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Mike Horgan Hill Climb
Boulder, CO
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Hill Climb on 06/16/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - JM 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Colin Szuch   Evergreen0:18:46.0 363511   Altitude Cycling
2Nathan Pawlak   Boulder, CO0:19:17.0 379737   Boulder Junior Cycling
3Oliver Hart   Boulder, CO0:20:52.0 318174   Boulder Junior Cycling
4Caleb M Schroder   Highlands Ranch, CO0:22:25.0 402152   
DNFJoshua Judson   BoulderDNF 363839   IC3Colorado

Men - JM 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Trevor Christofferson   Aurora, CO0:16:00.0 377539   International Christian Cycling Club
2Ethan Wright   Boulder, CO0:16:25.0 362707   Boulder Junior Cycling
3Simon Castagneri   Littleton, CO0:16:33.0 362582   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
4Gregory Townsend   Bennett, CO0:21:29.0 363910   
DNFJack M Stenson   DenverDNF 399736   Black Sheep Junior Cycling

Men - JM 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Stephen J Haas   Lakewood, CO1:39:54.0 284765   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
2Colby Lange   Edwards, CO1:40:41.0 327650   
3Aaron Sigman   Highlands Ranch, CO1:44:42.0 278243   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
4Isaac Sheets   Loveland, CO1:44:54.0 378385   
5Jackson Hootman   Denver1:44:58.0 384101   ColoBikeLaw.com
6Evan Kjosen   Littleton, CO1:46:19.0 367662   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
7Maxl R Freeman   Lakewood, CO1:48:23.0 283751   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
8Landry Bobo   Colorado Springs, CO1:53:52.0 347622   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
9Joshua Schroeder   Lakewood, CO1:54:07.0 351364   International Christian Cycling Club
10Chase A Klug   Aurora, CO2:03:00.0 400384   ColoBikeLaw.com

Men - JM 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Max Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO2:11:55.0 363173   Black Sheep Junior Cycling

Men - SM 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Gage Hecht   Parker, CO1:30:33.0 277074   Team Specialized Racing Juniors
2Brett A Rindt   Denver, CO1:30:37.0 202401   Rocky Mountain Road Club
3John R Babcock   Arvada, CO1:31:05.0 329220   
4Spencer Powlison   Boulder, CO1:32:56.0 161897   Evol Elite Racing
5Andrew J Loaiza   Plattsburgh, NY1:35:34.0 310677   Rocky Mountain Road Club
6Kevin Flanagan   Denver, CO1:35:46.0 224217   Cycleton
7Mark Erickson   Denver, CO1:37:11.0 184012   Lathram Financial/MHCS
8Mike Sharkey   Arvada1:38:23.0 32306   Boulder Cycle Sport
9Frederick Dreier   New York, NY1:40:32.0 224450   Century Road Club Assoc
10Kyle Erickson   Broomfield, CO1:41:40.0 361094   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
11Andy Johnson   Louisville, CO1:43:00.0 358390   Sonic Boom Racing Team
12Nick B Payne   Henderson, CO1:45:59.0 121746   
13Ian K London   Denver Co1:49:31.0 376368   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
14Daimeon Shanks   Boulder, CO1:52:27.0 126532   GS Panache
15Joseph Teynor   Denver, CO1:56:00.0 353060   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
DNFThomas Wavrin   Henderson, MNDNF 342900   Minnesota Junior Cycling, Inc.

Men - SM 35+ 1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Frank D Zoldak   Niwot, CO1:28:05.0 260369   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
2Matthew Segur   Golden, CO1:30:00.0 224161   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
3Marc Holbert   Boulder, CO1:30:00.0 123682   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
4Matthew M Gates   Lyons, CO1:31:03.0 109998   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
5Phillip B Gronniger   Castle Rock, CO1:31:28.0 14262   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
6Eric B Jones   Boulder, CO1:34:49.0 154867   Rally Sport Cycling Team
7Brian Krombein   Highlands Ranch, CO1:35:54.0 59443   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
8Brent Webb   Highlands Ranch, CO1:38:55.0 52318   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
9Patrick Gallegos   Superior, CO1:44:03.0 78794   8 Sixteen Racing
DNFGrant Holicky   Boulder, CODNF 173244   Boulder Orthopedics

Men - SM 35+ 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Gary Holt   Highlands Ranch, CO1:31:22.0 363465   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
2Michael Brill   Evergreen, CO1:36:24.0 363079   Racer X Cycling
3Eric R Long   Boulder, CO1:36:47.0 359081   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
4James Bedrosian   Boulder, CO1:37:22.0 238074   Boulder Cycle Sport
5Mark Johnson   Louisville, CO1:37:35.0 370843   
6Andrew Johnson   Erie, CO1:37:42.0 188785   
7Jon Smela   Loveland, CO1:38:20.0 364432   Team Rio Grande
8Jon W Alegranti   Superior, CO1:39:58.0 338   
9Mike Schaumloeffel   Boulder, CO1:41:23.0 286890   Team Rio Grande
10Kevin S Chadwick   Tacoma Wa1:42:20.0 59942   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
11Shawn Kingrey   Pueblo, CO1:43:17.0 167284   Team Body Sync
12Steven Alschuler   Albuquerque, NM1:44:35.0 47922   High Desert Bicycles Team
13Scott Meadows   Erie, CO1:48:12.0 364256   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
14Bryce Wemple   Fort Collins1:51:07.0 364413   Team Rio Grande
DNFRalph Toka   Lakewood, CODNF 362506   Racer X Cycling
DNFJohn Coletta   Boulder, CODNF 370845   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling

Men - SM 35+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Chris Burke   Longmont, CO1:34:46.0 363292   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
2Robert T Jacobs   Littleton, CO1:35:04.0 392362   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
3Matt Davies   Boulder, CO1:38:53.0 363289   Boulder Cycle Sport
4Aaron Macarelli   Golden, CO1:38:53.0 363702   Twin Peaks Racing
5Kevin Poziombke   Wheat Ridge, CO1:39:07.0 363376   Racer X Cycling
6Eric Brodis   Littleton, CO1:39:41.0 367857   Racer X Cycling
7Clyde Wright   Denver, CO1:42:50.0 331160   Rocky Mountain Road Club
8Adam Sloan   Denver, CO1:43:00.0 363047   Rocky Mountain Road Club
9dan berger   Commerce City, CO1:43:53.0 392791   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
10Jeff Cox   Arvada, CO1:44:00.0 363048   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
11Jamy Bacchus   Denver1:44:17.0 349652   Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
12Michael Magluilo   Denver, CO1:44:49.0 367439   Rocky Mountain Road Club
13Robert Cope   Erie, CO1:47:03.0 364107   Sonic Boom Racing Team
14El Najjar   Denver, CO1:47:47.0 363491   Sonic Boom Racing Team
15Rudy Schuster   Fort Collins, CO1:54:58.0 363572   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
16Christopher Smith   Boulder, CO1:55:56.0 246657   
17Shawn D Rucks   Boulder 1:57:52.0 375273   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling

Men - SM 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Samuel Long   Boulder, CO1:34:20.0 362842   
2Jason J Kiefer   Boulder, CO1:35:42.0 389935   Sports Garage Cycling
3Ian Guthrie   Boulder, CO1:36:32.0 362754   Blue Sky Velo
4Edwin Supple   Littleton, CO1:37:35.0 370837   Mines Cycling
5Bob Africa   Boulder, CO1:37:57.0 376387   
6Darren Meyer   Parker Co1:38:02.0 374594   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
7Stuart Mcknight   Boulder, CO1:38:49.0 363692   BJC/Panache
8Fleetwood Mathews   Boulder, CO1:41:12.0 364249   Sonic Boom Racing
9Jesse Euton   Boulder, CO1:41:21.0 389688   Boulder Cycle Sport
10Andrew C Passmore   Denver, CO1:41:21.0 268017   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
11Justin Naab   Boulder, CO1:41:27.0 364220   Sonic Boom Racing Team
12Matt P Dawley   Lafayette, CO1:42:14.0 263575   xXx Racing
13Aaron Buechter   Colorado Springs, CO1:42:20.0 303675   
14Luis Soto   Denverdenver, CO1:45:37.0 396464   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
15Daniel T Prutz   Colorado Springs, CO1:45:59.0 380030   
16Andrew Castagneri   Littleton, CO1:46:06.0 364346   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
17Connor Livingston   Centennial1:48:37.0 362695   ColoBikeLaw.com
18Jeff Brown   Highlands Ranch, CO1:48:59.0 346390   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
19Joseph T Chiavetta   Fort Collins1:52:00.0 309189   Colorado State University
20Cameron B Brown   Littleton, CO1:53:08.0 359756   CU Cycling-Boulder
21Andrew Lincoln   Boulder1:54:48.0 389143   
22Malcolm Tassi   Greeley, CO1:59:57.0 321678   
DNFEric Gregg   Greeley, CODNF 361711   Twin Peaks Racing

Men - SM 45+ 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Nate Llerandi   Lafayette, CO1:31:42.0 340838   Sonic Boom Racing Team
2Robert Dahl   Lafayette, CO1:33:32.0 52176   Boulder Orthopedics
3Danny Suter   Boulder, CO1:33:36.0 167158   Rally Sport Cycling Team
4Todd Robertson   Boulder, CO1:35:17.0 209859   FRANCO Bicycles Racing
5Steve T Crowley   Castle Rock, CO1:35:32.0 8250   Peloton Racing
6Joseph Cooper   Superior, CO1:35:51.0 50587   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
7Peter Ismert   Littleton Co1:35:58.0 17448   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
8Gary Mulder   Boulder1:36:06.0 363052   Boulder Orthopedics
9Larry Marti   Evergreen, CO1:36:12.0 178763   FRANCO Bicycles Racing
10Bill Stalhuth   Boulder, CO1:36:18.0 61804   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
11Jim Copeland   Denver, CO1:36:28.0 46820   Saturn Cycling Team TTIII
12Marco Vasquez   Castle Rock, CO1:38:04.0 56261   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
13Matt Vawter   Boulder, CO1:38:31.0 159157   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
14Steve Fangman   Lafayette1:40:19.0 362716   Foxtrot Racing
15James P Howe   Lakewood, CO1:40:38.0 50427   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
16Jeff Ofsanko   Boulder, CO1:43:23.0 363673   Rally Sport Cycling Team
DNFgary sharp   Boulder, CODNF 331184   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
DNFTim M Godby   Louisville, CODNF 59361   

Men - SM 45+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Bryan Cook   Highlands Ranch, CO1:37:17.0 362505   TLR Cycling
2Mac Johansen   Longmont, CO1:37:24.0 376700   
3Mark Piquette   Longmont, CO1:37:31.0 363333   
4Robert Dwyer   Denver, CO1:37:52.0 363979   ColoBikeLaw.com
5patrick sullivan   Bailey, CO1:38:13.0 374457   International Christian Cycling Club
6Chris Deigert   Ft. Collins1:41:38.0 363768   
7Jeff Fithian   Boulder, CO1:41:39.0 363717   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
8Chris Jezek   Lakewood, CO1:42:09.0 364317   
9Frank Knuettel   Centennial, CO1:42:42.0 377290   ColoBikeLaw.com
10Kevin Eldredge   Denver, CO1:42:49.0 362711   IC3Colorado
11G.Scott Walden   Aurora, CO1:42:49.0 189359   ColoBikeLaw.com
12Jeff Phelps   Sidney, NE1:44:38.0 363762   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
13Robert ODonnell   Longmont, CO1:44:39.0 374719   Rally Sport Cycling Team
14Marco S Cornacchione   Boulder, CO1:44:54.0 377351   
15Tom Hootman   Denver1:45:51.0 384100   ColoBikeLaw.com
16Rick Petersen   Bow Mar, CO1:46:06.0 362839   ColoBikeLaw.com
17Kenneth Altshuler   Longmont, CO1:46:55.0 396359   Racer X Cycling
18Terry Gill   Boulder, CO1:48:06.0 362712   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
19Ralph W Hart   Boulder, CO1:48:31.0 328136   Boulder Cycle Sport
20Murray S. Willis   Lakewood, CO1:48:46.0 363315   Altitude Cycling
21Kurt Wieck   Laporte, CO1:49:04.0 371676   
22Sean P Foley   Boulder1:50:14.0 200904   Boulder Cycle Sport
23Steve Baird   Highlands Ranch, CO1:51:28.0 363279   
24Brad Tucker   Bow Mar, CO1:51:33.0 237487   ColoBikeLaw.com
25Christopher T Gilbert   Longmont, CO1:56:05.0 127895   
26Mark Templeman   Parker, CO1:59:09.0 375125   CRC Racing
27jim c reagan   Boulder, CO2:01:13.0 374938   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
28Jeffrey G Sczechowski   Boulder, CO2:04:29.0 47006   Sports Garage Cycling
29Mark Feeley   Nederland, CO2:11:23.0 158974   
30Andrew Labout   Littleton, CO2:21:22.0 368799   Racer X Cycling

Men - SM 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Michael Dunbar   Lakewood, CO1:37:06.0 289831   Lathram Financial/MHCS
2Daniel Rowe   Denver, CO1:39:36.0 232335   
3Garett Graubins   Lafayette, CO1:39:39.0 362581   
4Michael Nightingale   Boulder, CO1:40:04.0 394485   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
5Brian J Sullivan   Boulder, CO1:44:31.0 401708   
6Joshua Metzl   Denver, CO1:45:15.0 296320   Century Road Club Assoc
7Noel Bennett   1:45:50.0   
8Damon Marxer   Boulder, CO1:48:13.0 22790   
9Robin Blenden   Longmont, CO1:50:52.0 382900   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
10Joshua Lensen   Denver, CO1:51:14.0 392067   Audi
11Brenden T Rowe   Catle Rock, CO1:54:28.0 382578   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
12Ryan Lewis   1:54:32.0   
13Michael E Stender   Boulder, CO1:54:58.0 407328   
14Josh Benjamin   Denver, CO1:55:31.0 405436   
15Ryan Hoeft   Brighton, MI1:59:49.0 139263   
16James Ruger   1:59:52.0   
17JOSE DELGADO JR   Miami Fl1:59:53.0 309524   Sports Garage Cycling
18Steve Remmert   2:00:47.0   
19Ron Wright   Boulder2:01:59.0 75749   
20Robert Unger   2:02:30.0   
21Rawleigh Ralls   North Andover, MA2:02:56.0 29064   
22Phil Ragsdale   Lakewood, CO2:05:39.0 229540   
23Scott Silver   Boulder, CO2:06:31.0 406640   
24Michael Boud   2:07:44.0   
25Greg Spahn   Denver2:08:33.0 395522   
26Jon Robichaud   Boulder2:28:21.0 407701   
DNFEd Havranek   Denver, CODNF 362906   
DNFJohn Pendergraft   Louisville, CODNF 27641   
DNFEric Shuemake   Aurora, CODNF 396013   TLR Cycling
DNFBrian Coleman   DNF   
DNFLiam T OBrien   Highlands Ranch, CODNF 369463   IC3Colorado
DNFAllan Seabolt   Littleton, CODNF 243624   

Men - SM 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Chris Leggere   Boulder, CO1:37:07.0 137278   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
2Steve Matous   Boulder, CO1:37:17.0 305328   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
3James Weir   Denver, CO1:37:31.0 362715   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
4William Kellagher   Boulder, CO1:39:28.0 45530   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
5Rip Mobus   Denver, CO1:40:26.0 24665   Great Divide Brewing Company
6David H Kruger   Louisville, CO1:42:06.0 53629   Boulder Orthopedics
7Callen Borgias   Centennial, CO1:42:51.0 363359   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
8Will s Bashan   Steamboat Springs1:45:35.0 379690   
9Lennard Zinn   Boulder, CO1:47:11.0 120345   Boulder Cycle Sport
10Derek Davis   1:49:40.0   
11Kim Workman   Fort Collins1:50:22.0 364420   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
12Dean Sandoval   Canon City, CO1:51:47.0 31245   Boulder Orthopedics
13Arthur Bollen   Englewood, CO2:00:34.0 362744   Front Rangers Cycling Club
14Joseph D Webster   Avon, CO2:01:02.0 245558   FFKR Architects Racing
15Knute Holum   Boulder, CO2:03:48.0 364151   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
16Jeffrey Thomas   Colorado Springs, CO2:05:57.0 364547   Pikes Peak Velo
17Hector Leyba   Penrose, CO2:06:42.0 364563   Southern Colorado Velo

Men - SM 65+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1tom groves   Centennial1:49:42.0 395760   
2Bob Connelly   Denver Co1:54:11.0 363781   Green Mountain Sports Velo
3Drew Clark   Erie, CO1:55:16.0 363986   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
4Donald Haywood   Fort Collins2:06:14.0 47650   Local Velo
5Rick Abbott   Boulder, CO2:09:55.0 213837   Excel Sports Boulder
6Richard Elliott   Littleton, CO2:15:17.0 201254   International Christian Cycling Club
7John Collins   Austin, TX2:16:19.0 60926   
8Peter Francis   Denver, CO2:25:25.0 298482   COBRAS

Men - SM Pro-1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Yannick Eckmann   Boulder, CO1:21:29.0 254024   California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
2Nick Bax   Boulder, CO1:21:29.0 193457   Team Rio Grande
3Dean Haas   Lakewood, CO1:21:41.0 271420   Pedal p/b Cannondale Development Team
4Tim Rash   1:21:49.0   
5Robin Eckmann   Boulder, CO1:22:50.0 254025   California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
6Michael P Carter   Littleton, CO1:23:43.0 66597   B.C.V./Scion Cycling
7Mike Pimm   Littleton, CO1:24:01.0 281426   Racer X Cycling
8Christopher Carr   Golden, CO1:24:10.0 246610   Denver Fit Loft
9Benjamin Blaugrund   Boulder, CO1:24:23.0 313428   Juwi Solar Cycling
10Rory Kelly   Boulder, CO1:24:36.0 257655   Denver Fit Loft
11LeRoy Popowski   Colorado Springs, CO1:25:10.0 166561   juwi-Slipstream
12Camilo Zambrano   Boulder, CO1:25:32.0 357730   Sonic Boom Racing Team
13Stig Somme   Denver, CO1:25:33.0 250129   
14Joseph Petrowski   Littleton, CO1:26:15.0 200788   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
15Kevin Nicol   Lafayette, CO1:26:21.0 46845   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
16Garrett Suydam   Denver, CO1:27:06.0 306027   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
17Nico Toutenhoofd   Boulder, CO1:28:30.0 130154   juwi-Slipstream
18Michael J Burleigh   Denver, CO1:29:53.0 345802   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
19Jon P Moro   Boulder, CO1:29:59.0 172183   
20Liam Donoghue   Glen Ellyn Il1:31:41.0 206188   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
21Sam Weinberg   1:32:59.0   
22Michael Hanna   Denver, CO1:33:01.0 225565   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
23Michael Dessau   Boulder, CO1:33:54.0 266626   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
24Brian Lehman   Denver, CO1:34:36.0 298376   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
25Brett Peters   Boulder, CO1:34:55.0 291239   Sonic Boom Racing
26Tim J Srenaski   Boulder, CO1:41:13.0 208544   Simple Racing
DNFJames Tyler Nabours   Boulder, CODNF 294028   Pedal p/b Cannondale Development Team
DNFMichael J Martin   Boulder, CODNF 264766   juwi-Slipstream
DNFMatthew Rowe   Boulder, CODNF 363233   Cycleton

Women - JW 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Tea Wright   Boulder, CO0:18:27.0 363170   Boulder Junior Cycling
2Petra Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO0:20:16.0 363223   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
3Taylor Johnson   Broomfield, CO0:20:17.0 381763   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
4Heidi Martin   Colorado Springs, CO0:20:47.0 389122   Cafe Velo
5Sophie Berry   Littleton, CO0:20:55.0 363142   
6Stephanie Lawrence   Colorado Springs, CO0:21:41.0 357542   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
7Autumn Martin   Colorado Springs, CO0:21:52.0 403697   Cafe Velo
8Chloe Atencio   Highlands Ranch Co0:22:20.0 363087   IC3Colorado
DNFEmma Slenkovich   Littleton, CODNF 393581   Altitude Cycling

Women - SW 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Annie Toth   Laramie, WY1:39:34.0 380695   Rolland Cycling
2Kristen L Peterson   Boulder, CO1:44:14.0 294039   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3Christine Snider   Englewood, CO1:47:12.0 362743   Front Rangers Cycling Club
4Maria Santiago   Durango, CO1:55:47.0 376546   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
5Jocelyn H Irwin   Vail Co1:57:47.0 375211   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR

Women - SW 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Gabriela Ferrat   Golden, CO1:51:33.0 112632   Team Rio Grande
2JJ Laughon   Fort Collins, CO1:54:09.0 363291   Team Rio Grande
3Andrea Koenig   Denver, CO1:54:12.0 348758   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
DNFRebecca Furuta   Longmont, CODNF 366392   Team Novo Nordisk

Women - SW 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Hannah Rifkin   Boulder, CO1:56:30.0 399580   
2Erin McGinnis   Breckenridge, CO1:58:56.0 362454   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
3Jenny Lucke   Louisville, CO1:59:41.0 364444   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
4Booka L Smith   Dillon, CO2:00:24.0 378764   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
5Geneva Templeton   Lakewood, CO2:01:25.0 263788   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
6Katie Harrer   Denver, CO2:01:48.0 395349   Naked Women's Racing
7Melissa F Westergard   Centennial, CO2:04:27.0 387478   ColoBikeLaw.com
8Savannah Adams   Denver, CO2:06:38.0 363242   Front Rangers Cycling Club
9Tami Burke   Littleton, CO2:15:18.0 351718   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
10Jane M Thomas   Colorado Springs, CO2:18:52.0 357642   Pikes Peak Velo

Women - SW 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Robin Waterman   Hanover Ma1:58:15.0 364464   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
2Beverly Zimmermann   Monument, CO1:58:17.0 213761   DNA Cycling-UT
3Kathryn Judson   Arvada, CO2:06:30.0 47161   Green Mountain Sports Velo
DNFRoseanna Neupauer   Lafayette, CODNF 364447   Foxtrot Racing

Women - SW 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ruth Alexander   Fort Collins, CO2:12:58.0 364531   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling

Women - SW Pro-1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Erin Huck   Boulder, CO1:38:38.0 194901   Whole Foods Market Giordana Scott Sports
2Julie Emmerman   Boulder, CO1:41:04.0 121552   Rally Sport Cycling Team
3Lindsey Knast   Lafayette, CO1:42:27.0 336564   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
4Kate C Powlison   Boulder, CO1:43:38.0 206491   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
5Catherine F Johnson   Boulder, CO1:43:50.0 185214   
6Amy Dombroski   Boulder, CO1:44:33.0 246803   
7Anne Donley   Boulder, CO1:47:00.0 227028   Rise Above Racing
8Beth R Fisk   Boulder, CO1:47:39.0 175388   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
9Jennifer Schumm   Denver Co1:48:34.0 363255   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
10Joan Orgeldinger   Denver, CO1:51:21.0 149151   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
11Susan Adamkovics   Arvada, CO1:54:57.0 289560   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
12Roberta Smith   Denver, CO2:01:35.0 307113   Naked Women's Racing

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