Race Results for
Great Egyptian Omnium
Marion, IL
(Event Information)
Criterium on 07/22/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Masters 40+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1125.93Robert Landes (1 - Cat3)   Marion, IL 89948   Korte Hammer Down Racing
2148.10Chris Black (1 - Cat1)   San Luis Obispo, CA 3814   Morgan Stanley /Specialized
3170.27Salvatore Gulotta (1 - Cat2)   Florissant, MO 46481   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
4192.44Robert Brooks (2 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN 4981   Joe's Cycles/Cardinal Bicycle Co.
5214.61Chuck Pass (3 - Cat3)   Saint Louis, MO 175256   Velo Force
6236.78Mark Jones (4 - Cat3)   Decatur, IL 234937   
7258.95Frank Brummer (1 - Cat4)   Teutopolis, IL 160252   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
8281.12Edward Schaub (2 - Cat2)   Wheaton, IL 108600   Sammy's Bike
9303.29Brian McCarthy (5 - Cat3)   Lockport, IL 211084   South Chicago Wheelmen
10325.46Darren Sherkat (6 - Cat3)   Carbondale, IL 164144   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
11347.63David Keire (7 - Cat3)   University City, MO 54877   VeloForce
12369.80Kenneth Norton (8 - Cat3)   Springfield, MO 67431   Black Oak Racing
13391.97Ted Weiss (9 - Cat3)   Webster Groves, MO 56474   VeloForce
DNSDon Isaacs (Cat5)   Kingston Mines, IL 243326   Team Bicycle Heaven
DNSSebastian DiMaggio (Cat3)   Desoto, IL 99385   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire

Men - Masters 30+ (4/5)

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1244.21Rob Raguet-Schofield (1 - Cat4)   St. Louis, MO 273513   Quantum Mesa Cycles
2261.83Jason Evans (2 - Cat4)   Rogers, AR 294031   Boston Mountain Cyclists
3279.45Larry Johns (3 - Cat4)   Arcola, IL 368958   
4297.07Juan Ramirez (1 - Cat3)   Saint Peters, MO 62731   
5314.69Anthony Pinto (4 - Cat4)   Carbondale, IL 124240   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
6332.31John Reimbold (5 - Cat4)   Carbondale, IL 210686   Heckawee
7349.93Frank Brummer (6 - Cat4)   Teutopolis, IL 160252   Team Mack Racing
8367.55Tom Mueller (7 - Cat4)   Evansville, IN 362099   Guitar Lab
9385.17Thomas Hawley (8 - Cat4)   Mount Vernon, IN 333500   Guitar Lab
10402.79Anthony Lowther (9 - Cat4)   Troy, IL 242437   
11420.41Brad Devore (1 - Cat5)   Flora, IL 347208   
13455.65J.P. Slosar (10 - Cat4)   Edwardsville, IL 350074   Dogfish
14473.27Jeff Nation (2 - Cat5)   Washington, IL 377256   
15490.89Matthew Boggs (11 - Cat4)   Metamora, IL 339138   Proctor Cycling Team
16508.51John Simmons (12 - Cat4)   Glen Carbon, IL 322732   South City Cycling Club
17526.13Hank Hudson (3 - Cat5)   Evansville, IN 332964   Guitar Lab
18543.75Thomas Mathis (13 - Cat4)   Champaign, IL 350106   Wild Card Cycling
19561.37Terence McGinnis (4 - Cat5)   Evansville, IN 375327   Guitar Lab
DNPToby Ellis (Cat5)   Evansville, IN 337486   Guitar Lab
DNPErik Dulaney (Cat4)   Fayetteville, AR 291368   Fayetteville Wheelmen

Men - Juniors 15 - 18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1John Strathdee   Springfield, MO 378374   Black Oak Racing
2Connor Estes   Springfield, MO 258027   Black Oak Racing

Men - Junior 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1318.77Stephen Sodergren   Baraboo, WI 295777   Baraboo Sharks
2361.06Sean McCarthy   Lockport, IL 286941   South Chicago Wheelmen
3403.35Bradley Sodergren   Baraboo, WI 336582   Baraboo Sharks
4445.64Carlos Guzman   Wilmette, IL 381234   
5487.93George Baldas   Saint Louis, MO 359696   

Men - Cat 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
174.44Daniel Williams   Murphysboro, IL 227015   Korte Hammer Down Racing
278.38Mark French   Wylie, TX 277793   Quantum Mesa Cycles
382.32Luis Galaviz   Springdale, AR 321416   Team Athlete Forward/Fayetteville Wheelmen
486.26Andrew Ulvestad   Solana Beach, CA 306183   Rhythm Racing
590.20Nicholas Chevalley   Saint Charles, MO 283503   Gateway Harley-Davidson
694.14Chad Briggs   Murphysboro, IL 245081   Korte Hammer Down Racing
798.08Kurt Page   Murfreesboro, TN 145792   FGS Cycling
8102.02Matthew Kelley   Homewood, IL 340630   South Chicago Wheelmen
9105.96Hayden Warner   Neoga, IL 325222   Off the Front Racing
10109.90Josh Estes   Fayetteville, AR 290785   Fayetteville Wheelmen
11113.84Joshua Johnson   Columbia, MO 75343   Gateway Harley-Davidson
12117.78Mike Rickey   Columbia, IL 29802   Quantum Mesa Cycles
13121.72B.J. Keane   Ofallon, MO 271607   Quantum Mesa Cycles
14125.66David Stroot   Quincy, IL 273581   OTF
15129.60Matt Pence   Saint Charles, MO 262595   Gateway Harley-Davidson
DNPKellan True   Jackson, MO 216700   Cyclewerx
DNPNick Hand   Clayton, MO 287561   Quantum Mesa Cycles
DNPJosh Johnson   Cape Girardeau, MO 298124   Gateway Harley-Davidson
DNPDarren Sherkat   Carbondale, IL 164144   Team Mack

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
185.90Keith Vogl   Glen Carbon, IL 239787   Quantum Mesa Cycles
296.96George Boren   Evansville, IN 214534   Guitar Lab
3108.02Mike Rickey   Columbia, IL 29802   Quantum Mesa Cycles
4119.08Nick Hand   Clayton, MO 287561   Quantum Mesa Cycles
5130.14Matthew Kelley   Homewood, IL 340630   South Chicago Wheelmen
6141.20Ryan Wachter   Brentwood, MO 310585   Dogfish Racing Team
7152.26Luis Galaviz   Springdale, AR 321416   Fayetteville Wheelmen
8163.32Hunter Davis   La Jolla, CA 309108   Team TATI
9174.38Brandon ONeal   Springfield, MO 289542   Off the Front Racing
10185.44David Gray   St. Louis, MO 251991   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark
11196.50Daniel Dodson   Palatine, IL 277590   W2 Racing
12207.56Matt Brindle   Evansville, IN 283652   Guitar Lab
13218.62Brian McCarthy   Lockport, IL 211084   South Chicago Wheelmen
14229.68Aaron Briner   Haubstadt, IN 313936   Guitar Lab
15240.74Gregory Frasier   Evansville, IN 52602   Guitar Lab
16251.80Kurt Tweedy   Branson, MO 325766   Korty Hammer Down
17262.86Thomas Babinski   Chicago, IL 76352   Iron Cycles
18273.92Khris Seger   Evansville, IN 297170   Team Guitar Lab

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1184.56Joshua Rodgers   St Peters, MO 323316   Momentum Racing
2195.98Scott Fisher   Evansville, IN 337412   Guitar Lab
3207.40Paul Gregory   Greensboro, NC 311269   CFT Cycling Team
4218.82Jason Evans   Rogers, AR 294031   Boston Mountain Cyclists
5230.24Scott Williamson   Topeka, KS 366682   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
6241.66Rob Raguet-Schofield   St. Louis, MO 273513   Quantum Mesa Cycles
7253.08Christopher Sodergren   Baraboo, WI 295776   RACC pb/GG
8264.50Erik Dulaney   Fayetteville, AR 291368   Fayetteville Wheelmen
9275.92Ivan Murdock   Clarksville, TN 298503   Gram Fondo Racing
10287.34Matthew Weddle   Evansville, IN 334620   Guitar Lab
11298.76Reid Cranmer   O'fallon, MO 212090   Momentum Racing
12310.18Austin Lear   Springfield, MO 309629   Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
13321.60Eric Newman   Bend, OR 319874   Guitar Lab
14Mulligan Ken      Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
15344.44Mike Bognar   Saint Louis, MO 265438   Dogfish
16355.86David Carron   Springfield, IL 330582   
17367.28Corey Kimball   Tell City, IN 375956   
18378.70Andrew Baldes   Fort Smith, AR 91759   Mercy Cycling Team
19390.12Anthony Lowther   Troy, IL 242437   Bigshark
20401.54Thomas Jackson   O Fallon, IL 355458   Korte Hammer Down/MEC
21412.96Thomas Hawley   Mount Vernon, IN 333500   Guitar Lab
22424.38Themis Mavrogordatos   Chicago, IL 308432   University of Chicago
23435.80Cody Lennon   Carbondale, IL 355062   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
24447.22Thomas Mathis   Champaign, IL 350106   Wild Card Cycling
26470.06David Mason   Herrin, IL 337020   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire

Men - Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1262.69Evan Truesdale (1 - Cat5)   Carbondale, IL 172736   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
2284.72Cody Lennon (1 - Cat4)   Carbondale, IL 355062   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
3306.75Jonathon Robbins (2 - Cat4)   Morris, IL 368882   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
4328.78Larry Johns (3 - Cat4)   Arcola, IL 368958   
5350.81JP Slosar (4 - Cat4)   Edwardsville, IL 350074   Dogfish
6372.84Brad Devore (2 - Cat5)   Flora, IL 347208   
7394.87Troy Tetzlaff (3 - Cat5)   Downs, IL 379485   
8416.90Sean McCarthy (5 - Cat4)   Lockport, IL 286941   South Chicago Wheelmen
9438.93Matthew Boggs (6 - Cat4)   Metamora, IL 339138   Proctor Cycling Team/Peoria Bicycle Club
10460.96Stephen Rhodes (4 - Cat5)   O Fallon, IL 346676   Korte Hammer Down Racing/Metro East Cycling
11482.99Tianyi Zhang   Indianapolis, IN 361453   
12505.02Scott Sanders (5 - Cat5)   Ofallon, IL 280983   Korte Hammer Down Racing/Metro East Cycling
DNPMike Bognar (Cat4)   Saint Louis, MO 265438   Dogfish
DNPJames Calvetti      Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
DNPAnthony Pinto (Cat4)   Carbondale, IL 124240   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
DNPScott Stewart (Cat4)   Columbus Ga 379244   
DNPPat Work (Cat5)   Carbondale, IL 304710   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
DNPThemis Mavrogordatos (Cat4)   Chicago, IL 308432   University of Chicago

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1300.68Zachary Slavens   Saint Louis, MO 357850   
2312.25Jon Robbins   Morris, IL 368882   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
3323.82Kenneth Dorado   Westchester, IL 282724   Iron Cycles
4Shawn Moore      Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
5346.96Scott Stewart   Columbus Ga 379244   
6358.53Tony Graham   Desoto 411185   RA Racing
7370.10Gregory Staley   Springfield, IL 380787   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
8381.67Mike Dunaway   Marionil. 383048   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
9393.24Andrew Blome   Evansville, IN 335640   Guitar Lab
10404.81Benny Harmse   Mount Vernon 401263   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
11416.38Ben Wodika   Carbondale, IL 406420   SIUC Cycling Club
12427.95Brad Devore   Flora, IL 347208   
13439.52Pat Work   Carbondale, IL 304710   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
14451.09Jeff Nation   Washington, IL 377256   
15462.66Scott Giovanetti   Columbia 382725   Metro East Cycling
16474.23Ralph Sanchez   Thompsonville, IL 383815   
17485.80Stephen Rhodes   O Fallon, IL 346676   Korte Hammer Down/MEC
18497.37Brian Davis   Carbondale, IL 357479   
19508.94Cherith Paisley   Sesser, IL 302784   
20520.51Michael Wheatley   Evansville, IN 384232   
21532.08Mark Babcock   Murphysboro, IL 382523   
22Jarrod Meacham      
23555.22Jaime Guzman   Wilmette Il 381081   
24566.79Evan Truesdale   Carbondale, IL 172736   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
25578.36Scott Sanders   Ofallon, IL 280983   Korte Hammer Down/MEC
26589.93Paul Throgmorton   Marion, IL 383440   
DNPBarry Stevens   Gilbertsville, KY 384331   
DNPMicahel VanGilder   Mount Vernon, IL 383243   
DNPTerence McGinnis   Evansville, IN 375327   Guitar Lab
DNPNick Diedrich   Willowbrook, IL 328968   
DNPRyan Skibo   Ewing, IL 384480   
DNPTianyi Zhang   Indianapolis, IN 361453   
DNPCasey McCommons   Ina, IL 384486   
DNPTom Mueller   Evansville, IN 362099   Guitar Lab

Women - Women Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1237.41Patricia Black   San Luis Obispo, CA 72039   Red Racing
2274.86Tara Flaig   Effingham, IL 307112   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing
3312.31Lora Dehner   Farmington, MO 354268   Cyclewerx
4349.76Morgan Chaffin   Carbondale, IL 383603   
5387.21Patricia Work   Carbondale, IL 294661   Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
6424.66Susan Kubinak   Saintlouis, MO 286343   Dogfish Racing Team

Women - Women 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1164.79Jennifer Schook   St. Louis, MO 344102   
2185.62Bethany Sodergren   Baraboo, WI 298556   Baraboo Sharks
3206.45Tracie Vogel   O Fallon, MO 344094   Momentum Racing
4227.28Kelly Patty   St. Charles, MO 306401   Momentum Racing
5248.11Linda Johnson   Saint Charles, MO 370762   
6268.94Caron Leader   Evansville, IN 367876   Guitar Lab
7289.77Susan Kubinak   Saintlouis, MO 286343   Dogfish Racing Team
8310.60Niki Nation   Washington, IL 328606   Proctor Cycling Team
9Melissa Thomas      
10352.26Lynn Coy   Zionsville, IN 280716   
11Judi Slossar      
12393.92Amelia Baldwin   Fort Smith, AR 254568   Mercy Cycling Team
DNFFernanda Guzman   Wilmette, IL 381235   

Women - Juniors 15 - 18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
3Fernanda Guzman   Wilmette, IL 381235   

Women - Junior 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
6Julianna Crang   Saint Louis, MO 293922   Quantum/Mesa Cycles Racing
7Hayley Jensen   Washington, IL 381456   Proctor Cycling Team

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