Race Results for
CSU Circuit Race and Criterium
Fort Collins, CO
(Event Information)
Criterium on 03/16/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - C - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1507.73 George Simpson   Fort Collins, CO399388  443 Colorado State University
2510.15 Ivars Grinbergs   Boulder, CO388381  409 University of Colorado-Boulder
3512.57 Tyler Jones   Durango, CO350228  416 Fort Lewis College
4514.99 Jon Keyzer   Fort Collins, CO298334  405 Colorado State University
5517.41 Dennis Cook   Irvine389974  402 US Air Force Academy
6519.83 Andrew James   Grand Junction, CO396044  412 Colorado Mesa University
7522.25 Brad Tyra   Colorado Springs, CO400511  433 University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
8524.67 Andrew Touslee   Fort Collins, CO371914  448 Colorado State University
9527.09 Pier Pennoyer   Boulder, CO398821  413 University of Colorado-Boulder
10529.51 Taylor Schmidt   Littleton, CO257291  410 Colorado School of Mines
11531.93 Duncan Koehn   Silverthorne359866  406 Colorado Mesa University
11531.93 Kendal Young   Mineral Wells, TX360780  430 Fort Lewis College
13536.77 John Bierman   Cincinnati Oh395022  447 US Air Force Academy
14539.19 Andrew Washburn   Boerne, TX359785  417 University of Colorado-Boulder
15541.61 Brendan Lee   Longmont398521  441 University of Colorado-Boulder
16544.03 Andrew Cunningham   Grand Junction, CO338210  408 Colorado Mesa University
17546.45 Nash Bernik   Superior, CO399372  444 University of Colorado-Boulder
18548.87 Patrick Sullivan   Fort Collins, CO396621  414 Colorado State University
19551.29 Joseph Esswein   U S A F Academy, CO395648  428 US Air Force Academy
20553.71 Joshua Garland   Boulder, CO374791  438 University of Colorado-Boulder
21556.13 Blake Kelley   Fort Collins397567  439 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
22558.55 Kevin Stewart   Aberdeen, WA344010  427 Fort Lewis College
23560.97 Alex McWhorter   Durango, CO363224  415 Fort Lewis College
24563.39 Andrew Daniels   Denver400579  431 University of Denver
25565.81 Jake Wands   Fort Collins387588  446 Colorado School of Mines
26568.23 John Barnett   Castle Rock394718  421 Colorado Mesa University
27570.65 William Tourtillot   Highlands Ranch, CO394377  422 Colorado State University
28573.07 Kevin Dwyer   U S A F Academy, CO396087  426 US Air Force Academy
29575.49 Jason Kearns   Littleton, CO396384  432 University of Denver
30577.91 Mark Dennis   Steamboat Springs, CO294276  419 University of Colorado-Boulder
31580.33 Cameron Rouleau   U S A F Academy, CO387365  434 US Air Force Academy
32582.75 Spencer Crowe   U S A F Academy, CO387117  425 US Air Force Academy
33585.17 George Clark   Evergreen, CO388685  429 Fort Lewis College
34587.59 Michael Brazell   Old Forge Ny400487  411 University of Wyoming
35590.01 Brandon Shaw   U S A F Academy, CO359673  423 US Air Force Academy
DNF Dave Montgomery   Grand Junction, CO395838  407 Colorado Mesa University
DNF Mubarak Alajmi   Kuwait393035  445 Colorado State University

Men - B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1402.24 Alex Ranum   San Diego, CA277669  203 University of Colorado-Boulder
2408.50 Ryan Standish   Durango, CO314860  222 Fort Lewis College
3414.76 Cole Hanson   Grand Junction, CO375227  204 Colorado Mesa University
4421.02 Evan Glowiak   Vassar, MI300853  202 US Air Force Academy
5427.28 Edwin Supple   Littleton, CO370837  207 Colorado School of Mines
6433.54 Garrett Braun   U S A F Academy, CO368131  210 US Air Force Academy
7439.80 Donny Warbritton   Boulder, CO361065  224 University of Colorado-Boulder
8446.06 Andrew Faturos   Albuquerque359659  226 Colorado State University
9452.32 Brad Neagos   Denver , CO372580  230 University of Denver
10458.58 Keith Omundson   Boulder, CO359222  218 University of Colorado-Boulder
11464.84 Cameron Brown   Littleton, CO359756  228 University of Colorado-Boulder
12471.10 Marcel Davidse   Boulder, CO359256  201 University of Colorado-Boulder
13477.36 Troy Meeker   Frisco, CO333346  216 Fort Lewis College
14483.62 Joseph Chiavetta   Fort Collins309189  213 Colorado State University
15489.88 Andrew Cady   U S A F Academy, CO346110  214 US Air Force Academy
16496.14 Garrett Lundberg   Salida, CO306809  227 Fort Lewis College
17502.40 Scott Berres   Centennial, CO309165  225 Colorado State University
18508.66 Kelton Manzanares   Boulder Co374933  234 Colorado School of Mines
19514.92 Travis Chapman   Greeley, CO309188  231 University of Northern Colorado
20521.18 Cody Cupp   Twisp, WA328698  220 Fort Lewis College
21527.44 Perry Leysens   Durango, CO271227  217 Fort Lewis College
22533.70 Steven Nichols   Golden, CO368662  206 Colorado School of Mines
23539.96 Jeremy Besmer   Colorado Springs359778  223 University of Colorado-Boulder
24546.22 Nate Prewitt   Fort Collins, CO342070  233 Colorado State University
25 Maxwell Forgarty    219 Fort Lewis College
26558.74 Zack Morgan   Mead, CO378202  232 University of Colorado-Boulder
27565.00 stephen cochran   Loveland359730  209 Colorado Mesa University
28571.26 Austen Ebert   Usaf Academy, CO344042  215 US Air Force Academy
29577.52 Eric Gregg   Greeley, CO361711  221 University of Northern Colorado
30583.78 Jason Lupo   Colorado Springs289022  212 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
31590.04 Tucker Brown   Usafa, CO359742  208 US Air Force Academy
DNF Jacob Schoen   New Orleans, LA368697  211 University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Men - A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1241.33 Bill Golembieski   Boulder, CO274222  24 University of Colorado-Boulder
2245.93 Dean Haas   Lakewood, CO271420  11 Fort Lewis College
3250.53 Michael Burleigh   Denver, CO345802  15 University of Denver
4255.13 Greg Krieger   Fort Collins , CO255039  36 Colorado State University
5259.73 William Buick   Boulder, CO292402  33 University of Colorado-Boulder
6264.33 Renan Maia   Durango395741  26 Fort Lewis College
7268.93 Zebulon Hanley   Denver309404  US Air Force Academy
8273.53 Kolby Preble   Forestgrove, OR284714  12 Fort Lewis College
8273.53 Jacob Koonsman   Fort Collins, CO242088  38 Colorado State University
8273.53 Camilo Zambrano   Boulder, CO357730  25 University of Colorado-Boulder
11287.33 Oliver Flautt   Boulder307228  32 University of Colorado-Boulder
12291.93 Taylor Warren   Loveland, CO287780  37 Colorado State University
13296.53 Jackson Long   Boulder, CO246024  30 University of Colorado-Boulder
14301.13 Kit Recca   Golden, CO252699  Colorado School of Mines
15305.73 Trevor Brooks   Austin, TX313466  20 Fort Lewis College
16310.33 Phillip Somers   Fort Collins, CO281783  34 Colorado State University
17314.93 Stefan Zavislan   Usaf Academy, CO296754  US Air Force Academy
18319.53 Cody Stephenson   Fort Collins 146653  43 Colorado State University
19324.13 Natan Cavalca   Brusque385442  23 Fort Lewis College
20328.73 John Noonan   Evergreen, CO230716  31 University of Colorado-Boulder
21333.33 Aaron Canale   Annapolis, MD274814  19 Fort Lewis College
22337.93 Morgan Ryan   Ventura, CA177959  Colorado Mesa University
23342.53 Nicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO305250  Colorado School of Mines
24347.13 Skyler Trujillo   Fort Collins, CO284764  29 Fort Lewis College
25351.73 Clinton Mitchell   Arvada192127  39 Colorado State University
26356.33 Samuel Phillips   Grand Junction, CO288750  13 Colorado Mesa University
27360.93 Karl Schroeder   Usaf Academy, CO193633  US Air Force Academy
28365.53 Danny Hiller   Boulder, CO246171  22 University of Colorado - Boulder
29370.13 Brett Peters   Boulder, CO291239  27 University of Colorado-Boulder
30374.73 Eric Steele   Broomfield, CO334230  28 University of Colorado-Boulder
31379.33 Sam Warford   Culver City, CA334408  18 Fort Lewis College
32383.93 Gabriel vanderMerwe   Grand Junction, CO389702  Colorado Mesa University
33388.53 Andrew Llewellyn   Louisville, KY222859  16 Fort Lewis College
34393.13 Paul Kumm   Fort Collins267392  41 Colorado State University
35397.73 Quint Berkemeier   Lake Arrowhead, CA240136  Colorado Mesa University
36402.33 Gilbert Ducournau   Durango, CO374303  17 Fort Lewis College
37406.93 Robbie Jones   Golden, CO284880  14 Fort Lewis College
38411.53 Cullen Easter   Claremont, CA244581  Colorado Mesa University
39416.13 Donovan Caputo   Tucson, AZ296677  21 Fort Lewis College
40420.73 Zach Bodhane   Englewood, CO301170  42 Colorado State University
DNF Lucas Elms   Colorado Springs, CO311078  44 Colorado State University
DNF Patric Rostel   Grand Junction, CO301113  10 Colorado Mesa University

Women - C - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00 Rosa Foth   Dillon Co399354  510 Colorado School of Mines
2544.55 Melanie Beale   Boulder Co395130  509 Colorado State University
3549.10 Leila Carrillo   Anaheim Ca328154  505 Fort Lewis College
4553.65 Gretchen Carow   Grand Junction, CO395626  502 Colorado Mesa University
5558.20 Samantha Wojda   Fort Collins, CO399432  507 Colorado State University
6562.75 Hannah Rifkin   Boulder, CO399580  508 University of Colorado-Boulder
7567.30 Kalie Plasier   U S A F Academy, CO387009  504 US Air Force Academy
8571.85 Lauren Theune   Colorado Spirngs374680  501 University of Northern Colorado
9576.40 Lauren Lundquist   Friendswood Tx396936  514 Colorado School of Mines
10580.95 Madeline Button   Fairbanks, AK394435  511 Colorado State University
11585.50 Vivian Krishnan   Durango, CO398315  503 Fort Lewis College
12590.05 Alyssa Bollig   U S A F Academy, CO397903  512 US Air Force Academy
DNF Nikki Champion    513 Colorado School of Mines

Women - B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1537.99 Ariana Dittmer   Grand Junction, CO305828  302 Colorado Mesa University
2543.77 Sofia Gomez Villafane   Durango, CO332624  303 Fort Lewis College
3549.55 Jessica Bobeck   Fort Belvoir, VA359346  307 University of Colorado-Boulder
4555.33 Tess Weathers   Golden, CO375264  305 Colorado School of Mines
5561.11 Nathalie Krantz   Flagstaff, AZ267760  304 Fort Lewis College
6566.89 Christiana Leong   Fort Collins, CO370756  310 Colorado State University
7572.67 Danielle Brockman   Fort Collins374842  309 Colorado State University
8578.45 Katie Cartee   Anchorage375080  311 University of Colorado-Boulder
9584.23 Natalie CortezLopez   Grand Junction, CO375195  301 Colorado Mesa University
10590.01 Brittany White   Fort Collins, CO358666  306 Fort Lewis College
DNF Suzie Livingston   Fort Collins371452  308 Colorado State University

Women - A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1302.66 Christa Ghent   Boulder, CO327486  105 University of Colorado-Boulder
2326.74 Rebecca Much   Fort Collins, CO192744  114 Colorado State University
3350.82 Abby Mickey   Aspen, CO326204  107 University of Colorado
4374.90 Madalyn Godby   Louisville, CO 271427  113 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
5398.98 Nicolle Bruderer   Boulder, CO366636  106 University of Colorado
6423.06 Justine Boddy   Loveland, CO368792  108 Colorado State University
7447.14 Madison Tuggle   Littleton, CO310004  109 Colorado State University
8471.22 Kristin Tippey   Golden, CO348792  101 Colorado School of Mines
9495.30 Linnea Dixson   Steamboat Springs, CO295757  103 University of Wyoming
10519.38 Kate Wold   Fort Collins, CO350082  104 Colorado State University
11543.46 MacKenzie Paul   U S A F Academy, CO367737  102 US Air Force Academy
12567.54 Ivie Crawford   Durango, CO262452  111 Fort Lewis College
DNF Jocelyn Irwin   Vail Co375211  110 University of Denver

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