Race Results for
OVCX Infirmary Mound
Granville, OH
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Cyclo-cross on 11/14/2010

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat 1/2 - Masters - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Rose Frederick      BikeReg.com
2327.61Jason Karew   Cincinnati, OH 133936   Queen City Wheels
3338.89John Mandrola   Louisville, KY 201258   Better Cycling of Louisville
4350.17Phillip Noble   Xenia, OH 52520   Bio Wheels Racing
5361.45Jeffrey Craft   Madison, OH 8033   Lake Effect Cycling Team
6372.73Mitchell Graham   Cincinnati, OH 119773   Bio Wheels Racing
7Erik Fagerberg      Papa Johns Racing Team
8395.29Joseph Bellante   Cincinnati, OH 199092   Bio Wheels Racing
9406.57Nate Loman   Fairlawn, OH 236165   Lake Effect Cycling Team
10417.85Corey Green   Mason, OH 150266   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
11429.13Michael Schulze   Cincinnati, OH 155831   Queen City Wheels
12440.41Derrick Young   Gahanna, OH 285243   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
DNFMorgan Webb   Louisville, KY 37472   Fetzer

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1416.97David Yohe   Indianapolis, IN 290032   Spin
2423.63Andrew Suchocki   Baltimore, MD 265523   Team Hungry
3430.29Spencer Petrov   Mason, OH 301051   Queen City Wheels
4436.95Duncan Russell   Corvallis, OR 313872   Echelon Cycling Team
5443.61jared preston   North Royalton, OH 319528   Unattached
6450.27Daisuke Sata   Columbus, OH 222999   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
7456.93Brian Schultz   Columbus, OH 284685   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
8463.59Charles Bossart   Cincinnati, OH 301464   Unattached
9470.25Matt Harbaugh   Cincinnati, OH 302357   Queen City Wheels
11476.91Andrew Smith   Van Wert, OH 208144   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
12483.57Kipp Silber   Dayton, OH 287701   Team Dayton Bicycling
13490.23Erik Albers   Indianapolis, IN 330184   Speedway Wheelmen
14496.89Kelley Clem   Columbus, OH 260203   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
15503.55Duncan Spillman   Dublin, OH 300113   Unattached
16Robert Kretehmar      Unattached
17516.87Darryn Fessel   Cincinnati Oh 302129   7 Hills Racing Inc
18523.53Chris Knapp   Columbus, OH 229003   Unattached
19530.19Kristian Graham   Granville, OH 231846   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
20536.85Philip Schumacher   Gahanna, OH 253334   Unattached
21543.51Scott Moore   Portsmouth, OH 24956   Unattached
22550.17Dan Mascret   Canal Winchester, OH 284446   Unattached
23Benjamin Halton      Unattached
24Andrew Zedella      Unattached
25570.15Blake Wehlage   Columbus, OH 247386   B1 Bicycles
26576.81Jovid Kimple   Carroll, OH 328960   Riding With My Son
27Paul Chatel      Unattached
28Adam Ward      Unattached

Men - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1320.72Matthew Kiel   Indianapolis, IN 274433   Unattached
2331.36Ray Smith   Louisville, KY 292526   Unattached
3342.00Scott Pardi   Cincinnati, OH 287065   Team Hungry
4352.64Ryan Kiel   Indianapolis 220260   Unattached
5363.28Eric Lundgren   Pittsburgh, PA 264778   Iron City Bikes
6373.92Jaden Sempsrott   Maineville, OH 285450   Bio Wheels Racing
7384.56Gregg Shanefelt   Pittsburgh, PA 205264   Zephyr Wheel Sports
8395.20Jason Reser   Fort Wright, KY 83942   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
9405.84Joseph Hall   Columbus, OH 221249   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
10416.48Peter Deucher   Indianapolis, IN 225739   Spin
11427.12Justin Ling   Columbus, OH 282163   Team Awesome
12Aaron Oakley      Unattached
13448.40Joanna Stubenrauch (1 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH 303795   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
14459.04Timothy Sholl   Columbus, OH 283488   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
15Mark Ames      Unattached
16Peter Dy      Unattached
17490.96Daisuke Sata   Columbus, OH 222999   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
18501.60John Farren   Columbus, OH 319862   Unattached
19512.24Joel Ronschke   Columbus, OH 301026   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
20522.88Kurtis Fraley   Lewis Center, OH 295857   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
21Kevin Giriunas      Unattached
22Ian Anderson      Unattached
23Ben Trimble      Unattached
24565.44Dave Mundy   Dayton, OH 284686   Team Dayton Bicycling

Men - Cat 3 - Masters - 35-44

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1372.36Peter Hills   Loveland, OH 117544   Team Dayton Bicycling
2378.09shane nalley   Boonville, IN 301929   KCV Cycling Club
3383.82Brian Collier   Burlington, KY 284326   Bio Wheels Racing
4389.55Steven Gers   Bellevue, KY 239935   Bio Wheels Racing
5395.28jeff schoeny   Cincinnati, OH 277142   Team Dayton Bicycling
6401.01Nathan Mirus   Batavia, OH 280756   Bio Wheels Racing
7406.74Gregory Fasig   Loveland, OH 111145   Zephyr Wheel Sports
8412.47James Turner   Dayton, OH 189407   The Midwest Express
9418.20Mark Farmer   Columbus, OH 208828   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
10423.93Robert Sherman   Loveland, OH 120645   Team Dayton Bicycling
11429.66Doug Carraway   Columbus, OH 287612   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
12Jon Clous      Combo/Whole Foods
13441.12Matt Stierwalt   Maineville, OH 34173   Rogue Racers
14446.85Layne Peters   Columbus, OH 91115   Team Awesome
15452.58Jeff Cyrus   Loveland, OH 86510   Unattached
16458.31Glen Gardner   Westerville, OH 12819   Vortechs Group
17Butch Farrell      Rogue Racers
18469.77Otto Schug   Columbus, IN 31828   WebCyclery Racing
19475.50David Groen   Powell, OH 189291   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
20Tom Decker      Combo/Whole Foods
21486.96Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 298154   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
22492.69Andrew Allwein   Cincinnati, OH 123421   Seven Hills Racing
23498.42Jerry Hayes   Cincinnati, OH 233064   Queen City Wheels
24504.15Trent Lundberg   Westerville, OH 109314   Kreitler Racing Team
25509.88Rick Maier   Liberty Twp, OH 48035   Team Dayton Bicycling
26515.61John Kimple   Carroll, OH 327694   Riding With My Son
27521.34Vince Urichich   Columbus, OH 86663   Unattached
28527.07Peter Czerwinski   Dublin, OH 252055   New Hampshire Cycling Club
29532.80Benjamin Anderson   Columbus, OH 68646   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
DNFDavid Farnham   Columbus 156860   Unattached
DNFCorey Green   Mason, OH 150266   Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.

Men - Cat 3 - Masters - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1399.69Mark Hooton   Cincinnati, OH 16694   Rogue Racers
2411.24Scott Young   Millersport, OH 109205   Unattached
3422.79Laurence Pesyna   Westerville, OH 169556   Unattached
4434.34Scott Belcher   Cincinnati, OH 275510   7 Hills Racing Inc
5445.89Richard Toler   Dayton, OH 66088   Team Hammer Nutrition
6457.44Michael Otting   Cincinnati, OH 26933   7 Hills Racing Inc
7468.99Lars Andersen   Cincinnati, OH 217734   Unattached
8Steve Vorderman      DRT Racing
9492.09Charles South   Fort Wayne, IN 33532   Men Of Steel Racing LLC
10503.64James Havey   Lexington, KY 271271   Commonwealth Eye Surgery
11515.19John Downey   Loveland, OH 9932   Unattached
12526.74Douglas Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 108781   Queen City Wheels
13538.29Chris Freter   Columbus, OH 275071   ALAN North America Cycling
14549.84Doug Hamilton   Fairborn, OH 198036   Bio Wheels Racing
15561.39John Riedel   Plain City, OH 60626   ALAN North America Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1267.35Ryan Knapp   Columbus, IN 161263   Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
2276.65Erik Hamilton   Boulder, CO 238111   Indianapolis Cycling Club
3285.95Joshua Johnson   Fort Wayne, IN 257134   Don Galligher-DRT Consulting
4295.25Robert Kendall   Georgetown, IN 117036   Team Barbasol/Rapid Transit
5304.55Christopher Nevitt   Louisville, KY 259511   Sonovelo
6313.85Alder Martz   Charlotte Nc 202082   Globalbike Racing
7323.15Ryan Gamm   Oxford, OH 149656   Inferno Racing LLC
8332.45Joshua Prater   Indianapolis, IN 28616   Speedway Wheelmen
9341.75Jonathan Dy   Columbus, OH 274989   Unattached
10Tom Herman      Alan
11360.35Christopher Chartier   Hamilton, OH 207349   KCV Cycling Club
12369.65Zachary Edwards   Boulder, CO 213958   Three Rivers Bicycle Club
13378.95Anthony Viton   Westerville, OH 288957   Echelon Cycling Team
14388.25Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 235804   Queen City Wheels
15397.55Phillip Noble   Xenia, OH 52520   Bio Wheels Racing
16406.85James Billiter (1 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 285273   Bio Wheels Racing
17416.15Kyle Wingler (2 - Cat3)   Alexandria, OH 245279   Unattached
18425.45Spencer Hackett   Columbus, OH 297118   Team B1 Bicycles
19434.75Garth Prosser (1 - Cat2)   Dublin, OH 28761   Unattached
21444.05Rebecca Finley   Indianapolis, IN 245823   Team Kenda
DNFPhillip Boydelatour   Columbus, OH 276993   Team Awesome
DNFJeremy Russell   Columbus, OH 188034   Unattached
DNFJason Karew (Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 133936   Queen City Wheels
DNFChris Mayhew   Pittsburgh, PA 88693   Allegheny Cycling Association
DNFMichael Mihalik   Sewickley, PA 245927   Freddie Fu Cycling Team
DNFJacob Virostko   Columbus, IN 202432   Morris Trucking Velo

Women - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1441.98Cooper Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 299864   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
2458.43Carrie Cochran   Ludlow, KY 281906   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
3474.88Angie Sexton   Cincinnati, OH 302437   Unattached
4491.33Teresa Patrick   Columbus, OH 328848   Unattached
5507.78Joanna Stubenrauch (1 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH 303795   Ohio Orthopedic - Moro Cycling
6524.23Jillian Kellbach   Columbus, OH 220409   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
7Abbey Trimble      World of Pain Cycling
8557.13Collyn Smitherman   Danville, KY 324718   Unattached
9573.58Shanna Duffy   Beavercreek, OH 305446   Team Dayton Bicycling
10590.03Kellie Cochran (2 - Cat4)   Fortwright, KY 309207   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
DNSPatrice Lehocky   Columbus, OH 302856   Team Awesome
DNFSarah Swallow   Loveland, OH 324456   ZWS Cycle Sport

Women - Cat 3/4 - Masters - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1447.13Staci Mandrola   Louisville, KY 326810   Papa Johns Racing Team
2461.42Rachel Weaver   Pittsburgh, PA 271851   Steel City Endurance
3475.71Kellie Strang   Mcdonald, OH 303754   Unattached
4490.00Ginger Ballard   Upper Arlington 281058   Team Awesome
5Rachel Faberberg      Unattached
6518.58Karen Wells-Hamilton   Fairborn, OH 274282   Bio Wheels Racing
7532.87Sherri Thompson   Louisville, KY 290519   Rogue Racers
8547.16Tiffanie Hills   Loveland, OH 302106   Team Dayton Bicycling
9561.45Geanie Helfrich   Centerville, OH 284601   Team Dayton Bicycling
10Heather Farrell      Rogue Racers
11590.03Mary Bill   Miamisburg, OH 286616   Team Dayton Bicycling

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1324.65AnnaJean Dallaire   Georgetown, IN 217836   Alderfer Bergen
2Amanda Virostko      Bio Wheels Racing
3361.23Bridget Donovan   Cincinnati, OH 119776   Trek Store Cincinnati
4379.52Geraldine Schulze   Cincinnati, OH 293521   Bio Wheels Racing
5397.81Malissa Petrov   Mason, OH 303688   Zephyr Wheel Sports
6416.10Rebecca Finley   Indianapolis, IN 245823   Team Kenda
7434.39Melissa Wick   Columbus, OH 293995   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
8452.68Jennifer Peters   Columbus, OH 278486   Team Awesome
9470.97Bridget Sempsrott   Maineville, OH 293120   Bio Wheels Racing
10489.26Allie Dragoo   Grand Rapids, MI 291607   Unattached
11507.55Carrie Cochran   Ludlow, KY 281906   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
12525.84Cooper Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY 299864   Reser Fusion Velo Experience
13544.13Amy Kulesza   Columbus, OH 216124   Unattached
14562.42Nancy Henderson (1 - Cat2)   West Des Moines, IA 208557   Central Ohio Bicycle Club
15580.71Angie Sexton   Cincinnati, OH 302437   Unattached
DNFKatie Arnold      Trek Store Columbus

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