Race Results for
Pork Chop Challenge Cyclocross
St Cloud, MN
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Cyclo-cross on 09/26/2010

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1466.01Matthew Petersen   Minneapolis, MN29:49.th 244920   Unattached
2468.31Brendan Bellew   New Prague, MN30:15.th 313010   Unattached
3Dan Hedgecock   30:37.th   Unattached
4472.91Benjamin Cox   Woodbury, MN31:04.th 313208   Birchwood/GIS
5475.21Chris Van Ert   Saint Paul, MN31:06.th 230802   Peace Coffee Racing
6477.51Nathan Brennaman   Minneapolis, MN31:13.th 297611   Birchwood/GIS
7479.81Ryan Marsel   Minneapolis, MN31:14.th 313268   Behind-Bars/LGR
8482.11montedirks dirks   Minneapolis, MN31:22.th 285560   Unattached
9484.41Seth Iverson   Minneapolis, MN31:47.th 267095   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
10486.71Grant Larvick   Burnsville, MN31:59.th 328058   Unattached
11489.01Daniel Jansen   Minnetonka, MN32:03.th 17677   Unattached
12491.31Brady Prenzlow   Brooklyn Park, MN32:04.th 307715   Loon State Cyclists
13493.61Charles Simacek   Minneapolis, MN32:05.th 230406   Unattached
14Jon Kern   32:09.th   Unattached
15498.21Douglas Carter   Minneapolis, MN32:10.th 283695   Birchwood/GIS
16Jake Szymanski   32:26.th   Unattached
17502.81Mark Rathbun   Elk River, MN32:35.th 149700   Minnesota Cycling Team
18505.11Matt Lovaas   Edina, MN32:41.th 221930   Silver Cycling
19507.41Chris Walsh   Shorewood, MN32:44.th 302672   Unattached
20509.71Ian Johnson   Minneaplois, MN32:44.th 300764   Behind-Bars/LGR
21512.01Jacob Quarstad   Minneapolis, MN32:49.th 325290   Birchwood/GIS
22514.31Robert Ogren   Bloomington, MN32:49.th 232145   Kenwood Racing
23516.61John McGuire   New Hope, MN33:01.th 318996   Unattached
24518.91Bryan Gerding   Minneapolis, MN33:05.th 177126   Freewheel Bike
25521.21Tim Gut   Eagan, MN33:19.th 326968   Squadra ACF
26523.51Kim Schmidt   Wayzata, MN33:25.th 326602   Unattached
27Samuel Francois   33:49.th   Revolution Cycle and Ski
28528.11Ben Robetor   Maplewood, MN33:57.th 327206   Peace Coffee Racing
29530.41Ken Hum   Waukesha34:04.th 291669   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
30Chris Murnyak   34:13.th   Unattached
31535.01Alexander Zidarevich   Minneapolis, MN34:36.th 326802   Unattached
32Chance Glasford   34:50.th   Unattached
33539.61Paul Tocko   Prior Lake, MN34:57.th 217183   Synergy
34James VanSloan   35:04.th   Unattached
35544.21Benjamin Metzger   Indianapolis, IN35:29.th 266233   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
36546.51Thomas Falloon   Saint Cloud, MN35:40.th 308047   Unattached
37Ryan Newman   35:50.th   Unattached
38551.11Alessandro Cembran   Minneapolis, MN36:13.th 301767   Unattached
39553.41Brandon Whittey   Minneapolis, MN36:33.th 233842   Behind-Bars/LGR
40555.71Jason Donlan   Waconia, MN36:36.th 301995   Unattached
41558.01Dave Hirsch   Minneapolis, MN36:54.th 301947   Birchwood/GIS
42Andrew Magiln   37:01.th   Unattached
43562.61Jeff Bauerly   St Cloud, MN38:10.th 238527   Revolution Cycle and Ski
44Rich Baillargeon      Unattached
45James White      Unattached
46569.51Karl Svedberg   Woodbury, MN 296081   Chilkoot Velo
47Mike Cass      Unattached
48574.11Todd Chapman   Princeton, MN 305584   Unattached
49Todd Siegwart      Unattached
50578.71Gregory McCrea   Houston, TX 53217   Gulf Coast Cycling Association
99Andy Berg      Unattached
99Mark Mondlach      Unattached
99585.61drew wilson   Rochester, MN 321766   Unattached
99583.31Nathan Goltz   Saint Paul, MN 316390   Synergy
99Kent Furois      Unattached

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1420.06Jake Richards   Callaway, MN51:32.th 265418   Maplelag
2425.56Merrill Lutsky   Northfield, MN51:58.th 294615   Silver Cycling
3431.06Bruce Martens   Saint Paul, MN52:34.th 212731   Balance Cycling
4436.56Justin Rinehart   Mankato, MN52:36.th 149501   Unattached
5442.06Ronald Williams   Duluth, MN52:38.th 142191   Unattached
6447.56dylan knutson   Salisbury, NC52:50.th 281816   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
7453.06Andy Reichert   Minneapolis, MN54:30.th 49810   Birchwood/GIS
8458.56Daniel Strese   Bloomington, MN55:08.th 247774   FCCC/Penn Cycle
9464.06Matt Leizinger   Minnetonka, MN55:19.th 284245   Excelcycle Club
10469.56Kevin Reker   Little Canada, MN55:23.th 294964   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
11475.06Robert Byers   Minneapolis, MN55:35.th 268460   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
12480.56Jeremy Ames   Minneapolis, MN55:56.th 285970   Freewheel Bike
13486.06Charlie Schad   Sartell, MN56:01.th 279431   Revolution Cycle and Ski
14491.56Pat Dowling   St. Louis Park, MN56:12.th 44129   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
15497.06David Peterson   Minneapolis, MN56:41.th 239997   G.S. Circo Azzurro
16502.56Michael Bolinske   Hopkins, MN56:50.th 156954   Loon State Cyclists
17508.06Charles Parsons   Minneapolis, MN57:02.th 242039   Unattached
18513.56Scott Sherman   Winona, MN57:18.th 126716   Unattached
19519.06Stephen Cottrell   Minneapolis, MN58:06.th 238013   Freewheel Bike
20524.56Adam Birr   Zumbrota, MN 211747   Unattached
21530.06Jeffrey Penman   Ellsworth, WI 288396   FCCC/Penn Cycle
22535.56Don Schmeichel   Andover, MN 92247   BikeThrow Racing
23Mason Bacso      Gear West Bike
24546.56Chad Christenson   Cambridge, MN 100189   Synergy
25552.06Gregorio Ramirez   Hopkins, MN 326564   Dominican Republic
26557.56Adam Rambow   Saint Paul, MN 302222   Birchwood/GIS
27563.06Jeremiah Sagel   Edina, MN 31058   Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
28568.56Mario Macaruso   Minneapolis, MN 174187   Freewheel Bike
99574.06Ted Byram   River Falls, WI 318800   Erik's Bike Shop
99579.56Alex Berge   Chicago, IL 250482   Balance Cycling
99585.06Isaac Young   Minneapolis, MN 326552   Unattached

Men - Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1350.07Matthew Allen   Minneapolis, MN01:06:08 200426   Behind-Bars/LGR
2367.40cody larson   Northfield, MN01:06:20 298311   ACF
3384.73Jacob Boyce   Duluth, MN01:07:12 227560   Synergy
4402.06Nicholas Vetter   St. Paul, MN01:09:07 263471   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
5419.39Jay Henderson   Minneapolis, MN01:12:33 15779   Silver Cycling
6436.72Keven Kvalsten   Robbinsdale, MN 149743   Kenwood Racing
7454.05Spencer Haugh   Dorchester, MA 214228   Behind-Bars/LGR
8471.38Christopher Fisher   Inver Grove Heights, MN 182827   Velo Rochester
9488.71Jason Wenk   North Mankato, MN 238817   Unattached

Men - Master - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1366.89Jim Bell   Saint Cloud, MN01:08:25 102936   Revolution Cycle and Ski
2386.81Jason Snider   Wayzata, MN01:09:30 33354   Silver Cycling
3406.73Ed Alpasa   Maple Grove, MN01:09:59 160673   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
4426.65Jeff Evanson   Medina, MN 255457   Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
5446.57Daniel Strese   Bloomington, MN 247774   FCCC/Penn Cycle
6466.49Eric Guse   St Louis Park, MN 211199   FCCC
7486.41Daniel Wheeler   St. Paul, MN 227791   Gopher Wheelmen
8506.33Jeremiah Sagel   Edina, MN 31058   Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club

Men - Master - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1358.13Jim Bell   Saint Cloud, MN27:13.th 102936   Revolution Cycle and Ski
2366.22Gregory Goblirsch   River Falls, WI27:36.th 77328   Loon State Cyclists
3374.31Mark Mlinar   Hutchinson, MN 48557   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
4382.40Robert Douglass (1 - Cat3)   Hopkins, MN28:36.th 50737   Minnesota Cycling Team
5390.49Piotr Bednarski   Minneapolis, MN28:48.th 236794   Freewheel Bike
6398.58Mark Skarpohl   Mankato, MN28:50.th 48773   Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
7406.67Steve Laurel   Longmont, CO29:18.th 240886   Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
8414.76Paul Schoening   Plymouth, MN29:35.th 31734   Unattached
9422.85Charles Townsend   Mendota Heights, MN30:03.th 46011   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
10430.94Thomas Manderfeld   Sauk Rapids, MN30:21.th 82764   Crossniacs
11439.03Mark Rathbun   Elk River, MN31:40.th 149700   Minnesota Cycling Team
12447.12Todd Trembley   Faribault, MN32:31.th 217961   Unattached
13455.21Larry Schonhardt   Minneapolis, MN32:47.th 87680   Loon State Cyclists
14463.30Erik Johanson   Chanhassen, MN32:55.th 302859   Plane/Stevens
15471.39Robert Ogren   Bloomington, MN33:05.th 232145   Kenwood Racing
16479.48Jack Stack (1 - Cat4)   Minneapolis, MN33:16.th 235474   Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
17487.57Stuart Benson   Shafer, MN33:33.th 100413   Unattached
18495.66Mark Overgaard   Vadnaisheights, MN 297849   Gopher Wheelmen
19503.75Tom Bengel   St Paul, MN 200781   Unattached
20511.84Mark Engen   Winona, MN 10813   River Valley Cycling Club- RVCC
21Greg Gowan      Unattached
22528.02N/A   No City, MN 292998   Silver Cycling
23Rick Baillarseon      Unattached
24544.20Jeff Evanson   Medina, MN 255457   Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
99552.29Gregory McCrea   Houston, TX 53217   Gulf Coast Cycling Association

Men - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Alec Porter   Saint Paul, MN40:17.th 311313   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
2Paul Dahlen   40:18.th   Unattached
3Mickey Amo      Unattached
4Sawyer Amo      Unattached

Men - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1514.16Michael Gaines   Minneapolis, MN 244643   Gopher Wheelmen
2523.64Ethan Furois   Falcon Heights, MN35:44.th 322612   Gopher Wheelmen
3533.12Brian Gaines   Minneapolis, MN36:19.th 244626   Gopher Wheelmen
4542.60Aaron Shaw   Rogers, MN37:14.th 264910   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
5552.08Tristan Manderfeld   Sauk Rapids, MN37:25.th 269090   Crossniacs
6561.56Daniel Svedberg   Woodbury, MN39:01.th 278187   MNJRC
7571.04David Hart   Stanthonyvillage, MN40:38.th 289783   Gopher Wheelmen
99Ethan Brakke      Unattached
99590.00Jacob Uhl   Saint Paul, MN 317084   Gopher Wheelmen

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1511.34Meredith Rambow   Saint Paul, MN39:10.th 304746   Birchwood/GIS
2520.08Hannah Sullivan   St Paul, MN40:32.th 187968   Gear West Bike
3528.82Niki Reker   Little Canada, MN41:06.th 308210   St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
4Sheila Amo   41:45.th   Unattached
5546.30Martha FlynnKauth   Saint Paul, MN41:53.th 326212   Crossniacs
6555.04Iman Mefleh   Minneapolis, MN41:59.th 315790   Behind-Bars/LGR
7Beth Shedd      Unattached
8572.52Susan Greeley   Wyoming, MN 229140   Gopher Wheelmen
99581.26Sherry Berde Townsend   Mendota Heights, MN 158605   Gopher Wheelmen
99590.00Katie Juffer   Mason City, IA 324726   Unattached

Women - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1400.67Jennifer Fisher   Inver Grove Heights, MN31:42.th 212052   Unattached
2456.15Kristy Henderson   Minneapolis, MN33:49.th 264109   Silver Cycling
3511.63Kris Brazil   Faribault, MN 238279   Unattached
4567.11Nicole Waxmonsky-Tu   Saint Paul, MN 277897   Synergy

Women - Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jenna Rinehart   Mankato, MN29:11.th 160568   Specialized/Nicollet Bike
2Megan Lennon (1 - Cat2)   Minneapolis, MN 259658   Behind-Bars/LGR

Women - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Valerie McGoldrick   Deephaven, MN 302230   Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
2Anya Malarski   Duluth Mn 302412   Unattached

Women - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jessica Greeley   Wyoming, MN 301996   Gopher Wheelmen

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