Cycling
14566.33Robson Glasscock   Richmond, VA 290828  256 University of Denver
15568.36Paul Wilson   Usaf Academy, CO 289538  270 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
16570.38Daniel Guizar   El Paso, TX 286640  404 University of Texas-El Paso
17572.41John Heine   Albuquerque, NM 285366  402 UNM Lobo Cycling Team
18574.43Michael Wolff   Pittsburgh, PA 279183  235 Colorado College Cycling Team
19576.46Brendan ODonoghue   Coloradosprings, CO 284357  236 Colorado College Cycling Team
20578.48Jonathan Nichol   Sandy, UT 277493  400 University of Utah Cycling Club
21580.51Holt Nixon   Elpaso, TX 286924  403 University of Texas-El Paso
22582.53Alexander Roberts   Boulder, FL 289374  259 CU Cycling - Boulder
23584.56Anthony Peluso   Usafacademy, CO 288841  203 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
DNFJames Nelson   Laramie, WY 288424  266 University of Wyoming Cycling
DNFWesley Labor   Albuquerque, NM 294269  405 UNM Lobo Cycling Team
DNFEvan Kias     406 UNM Lobo Cycling Team

Men - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1521.14Tyler Ruggles   Colorado Springs, CO 241243  331 Colorado College Cycling Team
2526.06Anthony Carfang   Boulder, CO 243657  310 CU Cycling - Boulder
3530.98Nicholai Smith   Laramie, WY 262694  349 University of Wyoming Cycling
4535.90Alex Dossin   Cambridge, MA 257532  324 Fort Lewis College Cycling
5540.81Joe Schneider   Durango, CO 217452  330 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
6545.73David Leonard   Arvada, CO 252449  348 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
7550.65Kenji Fortune   Durango, CO 241397  326 Fort Lewis College Cycling
8555.57Harry Precourt   Sudbury, MA 202963  334 Colorado College Cycling Team
9560.49Stefan Gomez   Boulder, CO 260152  325 CU Cycling - Boulder
10565.41John Ferut   Usafa, CO 274512  320 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
11570.33Donald Feeley   Usafa, CO 274408  304 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
12575.24Kevin Gross   Usaf Academy, CO 258187  307 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
13580.16Brendan Vosburgh   Colorado Springs, CO 242859  337 Colorado College Cycling Team
14585.08Harris Butler   Usaf Academy, CO 271176  302 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
15590.00Alex Whitney   Salt Lake City, UT 223077  344 University of Utah Cycling Club
DNFCrosby Nordblom   Holderness, NH 199815  332 Colorado College Cycling Team
DNFGrady James   Durango, CO 200442  345 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFJakob Peterson   Denver, CO 275785  339 Metro State Cycling Club

Men - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1430.99Caley Fretz   Boulder, CO 178443  20 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
2434.44Benjamin Sonntag   Durango, CO 270313  81 Fort Lewis College Cycling
3437.89Trevor Johnson   Sherwood, AR 234129  54 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
4441.34Daniel Lionberg   Fort Collins, CO 195162  33 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
5444.79Cody Stephenson   Fort Collins  146653  40 Fort Lewis College Cycling
6448.24Alexander Lewis   Denver, CO 196504  13 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
7451.69Shannon Morgan   Chevy Chase, MD 219595  15 Colorado College Cycling Team
8455.14Ben Quinn   Denver, CO 247278  74 University of Denver
9458.58Erick Carlson   Fort Collins, CO 241483  64 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
10462.03Conor Mullervy   Boulder, CO 237726  Mesa State Cycling
11465.48Jesse Dekrey   Durango, CO 192192  70 Fort Lewis College Cycling
12468.93Walker Savidge   Boulder, CO 192991  60 CU Cycling - Boulder
13472.38Josh Yeaton   Boulder, CO 233175  CU Cycling - Boulder
14475.83Kevin Mullervy   Boulder, CO 237586  Mesa State Cycling
15479.28Russell Brown   Gaithersburg, MD 222506  10 Fort Lewis College Cycling
16482.73Ian Burnett   Durango, CO 191725  39 Fort Lewis College Cycling
17486.18Logan VonBokel   Fort Collins, CO 226879  Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
18489.63Brent Steinberg   Grand Junction, CO 252120  Mesa State Cycling
19493.08Trevor Downing   Durango, CO 161859  38 Fort Lewis College Cycling
20496.53Adam Wisseman   Corvallis, OR 269098  67 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
21499.98Jonathan Kranzley   Durango, CO 248101  75 Fort Lewis College Cycling
22503.43Daniel Workman   Fort Collins, CO 224378  19 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
23506.88Garrison Schulte   Longmont, CO 221209  17 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
24510.32Christopher Hall   Fort Collins, CO 195207  32 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
25513.77Connor Sallee   Southbury, CT 210129  22 CU Cycling - Boulder
26517.22Shaun Higgins   Golden, CO 219602  30 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
27520.67Jason Woods   Boulder, CO 179203  43 CU Cycling - Boulder
28524.12Naveen Penmetsa   Chapel Hill, NC 229863  23 CU Cycling - Boulder
29527.57Grant Goerzen   Denver, CO 240206  11 University of Denver
30531.02Preston Moon   Usaf Academy, CO 160412  US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
31534.47John ShalekBriski   Spokane, WA 259043  12 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
32537.92Adam Kruse   San Pedro, CA 275284  56 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
33541.37Alex Howard   Durango, CO 230625  58 University of Denver
34544.82Justin Goodin   Clovis, NM 269789  78 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
35548.27Brent Alumbaugh   Grand Junction, CO 242832  UNM Lobo Cycling Team
36551.72Matthew Eberly   Aurora, CO 199914  82 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
37555.17Yorgos Arambadjis   Minneapolis, MN 221717  69 Fort Lewis College Cycling
39558.62Ian Gordon   Wakefield, RI 194006  68 Fort Lewis College Cycling
40562.06Colin Don   Los Angeles, CA 256718  29 University of Denver
41565.51John Grano   Denver, CO 257519  79 Metro State Cycling Club
42568.96William Gates   Columbia, KY 269072  77 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
43572.41Christoph Hurley   Greensburg, PA 187587  21 Colorado School of Mines / Mines Madness
44575.86Marshall Holmes   Parker, CO 275473  80 Metro State Cycling Club
45579.31Yarden Gazit   Durango, CO 252257  71 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNSDana Alia   Durango, CO 197458  37 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFBlake Harlan   Austin, TX 175637  26 CU Cycling - Boulder
DNFMitchell Hoke   Boulder, CO 203760  47 Colorado College Cycling Team
DNFTaylor Kneuven   Portland, OR 192407  66 CU Cycling - Boulder

Men - 3 4 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Scott Simmons     15 
2544.55Jonathan DeLacey   Durango, CO 98950  14 
3549.09Russ Shearer   Denver, CO 146556  12 
4553.64Brett Denney   Steamboat Springs, CO 292637  11 
5Brendon McNellis     17 
6562.73Eric Burris   Durango, CO 227564  16 
7567.27Joel Richards   Durango, CO 264647  
8571.82Michael Henderson   Dolores, CO 256727  13 
9576.36Lance Webster   Dolores, CO 37523  Durango Wheel Club
10Beau Savadge     18 
11585.45Francisco Vela   Elpaso, TX 288599  
12590.00Elliot Rivera   El Paso, TX 294445  
DNFJaret Shaffer   Durango, CO 260594  Swami's Cycling Club
DNFDoug LaMunyon   Dolores, CO 273409  

Women - Pro 1 2 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
6Marisa Asplund   Durango, CO 209181  114 Defined Fitness Training LLC
7Anne Spalding   Grand Junction, CO 120990  23 Unattached

Women - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1533.88Tisza Bell   Bozeman, MT 289396  522 CU Cycling - Boulder
2536.83Nora Richards   Boulder, CO 284308  541 Fort Lewis College Cycling
3539.79Glynna Kerr   Colorado Springs, CO 259530  538 Colorado College Cycling Team
4542.74Elizabeth Martin   Des Moines, IA 290104  501 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
5Alex Skarda     556 Mesa State Cycling
6Dorethea Gower     509 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
7551.60Ashley Olson   Usafa, CO 290611  506 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
8554.56Devyn Parnes   Denver, CO 227949  512 University of Denver
9557.51Margot Cutter   Colorado Springs, CO 294359  559 Colorado College Cycling Team
10Julia Hedman     558 Fort Lewis College Cycling
11563.42Amy Secor   Denver, CO 257988  539 University of Denver
12566.37merilee linfield   Boulder, CO 289497  523 CU Cycling - Boulder
13569.32Marissa Strauss   Usafacademy, CO 290570  507 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
14572.28Katya Hafich   Albuquerque, NM 294125  561 UNM Lobo Cycling Team
15575.23Channa NorthHoffstaed   Denver, CO 290464  514 University of Denver
16578.19Taryn Winkler   Grand Junction, CO 294433  560 Mesa State Cycling
17581.14Christina England   Usaf Academy, CO 287967  505 US Air Force Academy Cycling Club
18584.09Alyssa Martinez   Albuquerque, NM 291092  535 UNM Lobo Cycling Team
19587.05michelle mjoen   Berthoud, CO 292641  557 U of Northern Colorado Cycling
20590.00Jennifer Olson   Albuquerque, NM 291095  536 UNM Lobo Cycling Team
DNFHilary Smallwood   Durango, CO 256358  540 Fort Lewis College Cycling

Women - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1431.89Megan Cole   Dartmouth Ma 287393  601 CU Cycling - Boulder
2444.05Tirrel Grovenstein   Fort Collins, CO 259197  608 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
3456.21Julia Manley   Fort Collins, CO 242718  603 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
4468.37Kim Trenbath   Boulder, CO 208824  602 CU Cycling - Boulder
5480.54Melissa (Missy) Erickson   Alexandria Mn 233106  613 Fort Lewis College Cycling
6492.70Natalie Koch   Syracuse, NY 287336  617 CU Cycling - Boulder
7504.86Megan Cassidy   Ft. Collins, CO 241805  605 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
8517.02Tyera Eulberg   Berthoud, CO 260105  606 CU Cycling - Boulder
9529.19Rachel Knott   Fort Collins, CO 270212  604 Colorado State U-Rams Cycling Team
10541.35Emma Millar   Durango, CO 212612  620 Fort Lewis College Cycling
11553.51Phoebe Erdman   Boulder, CO 275266  607 CU Cycling - Boulder
12565.67Sabina Kraushaar   Durango, CO 198738  619 Fort Lewis College Cycling
13577.84Nora Olson   Boulder, CO 254114  615 CU Cycling - Boulder
14590.00Sarah Sturm   Durango, CO 275320  621 Fort Lewis College Cycling
DNFTina Dominic   Petoskey, MI 215537  618 Fort Lewis College Cycling

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