Race Results for
Big Ring Flyers YMCA CX
Hudson, WI
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Cyclocross on 10/16/2011

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Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1318.02Todd Foster   Northfield, MN28:35.th 311475   
2323.46Matt Riley   Red Wing, MN28:37.th 351944   Wheel House Cycles
3328.90Jeff Peterson   Minneapolis, MN28:37.th 327274   
4334.34Derek Van De Velde   Minneapolis, MN28:42.th 360270   Omnium
5339.78Ethan Furois   Falcon Heights, MN28:53.th 322612   Gopher Wheelmen
6345.22Steve Pribyl   Maplewood, MN28:59.th 297161   
7350.66Ryan Guy   Brooklyn Park, MN28:59.th 116933   
8356.10Reece Oleson   Jordan, MN29:04.th 349404   Angry Catfish
9361.54Mike Brotman   Saint Paul, MN29:26.th 360474   Synergy
10366.98Brian Bice   Minneapolis29:34.th 360268   
11372.42Aaron Lael   Champaign, IL29:45.th 217808   Paramount Sports
12377.86Matthew Sonke   Edina, MN29:48.th 327474   
13383.30Andris Delins   Minneapolis, MN30:20.th 333848   
14388.74Chris Gibbs   Cambridge, MN30:24.th 361301   LCR
15394.18Alessandro Cembran   Minneapolis, MN30:26.th 301767   
16399.62James Kauth   Saint Paul, MN30:31.th 342876   Birchwood/GIS
17405.06Nat McIntyre   Minneapolis, MN31:00.th 360271   
18410.50Nathan Phelps   De Pere, WI31:09.th 272098   Big Ring Flyers
19415.94Michel Dalal   Lakeville, MN31:19.th 42458   
20421.38Rob Herrmann   Minneapolis, MN31:21.th 225824   
21426.82Mike Berger   Golden Valley, MN31:24.th 301976   Loon State Cyclists
22432.26Todd Hoekstra   St Paul, MN31:27.th 314978   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
23437.70Aaron Duchon   Chanhassen, MN31:49.th 284515   
24443.14Mike Larson   Cambridge, MN32:03.th 101450   LCR
25Ricardo Dmaya   32:05.th   The Hub Bike Coop
26454.02Christoffer Graham   Wayzata, MN32:16.th 56693   
27459.46Ryan Guthrie   Hugo, MN32:30.th 356819   Gopher Wheelmen
28464.90Jeff Damm   Minneapolis, MN32:31.th 360269   
29470.34Kurt Martinson   St. Anthony, MN32:36.th 101293   GSCA
30475.78Bruce Porter   Woodbury, MN32:51.th 358801   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
31481.22Jacob Nelson   Maplewood, MN33:13.th 270742   Ramsey Cycling Club
32486.66German Jimenez   Saint Paul, MN33:14.th 360982   
33492.10Scott Shore   Minneapolis, MN33:20.th 311726   Birchwood
34497.54Matt Christiaansen   Elk River, MN33:21.th 239659   Big Ring Flyers
35Aaron Nelson   33:36.th   
36undefined undefined   33:45.th   Big Ring Flyers
37513.86John Davis   Minneapolis, MN33:47.th 293035   
38519.30Isaac Giesen   Red Wing, MN33:49.th 278942   
39524.74Alasdair Boyle   Minneapolis, MN33:52.th 353720   
40530.18Peter Lund   Minneapolis, MN33:58.th 361406   
41535.62Michael McKinney   Hudson, WI34:02.th 360010   Big Ring Flyers
42541.06Sean McArdle   Saint Louis Park, MN34:17.th 361305   
43546.50Dan Spengler   Palmyra, PA35:05.th 124108   
44Larry Warrington   35:06.th   SPH Cycles
45557.38Peter Behm   Northfield, MN35:07.th 342680   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
46562.82Douglas Dyer   Saint Paul, MN35:30.th 236767   
47568.26Tom McGoldrick   Deephaven, MN35:34.th 233298   
48573.70Martha Flynn-Kauth   Saint Paul, MN35:44.th 326212   Birchwood/GIS
49579.14Kent Furois   Falcon Heights, MN37:09.th 341008   Gopher Wheelmen
50584.58Todd Chapman   Princeton, MN29:14.th 305584   LCR
51590.02Joseph Gallagher   Saint Paul, MN29:31.th 353386   
DNFZach Newton      Angry Catfish

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1219.19Ben Koenig   Schofield, WI48:00.th 267964   Rib Mountain Cycles
2226.86Charles Simacek   Minneapolis, MN48:07.th 230406   Freewheel Bike
3234.53Mitch Nordahl   Anoka, MN48:16.th 312426   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
4242.20Matthew Montesano   Minneapolis, MN48:49.th 277696   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
5249.87Matt Leizinger   Minnetonka, MN48:50.th 284245   Angry Catfish
6257.54Fred Mills   Saint Louis Park, MN49:41.th 261006   MCT Freewheel
7265.21chris yotter   Saint Paul, MN49:51.th 318312   
8272.88Brady Prenzlow   Brooklyn Park, MN49:53.th 307715   Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
9280.55Nils Boberg   Shoreview, MN49:55.th 284823   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
10288.22Jeffrey Austin - Phillips   Saint Paul, MN49:57.th 166411   Behind-Bars/LGR
11295.89Brendan Bellew   New Prague, MN50:14.th 313010   Angry Catfish
12303.56Michael Bolinske   Hopkins, MN50:22.th 156954   MBRC/Flanders
13311.23Ulises Salas   Sioux Falls, SD50:30.th 223209   SC Velo
14318.90Bryan Hill   Minneapolis, MN50:35.th 315814   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
15326.57Casey Hildebrandt   Weston, WI50:44.th 296192   Polska
16334.24William Mayavski   St. Paul, MN50:46.th 23025   Omnium Racing
17341.91Chris Van Ert   Saint Paul, MN51:15.th 230802   Peace Coffee Racing
18349.58Innokenty Zavyalov   Minneapolis, MN51:17.th 319002   Omnium Racing
19357.25Samuel Bramel   Little Canada, MN51:17.th 291951   Gopher Wheelmen
20364.92Andrew Barlage   Hopkins, MN51:31.th 301985   
21372.59Allan Shuros   Saint Paul, MN51:33.th 165726   
22380.26Charles Tri   Rochester, MN51:40.th 80524   
23387.93Caleb Donaldson   Minneapolis, MN51:51.th 224416   Omnium Racing
24395.60Grant Larvick   Burnsville, MN51:57.th 328058   
25403.27Steven Sonnesyn   Minneapolis, MN51:59.th 52811   Team Plan C
26410.94Michael Moriarity   Bloomington, MN52:33.th 294003   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
27418.61Matthew Kurke   Rochester, MN52:46.th 243687   
28426.28John McGuire   New Hope, MN52:58.th 318996   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
29433.95Tim Gut   Eagan, MN53:01.th 326968   Angry Catfish
30441.62Rhett Finley   Wayzata, MN54:07.th 233002   
31449.29Matthew Lysne   Falcon Heights, MN54:13.th 253300   
32456.96David Peterson   Minneapolis, MN54:20.th 239997   Birchwood/GIS
33464.63Mark Long   St Paul, MN54:29.th 254201   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
34472.30Chris Sur   Minneapolis, MN55:00.th 302904   
35479.97Jason Digman   Plymouth, MN55:12.th 245677   Dig It Cycling
36487.64Cal Collins   Eden Prairie, MN51:00.th 324062   
37495.31Jason Goldberg   Saint Paul, MN52:42.th 359   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1452.86Edison Foster   Northfield, MN34:52.th 358142   
2471.25Anders Sonnesyn   Minneapolis, MN37:12.th 361767   
3489.64Ethan Peterson   Minneapolis, MN29:43.th 360805   Birchwood
4undefined Herrmann   31:36.th   
5526.42Paul Dahlen (1 - Cat4)   Zumbrota, MN32:58.th 284809   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
6544.81Mason DeKeyrel (2 - Cat4)   White Bear Lake, MN33:05.th 356968   Sho-Air Minnesota Cycling Club
7563.20Treqwan McClellan Penn   Minneapolis, MN33:16.th 361306   Peacock Groove
8Andrew Shuros   33:33.th   

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1318.72Casey Hildebrandt   Weston, WI28:38.th 296192   Polska
2331.74Ethan Furois   Falcon Heights, MN28:46.th 322612   Gopher Wheelmen
3344.76Alec Porter (1 - Cat3)   Saint Paul, MN28:49.th 311313   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
4357.78Quentin IkutaSchodde   Marine On Saint Croix, MN30:03.th 360457   Synergy
5370.80Andris Delins   Minneapolis, MN30:27.th 333848   
6383.82Reece Oleson   Jordan, MN30:37.th 349404   Angry Catfish
7Zach Newton   30:51.th   Angry Catfish
8409.86Thomas Wavrin   Henderson, MN31:44.th 342900   MNJRC
9422.88Daniel Svedberg   Woodbury, MN31:55.th 278187   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
10435.90Colin Catlin   Arden Hills, MN32:31.th 295785   Gopher Wheelmen
11448.92Luke Dahlen   Zumbrota, MN32:47.th 362262   
12461.94David Hart   Stanthonyvillage, MN32:54.th 289783   Gopher Wheelmen
13474.96Kaleb De Keyrel (1 - Cat4)   White Bear Lake, MN35:01.th 356967   Sho-Air Minnesota Cycling Club
14Jonathan McBurney   35:31.th   
15501.00Brian Gaines   Minneapolis, MN36:43.th 244626   Gopher Wheelmen

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Master - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1235.22Brian Koeneman   Apple Valley, MN00:40.th 46700   Team Wheel & Sprocket
2248.67Oliver Vrambout (1 - Cat2)   Bayport, MN00:43.th 121438   The Waffle Van
3262.12Guy Alvarez (2 - Cat2)   Lino Lakes, MN01:36.th 155011   Crossniacs
4275.57Kent Throlson   Minneapolis, MN03:02.th 179235   Loon State Cyclists
5289.02Ronald Williams   Duluth, MN03:20.th 142191   Velo Duluth
6302.47Barry Tungseth   Stillwater, MN03:52.th 211935   The Bikery Du Nord
7315.92Mark Mlinar   Hutchinson, MN04:36.th 48557   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
8329.37Andrew Dahl   Minneapolis, MN05:02.th 8504   Specialized
9342.82Eric Sundstrom   Elk River, MN05:16.th 98302   International Christian Cycling Club
10356.27Grant Larvick   Burnsville, MN59:50.th 328058   
11369.72Vince Rosetta   Shoreview, MN00:27.th 254966   Alchemy Racing Team
12383.17Dave Fetters   Minneapolis, MN00:34.th 266342   
DNFDrew Holbrook (Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN 16497   Freewheel Bike

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Master - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1227.34Brian Koeneman   Apple Valley, MN40:47.th 46700   Team Wheel & Sprocket
2240.78Thomas Thornquest   Golden Valley, MN41:25.th 147521   Kenwood Racing
3254.22Gregory Goblirsch (1 - Cat3)   River Falls, WI41:29.th 77328   Loon State Cyclists
4267.66Maury Malanaphy (2 - Cat3)   Hudson, WI41:32.th 22236   TREK
5281.10Paul Schoening   Plymouth, MN42:04.th 31734   Team Plan C
6294.54Ladric D'Schommer-Grant   Minneapolis, MN42:09.th 147307   Crossniacs
7307.98William Kuster   Anoka, MN42:36.th 59499   Loon State Cyclists
8321.42Paul McKinney (1 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN43:03.th 234427   Curt Goodrich Racing Team
9334.86Martin Lacey   Saint Paul, MN43:09.th 193390   Omnium Bike Shop
10348.30Peter Leugers   Minneapolis, MN43:20.th 302609   Rapha Focus
11361.74Mark Rathbun   Elk River, MN43:26.th 149700   Minnesota Cycling Team
12375.18Robert Marhefke   River Falls, WI44:30.th 22498   LaCross Velo Club
13388.62Thomas MacDonald   Minneapolis, MN44:39.th 117428   Curt Goodrich Racing Team
14402.06Jon Friedell   Minnetonka, MN44:40.th 194324   Kenwood Racing
15415.50Paul Inkala   Apple Valley, MN45:21.th 245256   Gravel Grinders
16428.94Dan Inderieden   Minneapolis, MN45:24.th 218333   Bent Crank Racing
17442.38Robert Belz   Afton, MN45:33.th 87690   Loon State Cyclists
18455.82Todd Trembley   Faribault, MN45:50.th 217961   
19469.26Craig Estenson (1 - Cat4)   Eagan, MN45:52.th 361203   
20482.70Eddie Karow   Stpaul, MN48:16.th 281195   LCR
21496.14Karl Svedberg   Woodbury, MN42:14.th 296081   Chilkoot Velo
22509.58Drew Holbrook (2 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN46:05.th 16497   Freewheel Bike
DNFHeath Weisbrod   Saint Louis Park, MN 228026   Angry Catfish

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Master - 55-59

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1383.06Roger Parenteau   Hudson, WI45:20.th 54884   
2404.48Robert Ogren (1 - Cat3)   Bloomington, MN46:20.th 232145   Kenwood Racing
3425.90Michael Cisek   Minneapolis, MN46:24.th 269355   Team Plan C
4447.32Robert Benedum (2 - Cat3)   Amery, WI46:55.th 51817   Silver Cycling
5468.74Richard Spielberg (1 - Cat2)   No City, MN48:37.th 48903   Minnesota Cycling Team
6490.16Tom Bengel   St Paul, MN41:32.th 200781   Bianchi/Grand Performance
7511.58Steve Hirsh (3 - Cat3)   Saint Paul, MN42:32.th 290283   Birchwood

Men - Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1200.33Adam Bergman   Saint Paul, MN58:33.th 103032   Specialized
2213.80Jeff Kluck (1 - Cat2)   Sioux Falls, SD58:39.th 198417   Specialized
3227.27Pat Lemieux   Saint Paul, MN59:28.th 210769   Specialized
4240.74Ian Stanford   White Bear Lake, MN00:16.th 175718   GrandStay Hotels
5254.21Christopher Fisher   Inver Grove Heights, MN00:32.th 182827   Crossniacs
6267.68Jacob Boyce   Duluth, MN00:38.th 227560   Synergy
7281.15Owen Thoele   Minneapolis, MN00:44.th 211174   Angry Catfish
8294.62Matthew Allen   Minneapolis, MN01:02.th 200426   Behind-Bars/LGR
9308.09Nicholas Vetter   St. Paul, MN02:12.th 263471   Bianchi/Grand Performance
10321.56David Oachs   Woodbury, MN02:26.th 116923   Big Ring Flyers
11335.03Jake Begley (2 - Cat2)   Tempe, AZ02:57.th 268804   Eriks Bike Shop
12348.50Rich Bergstrom (3 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN03:42.th 193869   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
13361.97Daniel Jacobsen   Saint Paul, MN03:49.th 277887   Omnium Racing
14375.44Andrew Kruse   Minneapolis, MN04:25.th 160686   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
15388.91Todd Heiser   Savage, MN02:01.th 92909   Silver Cycling

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1434.24Lisa Thompson   Minneapolis, MN37:13.th 233402   Urban Tri
2Tina Raehsler   37:15.th   Big Ring Flyers
3512.12Amy Fuller   Minnetonka, MN29:57.th 359312   Method Cycles
4Christine Kurtz   30:27.th   
5Steph Gonzales   31:07.th   The Hub Bike Coop
DNFAlicia Fisk      
DNFDana Buddenbaum   Bloomington, MN 185483   Silver Cycle

Women - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1320.94Anne Grabowski   Minneapolis, MN40:50.th 57292   Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder
2343.62Julie Phelps   De Pere, WI41:04.th 278869   Big Ring Flyers
3366.30Alexandra Lacey   Saint Paul, MN41:46.th 210133   Rapha Focus
4388.98Martha Flynn-Kauth   Saint Paul, MN42:30.th 326212   Birchwood/GIS
5411.66Kris Brazil   Faribault, MN42:47.th 238279   Milltown Cycles
6434.34Nicolette Reker   Little Canada, MN42:54.th 308210   Bianchi/Grand Performance
7457.02Alison Tungseth   Stillwater, MN49:03.th 261843   Sweet & Salty

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Anya Malarski   Duluth Mn34:58.th 302412   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
2Maya Espinosa (1 - Cat4)   Saint Paul, MN26:59.th 361291   SPBRC

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Rachael Jensen (1 - Cat4)   Shell Lake, WI34:35.th 288627   Team Geargrinder
2Valerie McGoldrick   Deephaven, MN32:29.th 302230   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.

Women - Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Lee Penn   Minneapolis, MN45:06.th 194317   Bianchi/Grand Performance

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