Race Results for
Rock the Boat
Steamboat Springs, CO
(Event Information)
Cross Country on 09/08/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Hamish Henderson   Kemnay Scotland 387275  407 Fort Lewis College
1Mark Currie    458 Colorado State University
2541.61Andrew Washburn   Boerne, TX359785  410 University of Colorado-Boulder
2541.61Franklin Sutley   Fort Collins, CO388825  441 Colorado State University
3543.22William Randall   U S A F Academy, CO387121  427 US Air Force Academy
3543.22creed Flynn   College Station389522  460 Mines
4544.83Donny Warbritton   Boulder, CO361065  436 University of Colorado-Boulder
4544.83Cameron Holck   Pflugerville387179  401 Colorado School of Mines
5546.44Sean Dumke   Ketchum, ID227383  420 Fort Lewis College
5546.44mark martinez   Alamosa, CO387299  432 Adams State University
6548.05Edwin Supple   Littleton, CO370837  415 Colorado School of Mines
6548.05Edwin Supple   Littleton, CO370837  415 Colorado School of Mines
7549.66Justin Fritzler   Fort Collins, CO301380  400 Colorado State University
7549.66Wilson White   Durango387571  413 Fort Lewis College
8551.27Zeb Benham   Sedona Az387483  435 Colorado State University
8J collamati    461 US Airforce Acedemy
9552.88Cameron Holck   Pflugerville387179  401 Colorado School of Mines
9Kevin Kasburg    455 University of Wyoming
10554.49Justin Barr   Evergreen Co387800  405 Western State Colorado University
10554.49George Clark   Evergreen, CO388685  447 Fort Lewis College
11556.10Rhys Louis   Hinsdale, IL298724  430 Colorado College
11556.10Phillip Gaston   Little Rock, AR343692  416 Western State Colorado University
12557.71Brett butler   Gunnison, CO387856  408 Western State Colorado University
12557.71Sean McCoy   Dolores387360  433 Adams State University
13559.32Phillip Gaston   Little Rock, AR343692  416 Western State Colorado University
13559.32Kevin Stewart   Aberdeen, WA344010  459 Fort Lewis College
14560.93Taylor Pfohl   Golden, CO321704  418 Colorado School of Mines
14560.93Craig Dold   Colorado Springs, CO388253  426 US Air Force Acedemy
15562.54Ryan Bertrand   Boulder, CO388265  437 University of Colorado-Boulder
15562.54Cameron Rouleau   U S A F Academy, CO387365  425 US Air Force Academy
16Max Rozowski-Vogt    421 University of Wyoming
16564.15Spencer Crowe   U S A F Academy, CO387117  428 US Air Force Academy
17565.76Daniel Eichman   Usaf Academy, CO387167  423 US Air Force Academy
17565.76Christopher RevelesAdcock   Alamosa, CO387617  434 Adams State University
18567.37Craig Dold   Colorado Springs, CO388253  426 Unites States Airforce Academy
19568.98Sean McCoy   Dolores387360  433 Adams State University
20570.59Shane Wilson   Laramie, WY388301  422 University of Wyoming
21572.20Christopher Broullire   Salt Lake City, UT388342  417 University of Utah
22573.81mark martinez   Alamosa, CO387299  432 Adams State University
23575.42Wilson White   Durango387571  413 Fort Lewis College
24577.03Thomas Bass   Alamosa, CO387224  431 Adams State University
25578.64Jeff Sederlin   Grand Junction, CO347836  429 Colorado Mesa University
26580.25Eirik Christensen   Trondheim388413  419 Colorado School of Mines
27581.86Christopher RevelesAdcock   Alamosa, CO387617  434 Adams State University
28583.47Cameron Rouleau   U S A F Academy, CO387365  425 US Air Force Academy
29585.08Spencer Crowe   U S A F Academy, CO387117  428 US Air Force Academy
30586.69Andrew Wells   Laramie, WY387659  406 University of Wyoming
31588.30Tobey Fisher   Usaf Academy, CO387113  424 US Air Force Academy
32589.91Nick Warren   Boulder, CO387844  438 University if Colorado-Boulder

Men - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1524.52Geoffrey Williams   Grand Junction, CO387210  242 Colorado Mesa University
1524.52Trevor Brooks   Austin, TX313466  252 Fort Lewis College
2527.37Tyler Kjorstad   Laramie, WY389189  240 University of Wyoming
2527.37Clancy Ryburn   Durango, CO359813  222 Fort Lewis College
3530.22Alex Milewski   San Clemente, CA387396  233 Fort Lewis College
3530.22Benjamin Cherrington   Hillsborough, NH267701  228 Fort Lewis College
4533.07Clancy Ryburn   Durango, CO359813  222 Fort Lewis College
5535.92Brandon Lofton   Grand Junction, CO378467  206 Colorado Mesa University
6538.77Benjamin Cherrington   Hillsborough, NH267701  228 Fort Lewis College
7541.62Robert Auchincloss   Bronxville, NY318030  217 Fort Lewis College
8544.47Andrew Faturos   Albuquerque359659  202 Colorado State University
9547.32Stefan Zavislan   Usaf Academy, CO296754  200 US Air Force Academy
10550.17jake wands   Fort Collins387588  208 Colorado School of Mines
11553.02Kodey Myers   Logan, UT340240  236 Utah State University
12555.87casey rhea   Durango, CO385537  235 Fort Lewis College
13558.72Tucker Brown   Usafa, CO359742  201 US Air Force Academy
14561.57Cory Wittwer   Goldengolden, CO359845  219 Colorado School of Mines
15564.42Mitchell Kasyon   Boulder, CO360063  245 University of Colorado-Boulder
16567.27Duncan Koehn   Silverthorne359866  241 Colorado Mesa University
17570.12Ricky Pimentel   Grand Blanc Mi359967  203 Colorado State University
18572.97Stephan Wilson   Golden, CO270635  207 Colorado School of Mines
19Alexander Alleman    238 Western State Colorado University
20578.67Maxwell Fogarty   Berkeley, CA339432  237 Fort Lewis College
21581.52Austen Ebert   Usaf Academy, CO344042  239 US Air Force Academy
21581.52Andrew Cunningham   Grand Junction, CO338210  250 Colorado Mesa University
22584.37Mark Engen   Columbus, OH10814  244 University of Wyoming
22584.37Justin Barr   Evergreen Co387800  255 Western State Colorado University
23587.22Daniel Hubbard   Durango, CO285021  227 Fort Lewis College
23587.22Jack Courtney   Olathe, KS359615  232 Fort Lewis College
24590.07Scott Berres   Centennial, CO309165  243 Colorado State University
DNFcasey rhea   Durango, CO385537  235 Fort Lewis College
DNFAlexander Alleman    238 Western State Colorado University
DNFDuncan Koehn   Silverthorne359866  241 Colorado Mesa University
DNFJustin Uplinger   Pittsburgh, PA361247  234 Fort Lewis College

Men - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1301.99Rotem Ishay   Durango, CO284995  Fort Lewis College
1301.99Rotem Ishay   Durango, CO284995  Fort Lewis College
2311.59Garrett Lundberg   Salida, CO306809  34 Fort Lewis College
2311.59Ryan Ellis   Lusaka Zambia376964  45 University of Colorado-Boulder
3321.19Samuel Morrison   Boulder, CO265086  15 University of Colorado-Boulder
3321.19Garrett Lundberg   Salida, CO306809  34 Fort Lewis College
4330.79Ryan Ellis   Lusaka Zambia376964  45 University of Colorado-Boulder
4330.79Samuel Morrison   Boulder, CO265086  15 University of Colorado-Boulder
5340.39Greg Krieger   Fort Collins , CO255039  Colorado State University
5340.39Robbie Jones   Golden, CO284880  20 Fort Lewis College
6349.99Jakub Valigura   Boulder, CO359289  16 University of Colorado-Boulder
6349.99Jakub Valigura   Boulder, CO359289  16 University of Colorado-Boulder
7359.59Erick Carlson   Fort Collins, CO241483  42 Colorado State University
7359.59Erick Carlson   Fort Collins, CO241483  42 Colorado State University
8369.19Michael Sampson   Holderness, NH327262  26 Fort Lewis College
9378.79Ryan Standish   Durango, CO314860  32 Fort Lewis College
10388.39Tyler Jones   Durango, CO350228  25 Fort Lewis College
11397.99Robbie Jones   Golden, CO284880  20 Fort Lewis College
12407.59Keith Omundson   Boulder, CO359222  47 University of Colorado-Boulder
13417.19Joshua McDowell   Durango Co325652  27 Fort Lewis College
14426.79Nathan Petter   Fort Collins, CO267319  38 Colorado State University
15436.39Nicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO305250  Colorado School of Mines
16445.99Dylan Jones   Fort Collins, CO233563  44 Colorado State University
17455.59Zach Bodhane   Englewood, CO301170  43 Colorado State University
18465.19Graham Ruhmann   Woodland Park, CO360963  14 Western State Colorado University
19474.79Adam Miller   Colorado Springs, CO259059  40 Colorado College
20484.39Kolby Preble   Forestgrove, OR284714  21 Fort Lewis College
21493.99Zebulon Hanley   Denver309404  US Air Force Academy
22503.59Taylor Borucki   Durango, CO247963  35 Fort Lewis College
23513.19Karl Schroeder   Usaf Academy, CO193633  US Air Force Academy
24522.79Joey Schusler   Boulder, CO201238  46 University of Colorado-Boulder
25532.39Bryan Horsley   Boulder, CO346104  36 University of Colorado-Boulder
26541.99Sam Chovan   Steamboat Springs, CO229072  48 University of Denver
27551.59Geoffrey Bee   Boulder, CO278873  22 Colorado School of Mines
28561.19William Vazquez   Fort Collins, CO198621  39 Colorado State University
29570.79Clinton Mitchell   Arvada192127  41 Colorado State University
30580.39Taylor Schmidt   Littleton, CO257291  Colorado School of Mines
31589.99Cody Stephenson   Fort Collins 146653  12 Colorado State University
DNFGrady James   Durango, CO200442  33 Fort Lewis College
DNFMichael Burleigh   Denver, CO345802  37 University of Denver
DNFNicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO305250  Colorado School of Mines
DNFKyle Miller   Harleysville, PA289081  17 University of Colorado-Boulder
DNFChristian Kloser   Vail, CO250322  Colorado Mesa University
DNFGabriel Murray   Longmont, CO232282  54 Fort Lewis College
DNFHoward Grotts   Durango, CO264839  56 Fort Lewis College

Women - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Brooke Bosman   Grand Junction, CO312954  308 Colorado Mesa University
1540.00Pamela Bogust   Sunland334050  316 Fort Lewis College
2544.17MacKenzie Paul   U S A F Academy, CO367737  301 US Air Force Academy
2544.17Erin Wilson   Fort Collins, CO388461  318 Colorado State University
3548.34Suzie Livingston   Fort Collins371452  305 Colorado State University
3548.34Casey Farrell   Durango, CO387998  314 Fort Lewis College
4552.51Casey Farrell   Durango, CO387998  314 Fort Lewis College
4552.51Kelsey Spalding   Sewickley388373  320 University of Colorado-Boulder
5556.68Pamela Bogust   Sunland334050  316 Fort Lewis College
5556.68Dee Brockman   Fort Collins374842  317 Colorado State University
6560.85Dee Brockman   Fort Collins374842  317 Colorado State University
6560.85Maria Peters   Grand Junction, CO343908  306 Colorado Mesa University
7565.02Erin Wilson   Fort Collins, CO388461  318 Colorado State University
7565.02Jordan McHenry   Dolores Co387247  315 Adams State University
8569.19Katy Aceto   Fort Collins, CO388236  319 Colorado State University
8569.19Erin OMara   Gunnison, CO359588  309 Western State Colorado University
9573.36Kelsey Spalding   Sewickley388373  320 University of Colorado-Boulder
10577.53Katie Cartee   Anchorage375080  310 University of Colorado-Boulder
11581.70Erin OMara   Gunnison, CO359588  309 Western State Colorado University
12585.87Kalie Plasier   U S A F Academy, CO387009  300 US Air Force Academy
13590.04Jordan McHenry   Dolores Co387247  315 Adams State University

Women - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1323.56Rebecca Gross   Golden, CO176014  111 University of Denver
1323.56Deidre York   Boulder, CO178289  132 University of Colorado-Boulder
2341.32Katie Sodergren   Breckenridge, CO284503  100 University of Colorado-Boulder
2341.32Jill Behlen   Boulder, CO210228  108 University of Wyoming
3359.08Abigail Mickey   Aspen, CO326204  119 University of Colorado-Boulder
3359.08Katie Sodergren   Breckenridge, CO284503  100 University of Colorado-Boulder
4376.84Linnea Dixson   Steamboat Springs, CO295757  110 University of Wyoming
4376.84Linnea Dixson   Steamboat Springs, CO295757  110 University of Wyoming
5394.60Nathalie Krantz   Flagstaff, AZ267760  113 Fort Lewis College
5394.60Abigail Mickey   Aspen, CO326204  119 University of Colorado-Boulder
6412.36Brittany Engleking   Nederland, CO278892  124 University of Colorado-Boulder
6412.36Ellie Atkins   Boulder, CO247843  107 University of Colorado-Boulder
7430.12Angela Vitulli   Gunnison, CO360582  105 Western State Colorado University
7430.12Brittany Engleking   Nederland, CO278892  124 University of Colorado-Boulder
8447.88Kate Wold   Fort Collins, CO350082  102 Colorado State University
8447.88Ashlee Wilson   Boulder, CO360313  123 University of Colorado-Boulder
9465.64Alexis Kelley   Gunnison, CO359900  104 Western State Colorado University
9465.64Eva Wilson   Kensington, NH279817  103 Colorado State University
10483.40Eva Wilson   Kensington, NH279817  103 Warren Wilson College
10483.40Wesley Geer   Salt Lake City, UT277045  120 University of Utah
11501.16Lauren Presley   Fort Collins, CO367768  121 Colorado State University
11501.16Nora Richards   Boulder, CO284308  106 University of Colorado-Boulder
12518.92Jacqueline Kabel   Danville, CA298369  122 Colorado State University
12518.92Brooke Bosman   Grand Junction, CO312954  131 Colorado Mesa University
13536.68Matilda Field   Durango, CO303435  114 Fort Lewis College
13536.68ashleigh weibel   Fort Collins375719  133 Fort Lewis College
14554.44Ellie Atkins   Boulder, CO247843  107 University of Colorado-Boulder
14554.44Suzie Livingston   Fort Collins371452  128 Colorado State University
15572.20Ashlee Wilson   Boulder, CO360313  123 University of Colorado-Boulder
15572.20Sarah Dixson   Laramie, WY295474  130 University of Wyoming
16589.96Wesley Geer   Salt Lake City, UT277045  120 University of Utah
DNFSarah Godish   Usafa, CO358658  109 US Air Force Academy
DNFNora Richards   Boulder, CO284308  106 University of Colorado-Boulder
DNFElizabeth Schwab   Durango, CO382679  129 Fort Lewis College
DNFKate Wold   Fort Collins, CO350082  102 Colorado State University
DNFNathalie Krantz   Flagstaff, AZ267760  113 Fort Lewis College
DNFLauren Presley   Fort Collins, CO367768  121 Colorado State University

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