Race Results for
5th Annual Steamboat Stage Race P/B Moots Cycles
Steamboat Springs, CO
(Event Information)
Criterium on 09/02/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - SM Pro-1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
177.40Michael Dessau   Boulder, CO0:59:26 266626   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
281.82Josh Yeaton   Boulder, CO0:59:26 233175   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
386.24Colt Peterson   Boulder, CO0:59:26 287772   Team Rio Grande
490.66Jonathan Page   Northfield, NH0:59:26 27066   
595.07MATTHEW CHARITY   England0:59:26 376794   Steamboat Velo
699.49Drew Christopher   Wheat Ridge, CO0:59:26 288007   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
7103.91Brad Neagos   Denver , CO0:59:26 372580   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
8108.33Jake Wells   Avon, CO0:59:26 191242   Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin
9112.74Chris Putt   Parkcity, UT0:59:26 282625   Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized
10117.16Yannick Eckmann   Boulder, CO0:59:26 254024   California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
11121.58Cortlan Brown   Bountiful, UT0:59:26 262949   Astellas Oncology Cycling Team
12126.00Brad Bingham   Longmont, CO0:59:26 163524   GS Ciao
13130.42Robin Eckmann   Boulder, CO0:59:26 254025   California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
14134.83Alex Hagman   Fort Collins, CO0:59:26 173228   UCI CT: Jelly Belly Cycling
15139.25Hunter Huffman   Park City, UT0:59:26 338664   Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized
16143.67Michael Burleigh   Denver, CO0:59:26 345802   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
17148.09Barkley Robinson   Steamboat Springs, CO0:59:26 116613   Steamboat Velo
18152.50Brandon Blackwell   Centerville, UT0:59:26 353576   PLAN7 | BRIGHTFACE
19156.92Colby Pearce   Boulder, CO0:59:26 52850   GS Ciao
20161.34Jackson Long   Boulder, CO0:59:26 246024   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
21165.76Matthew DeAngelis   Boulder Co0:59:26 363841   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
22170.18Brian Firle   Boulder, CO0:59:26 282337   Denver Fit Loft
23174.59Kyle Thomas   Denver, CO0:59:26 255466   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
24179.01George Simpson   Fort Collins, CO0:59:26 399388   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
25Tripp Wall   0:59:26   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
26187.85Ty Tuttle   Fort Collins, CO0:59:26 348228   Sonic Boom Racing Team
27192.26James Peterman   Boulder, CO0:59:26 195657   Sonic Boom Racing Team
28196.68Nate Taggatz   Fort Collins, CO0:59:26 374170   First City Cycling Team
29201.10Robert Burnett   Golden, CO0:59:26 251832   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
30205.52Nicholas Applegate   Boulder, CO0:59:26 362572   Cycleton
31209.94john salskov   Tempe, AZ0:59:26 113251   TRU Composites/Team RPM/Airpark Bikes
32214.35Taylor Jung   Littleton, CO0:59:26 241461   Pedal p/b Cannondale Development Team
33218.77Chris Carr   Golden, CO0:59:26 246610   Denver Fit Loft
34223.19Brett Rindt   Denver, CO0:59:26 202401   Rocky Mountain Road Club
35227.61Andrew Hemesath   Colorado Springs , CO0:59:26 254826   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
36232.02Rory Kelly   Boulder, CO0:59:26 257655   Denver Fit Loft
37236.44Joshua Smith   Erie, CO0:59:26 215580   Sonic Boom Racing Team
38240.86Zach Heskett   Kalispell0:59:26 291411   
39245.28Luis Rodriguez   Denver, CO0:59:26 309494   Denver Fit Loft
40249.70Andrew Clemence   Boulder, CO0:59:26 294220   Cycleton
41254.11Jon Moro   Boulder, CO0:59:26 172183   
42258.53Kit Recca   Golden, CO0:59:26 252699   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
43262.95Kenett Peterson   Boulder, CO0:59:26 256803   Firefighters Racing UCI Elite
44267.37greg krause   Littleton, CO0:59:26 255940   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
45271.78Todd Elenz   Salem, OR0:59:26 185341   Willamette University
46276.20LeRoy Popowski   Colorado Springs, CO0:59:26 166561   juwi-Slipstream
47280.62Lucas Elms   Colorado Springs, CO0:59:26 311078   Pedal p/b Cannondale Development Team
48285.04Samuel Chovan   Steamboat Springs, CO0:59:26 229072   Cycleton
49289.46Matthew Rowe   Boulder, CO0:59:26 363233   Cycleton
50293.87Tim Srenaski   Boulder, CO1:01:53 208544   Simple Racing

Men - SM 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1309.63david mulica   Denver, CO0:40:31 48181   Local Velo
2323.65chris leggere   Boulder, CO0:40:31 137278   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
3337.67Butch Stinton   Castle Rock, CO0:40:31 34198   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
4351.69Steven Matous   Boulder, CO0:40:31 305328   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
5365.70Callen Borgias   Centennial, CO0:40:31 363359   
6379.72David Sherrer   Loveland0:40:31 363775   ColoBikeLaw.com
7393.74Laurent McLaughlin   Nederland, CO0:40:31 205578   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
8407.76Marty Albe   Evergreen, CO0:40:31 111272   Altitude Cycling
9421.78bill kellagher   Boulder, CO0:40:31 45530   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
10435.80Mike West   Colorado Springs, CO0:40:31 362623   Pikes Peak Velo
11449.81Steve Birnbaum   Greenwood Village, CO0:40:31 52213   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
12463.83Dan Grygier   Highlands Ranch, CO0:40:31 255333   Altitude Cycling
13477.85Kim Workman   Fort Collins0:40:31 364420   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
14491.87Philip Coons   Highlands Ranch, CO0:40:31 364522   Green Mountain Sports Velo
15505.89Geoff Cooper   Boulder, CO0:40:31 7713   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
16519.91Scott Christopher   Wheat Ridge, CO0:40:31 178865   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
17533.93Vince Hooper   Steamboat Springs, CO0:40:37 364355   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
18547.94Carl Reed   Fort Collins, CO0:42:17 47148   Team Rio Grande
19561.96Michael Raber   Evergreen, CO0:45:35 8455   Green Mountain Sports Velo
20575.98Leroy Smith   Denver, CO0:45:39 363348   Racer X Cycling
21590.00Howard Sklar   Boulder, CO0:46:12 339594   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
9999Jeff Brown   Boulder, CODNF 244809   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling

Men - SM 45+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1440.30Mike Howells   Denver Co0:28:05 387690   Racer X Cycling
2444.61Michael Macci   Salt Lake City, UT0:28:05 129769   PLAN7 | BRIGHTFACE
3448.93Henry Eberhardt   Superior, CO0:28:05 342588   Team Body Sync
4453.24Brent Schoeb   Boulder, CO0:28:05 363752   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
5457.56Bennett Hug   Highlands Ranch, CO0:28:05 260446   ColoBikeLaw.com
6461.87Doug Richards   Longmont, CO0:28:05 364183   Blue Sky Velo
7466.18Shawn Rucks   Boulder 0:28:05 375273   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
8470.50Dean Stathopulos   Highlands Ranch, CO0:28:05 368671   Racer X Cycling
9474.81Thomas Panton   Centennial, CO0:28:05 278739   ColoBikeLaw.com
10479.13Brian Tate   Steamboat Springs0:28:05 387366   
11483.44Robert Dwyer   Denver, CO0:28:05 363979   ColoBikeLaw.com
12487.75Scott Walden   Aurora, CO0:28:05 189359   ColoBikeLaw.com
13492.07Gregory Kuchta   Fort Collins, CO0:28:05 57685   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
14496.38todd ferullo   Dillon, CO0:28:05 11531   
15500.69Tom Hootman   Denver0:28:05 384100   ColoBikeLaw.com
16505.01Mike Elmer   Colorado Springs, CO0:28:05 50807   ColoBikeLaw.com
17509.32todd mccallum   Littleton, CO0:28:05 363361   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
18jim barker   0:28:05   
19517.95Murray S. Willis   Lakewood, CO0:28:05 363315   Altitude Cycling
20522.26Darryl Sigman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:28:05 310945   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
21526.58David Payne   Boulder, CO0:28:05 363476   Boulder Cycle Sport
22530.89Philippe Pippo Capraro   Denver, CO0:28:05 362836   Altitude Cycling
23535.21Mark Donald   Broomfield0:28:05 378701   Altitude Cycling
24539.52Richard Chamberlin   Westminster, CO0:28:05 363825   Blue Sky Velo
25543.83SCOTT BERG   Highlands Ranch, CO0:28:14 3413   Boulder Cycle Sport
26548.15Eric Wright   Laramie, WY0:28:22 179327   Laramie Bicycling Network, INC
27552.46Erik Swanson   Aurora, CO0:28:42 211023   ColoBikeLaw.com
28556.78Terence Gill   Boulder, CO0:29:48 362712   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
29561.09Blair Oliver   Fort Collins, CO0:30:34 377228   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
30565.40ray berry   Littleton, CO0:31:04 363426   ColoBikeLaw.com
31569.72peter mitchell   Ward, CO0:31:34 362637   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
32574.03Steve Harris   Elizabeth, CO0:31:58 248328   ColoBikeLaw.com
33578.35frank scavuzzo   Parker0:33:33 369528   Altitude Cycling
34582.66Rich Linke   Centennial, CO0:34:27 362593   Altitude Cycling
9999David Tolbert   Arvada, CODNF 265084   ColoBikeLaw.com

Men - SM 45+ 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1222.23Adam Asnes   New York0:39:37 45035   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
2238.58Juan gutierrez   Denver, CO0:39:43 148746   Local Velo
3254.92Danny Suter   Boulder, CO0:39:43 167158   Rally Sport Cycling Team
4271.27Todd Taft   Salt Lake City, UT0:39:43 207596   Ski Utah Cycling Team
5287.62mike spangenberg   Golden, CO0:39:43 69228   Rally Sport Cycling Team
6303.97Alex Kim   Salt Lake City, UT0:39:43 261800   PLAN7 | BRIGHTFACE
7320.31Jeff Jensen   Monument, CO0:39:43 378384   
8336.66Keith Brodhagen   Phoenix, AZ0:39:43 257201   GST Racing
9353.01mike schaumloeffel   Boulder, CO0:39:43 286890   Team Rio Grande
10369.35Steve Presta   Centennial, CO0:39:43 225649   Altitude Cycling
11385.70Ken Reardon   Fort Collins, CO0:39:43 201881   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
12402.05robert helton   Golden, CO0:39:43 147838   thecyclist-lawyer.com
13418.40John Sterner   Castle Rock, CO0:39:43 237195   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
14434.74Broc Thompson   Arvada, CO0:39:43 35408   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
15451.09John Mansell   Boulder, CO0:39:43 353588   Rally Sport Cycling Team
16467.44Shane DUNLEAVY   Park City, UT0:41:23 253994   Ski Utah Cycling Team

Men - SM 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1372.78PETER MORELLI   Denver, CO0:34:29 357480   
2378.22Danny Whipple   Colorado Springs, CO0:34:30 362000   
3383.66Galen Stilgebauer   Lakewood Co0:34:33 118147   Rocky Mountain Road Club
4389.09Cole Evans   Fort Collins, CO0:34:33 395676   First City Cycling Team
5394.53juan cortes   Fusagasuga Cundinamarca0:34:33 383567   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
6399.97Matthew Scavuzzo   Parkerco0:34:33 367468   Altitude Cycling
7405.41Corey Baughman   Denver, CO0:34:33 411674   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
8410.84David Thompson   Edgewater, CO0:34:33 35415   Rocky Mountain Road Club
9416.28Ryan Sahd   Loveland, CO0:34:33 362872   Team Rio Grande
10421.72Andrew Wheeler   Aurora0:34:33 408131   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
11John Eushin   0:34:33   
12432.59Nick Cooley   Fort Collins, CO0:34:33 371456   Rams Cycling Team
13438.03Daniel Duryea   Golden, CO0:34:33 297684   
14443.47Matheu Rodriguez   Aurora, CO0:34:33 368731   Altitude Cycling
15448.91Stephen Haas   Lakewood, CO0:34:33 284765   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
16454.34Hans Vandenberg   Eagle, CO0:34:33 296888   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
17459.78Gabe Rivero   Parker, CO0:34:33 379538   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
18Ben Brown   0:34:33   
19470.66Jason Kiefer   Boulder, CO0:34:33 389935   Sports Garage Cycling
20476.09Douglas Borg   Denver, CO0:34:33 363513   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
21481.53Jason Kearns   Littleton, CO0:34:33 396384   University of Denver
22486.97Ken Montaney   Tucson, AZ0:34:33 301455   
23Chris Magnotta   0:34:33   
24497.84Rob Horn   Denver, CO0:34:33 374004   Rocky Mountain Road Club
25503.28Landry Bobo   Colorado Springs, CO0:34:33 347622   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
26508.72eddie rogers   Steamboat Spgs, CO0:34:33 363737   Steamboat Velo
27514.16Sam Reinish   Denver, CO0:34:38 29490   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
28519.59Brandon McNellis   Boulder, CO0:34:38 295645   
29Fredd Corpuz   0:34:38   
30530.47Joey Chiavetta   Fort Collins0:34:38 309189   Colorado State University
31535.91Connor Livingston   Centennial0:34:45 362695   ColoBikeLaw.com
32541.34paul spencer   Denver, CO0:34:45 400655   
33546.78Aaron Sigman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:35:35 278243   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
34552.22Jeff Snook   San Diego, CA0:36:52 33364   
35557.66Zackry Morgan   Mead, CO0:37:11 378202   University of Colorado Boulder
36563.09ben jendrek   Conifer0:37:25 391372   Racer X Cycling
37568.53Dan Maduff   Lakewood, CO0:37:35 364052   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
38573.97michael welker   Denver, CO0:37:35 227319   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
39579.41Monty Bobo   Colorado Springs, CO0:39:10 408262   Cafe Velo
40Matthew Stensland   0:40:49   
9999Paul Jeantete (1 - Cat5)   Casper, WYDNF 237755   

Men - SM 35+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1428.47Brian Baker   Vail, CO0:38:47 149470   
2435.20Brandon Dyksterhouse   Evergreen0:38:47 412105   
3441.93Andrew Tepen   St. Louis, MO0:38:47 202308   
4448.66Rick Noyes   Lakewood, CO0:38:47 26330   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
5455.39Robert Kyper   Durango, CO0:38:47 599   Durango Wheel Club
6462.12Maciej Przewozny   Highlands Ranch, CO0:38:47 365447   
7468.85Ryan Korzyniowski   Fort Collins0:38:47 395239   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
8475.58scott crabtree   Boulder, CO0:38:47 377434   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
9482.31Eric Brandt   Littleton, CO0:38:47 239991   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
10489.04Billy Edwards   Boulder, CO0:38:47 258188   
11495.77Brian Coleman   Centennial, CO0:38:47 379421   TLR Cycling
12502.50Joseph Manning   Fort Collins, CO0:38:47 364441   Team Rio Grande
13509.24Matt Couzens   Denver, CO0:38:47 363516   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
14515.97Daniel Perkins   Littleton, CO0:38:47 274330   Cycleton
15522.70Stephen Perkins   Denver, CO0:38:47 366272   Cycleton
16529.43Justin Sheldon   Denver, CO0:38:47 280424   
17536.16Stephen Ogle   Fort Collins, CO0:38:47 41743   
18542.89Jamy Bacchus   Denver0:38:47 349652   Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
19549.62Nigel Thompson   Denver, CO0:38:47 365668   Racer X Cycling
20556.35Scott Tanner   Steamboat Springs, CO0:38:47 82962   Steamboat Velo
21563.08Jay Plucienkowski   Lyons, CO0:38:52 370384   
22569.81Nelson Carmichael   Steamboat Springs, CO0:39:42 413652   
23576.54Shawn Hime   Laramie, WY0:39:52 313886   
24583.27Eric shuemake   Aurora, CO0:43:02 396013   TLR Cycling
25590.00Louis Rodriguez   New York0:45:55 379205   Altitude Cycling

Men - SM 35+ 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1216.81matthew skrdla   Fort Collins, CO0:44:14 119355   
2230.02Shane Orr   Denver, CO0:44:15 363102   Great Divide Brewing Company
3243.24Russell Griffin   Denver, CO0:44:15 14176   Cycleton
4256.45Nard Moseley   Dallas, TX0:44:16 351130   KingRacingGroup
5269.66Brad Thomas   Boulder, CO0:44:16 79265   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
6282.88Jonathan Cavner   Colorado Springs, CO0:44:16 282099   CP Racing
7296.09Derek Teuscher   Louisville, CO0:44:16 362728   Steamboat Velo
8309.30Scott Wall   Broomfield, CO0:44:16 237159   Denver Fit Loft
9322.52Jamie Morgan   Louisville, CO0:44:16 102377   
10335.73Jeremy Curry   Longmont0:44:16 393985   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
11348.94Kevin Porter   Colorado Springs, CO0:44:16 264329   CP Racing
12362.16Walter Durrer   Loveland, CO0:44:16 352686   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
13375.37John Barclay   Boulder, CO0:44:16 2553   Rally Sport Cycling Team
14388.58Justin Hall   Longmont, CO0:44:16 362548   Team Rio Grande
15401.80kevin cawley   Boulder, CO0:44:16 86907   Whole Foods Market Giordana Scott Sports
16415.01Tim Lemmon   Melbourne0:44:16 363127   
17428.22Ryan Kerin   Dillon, CO0:44:16 401918   
18441.44Eric Jones   Boulder, CO0:44:16 154867   Rally Sport Cycling Team
19454.65Dave Cho   Fort Collins, CO0:44:16 363906   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
20467.86Raik Huster   Centennial, CO0:44:16 363802   CP Racing
21481.07Randy Ellis   Arvada, CO0:44:16 272326   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
22494.29David Chart   Highlands Ranch, CO0:44:16 362770   International Christian Cycling Club
23507.50Jordan Sher   Denver, CO0:44:16 214172   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
24520.71Chris Burke   Longmont, CO0:44:16 363292   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
25533.93Phil Gronniger   Castle Rock, CO0:44:23 14262   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
26547.14Jonathan Smela   Loveland, CO0:44:28 364432   Team Rio Grande
27560.35Brian Anderson   Longmont, CO0:44:28 362830   Blue Sky Velo
28573.57JJ Brandstatter   Broomfield, CO0:46:02 131976   Frites En Mayo Velo Club

Men - SM 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1202.09Matthew Eberly   Aurora, CO0:45:24 199914   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
2209.94Robert Thayer   Broomfield0:45:24 396770   Sonic Boom Racing
3217.78Matt Larson   Boulder0:45:24 377147   GS Panache
4225.63Adam Fivehouse   Denver, CO0:45:24 224182   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
5233.48John Goss   Littleton, CO0:45:24 375373   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
6241.32Adam Jensen   Denver, CO0:45:24 347774   Rocky Mountain Road Club
7249.17Matthew Hudson   Longmont, CO0:45:24 346446   
8257.01Justin Barber   Colorado Springs, CO0:45:24 304198   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
9264.86Carson Christen   Boulder, CO0:45:24 233801   Cycleton
10272.70Matt McWhirter   Scottsdale , AZ0:45:24 71063   Fleming Wealth Strategies.com
11280.55Paul Shumate   Lakewood, CO0:45:24 275449   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
12288.39Cameron Brown   Littleton, CO0:45:24 359756   CU Cycling-Boulder
13296.24Alex Pond   Steamboat Springs, CO0:45:24 325804   Steamboat Velo
14304.08Will Nabours   Boulder, CO0:45:24 348996   
15311.93John Babcock   Arvada, CO0:45:24 329220   
16319.78Ryan Taylor   Broomfield, CO0:45:24 77395   Sonic Boom Racing
17327.62Aaron Hugen   Littleton, CO0:45:24 306980   Rocky Mountain Road Club
18335.47John Guala   Westminster, CO0:45:24 366459   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
19343.31Stephen Fitzgerald   Denver, CO0:45:24 363596   Rocky Mountain Road Club
20351.16Joe Teynor   Denver, CO0:45:24 353060   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
21359.00Stephen Thomas   Denver, CO0:45:24 82513   Rocky Mountain Road Club
22366.85brian huggins   Parker, CO0:45:24 275490   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
23374.69Ian London   Denver Co0:45:24 376368   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
24382.54Ian Nansel   Englewood, CO0:45:24 224551   Altitude Cycling
25390.39Gavin Anderson   Louisville, CO0:45:24 363026   Sonic Boom Racing
26398.23Scott Larson   Ft Collins, CO0:45:24 363063   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
27406.08Ryan Ellis   Lusaka Zambia0:45:24 376964   CU Cycling-Boulder
28413.92Kevin Flanagan   Denver, CO0:45:24 224217   Cycleton
29421.77Andy Johnson   Louisville, CO0:45:24 358390   Sonic Boom Racing Team
30429.61Jerod Ridge   Littleton Co0:45:24 367163   Cycleton
31437.46Walter Zitz   Denver, CO0:45:24 282500   Sonic Boom Racing Team
32445.30Jake Barker   Steamboat Spring0:45:24 363257   Steamboat Velo
33453.15David Leonard   Arvada, CO0:45:24 252449   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
34460.99Eric Gregg   Greeley, CO0:45:31 361711   Twin Peaks Racing
35468.84Clark Eckel   Edgewater, CO0:45:31 362403   Rocky Mountain Road Club
36476.69Bart Abriol   Superior, CO0:45:36 197211   Sonic Boom Racing Team
37484.53Ben Schmalz   Saratoga Springs, UT0:45:36 361433   Cicada Racing Inc
38492.38Davis Wilkey   Louisville, CO0:46:53 303138   BJC/Panache
39500.22Travis Caldwell   Boulder, CO0:46:55 336396   Sonic Boom Racing Team
9999Jake Keener   Fort Collins, CODNF 363611   First City Cycling Team

Women - SW Pro-1-2/SW 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
189.22Joanne Kiesanowski   Colorado Springs, CO0:44:21 406658   
2109.66Amy Charity   Steamboat Springs0:44:21 363583   Vanderkitten-Focus
3Kemille Garvin   0:44:21   
4150.53nicole duke   Boulder, CO0:44:21 83337   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
5170.97Irena Ossola   Santa Fe Nm0:44:21 392698   Team Kenda presented by RACC
6191.40Amity Elliot   Boulder, CO0:44:21 222471   Team Kenda presented by RACC
7211.84Maria Santiago   Durango, CO0:44:21 376546   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
8232.28Abby Mickey   Aspen, CO0:44:21 326204   GS Panache
9252.71Rebecca Balboni   Durango, CO0:44:21 345588   UCI WPT: Exergy TWENTY16
10273.15Breanne Nalder   Murray, UT0:44:26 263791   DNA Cycling p/b Plan7
11293.59Roberta Smith   Denver, CO0:44:36 307113   Naked Women's Racing
12314.02Andrea Koenig   Denver, CO0:46:17 348758   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
13334.46Kathy Judson   Arvada, CO0:48:42 47161   Green Mountain Sports Velo

Women - SW 3-4/SW 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1234.66Kristen Peterson   Boulder, CO0:34:00 294039   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2247.82Serenity sam Anderson   Denver, CO0:34:00 379599   Rocky Mountain Road Club
3260.98Margaret Douglass   Salt Lake City, UT0:34:00 60449   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team
4274.14Lanier Allen   Littleton, CO0:34:00 362528   Naked Women's Racing
5287.30Jocelyn Irwin   Vail Co0:34:00 375211   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
6300.46Booka Smith   Dillon, CO0:34:00 378764   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
7313.62Nora Richards   Boulder, CO0:34:00 284308   
8326.78Courtney Clark   Boulder, CO0:34:00 410466   
9339.94Susie JONES   Steamboat Springs, CO0:34:00 384870   Steamboat Velo
10353.10BRITTANY Jones   Denver, CO0:34:00 363706   Naked Women's Racing
11366.26Anna Levine   Longmont, CO0:34:00 364637   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
12379.43Katie Clouse   Park City, UT0:34:00 332072   cole sport
13392.59Robin Waterman   Hanover Ma0:34:03 364464   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
14405.75Katie Harrer   Denver, CO0:34:03 395349   Naked Women's Racing
15418.91Jannalyn Luttrell   Sandy, UT0:34:03 347534   Team Primal Racing
16432.07Michelle Maxwell   Lafayette, CO0:34:07 305270   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
17445.23Maria Tang   Boulder0:34:08 408518   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
18458.39sue lloyd   Wheatridge, CO0:34:10 321432   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
19471.55Jo Ellen Walden   Aurora, CO0:34:12 364480   ColoBikeLaw.com
20484.71Jennifer McDowell   Casper Wy0:34:52 405913   
21497.87Kat Salthouse   Tucson, AZ0:35:23 341410   
22511.03Erin Quinn   Littleton0:35:30 363110   Altitude Cycling
23524.20Sandra North   Portland Ct0:37:50 368581   Blue Sky Velo
24Kirsten Alder   0:37:52   
25550.52Rebecca Furuta   Longmont, CO0:38:11 366392   Team Novo Nordisk
26563.68Peg Hallberg   Golden, CO0:38:15 363068   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
27576.84Ruth Alexander   Fort Collins, CO0:41:40 364531   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
28590.00Luisa Sullivan   Boulder, CO0:41:53 364570   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
9999Amy Thompson   Denver, CODNF 369299   Racer X Cycling

Mixed - JM/W 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1425.81Evan Weinman   Steamboat Springs, CO0:29:05 294829   
2438.44Bryan Ramos   Watkins , CO0:29:07 403679   
3451.07Joshua Schroeder   Lakewood, CO0:29:07 351364   International Christian Cycling Club
4463.70Isaac Sheets   Loveland, CO0:29:07 378385   
5476.33Jackson Hootman   Denver0:29:07 384101   ColoBikeLaw.com
6488.96Jonah Thompson   Albuquerque, NM0:29:07 284769   High Desert Bicycles Team
7501.59Wyatt Gaulke   Cheyenne0:29:07 377064   
8514.22Cayden Cecil   Evergreen0:29:13 407575   Altitude Cycling
9526.85Davis Robinson   Littleton0:29:13 398126   Altitude Cycling
10Grant Andrews   0:29:15   
11552.11Abel Maki   Watkins, CO0:29:37 403680   
12josef Huff   0:31:05   
13577.37Christopher scavuzzo   Parker Colorado0:31:05 375315   Altitude Cycling
14590.00Anna burkholder   Steamboat Springs0:34:40 413625   

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