Race Results for
Tulsa Tough Ride and Race
Tulsa, OK
(Event Information)
Criterium on 06/01/2008

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat/1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1524.00Jorge Alvarado   01:00:00:00 201024  287 Velo Club La Grange Westwood
2525.30Luis-Alejandro Zamudio   Chula Vista, CASame Time 204879  261 American R.A.D.D. presented by
3526.60David LeDuc   Willow Springs, NCSame Time 45583  269 Mercy Cycling Team
4527.89Peter Carey   Silver Spring, MDSame Time 245129  210 Metro Volkswagen
5529.19Kolt Bates   Bedford, TXSame Time 194640  203 Mercy Cycling Development Team
6530.49Chris Keane   Sw Ranches, FLSame Time 210581  229 Preferred Alliance
7531.79Cole House   Oneida WiSame Time 183112  293 Unattached
8533.08Tyler Jewell   Austin, TXSame Time 168914  292 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
9534.38Eric Marcotte   Scottsdale, AZSame Time 212698  296 St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
10535.68Bryan Fawley   Denton, TXSame Time 198394  220 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
11Oneil SAMUELS   Same Time  277 LOCOS
12538.28Bryson Perry   Sandy, UTSame Time 89388  246 American R.A.D.D. presented by
13539.57Ronald Strange   Pearland, TXSame Time 248703  254 GULF COAST CYCLING ASSOCIATION
14540.87John Trujillo   Austin, TXSame Time 225639  258 Velossimo p/b Jack and Adam's
15542.17Andrew Crater   Greenville , SCSame Time 70612  213 Team Wheel & Sprocket
16543.47Brandon Gritters   Mission Viejo, CASame Time 207755  224 5 Star Waste Vegetable
17544.76Max Miley   Allen, TXSame Time 24324  243 RBM Elite / Matrix
18546.06Gregg Brandt (1 - Cat1)   WinonaSame Time 227165  297 Unattached
19547.36Harry Clark   Carmel, INSame Time 65323  273 Calistoga Cycling Team
20548.66Jeffrey Hartman (2 - Cat1)   Boulder, COSame Time 15299  226 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
21549.96Chris DeMarchi   Chino, CASame Time 9156  216 Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oi
22551.25Dan Teaters   Green Bay , WISame Time 214818  265 Matrix/RBM
23Matthew HANSLEY   Same Time  275 Locos Grill & Pub
24553.85Justin Fraga   San Francisco, CASame Time 145583  221 BPG / Montano Velo
25555.15Shane Braley   Stuart, FLSame Time 139426  278 Wheel and Sprocket
26556.44Mark Southard   Boulder, COSame Time 33536  253 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
27557.74Robert Green   Norman, OKSame Time 156911  223 Oklahoma City Velo Club
28559.04James Lawrence   Edmond, OKSame Time 148318  236 Matrix/RBM
29Dan WORKMAN   Same Time  260 Team Legacy Energy
30561.63Andrew Armstrong   Dallas, TXSame Time 187559  202 Matrix/RBM
31562.93Jens Brabbit   La CrosseSame Time 184406  294 St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
32564.23William Snodgrass (1 - Cat2)   Dallas, TXSame Time 232735  252 Metro/VW
33565.53Janne Hamalainen   Tulsa, OKSame Time 199458  268 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
34566.83Joseph Schmalz   Lawrence, KSSame Time 197714  280 HRRC/Trek
35568.12William Gault   Tulsa, OKSame Time 192707  267 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
36569.42Justin Maciekowicz   Overland, MOSame Time 199884  238 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
37Will HICKEY   Same Time  228 Team Legacy Energy
38572.02Stephen Brandt (2 - Cat2)   Anytwn, TXSame Time 220326  207 Velossimo Racing benefitting S
39573.31Andrew Malcom   Bartlesville, OKSame Time 51206  240 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
40574.61Noah Metzler   Greenville, SCSame Time 230698  276 RGF Solutions Cycling Team
41575.91Julian Kyer   Boulder CoSame Time 220448  234 ProPeloton Racing
DNFMatthew Allen   Erie, CO00:00:00.00 199175  201 Rocky Mountain Spine and Sport
DNFJay Blankenship   Bel Aire, KS00:00:00.00 179001  206 CTCA Tulsawheelmen
DNFBrooks Branham   New Orleans, LA00:00:00.00 203790  208 Adam's Bicycle World
DNFKyle Chasteen   Eureka, MO00:00:00.00 146269  211 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
DNFAndrew Chocha   Shreveport, LA00:00:00.00 78680  212 Mesa Cycles
DNFWarney Crosby   Dallas00:00:00.00 69378  214 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
DNFRandy Bramblett   San Francisco, CA00:00:00.00 187194  215 BPG/Montano Velo
DNFRobert Evans   Scotts Valley, CA00:00:00.00 72893  218 Stolen Underground
DNFFrancis Hamre   Wichita Falls, TX00:00:00.00 220341  225 Mesa Cycles
DNFNicklaus Kiernan   Euless, TX00:00:00.00 95282  230 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
DNFMichael Kincaid   Dallas, TX00:00:00.00 19138  232 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
DNFJoseph Kukolla   Indianapolis, IN00:00:00.00 187714  233 Mesa Cycles
DNFDerek Loudermilk   Bozeman, MT00:00:00.00 180718  237 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
DNFJason Macom (Cat2)   Little Rock, AR00:00:00.00 224712  239 Mercy Cycling Development Team
DNFEric Melton   Norman, OK00:00:00.00 121133  242 CTCA/Tulsawheelmen
DNFThomas Nelson   La Mesa, CA00:00:00.00 185399  244 American R.A.D.D. presented by
DNFTroy Owens   Flower Mound, TX00:00:00.00 188534  245 Plano Cycling/Cannondale/GS Te
DNFJeremy Pych   Blue Springs, MO00:00:00.00 258476  247 Bicycle Shack Racing
DNFCorey Ray   Coppell Texas00:00:00.00 157827  248 Metro Volkswagen/FCS Cycling
DNFNathan Rice   Durham, NC00:00:00.00 29688  249 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
DNFLawrence Simonson   Columbia, MO00:00:00.00 194932  251 GP Velo Tek
DNFCraig Streit   Scottsdale, AZ00:00:00.00 197252  255 Procon/1st National Bank of Ar
DNFJohn Thrasher   Saint Charles, MO00:00:00.00 78832  256 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
DNFTimothy Tobbe   Hendersonville, NC00:00:00.00 53594  257 Boston Mountain Cyclist
DNFEric Warnsman   Round Rock, TX00:00:00.00 73879  259 team at&t-brain and spine cycl
DNFChris Zenthoefer   Tulsa, OK00:00:00.00 249006  262 CTCA Wheelmen
DNFJason Knight   Lawrence, KS00:00:00.00 174449  263 Epic Bike and Sport
DNFMatt Landen   Denver, CO00:00:00.00 159582  264 Nebraska Medical Center/Team K
DNFTracy Thompson   W Burlington, IA00:00:00.00 35485  266 Atlas/Core
DNFCarlos Tames (Cat1)   Austin, TX00:00:00.00 34952  270 Team Hotel San Jose
DNFDavid RENDON   00:00:00.00  272 Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprise
DNFRyan Heydenrych   Pittsburg, KS00:00:00.00 193798  283 TriStar Cycling Team
DNFAndrew Hill   Lakewood, CO00:00:00.00 247560  284 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
DNFDavid Rendon   Lubbock, TXInc. 223674  286 Colavita Racing
DNFMark Smelser   Lawrence, KS00:00:00.00 194931  290 GP Velotek
DNFMarc Bergeron   Austin, TX00:00:00.00 202616  291 Velossimo Racing
DNFPat Lemieux   Saint Paul, MN00:00:00.00 210769  295 Unattached
DNFMarc Walter   Lincoln, NE00:00:00:00 59833  288 Powerade/Independent Fabrications

Men - Pro/Cat 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ivan STEVIC   01:18:38:00  Toyota-United
2Caleb MANION   Same Time  Toyota-United
3540.54Stefano Barberi   Newbury Park, CASame Time 136696  17 THF Racing
4540.81Adam Bergman   Saint Paul, MNSame Time 103032  26 Texas Roadhouse
5541.08Daniel Bowman   Durango, COSame Time 149353  87 UCI CT: Kelly Benefit Strategi
6Jonnie CLARKE   Same Time  Toyota-United
7541.61Frank Travieso   Athens, GASame Time 160295  75 UCI CT: TOSHIBA-Santo present
8541.88Ben Raby   Boulder, COSame Time 119285  84 SRAM
9Jeff HOPKINS   1 Lap Down  65 Team Inferno Pro Cycling
10Henk VOGELS   1 Lap Down  Toyota-United
11542.69Carlos Vargas   Kingwood, TX1 Lap Down 177122  11 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
12542.96Chad Cagle   Tulsa, OK1 Lap Down 141654  53 Mercy
13543.23Chad Burdzilauskas   Indianapolis, IN1 Lap Down 122674  27 Texas Roadhouse
14Phil MANN   1 Lap Down  68 Team Legacy Energy
15543.76Craig Dodson   Richmond, VA1 Lap Down 122482  56 Richmond Pro Cycling
16544.03Kevin Attkisson   Louisville, KY1 Lap Down 201060  25 Texas Roadhouse
17544.30Paul Martin   North Royalton, OH1 Lap Down 207549  28 Texas Roadhouse
18544.57Kirk Albers   Upper Arlington, OH1 Lap Down 1283  24 Texas Roadhouse
19Hilton CLARKE   1 Lap Down  Toyota-United
20545.11Devon Vigus   Oakland, CA1 Lap Down 115524  43 California Giant Berry Farms/
21545.38Andrew Dahlheim   Dallas, TX1 Lap Down 188572  13 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
22545.64Robert Bush   Louisville, KY1 Lap Down 233613  85 Texas Roadhouse
23545.91Cole House   Oneida Wi1 Lap Down 183112  42 Bianchi / Grand Performance
24546.18James Mohan   Boulder, CO1 Lap Down 47696  46 Horizon Organic
25546.45Christian Helmig   Highland Village, TX1 Lap Down 245316  54 Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team
26546.72Yosvany Falcon   Miami, FL1 Lap Down 208086  76 UCI CT: TOSHIBA-Santo present
27546.99Zachary Grabowski   Lafayette, CO1 Lap Down 129309  19 THF Racing
28547.26John Grant   Louisville, KY1 Lap Down 193579  23 Texas Roadhouse
29547.53Mat Stephens   Dallas, TX1 Lap Down 178970  31 Mercy Cycling
30547.80J Brent Hanlin   Denver, CO1 Lap Down 14934  21 THF Racing
31548.06Christopher Hall   Fort Collins, CO1 Lap Down 195207  90 HRRC/Trek
32Chris WINN   1 Lap Down  58 RMCEF Racing / MOB Cyclery
33548.60Mathew Ankney   Tulsa, OK1 Lap Down 145867  34 Mercy Cycling
34Stefan ROTHE   1 Lap Down  32 Mercy Cycling
35549.14Kurt Fletcher   Saint Louis, MO1 Lap Down 11844  79 St Louis Cyclones
36549.41Austin Allison   Saint Louis, MO1 Lap Down 224219  20 THF Racing
37JohnRolf EISINGER   1 Lap Down  70 Team Legacy Energy
38549.95Loren Dodson   Austin, TX1 Lap Down 222625  86 Velossimo Racing
39Jarred BERGER   1 Lap Down  69 Team Legacy Energy
40550.48N/A   Tucson, AZ1 Lap Down 91005  55 Mob Cyclery Racing/RMCEF
41550.75Karl Kupecz   Austin, TX1 Lap Down 215061  73 Velossimo Racing Team
42551.02Ryan Mele   Washington, PA1 Lap Down 158772  57 Richmond Pro Cycling
43551.29Adam Mills   Lewisville, TX1 Lap Down 102467  89 HRRC/Trek
44551.56Terrence Keenan (1 - Cat1)   Webster Groves, MO1 Lap Down 43652  18 THF Racing
45551.83Jaime Gandara   El Paso, TX1 Lap Down 130311  66 TEAM INFERNO PRO RACING
46552.10Alexander Welch   Denver, CO1 Lap Down 186958  30 Mercy Cycling
47552.37Christopher Wherry (1 - Pro)   Durango, CO1 Lap Down 52790  Toyota-United
DNFIvan DOMINGUEZ   00:00:00.00  toyota-United
DNFBenjamin Day   Boulder00:00:00.00 270977  Toyota-United
DNFHeath BLACKGROVE   00:00:00.00  Toyota-United
DNFTristan Uhl   Austin, TX00:00:00.00 168160  10 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
DNFBarry Lee   Boulder, CO00:00:00.00 85255  14 TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
DNFNolan Froese   Columbia, MO00:00:00.00 222865  15 THF Racing
DNFDaniel Schmatz   Brighton, CO00:00:00.00 31615  16 THF Racing
DNFBrian Alfermann   Washington, MO00:00:00.00 184145  22 THF Racing
DNFJohn Puffer (Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN00:00:00.00 116272  29 Texas Roadhouse
DNFBrandon Gritters   Mission Viejo, CA00:00:00.00 207755  35 5 Star Waste Vegetable
DNFBryson Perry   Sandy, UT00:00:00.00 89388  36 American R.A.D.D. presented by
DNFThomas Nelson   La Mesa, CA00:00:00.00 185399  37 American R.A.D.D. presented by
DNFLuis-Alejandro Zamudio   Chula Vista, CA00:00:00.00 204879  38 American R.A.D.D. presented by
DNFPat Lemieux   Saint Paul, MN00:00:00.00 210769  39 Bianchi / Grand Performance
DNFEric Marcotte   Scottsdale, AZ00:00:00.00 212698  40 Bianchi / Grand Performance
DNFViktar RAPINSKI   00:00:00.00  44 BPG/Montano Velo
DNFRemi McManus   Boise, ID00:00:00.00 76788  47 INFERNO PRO CYCLING
DNFMichael Cody (Pro)   Boulder, CO00:00:00.00 171979  48 Jelly Belly
DNFJorge Alvarado   00:00:00.00 201024  49 la grange
DNFSeth Hansley   Pompano Beach, FL00:00:00.00 201753  50 Locos Grill & Pub
DNFChris Scott   Brandon, FL00:00:00.00 167801  52 Locos Grill & Pub
DNFJoseph SICILIANO   00:00:00.00  59 RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
DNFCharles Coyle   Boulder, CO00:00:00.00 102604  60 Successful Living.com P/B Park
DNFAlexi Martinez   Costa Mesa, CA00:00:00.00 190569  61 Successfulliving
DNFChris DeMarchi   Chino, CA00:00:00.00 9156  62 Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oi
DNFDavid McCook   Tampa Fl00:00:00.00 66627  63 Z Team
DNFBrad COLE   00:00:00.00  67 Team Legacy Energy
DNFAlexander Boyd   Wichita Falls, TX00:00:00.00 168212  71 Team Waste Management
DNFmarco RIOS   00:00:00.00  72 team zombies
DNFDaniel Holloway   Morgan Hill, CA00:00:00.00 181725  74 VMG/Felt
DNFJens Brabbit   La Crosse00:00:00.00 184406  77 Bianchi/GP
DNFLeo Frayre   Dallas, TX00:00:00.00 184301  78 Metro VW
DNFStephen Tilford   Topeka, KS00:00:00.00 35598  80 Trek Stores/Shimano
DNFShane Braley   Stuart, FL00:00:00.00 139426  81 Wheel and Sprocket
DNFWilliam Stolte   Topeka, KS00:00:00.00 34257  82 HRRC/Trek
DNFNicholas Coil   Prairie Village, KS00:00:00.00 195267  91 Heartland Road Racing Club
DNFRonald Hinson   Raleigh, NC00:00:00.00 128494  92 Raleigh Allstars Bike Club
DNFDavid Hassan   Flower Mound, TX00:00:00.00 186361  93 GS Tenzing
DNFBill Marshall Jr   Overland Park, KS00:00:00.00 53358  33 Mercy Cycling
DNFGregg Brandt (Cat1)   Winona00:00:00.00 227165  41 Bianchi / Grand Performance
DNFAndrew Crater   Greenville , SC00:00:00.00 70612  83 Wheel and Sprocket

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Westley Netherton   Winslow, AR00:13:40:00 97091  621 Tyson Racing
2garrett GROW   Same Time  610 NA
3543.12Austin Roberts   NormanSame Time 195235  623 CRRC
4544.69Ryan Westrup   Okc, OKSame Time 249711  634 Team Undiscovered
5546.25Will Frank   Rockwall, TXSame Time 246407  606 Boston Mountain Cyclists
6547.81Levi Baker   Fayetteville, ARSame Time 233873  601 Tyson Racing
7549.38Brant Ronning   Olathe, KSSame Time 255230  624 SKC Racing
8550.94Graham Aldredge   Boulder, COSame Time 260538  600 GP VeloTek
9552.50Toby Smith   Denton, TXSame Time 185914  641 GS Tenzing
10554.06chad Huffmire   Overland Park, KSSame Time 256257  656 Blue River Bicycle Club
11555.62Daniel Rittler   Tulsa, OKSame Time 258053  622 Recycled Cycles
12557.19Todd Reed   Tulsa, OKSame Time 263782  653 Tulsa Wheelmen
13558.75George Ovsak   Bentonville, ARSame Time 26966  666 Fayetteville Wheelmen
14560.31Sammy Davidson   Tulsa, OKSame Time 176264  604 Soundpony
15561.88Rafael Santiago   Jenks, OKSame Time 213968  648 Tulsa Wheelmen
16563.44Thomas Hall   Kansas City, MOSame Time 133694  649 The Wheel Cyclery Club
17565.00Caleb Magee   Bentonville, ARSame Time 242873  616 Boston Mountain Cyclists
18566.56Thaddeus Neil   Cedar Rapids, IASame Time 195675  620 Lincoln Industries/Highgear
19568.12Othie Burk   Thousand Oaks, CASame Time 200552  637 Amgen Cycling
20569.69Greg Lowhorn   St. Louis, MOSame Time 279228  639 Mesa Cycling
21571.25Eric Strong   Kansas City , MOSame Time 34453  631 USMC
22572.81Gary Owens   Wichita, KSSame Time 237502  660 Oz Bicycle Club
23574.38Earl Martling   Wichita, KSSame Time 196209  617 RiverCity Racing Club
24575.94Steven Capstick   Longmont, COSame Time 6061  638 Blue Sky Velo
25577.50Gabe Speth   TahlequahSame Time 248895  661 Team Soundpony
26579.06Jaime Galvan   Olathe, KSSame Time 250834  607 skc
27580.62Edgardo Delgado   Jenks, OKSame Time 228422  664 CTCA/tulsa wheelmen
28582.19Paul Geoly   Fort Smith, ARSame Time 242447  609 NA
29583.75Chris Genske   Claremore, OKSame Time 259550  608 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
30585.31Christian Verry   Saint Louis, MOSame Time 276629  632 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
31586.88Randy Sommerfeldt   Wichita, KSSame Time 43602  630 Oz Racing
32588.44Bruce McGlory   Wichita, KSSame Time 245404  652 Oz Bicycle Club
33590.00Tyler Schumacher   Overland Park, KS1 Lap Down 199298  626 KCOI/Boulevard
DNSJonathan McCalley   Kansas City, MO00:00:00.00 245305  618 The Wheel Cyclery
DNPJustin Bowes   Chicago, IL00:00:00.00 42053  603 SKC Racing
DNPJonathan Haring   Tulsa, OK00:00:00.00 220312  611 Recycled Cycles
DNPGlenn Ladehoff   Canyon, TX00:00:00.00 259437  614 Team Sound Pony
DNPPaul Miller   Tulsa, OK00:00:00.00 260476  619 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
DNPRobert Schultz   Overland Park, KS00:00:00.00 100294  625 SKC
DNPDavid Smith   St Louis, MO00:00:00.00 127932  627 The Hub Bicycle Company
DNPStephen Smith   Oklahoma City, OK00:00:00.00 130044  629 Fossil 1 Racing
DNPJeff West   Tulsa, OK00:00:00.00 202122  633 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
DNPBrent Grist   Fort Smith, AR00:00:00.00 232582  636 mercy cycling team
DNPJohn Funk   Topeka, KS00:00:00.00 221084  645 GP Velotek
DNPReynolds Shaffer   Tulsa, OK00:00:00.00 268241  646 Mercy Cycling Team
DNPChristopher Moore   Tahlequah, OK00:00:00.00 258549  647 Mercy Cycling
DNPBenjamin Fishman   Overland Park, KS00:00:00.00 263692  654 SKC Racing
DNPMatthew Reynolds   Okc, OK00:00:00.00 166614  665 Oklahoma Bicycle Racing Union
DNFCarlos Salas   Fort Worth, TXINC. 213698  650 SSP

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Zachary Perkins   Edmond, OK00:20:27:00 267610  717 NA
2541.92Robert LeMaster   Bixby, OKSame Time 270733  714 CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
3543.85John Wingerter   Tulsa, OKSame Time 275887  728 
4545.77Richard Gulotta   Pryor, OKSame Time 262261  737 Tulsa Wheelmen
5Rob JAMES   Same Time  732 Tri-Mettle Racing
6549.62Michael Roberts   Tulsa, OKSame Time 257190  720 NA
7551.54Erik Schick   Wichita, KSSame Time 272915  722 OZ Bike Club
8553.46Darrell Coyer   Tulsa, OKSame Time 263550  705 Bicycles of Tulsa
9555.38Ted Summers   Tulsa, OKSame Time 260678  740 Oklahoma City Velo Club
10557.31james hiatt   Tulsa, OKSame Time 272336  710 ctca tulsa wheelmen
11559.23Robert Carr   Norman, OKSame Time 140640  738 CRRC/Canadian River
12561.15Lawrence Lobb   Houston, TXSame Time 194431  715 Gulf Coast Cycling Association
13563.08John Kock   Tulsa, OKSame Time 258272  712 Team Soundpony
14565.00Don Tardiff   Tulsa, OKSame Time 250569  725 CTCA / Tulsa Wheelmen
15566.92Douglas Bittinger   Rogers, ARSame Time 244167  703 Lewis & Clark/Raymond James &
16568.85David Kindred   Tulsa, OKSame Time 269063  711 TCB Racing
17570.77Kip LaMunyon   Kansas City, MOSame Time 262254  713 
18Bryan WILKS   Same Time  727 Bicycles of Tulsa
19574.62Gale Beatty   Snyder, OK1 Lap Down 240083  702 NA
20576.54Gary Wilson   Tulsa, OK1 Lap Down 279044  742 
21578.46Tyrone Nichols   Tulsa, OK1 Lap Down 248477  716 Team Soundpony
22580.38Chad Vulgamott   Kansas City, MO1 Lap Down 267604  726 KCOI Boulevard
23582.31Ronald Hampton   Lawton, OK1 Lap Down 276676  709 N/A
24584.23Ivan Rivera   Jenks, OK1 Lap Down 278303  721 CTCA
25Brian ELLIOTT   1 Lap Down  729 NA
26David TAYLOR   1 Lap Down  741 
27Brett Johnson   1 Lap Down  739 
DNFSteve Barnes   Tulsa, OK00:00:00.00 255403  701 Team Soundpony
DNFChristopher Dearner   Oklahoma City, OK00:00:00.00 280526  706 NA
DNFNicholas Fernandez   Owasso, OK00:00:00.00 271170  707 Tyson Racing
DNFWilliam Radler   Fort Worth00:00:00.00 280334  718 NA
DNFBrad Spear   Tulsa, OK00:00:00.00 250570  724 Team Soundpony

Women - Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1508.72Stacy Marple (1 - Cat1)   Oakland, CA00:59:24:00 234660  8r Cheerwine Cycling
2510.78Shelley Olds   Gilroy, CASame Time 226087  30r PROMAN/Paradigm
3512.84Kelly Benjamin   Whiteman Afb, MOSame Time 184788  7r Cheerwine Cycling
4514.90Jennifer McRae   Austin, TXSame Time 55232  11r Advil-Chapstick
5Belinda GOSS   Same Time  4r Jazz Apple Cycling Team
6519.01Allyson Brandt (2 - Cat1)   Georgetown, TXSame Time 204577  9r Cheerwine Cycling
7521.07Jennifer Wilson   Van Nuys, CASame Time 210833  54r Vanderkitten Rcing
8523.13Amanda Miller   Fort Collins, COSame Time 228513  23r Mesa Cycles Racing Team
9525.19Catherine Walberg   Bainbridge Island, WASame Time 36933  42r Team Kenda Tire
10527.25Kendi Thomas   Walla Walla, WASame Time 223064  58r Team Revolution
11529.30Melissa Sanborn   Portland, ORSame Time 166502  53r Vanderkitten Rcing
12531.36Christina Smith   Denton, TXSame Time 217750  19r LONESTARWORKS.COM
13533.42Ashley Anderson   Greenville, SCSame Time 252398  26r Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team
14535.48Briana Kovac   Carmel, INSame Time 200504  43r Team Revolution
15537.54Sydney Brown   Lincoln, NESame Time 250848  45r Team Revolution
16539.60Carrie Cash Wootten   Saint Louis, MOSame Time 163561  46r Team Revolution
17541.65Cari Higgins   Boulder, COSame Time 225441  13r America's Dairyland
18543.71Renee Eastman (3 - Cat1)   Colorado Springs, COSame Time 41750  55r Vitamin Cottage
19Monique` HANLEY   Same Time  47r Team Type 1
20547.83Taitt Sato (4 - Cat1)   Oakland, CASame Time 177141  48r ValueAct Capital
21549.89Leigh Valletti   Decatur, GASame Time 142209  52r Vanderkitten Rcing
22551.95Maegan Daigler   Denver, COSame Time 195922  35r RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
23554.00Marisa Asplund-Owens (5 - Cat1)   Durango, COSame Time 209181  10r Cheerwine Cycling
24Alison SHANKS   Same Time  3r Jazz Apple Cycling Team
25558.12Kimberly Geist   Emmaus, PASame Time 134992  24r Metro Volkswagen
26Susy PRYDE   Same Time  1r Jazz Apple Cycling Team
27562.24Gwen Erffmeyer   Lakewood, COSame Time 221135  34r RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
28564.30Kirsten Davis   Tucker, GASame Time 138109  39r Sorella Cycling/Allegiance Str
DNPShannon Koch   New Smyrna Beach, FLSame Time 175271  27r Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team
DNFKate Ross   Bristol, TN00:00:00.00 160047  12r America's Dairyland
DNFClare VLAHOPOULOS   00:00:00.00  14r America's Dairyland
DNFLeda COX   00:00:00.00  15r America's Dairyland
DNFLinsey Bradshaw   Los Alamos, NM00:00:00.00 237609  16r DeWalt
DNFleeanne MANDERSON   00:00:00.00  17r Hub Racing
DNFElizabeth Morse Hill   Saint Petersburg, FL00:00:00.00 126302  18r Hub Racing
DNFMichelle Montoya   Allen, TX00:00:00.00 191931  20r LoneStarWorks.com
DNFMichelle Jensen   Lawrence, KS00:00:00.00 180587  21r Mercy Cycling Team
DNFRachel Byus   Argyle, TX00:00:00.00 260379  25r Metro Volkswagen Cycling
DNFPatricia Black   San Luis Obispo, CA00:00:00.00 72039  29r Morgan Stanley/Specialized/24H
DNFMalinDills MACLEAN   00:00:00.00  2r Jazz Apple Cycling Team
DNFJennifer Greenberg   Chicago , IL00:00:00.00 231027  31r Punk Rock Cycling
DNFRebekah Mullen   Fort Collins, CO00:00:00.00 221840  32r RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
DNFCheryl Moffett   Dallas00:00:00.00 221146  33r RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
DNFMegan Hottman   Golden, CO00:00:00.00 194394  36r RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
DNFDanielle Haulman   Davis, CA00:00:00.00 181367  37r RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
DNFElizabeth (Betsy) Galenti (Cat1)   Anaheim, CA00:00:00.00 176754  38r SC Velo/Incycle
DNFNeva Day   Manhattan Beach, CA00:00:00.00 218801  40r SouthBay Wheelmen
DNFAndrea Wilson   Cordova, TN00:00:00.00 256188  41r Team Kenda Tire
DNFPamela Loebig   Bloomington, IN00:00:00.00 241443  44r Team Revolution
DNFElizabeth Hatch   Delray Beach, FL00:00:00.00 229099  49r Vanderkitten Rcing
DNFFlavia Oliveira   Livermore, CA00:00:00.00 224767  50r Vanderkitten Rcing
DNFJennifer TREW   00:00:00.00  51r Vanderkitten Rcing
DNFCarol Hutton   Broomfield, CO00:00:00.00 196640  56r Vitamin Cottage
DNFJenna Allen   Louisville, CO00:00:00.00 196714  57r Vitamin Cottage
DNFLauren ELLIS   00:00:00.00  5r Jazz Apple Cycling Team
DNFEmma PETERSEN   00:00:00.00  6r Jazz Apple Cycling Team

Women - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Lise Olivier   Tulsa, OK00:38:28:00 276969  114r Bicycles of Tulsa
2541.95Anna Young   Syracuse, NYSame Time 265893  124r America's Dairyland
3543.90Lori Barrett   Austin, TXSame Time 255636  101r TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
4545.85Jennifer Herrell   Kansas City, MOSame Time 243849  125r Mercy Cycling Team
5547.79Christine Roettger   Saint Louis, MOSame Time 245651  117r Team Revolution
6549.74Whitney Schultz   Fort Collins, COSame Time 252835  118r TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose
7551.69Kelly Stark   Rowlett, TXSame Time 178179  120r LoneStarWorks.com
8553.64Jessica Layman   San Francisco, CASame Time 242581  111r Metromint Cycling on Marin Bik
9555.59Cindy Reese   Rogers, AR1 Lap Down 244168  116r Lewis & Clark/Raymond James &
10557.54Monica Barczak   Tulsa, OK1 Lap Down 273551  100r Bicycles of Tulsa
11559.49Michelle Carr   Norman, OK1 Lap Down 276074  103r CRRC
12561.44Lauren Miller   Tulsa, OK1 Lap Down 254411  113r CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen
13563.38Jessica Meyer (1 - Cat3)   St. Louis, MO1 Lap Down 195835  112r Team Revolution
14565.33Debra Dunn   Fayetteville, AR2 Laps Down 65625  106r Tyson Racing
15Valerie HART   2 Laps Down  126r 
16569.23Sarah Crawford   Grayson, GA2 Laps Down 220104  104r Sorella/ Allegience Strategist
17571.18Delona Williams   Fayetteville, AR2 Laps Down 223544  123r Tyson Racing
18573.13Jacqueline Denny   Liberty, MO2 Laps Down 260785  105r GP Velotek
19575.08Renae Weaver   Lees Summit, MO2 Laps Down 275450  122r GP Velotek
20577.03Darcey Rapp   Overland Park, KS2 Lap Down 237446  115r KCOI/Boulevard
21578.97Siobhan Jones   Saint Louis, MO2 Laps Down 228464  110r Michelob Ultra/Big Shark Racin
22580.92Rhiannon Jones   Saint Louis, MO2 Laps Down 230811  109r Michelob Ultra/Big Shark Racin
23582.87Amy Bretall   Overland Park, KS2 Laps Down 279229  102r KCOI Boulevard
24584.82Brenda Soto   Kansas City, MO3 Laps Down 275136  119r GP Velotek
DNFMelodie Faulkner Weis (Cat4)   Amarillo, TX00:00:00.00 272399  107r Cane's Cycling Team
DNFKathryn Garner   Lakewood, CO00:00:00.00 228980  108r RMCEF Racing/MOB Cyclery
DNFTimberly Erickson   Fort Worth, TX00:00:00.00 263206  127r Broken Films Racing

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