Race Results for
2014 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross Nationals
Boulder, CO
(Event Information)
Cyclo-cross on 01/08/2014

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Single Speed

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 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1108.49 Tim Allen   Golden, CO44:10 161831  3G Feedback Sports Racing
2111.25 Braden Kappius   Littleton, CO45:17 132490  45G TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
3114.01 Corey Stelljes   Madison, WI45:17 307965  88G Racers Against Childhood Cancer
4116.77 William Iaia   Centennial , CO45:17 329668  41G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
5119.53 Colby Pearce   Boulder, CO45:36 52850  73G 
6122.29 Daniel Porter   Fort Collins, CO46:28 214597  75G Fort Collins Cycling Team
7125.05 Scott Chapin   Santa Cruz, CA46:33 211669  14G 
8127.81 Jared Nieters   Wilmington Vt46:51 220150  69G SEAVS/Haymarket
9130.57 Oliver Vrambout   Bayport, MN47:01 121438  98G Solidsurface Fueled By Waffle Power
10133.33 Taylor Nye   Denver, CO47:10 358595  70G Gates Carbon Drive
11136.09 Edwin Bull   Mendham, NJ47:27 91184  10G Van Dessel Factory Team
12138.85 Craig Etheridge   Seattle, WA47:31 226484  27G Donnelly Sports
13141.61 Nic Handy   Denver, CO47:31 387778  31G Alpha Bicycle Co. - All City
14144.37 Travis Brown   Durango, CO47:49 5171  9G 
15147.13 Mitch Westall   Littleton, CO48:03 37798  101G Gates Carbon Drive
16149.89 Scott Upton   Boulder, CO48:09 56381  97G Team Kappius
17152.65 Jesse Swift   Golden, CO48:10 100646  91G Gates Carbon Drive
18155.41 Brandon Melott   Warr Acres, OK48:18 260604  63G Team Soundpony
19158.17 Charlie Merrill   Boulder, CO48:34 328646  64G 
20160.93 Alexander Martin   Madison, WI48:42 308924  55G Team Wisconsin
21163.69 James Harmon   Fort Collins48:46 265280  34G Createx Racing
22166.45 Grant Holicky   Boulder, CO48:51 173244  37G Evol Elite Racing
23169.21 Clay Harris   Evergreen, CO49:02 152172  35G Team Kappius
24171.97 Doug Schuler   Boulder, CO49:14 262367  82G Boulder Cycle Sport
25174.73 Geoffrey Huber   Eugene, OR49:30 226968  39G 
26177.49 peat henry   Saint Louis, MO49:37 345312  36G 
27180.25 Marcus Bush   Minneapoilis, MN49:42 293091  11G Synergy
28183.01 David Harber   Denver, CO49:45 78021  32G 
29185.77 Ryan McFarling   Lafayette, CO49:48 215008  57G Gates Carbon Drive
30188.53 Nick Schaffner   Truckee, CA49:49 187296  80G Marc Pro - Strava
31191.29 Alex Work   Santa Cruz, CA49:57 285472  104G 
32194.05 Aaron Bouplon   Boulder, CO50:04 269718  7G Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
33196.81 Alex Clayden   Denver, CO50:06 363035  20G Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
34199.57 Cesar Chavez   San Jose, CA50:12 6697  15G 
35202.33 Anthony Iannacito   Denver, CO50:15 225551  42G Iowa City Cycling Club
36205.09 Hunter Keating   Gilbert, AZ50:26 305340  48G Harmony Systems Pro Cycling
37207.85 Eric Nelson   San Clemente, CA50:48 232855  68G Mudfoot
38210.61 Jeff Melcher   West Bend, WI50:58 166066  62G Team Pedal Moraine
39213.37 Micah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN51:04 290524  29G Peloton Sports Group
40216.13 Stephen Shepherd   Boulder, CO51:13 155949  86G Boulder Cycle Sport
41218.89 Tom Horrocks   Rutland, VT51:17 16772  38G X-Men The
42221.65 Chad Cheeney   Durango, CO51:34 104313  17G Durango Devo
43224.41 Drew Christopher   Wheat Ridge, CO51:35 288007  18G Primal - Audi Denver
44227.17 Josh Cady   Culver City, CA51:46 302582  12G 
45229.93 Adam Rachubinski   Centennial, CO51:49 298689  76G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
46232.69 Patrick Russell   Berkley, MI51:53 197649  78G Wolverine Sports Club
47235.45 Kailin Waterman   Oakland, CA52:00 391421  99G 
48238.21 Jason Siegle   Solvang, CA52:03 193522  87G SDG Felt
49240.97 Jeff Curtes   Menomonee Falls, WI52:04 8412  23G 
50243.73 Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH52:05 235804  26G Lees-McRae College
51246.49 Bret Young   Corinth, NY52:45 280590  106G nycross.com
52249.25 Timothy Cannard   Los Gatos, CA53:14 6002  13G 
53252.01 Scott Larsen   Highlands Ranch, CO53:25 363043  52G RLW Cycling Team
54254.77 Basil Moutsopoulos   Belmont, CA53:32 55050  66G Hup United
55257.53 Brad Young   Porter Corners, NY53:43 262484  105G nycross.com
56260.29 Chris McGee   Golden, CO53:54 23458  58G Feedback Sports Racing
57263.05 Garrett Alexander   Durango, CO54:41 301253  2G 
58265.81 Casey Cook   Edgewood, NM54:48 7636  21G The Bicycle Company Team
59268.57 Jess Parker   Jenks, OK55:01 161436  72G Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
60271.33 Jason Zoll   Saint Louis, MO55:55 317224  107G 
61274.09 Rolando Roman   Austin, TX56:05 220829  77G Cyclocross Project 2015
62276.85 Lucas Clarke   Denver, CO@1Lap 343000  19G Primal - Audi Denver
63279.61 Mark Thompson   Albuquerque, NM@1Lap 333732  96G High Desert Bicycles Team
64282.37 Michael Beck   Lakewood, CO@1Lap 3084  6G RLW Cycling Team
65285.13 Jay Kwan   Oceanside, CA@1Lap 269231  51G The TEAM
66287.89 Dylan McReynolds   Berkeley, CA@1Lap 23832  59G CyclesFANATICRacing.com
67290.65 Samer Khodor   Evergreen , CO@1Lap 78361  49G The Natural Way Racing Team
68293.41 Andy Harmon   Boulder, CO@1Lap 226855  33G CROSS PROPZ RACING
69296.17 Derek Griggs   Seabrook, NH@1Lap 120116  30G 
70298.93 Michael James   Gainesville, GA@2Lap 179440  43G Prima Tappa Cycling
71301.69 Steve Schafer   Barrington, IL@2Lap 309583  79G Village-Verdigris Cycling
72304.45 David Kilmoyer   Longmont, CO@2Lap 337558  50G RLW Cycling Team
73307.21 Brian Hutchison   Nederland, CO@2Lap 87058  40G Gates Carbon Drive
74309.97 Jonah Thompson   Albuquerque, NM@2Lap 284769  94G High Desert Bicycles Team
75312.73 Josh Teplitzky   Denver, CO@2Lap 35207  92G Cycleton
76315.49 Chad Meinert   Lakewood, CO@2Lap 181863  61G RLW Cycling Team
77318.25 Brent Anderson   Lakewood@2Lap 364021  4G Great Divide Brewing Company
78321.01 Duane Marlatt   Highlands Ranch, CO@2Lap 131689  54G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
79323.77 Joseph Fortin   Albuquerque, NM@2Lap 283635  28G 
80326.53 Max Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO@3Lap 363173  81G Black Sheep Junior Cycling
81329.29 Weston McWhorter   New Orleans, LA@3Lap 113  60G Semi-Tough Cycling Club
82332.05 Jake Davidson   Westminster, CO@3Lap 272100  25G Charm City Cycling LLC
83334.81 Adam Moskowitz   Denver, CO@3Lap 363932  65G Cycleton
84337.57 Scott Bristol   Golden, CO@3Lap 4880  8G RLW Cycling Team
85340.33 Jesse Pisel   Golden@3Lap 362127  74G 
DNS William Barnes   Chicago, IL 302902  5G xXx Racing
DNS Tyler Coplea   Chandler 196300  22G 
DNS Doug Karet   Steamboat Springs, CO 101115  46G 
DNS Thomas Keating   Scottsdale, AZ 304118  47G 
DNS Kurt Maw   Salem, MA 246211  56G Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
DNS Adam Myerson   Dorchester, MA 52534  67G UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis
DNS Ed Oliver   Littleton, CO 26666  71G Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
DNS Albert Senft   Albuquerque, NM 32168  83G Sustainable Endurance Coaching
DNS justin sheldon   Denver, CO 280424  85G 
DNS Travis Stone   Lakewood, CO 308417  89G RLW Cycling Team
DNS Derek Strong   Lakewood, CO 34451  90G Gates Carbon Drive
DNS Robert Thayer   Broomfield 396770  93G Sonic Boom Racing
DNS Steven Thompson   Dallas, TX 260029  95G Dallas Bike Works
DNS Christopher Woody   Colorado Springs, CO 109195  103G 
DNF Matthew Adamiak   Centennial, CO 285134  1G Alpha Bicycle Co. - All City
DNF Michael Curtes   Mequon, WI 227470  24G Twin Six
DNF Taylor Jung   Littleton, CO 241461  44G Gates Carbon Drive

Men - Non-Championship - 10-29

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 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1129.06 Brannan Fix   Fort Collins, CO34:52 365258  245G 
2135.87 Brendan Rhim   Norwich, VT35:07 282640  274G Woodstock Bicycle Club
3142.68 Innokenty Zavyalov   Minneapolis, MN35:46 319002  288G Minnesota Cycling Team
4149.49 Stuart Mcknight   Boulder, CO36:28 363692  261G Boulder Junior Cycling
5156.30 Evan Clouse   Park City, UT36:41 323978  238G Canyon Bicycles - Shimano
6163.11 Jonah MeadVanCort   Ithaca37:24 358808  262G KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School
7169.92 Jordan Lewis   Gray, TN37:32 314224  258G Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
8176.73 Dylan Postier   Stillwater, OK37:32 358709  273G Team Undiscovered
9183.54 Taylor Squillaci   Albuquerque, NM37:56 303845  281G Get Out! New Mexico
10190.35 Christian Buesch   Corvallis, OR37:59 368811  233G 
11197.16 Benjamin Stover   Lawrence, KS37:59 219998  282G TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
12203.97 Bryce Olsen   Ogden, UT38:01 365566  268G LiVe Well p/b Bountiful Bicycle
13210.78 Andy Lueck   Thornton Co38:10 240305  259G 
14217.59 Maxl Freeman   Lakewood, CO38:49 283751  246G Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
15224.40 Zack Jensen   Fort Collins, CO39:00 363338  255G 
16231.21 Spencer Petrov   Mason, OH39:47 301051  270G Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
17238.02 Scott Funston   Black Diamond, WA40:11 270185  247G Rad Racing NW
18244.83 Calder Wood   Anacortes40:20 391836  285G Rad Racing NW
19251.64 Zachary Woy   Ft Collins40:20 390354  287G Ciclismo Youth Foundation
20258.45 Graham Robinson   Mancos Co40:56 416952  275G 
21265.26 Lewis Whiley   Olympia, WA41:04 351580  284G Rad Racing NW
22272.07 Brian Gaines   Minneapolis, MN41:23 244626  249G NorthStar Development
23278.88 Earl Gage   Albuquerque, NM41:51 338216  248G Scalo Veloce
24285.69 Noah Barrow   Killington Vt41:57 386523  228G Woodstock Bicycle Club
25292.50 Benjamin King   Anacortes, WA41:59 284055  257G Rad Racing NW
26299.31 Henry Coppolillo   Bozeman42:32 361243  240G Team Rockford / Clif
27306.12 stephen cochran   Loveland42:53 359730  239G Colorado Mesa University
28312.93 Eric Fischer   Williamsburg, VA43:16 211869  244G 
29319.74 Miles Daly   Tiburon , CA43:39 376121  241G CX Nation
30326.55 Kyle Miller   Harleysville, PA43:43 289081  265G 
31333.36 Jordan Heinrichs   Longmont44:04 363616  252G Alexander Dawson School
32340.17 Layton Meyers   Maple Valley, WA44:06 414457  264G Rad Racing NW
33346.98 Enzo Allwein   Cincinnati, OH44:54 301180  226G Cincinnati Cyclocross
34353.79 Jake Davidson   Westminster, CO45:07 272100  242G Charm City Cycling LLC
35360.60 Aston Woy   Fort Collins45:24 389860  286G Ciclismo Youth Foundation
36367.41 Austin Butts   Denver Co45:31 412990  235G Adventures for the Cure
37374.22 Benjamin Hasz   Owasso, OK46:21 333538  251G Tulsa Wheelmen
38381.03 Zachary Ross   Cincinnati, OH46:39 301225  277G Cincinnati Cyclocross
39387.84 Nathan Ross   Cincinnati, OH35:10 301226  278G Cincinnati Cyclocross
40394.65 Sam Eckvahl   Rancho Cucamonga35:42 374502  243G The TEAM
41401.46 Campbell Watson   Louisville, CO36:28 363133  289G Boulder Junior Cycling
42408.27 Nicholas Petrov   Mason, OH36:48 325072  271G Cincinnati Cyclocross
43415.08 Owen Busch   Loveland, OH36:54 387255  234G Cincinnati Cyclocross
44421.89 Maxwell Savage   Loveland, OH37:49 323824  279G Cincinnati Cyclocross
45428.70 Lewis Gatch   Terrace Park, OH38:00 327078  250G Cincinnati Cyclocross
46435.51 Benjamin McCutcheon   Saukville , WI38:11 340872  260G BELGIANWERKX
47442.32 Wiley Melton   Boulder, CO38:42 397075  263G Boulder Junior Cycling
48449.13 Kyle Johnson   Albuquerque43:03 383372  256G High Desert Bicycles Team
DNS Gideon Bender   Duvall, WA 271119  229G Rad Racing NW
DNS Trent Bielaszka   Boise, ID 344444  230G BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)
DNS Eric Brown   San Francisco, CA 412863  232G 
DNS Christopher Chou   Rockville Md 390190  237G Team Yacht Club
DNS Nic Jenkins   Colorado Springs, CO 355674  254G Front Rangers Junior Cycling
DNS Sam Noel   Shelburne, VT 337556  267G Onion River Sports
DNS Peter Pham   Santa Ana 392189  272G Tru Cycling
DNS Dylan Rockwood   Loveland, OH 358574  276G Cincinnati Cyclocross
DNS Andrew Schmidt   Lake Geneva, WI 303828  280G WCJ Racing
DNS Ben Watkins   Tulsa, OK 367231  283G Team Soundpony
DNF Gianni Allwein   Cincinnati, OH 391124  227G Cincinnati Cyclocross
DNF Samuel Bramel   Little Canada, MN 291951  231G Minnesota Cycling Team
DNF Nick Carter   Minneapolis, MN 361308  236G NorthStar Development
DNF Cole Herrmann   Minneapolis, MN 361697  253G NorthStar Development
DNF Alex Morton   Saint Clair, MI 373419  266G Wolverine Sports Club
DNF Ethan Peterson   Minneapolis, MN 360805  269G NorthStar Development

Men - Non-Championship - 30-44

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 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1123.31 Bryson Perry   Sandy, UT35:49 89388  386G 
2127.02 Kevin Bradford-Parish   Spokane, WA36:13 147208  416G 
3130.73 Greg Krause   Littleton, CO36:57 255940  359G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
4134.44 Russell Griffin   Denver, CO37:45 14176  343G Cycleton
5138.15 Jason Hartman   Centennial, CO37:52 363574  349G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
6141.86 Charles Coyle   Boulder, CO37:58 102604  322G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
7145.57 andrew harbuck   Kittredge37:58 391123  346G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
8149.28 Jonathan Coln   Denver, CO38:05 7455  316G Cycleton
9152.99 Robert Batey   Boulder, CO38:40 217134  305G Feedback Sports Racing
10156.70 Brian Hludzinski   Boulder, CO38:40 16334  417G Boulder Cycle Sport
11160.41 Carlos Casali   Golden, CO39:10 216719  313G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
12164.12 Doug Ferguson   Denver, CO39:18 86033  338G Cycleton
13167.83 David Hornick   Englewood, CO39:20 363585  352G 
14171.54 Dave Farrell   Pueblo, CO39:26 276330  335G Wilderness Sports
15175.25 Joe Bryan   Boulder, CO39:27 247350  312G Boulder Cycle Sport
16178.96 Bryan Grace   Boulder, CO39:36 298723  342G 
17182.67 Jamie Kripke   Boulder, CO39:40 363535  360G 
18186.38 Brian Lehman   Denver, CO39:47 298376  363G Simple Racing
19190.09 Eric Nelson   San Clemente, CA39:55 232855  383G Mudfoot
20193.80 Zach Lee   Boulder, CO40:06 89758  362G Team Small Batch
21197.51 Lucas Clarke   Denver, CO40:06 343000  314G Primal - Audi Denver
22201.22 Aaron Vaughn   Boulder, CO40:18 269163  407G Rally Sport Cycling Team
23204.93 Evan Fry   Boulder, CO40:25 104312  340G 
24208.64 Jamie Kilcoyne   Louisville, CO40:41 104091  357G Team Kappius
25212.35 Daniel Wyszynski   Highlands Ranch, CO40:52 364078  413G 
26216.06 Jason Biggs   Cary, NC41:05 361447  308G 
27219.77 Aaron Barcheck   Boulder, CO41:11 180719  304G Team Small Batch
28223.48 Darryn Biggerstaff   Canon City, CO41:12 88544  307G 
29227.19 Andre-Paul Michaud   Durango, CO41:14 156802  378G Durango Wheel Club
30230.90 Timothy Fandrich   Thornton, CO41:20 363711  334G Natural Grocers Cycling Team
31234.61 Steven Morozowich   Durango, CO41:24 82579  381G Durango Wheel Club
32238.32 Bryant Gonsalves   Boulder, CO41:26 363543  341G Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
33242.03 Dan Schrad   Littleton, CO41:31 414870  397G Studio Velo
34245.74 Dan Farrell   Lyons, CO41:41 11286  336G Boulder Cycle Sport
35249.45 Charley Dean   Longmont, CO41:47 336978  326G 
36253.16 Andy Harmon   Boulder, CO41:49 226855  348G CROSS PROPZ RACING
37256.87 Rudy Verner   Boulder, CO41:53 362957  408G Ritte Van Vlaanderen
38260.58 James Servaites   Boulder, CO42:05 354390  400G Boulder Cycle Sport
39264.29 Todd Hockenberry   Denver, CO42:08 304389  351G Old School Racing
40268.00 Christopher Muth   Boulder, CO42:17 416627  382G 
41271.71 James Scott   Parker, CO42:35 368822  415G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
42275.42 Sean Malone   Denver, CO42:37 368396  370G Frites En Mayo Velo Club
43279.13 Brian McCall   Carbondale, CO42:48 23189  373G 
44282.84 Chad Bakken   Lone Tree, CO42:54 273145  302G 
45286.55 Charles Arensberg   Lewisville, PA42:59 1882  418G Equipe Vitesse
46290.26 Peter Schaub   Longmont, CO43:01 363169  395G CROSS PROPZ RACING
47293.97 John Drake   Denver, CO43:12 198746  330G Local Velo
48297.68 Matias Mendigochea   Inglewood, CA43:15 64908  376G 8th Wonder Cycling
49301.39 Kevin Rooney   Arvada, CO43:19 363284  391G 
50305.10 James Huang   Boulder Co43:26 364286  353G 
51308.81 Brandon Davis   Wilmington, NC43:31 296316  325G 
52312.52 Christopher Taylor   Denver, CO43:41 263943  405G Cycleton
53316.23 Keagan Rowley   Boulder, CO43:49 196600  392G Boulder Cycle Sport
54319.94 Keith Heinzelman   Bainbridge Island, WA43:52 131748  350G 20/20 Fuel
55323.65 Bob Roman   Denver43:52 388672  390G 
56327.36 Zach Vanderkooy   Boulder, CO43:58 107308  406G Boulder Cycle Sport
57331.07 Phillip Ball   Louisville, CO44:18 201144  303G Boulder Cycle Sport
58334.78 David Walker   Boulder, CO44:20 259880  409G USC Cycling Team
59338.49 Ben Delaney   Boulder, CO44:21 156019  327G USC Cycling Team
60342.20 Jim Scheel   Littleton, CO44:26 363847  396G Kryki Sports
61345.91 Eric Rydholm   Boulder, CO44:41 358477  393G GS Boulder/Organic India
62349.62 Christopher Hall   Denver, CO44:41 109476  344G Team Small Batch
63353.33 Wesley Smith   Boulder, CO44:42 364015  402G 
64357.04 Erik Rissler   Boulder, CO44:43 171695  389G Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
65360.75 Thatcher Wine   Boulder44:48 38625  412G 
66364.46 Jonathan Mischke   Boulder, CO44:48 362574  380G Boulder Cycle Sport
67368.17 Adam DeVoe   Denver, CO44:59 363991  329G Frites En Mayo Velo Club
68371.88 Paul Sasseville   Louisville, CO45:00 362990  394G 
69375.59 Gavin Scott   Arcata, CA45:00 105581  398G 
70379.30 Chris Cowart   Redwood City, CA45:01 361265  321G Peninsula Velo Cycling Club
71383.01 John Eisert   Loveland45:06 413188  332G International Christian Cycling Club
72386.72 david elphingstone   Boulder, CO45:11 358605  333G 
73390.43 Stuart Braddock   Denver, CO45:17 363285  311G Primal - Audi Denver
74394.14 Daniel Cooper   Salem, MA45:29 328466  320G Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
75397.85 Shawn Kingrey   Pueblo, CO45:41 167284  358G 
76401.56 Aaron Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO45:49 252986  414G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
77405.27 Ben Cross   Austin Tx45:50 366433  323G 
78408.98 Jay Curry   Lynn, MA45:50 331150  324G Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
79412.69 Sean Melchionda   Mill Valley, CA46:34 68261  375G Divine Electric Norcal
80416.40 seth levine   Longmont, CO46:58 321502  364G Boulder Cycle Sport
81420.11 Rene Macias   Chicago Il35:37 57066  368G Rally Sport Cycling Team
82423.82 Jon Cooley   Lakewood, CO36:25 362696  319G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
83427.53 Ash Macon   Boulder, CO36:25 412368  369G Boulder Cycle Sport
84431.24 Peter Marshall   Durango, CO36:28 287830  371G Durango Wheel Club
85434.95 Brian France   Arvada, CO37:31 360175  339G Old School Racing
86438.66 Bob Seebohar   Littleton, CO37:40 200701  399G 
87442.37 Jimmy Bennett   Gray, TN37:48 415549  306G 
88446.08 Matthew Ogle   Lafayette, CO38:04 128276  384G Boulder Cycle Sport
89449.79 Jack Keys   Boulder, CO39:01 300147  355G Boulder Cycle Sport
90453.50 Craig Harding   Lees Summit, MO39:21 43901  347G Team Yacht Club
91457.21 Steve Compton   Littleton, CO46:31 363028  318G Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
92460.92 Weston McWhorter   New Orleans, LA46:32 113  374G Semi-Tough Cycling Club
DNS Reed Colfax   Santa Fe, NM 361976  315G Los Lunaticos Racing
DNS John Compton   Burdett, NY 7509  317G Rogue Race Team-NY
DNS Curry Deutsch   Littleton 386760  328G The Natural Way Racing Team
DNS R Scott Hannan   Trumansburg, NY 63754  345G Team SCARR
DNS Scott Kelley   Leawood, KS 360618  354G 
DNS Michael Lackey   Birmingham, AL 228174  361G Birmingham Velo
DNS Andrew Lincoln   Boulder 389143  367G 
DNS Kurt Maw   Salem, MA 246211  372G Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
DNS Shawn Meredith   Denver, CO 251715  377G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
DNS Michael Minard   Massillon, OH 311694  379G Stark Velo
DNS Karl Pelletier   Longmont, CO 240127  385G Twin Peaks CyclingInc
DNS Scott Peterson   Littleton, CO 115185  387G Team Small Batch
DNS John Pugh   Golden, CO 66724  388G 
DNS Jeffrey Smith   Lafayette, CO 264136  401G Boulder Cycle Sport
DNS Travis Stone   Lakewood, CO 308417  403G RLW Cycling Team
DNS Robinson Sudan   New Orleans, LA 394832  404G Semi-Tough Cycling Club
DNS Eric Wehr   Cedar Falls, IA 360507  410G Team Q7
DNF William Allen   Westminster, CO 186832  301G Feedback Sports Racing
DNF Rodney Bolls   Boulder, CO 309879  310G USC Cycling Team
DNF Brandon Dwight   Boulder, CO 90939  331G Boulder Cycle Sport
DNF Brad Fentress   Denver, CO 362547  337G USC Cycling Team
DNF Bret Kibele   Denver, CO 363803  356G The Natural Way Racing Team
DNF Donald libasci   Tucson  310475  365G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
DNF Jeffrey Lifgren   Milford Ny 362982  366G Wilderness Sports
DNF Peter Webber   Boulder, CO 66936  176G Boulder Cycle Sport
DNF Milo Whitcomb   Fort Collins 37930  411G Fort Collins Cycling Team

Men - Non-Championship - 45-99

View Splits
 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1137.39 David Weber   Boulder, CO37:56 50682  569G Team Kappius
2142.20 James Cochran   Iowa City, IA38:00 52322  471G Atlas Cycling Team
3147.01 Scott Forrest   Golden, CO38:35 12041  489G 
4151.82 Kevin OBrien   Erie, CO38:55 325526  590G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
5156.63 Thomas Meiser   Lakewood, CO39:55 23951  526G Feedback Sports Racing
6161.44 Douglas Hudson   Golden, CO40:07 77069  503G Feedback Sports Racing
7166.25 JW Miller   Madison, WI40:07 233978  527G Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop
8171.06 Charles Parmain   Tulsa, OK40:09 27307  539G Team Soundpony
9175.87 John Mansell   Boulder, CO40:11 353588  523G Rally Sport Cycling Team
10180.68 Jon Gallagher   Heber, UT40:48 61600  493G 
11185.49 John Gatch   Terrace Park, OH41:00 153866  494G Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
12190.30 Carl Boni   Erie, CO41:08 244813  460G Rapid Racing
13195.11 John Cotton   Longmont, CO41:32 7900  450G Blue Sky Velo
14199.92 Mark Fisher   Sandy, UT41:35 175833  487G Rocky Mountain Cycling Club
15204.73 Steve Ferry   Longmont, CO41:37 281581  486G Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
16209.54 Christopher Fox   Superior, CO41:52 363495  576G Boulder Cycle Sport
17214.35 Chance Cooke   Whitefish, MT41:53 7675  473G Great Northern Cycling Club
18219.16 Christopher Walsweer   Denver, CO42:02 93762  568G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
19223.97 Ken Krebs   Saint Charles, IL42:06 193353  513G Village-Verdigris Cycling
20228.78 Derek Griggs   Seabrook, NH42:08 120116  499G 
21233.59 Jonathan Nelson   Sioux City, IA42:16 47869  534G Sioux City Velo
22238.40 Chris Carlson   Plano, TX42:24 6135  470G Matrix Cycling Club
23243.21 Frank Smith   Nederland, CO42:30 364546  558G Boulder Cycle Sport
24248.02 Paul LaStayo   Salt Lake City, UT42:33 270312  517G Ski Utah|Plan 7
25252.83 Bruce Whitesel   Golden, CO42:50 38047  570G Green Mountain Sports Velo
26257.64 Brian Durnwirth   Boulder, CO42:57 281517  481G Boulder Cycle Sport
27262.45 John Cribari   Fraser, CO43:02 132971  476G Boulder Cycle Sport
28267.26 Richard Caramadre   Salt Lake City43:08 418553  469G 
29272.07 Samer Khodor   Evergreen , CO43:13 78361  508G The Natural Way Racing Team
30276.88 Stephen Colburn   Parker, CO43:18 364226  472G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
31281.69 Jeffrey Taylor   Boulder43:27 388083  564G 
32286.50 Rene Larro   San Mateo, CA43:27 387473  515G Peninsula Velo Cycling Club
33291.31 Matthew Fix   Ft Collins, CO43:34 196876  488G 
34296.12 scott dahlberg   Durango, CO43:47 414143  477G Durango Wheel Club
35300.93 Patrick Smith   Salem, MA43:50 211656  560G Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
36305.74 David Hagen   Durango, CO43:57 14591  500G Fort Lewis College
37310.55 Walter Knapp   Boulder, CO44:13 364201  511G GS Panache
38315.36 Brad Ramsay   Rutland, VT44:15 384949  544G KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School
39320.17 Jay Thornton   Laguna Beach , CA44:28 86303  565G 
40324.98 Joseph Liberatore   Loveland, CO44:40 166596  519G Avout Racing
41329.79 Kirk Rhinehart   Santa Fe, NM44:51 190563  546G Spindoc Cycling
42334.60 Bob Prieto   Boulder, CO45:38 246085  542G Blue Sky Velo
43339.41 Scott Berg   Highlands Ranch, CO45:58 3413  458G Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
44344.22 Clay Anselmo   Denver, CO46:08 363304  453G Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
45349.03 John McManus   Durango, CO46:21 93502  577G Durango Wheel Club
46353.84 Todd Gray   Lakewood46:25 417080  490G 
47358.65 James Everett   Longmont, CO46:31 47559  485G Boulder Cycle Sport
48363.46 Kevin Raymond   Seattle, WA46:39 272601  545G Avanti Racing Club
49368.27 Erik Brooks   Seattle, WA46:43 235484  463G Avanti Racing Club
50373.08 Kendrew Peacey   Westminster, CO46:44 363220  540G Derby Bicycle Center Race Team
51377.89 George Smith   Menlo Park, CA46:45 168005  561G Marc Pro - Strava
52382.70 Michael Bohn   Celina, TX46:47 212895  575G Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
53387.51 Jan Bear   Santa Fe, NM46:51 237003  456G Bike n Sport Racing
54392.32 Eric Buxman   Fort Collins, CO46:54 128788  468G 
55397.13 Jeff Sotebeer   Parker, CO46:59 340054  562G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
56401.94 Adam Moskowitz   Denver, CO47:20 363932  532G Cycleton
57406.75 Ken Rodgers   Eugene, OR47:43 330646  548G 
58411.56 Steve Lamont   Durango, CO48:13 20229  514G Durango Wheel Club
59416.37 Allan Marvin   Denver, CO48:13 22787  524G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
60421.18 Robert Ogren   Bloomington, MN48:31 232145  537G The Fix Studio
61425.99 Chris Heimerl   Littleton 48:32 404512  501G 
62430.80 Nathan Sheafor   Grants Pass, OR48:33 32369  556G Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club
63435.61 Scott Bristol   Golden, CO48:39 4880  462G RLW Cycling Team
64440.42 Rodney Wilson   Colorado Springs, CO48:43 192261  572G Amicas Pizz/Absolute Bikes
65445.23 Jonathan Day   Fort Collins, CO48:43 55555  478G Team Rio Grande
66450.04 Randall Silva   Albuquerque, NM48:44 32666  557G NM Devo
67454.85 Cory Shaddox   Centennial, CO48:50 204588  554G Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
68459.66 Jeffrey Brown   Boulder, CO49:03 244809  464G Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
69464.47 Erik Salander   Belmont, CA49:04 195443  551G Peninsula Velo Cycling Club
70469.28 Tim Moorhead   Lone Tree, CO49:33 361871  531G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
71474.09 Chuck Ankeny   Longmont49:33 418982  452G 
72478.90 Barry Wiebe   Littleton, CO49:50 171924  571G Avout Racing
73483.71 Travis Oliger   Durango, CO50:14 208678  538G Durango Wheel Club
74488.52 Casey Beeler   Lone Tree, CO50:39 139757  457G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
75493.33 Rich Larson   Durango, CO38:10 302077  516G Durango Devo
76498.14 Al Naudin   Superior, CO38:13 364207  533G High Peaks Masters
77502.95 Daniel Bork   Superior, CO38:32 418100  461G 
78507.76 Randy Kerr   Gadsden38:56 18992  506G Team Momentum
79512.57 Tim Crean   Louisville, CO39:09 363810  475G 
80517.38 Kevin Moore   Salt Lake City, UT39:24 301424  530G Rocky Mountain Cycling Club
81522.19 Ken Burst   Birmingham, AL39:24 320452  466G Team Momentum
82527.00 Timothy Lynch   Fort Collins, CO39:25 137311  521G Fort Collins Cycling Team
83531.81 Michael Duarte   Lone Tree, CO39:51 119928  480G Pactimo Cycling
84536.62 Christopher Gilbert   Longmont, CO39:56 127895  496G Boulder Cycle Sport
85541.43 Peter Quesada   Golden, CO40:13 89564  543G 
86546.24 Anthony Lehnert   Milliken, CO40:56 418884  518G 
87551.05 Eric Kloor   Boulder, CO41:18 412366  510G Boulder Cycle Sport
88555.86 Bill Abboud   Broomfield, CO41:36 402643  451G Boulder Cycle Sport
89560.67 Dwayne Windisch   Loveland, CO42:20 364456  573G 
90565.48 Doug Richards   Longmont, CO42:40 364183  547G Blue Sky Velo
91570.29 David Mitchell   Longmont, CO42:40 362975  529G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
92575.10 Bryan Krause   Littleton, CO43:57 71378  512G 
DNS Richard Bagienski   Durango, CO 176501  525G Durango Wheel Club
DNS Tony Baustert   Union City, OK 350962  455G Bike One Racing
DNS John Bliss   Boulder, CO 83145  459G Team Small Batch
DNS Daniel Depaemelaere   Lafayette, CO 76220  479G 8 Sixteen Racing
DNS Rob Goodbody   Boulder 211947  497G Boulder Cycle Sport
DNS Robert Herrmann   Minneapolis, MN 225824  502G Angry Catfish
DNS Tom Keller   Boulder, CO 18772  505G GS Boulder/Organic India
DNS John Kerschner   Boulder, CO 271469  507G Boulder Cycle Sport
DNS john king   Houston, TX 303793  509G Amateur Cycling Club of Memphis
DNS Shawn Lortie   Boulder, CO 362355  520G Rally Sport Cycling Team
DNS Graham Milner   Encinitas, CA 233726  528G San Diego Cyclo Vets
DNS Jim Noble   Salt Lake City, UT 327602  535G 
DNS David Ryan   Jackson, WY 30982  550G SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNS Paul Schwartz   Winter Garden, FL 246620  536G Orlando Road Club
DNS Chris Shamis   Littleton, CO 298687  555G Green Mountain Sports Velo
DNS Jason Sparks   Brigham City, UT 330820  563G 
DNS Charles Townsend   Mendota Heights, MN 46011  566G NorthStar Development
DNS David Turner   Murrieta, CA 36096  567G 
DNS Jeffrey Young   Mission Viejo, CA 293534  574G 
DNF David Burns   Eagle, CO 130933  465G 
DNF Joseph Burtoni   Durango, CO 5632  467G Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin
DNF John Elgart   Sacramento, CA 45071  482G Alto Velo Racing Club
DNF Darren Eubanks   Denver 362999  484G Team Kappius
DNF Jim Gentes   Soquel, CA 13042  495G 
DNF Jeff Huser   Albuquerque, NM 17240  504G NM Devo
DNF Michael Mallory   Bellingham, WA 288106  522G Fanatik Bike Co. Cycling Team
DNF Thomas Prehn   Boulder, CO 53465  541G Boulder Cycle Sport
DNF Robert Rowland   Aurora, CO 91476  549G Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
DNF Michael Schaub   Golden, CO 175658  552G Feedback Sports Racing
DNF Dennis Smith   Newark, DE 33112  559G Bike Line

Women - Non-Championship

View Splits
 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1142.54 Carolina GomezVillafane   Esquel Argentina30:50 391083  169G 
2149.97 Katie Clouse   Park City, UT32:21 332072  158G Canyon Bicycles - Shimano
3157.40 Tiziana DeHorney   Albuquerque, NM33:19 269499  162G Get Out! New Mexico
4164.83 Nicole Brandt   Bermuda Dunes33:22 171700  155G Velo Club LaGrange
5172.26 Ashley Zoerner   Highlandsranch, CO33:24 286023  212G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
6179.69 Jauron Vetter   Milford, NH33:24 325382  215G Blue Steel Cyclery
7187.12 Emily Zinn   Boulder, CO33:24 363771  211G Naked Women's Racing
8194.55 Melinda McCutcheon   Salt Lake City, UT33:33 254509  189G Canyon Bicycles - Shimano
9201.98 Leeann Storino   Carlsbad, CA33:47 16006  207G Celo Pacific
10209.41 Brianne Marshall   Durango, CO34:51 287045  188G Tough Girl Cycling
11216.84 Allison Moorhead   Lone Tree, CO35:19 363733  195G Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
12224.27 Elizabeth Barcheck   Boulder, CO35:36 388304  152G Team Small Batch
13231.70 JB Brockman   Boulder, CO35:40 87830  156G Team Small Batch
14239.13 Michele Moffat   Boulder, CO35:56 219060  194G 
15246.56 Emily Unger   Denver, CO36:46 386651  209G Naked Women's Racing
16253.99 Marta Morris   Grand Junction, CO36:55 315188  196G ExergyTWENTY16
17261.42 Susan Lynch   Medfield, MA37:02 225308  187G Bell Lap Cycling Club
18268.85 Sara Schuler   Boulder, CO37:04 100459  204G 
19276.28 Deirdre Garvey   Boulder, CO37:05 68552  168G High Peaks Masters
20283.71 Elizabeth Fliegelman   Boulder, CO37:11 413807  166G 
21291.14 Stephanie Jones   Littleton, CO37:48 335812  175G 
22298.57 Lori Antolec   Longmont, CO38:17 363135  151G OUTDOOR DIVAS CYCLING
23306.00 Jennifer DeLozier   Tulsa, OK38:36 307636  163G Tulsa Wheelmen
24313.43 Madelaine Melcher   Mentone, CA38:41 354116  191G The TEAM
25320.86 Cynthia Milnick   Bennett, CO40:55 286039  193G Fort Collins Cycling Team
26328.29 Jessie Linder   Cedar Crest, NM41:09 379653  185G Get Out! New Mexico
27335.72 Leslie Kehmeier   Golden, CO42:12 216768  178G 
28343.15 Kim Bear   Santa Fe, NM42:39 82996  153G New Mexico Spokette Racing Team
29350.58 Heidi Gurov   Cheyenne Wy42:40 391540  173G Bicycle Station
30358.01 Petra Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO43:28 363223  213G Black Sheep Junior Cycling
31365.44 Hannah Eckvahl   Alta Loma, CA43:36 270907  164G The TEAM
32372.87 Courtney Comer   San Marcos, CA43:36 287901  159G The TEAM
33380.30 Susan Thompson   Los Angeles, CA43:44 187715  208G Celo Pacific
34387.73 Aynslee King   Anacortes44:34 384768  179G Rad Racing NW
35395.16 Hannah Linder   Cedar Crest, NM44:46 379652  184G High Desert Bicycles Team
36402.59 Carol Ruckle   Redlands, CA44:58 30799  202G Team Redlands
37410.02 Elizabeth Shaw   Reston45:49 416446  206G The Bike Lane
38417.45 McKenzie Melcher   Mentone, CA30:51 354114  192G The TEAM
39424.88 Morgan Fortin   Albuquerque, NM30:52 332772  214G High Desert Bicycles Team
40432.31 Judi Mumm   Rio Rancho, NM30:55 50026  197G High Desert Bicycles Team
41439.74 Kim Bishop   Kingsport, TN31:10 237805  154G Fiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycles
42447.17 Danielle Krebs   Saint Charles, IL31:20 368788  181G Village-Verdigris Cycling
43454.60 Mackenzie Green   Mason, OH31:28 300251  171G NorthStar Development
44462.03 Keli Roberts   Pasadena, CA32:49 162320  201G PAA/REMAX
45469.46 Martha Iverson   Durango, CO33:13 80010  174G K4 Racing
46476.89 Wendy Guilbeau   Bonner Springs, KS33:42 275159  172G Slimenundgrossen
47484.32 Ellen Laird   Longmont, CO34:10 362639  183G Groove Subaru Excel Sports
48491.75 Ali Flis   Salt Lake City, UT34:24 218437  167G X-Men The
49499.18 Cheyenne Comer   San Marcos, CA35:06 297265  161G The TEAM
50506.61 Amelia Van Maldegiam   Bartlett, IL35:56 361267  210G Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Cycling Club
51514.04 Julie Lockhart   Dunstable Ma39:49 226695  186G Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC)
DNS Arianne Caporiccio-Harris   Evergreen, CO 271185  157G ProDesign Cycling
DNS Linda Elgart   Sacramento, CA 45299  165G Alto Velo Racing Club
DNS Shelby Katz   Boulder, CO 230486  177G Boulder Cycle Sport
DNS Sydney Lach   Cincinnati, OH 359638  182G Team Kenda presented by RACC
DNS Corrie Osborne   Mequon, WI 298510  198G Team Extreme
DNS Emma Osborne   Mequon, WI 359179  199G Team Extreme
DNS Arianna Schafer   Barrington, IL 338174  203G Village-Verdigris Cycling
DNS Sheila Senft   Albuquerque, NM 31661  205G Sustainable Endurance Coaching

Women - Single Speed

View Splits
 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1110.81 Maureen Bruno Roy   Arlington, MA40:24 103270  127G 
2129.22 Ellen Sherrill   South Lake Tahoe, CA41:21 299535  138G 
3147.62 Jessica Cutler   Seattle, WA41:59 158992  128G Market Street Cycling Club
4166.03 Amanda Nauman   Mission Viejo Ca42:09 292922  134G SDG Felt
5184.43 Ellen Noble   Kennebunkport, ME43:53 282412  135G Trek Cyclocross Collective
6202.84 Kristal Boni   Erie, CO44:25 238717  126G Rapid Racing
7221.24 Kimberly Nuffer   Denver, CO44:48 210166  136G Boulder Orthopedics
8239.65 Erica Greif   Reno, NV45:01 367331  143G 
9258.05 Anona Whitley   Albuquerque, NM45:32 287606  139G 
10276.46 Megan Hottman   Golden, CO46:57 194394  130G TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
11294.86 Julie Lewis-Sroka   N Royalton, OH48:16 143111  133G Lake Effect Cycling Team
12313.27 Dorothy Wong   Altadena, CA49:03 104462  142G The TEAM
DNS robin kaminsky   Redondo Beach, CA 361130  131G StageOne Cycling Team
DNS Christina Probert   Murrieta, CA 71481  137G The TEAM
DNS Deb Sweeney Whitmore   Sylva, NC 189097  141G Globalbike Racing
DNF Meghan Korol   Asheville, NC 285702  132G Asheville Cyclocross

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