Race Results for
Pensacola Cycling Classic
Pensacola, FL
(Event Information)
Stage Race on 09/18/2011

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Joseph Fritz   Panama City, FL07:50.7 320064   Unattached
2S Alan Laytham   07:51.3   Unattached
3Robert Monahan   Covington, LA07:56.2 298696   Unattached
4Darius Sampey   Baton Rouge, LA07:56.5 187769   Raising Cane's Racing
5Kevin Bevis   Trussville, AL07:57.1 298048   Steel City Cycling
6chase romero   New Iberia, LA07:58.4 328648   Unattached
7Chris Davis   07:59.2   Unattached
8Landon vomSteeg   Owings Mills, MD08:01.8 331320   Unattached
9Ron Milliet   Saucier, MS08:02.0 304412   Gulf Coast Bicycle Club
10Ethan Smith   Tallahassee, FL08:03.0 305615   Unattached
11Cody Brooke   Pensacola, FL08:05.4 305770   Unattached
12Andrew Davis   Tampa, FL08:10.6 336116   Unattached
13Ryan Couture   Slocomb, AL08:11.9 277111   Unattached
14Steve Johnson   08:12.3   Unattached
15Luke Trione   Jackson Al, AL08:23.7 35942   Unattached
16Randy Domingue   Lafayette, LA08:28.6 304617   Precision Bikes Racing
17Joseph Mark Damaso   08:35.1   Unattached
18Brett Laggan   Pensacola, FL08:37.5 306874   Unattached
19Walker Ziewitz   Tallahassee, FL08:49.3 336214   Unattached
20Jaden Kifer   New Orleans, LA09:01.7 355844   Unattached
21Kenneth Sanders   Birmingham, AL09:51.4 229016   Steel City Cycling
22Daniel Goff   Pensacola, FL16:28.4 336198   Unattached
23Andrew Chapman   Greeley, CO09:22.7 317472   TriStar Cycling Team
24James Adams   Fort Walton Beach, FL09:27.2 66175   Unattached
25Ryan Yates   Ridgeland, MS09:45.2 311633   Unattached
26Jing-Yuan Ma   Homewood, AL10:30.0 288373   Steel City Cycling
27Trip Volnoff   Irvington, AL16:59.2 333272   Frazier Cycling
28Keaton Taylor   Fairhope, AL18:30.2 352198   Unattached
29Michael Myers   41:00.2   FCA Endurance
30Michael Brown   26:26.9   Unattached
31Mitchell Evans   Baton Rouge, LA50:41.5 216985   Raising Cane's Racing
32Keith Miller   Baton Rouge, LA55:47.4 288498   Unattached

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jonathan Atwell   Bloomington, IN56:04.1 212166   Unattached
2Phillip Gaimon   North Hollywood, CA56:11.0 211475   KENDA Pro Cycling presented by GEARGRINDER
3Serghei Tvetcov (1 - Cat1)   Alpharetta, GA56:18.3 341418   AeroCat Cycling
4Grant Potter   Parkland, FL56:19.9 73508   ZMOTION Racing Team
5Brian Toone   Birmingham, AL56:46.5 35753   Birmingham Velo
6John Hart   00:06.7   Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
7Patrick Allison (2 - Cat1)   Irondale, AL00:29.7 272426   Unattached
8Jeb Falgout (1 - Cat2)   Lafayette, LA00:30.2 248562   Unattached
9Jordan Lambert   New Orleans, LA00:32.6 297469   Unattached
10Travis Turner (2 - Cat2)   Dacula, GA00:36.5 268120   Unattached
11Kurt Hoehn   Orange Park, FL00:46.9 281872   VeloBrew Cycling Club
12Benjamin Bryant   Athens00:47.1 211145   Round Here Racing
13Graham Gillis   Tallahassee, FL00:47.8 195567   Gulf Coast Velo
14Bryan Lofton   Orange Park, FL00:49.0 21461   VeloBrew Cycling Club
15Sammy Flores (3 - Cat2)   Helena, AL00:53.4 275217   Birmingham Velo
16Michael McBrien   Milton, FL00:53.5 278514   Unattached
17Stephen Leotis (4 - Cat2)   Atlanta, GA00:54.1 282334   Athens Velo Club
18Jacob Brewer (3 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA00:55.0 263501   Unattached
19Ty Mader (1 - Cat3)   Orange Park, FL00:57.5 289218   Jacksonville Racing Club
20Tony SigRist   Tallahassee, FL01:00.6 255722   Gulf Coast Velo
21Justin Bynum   01:03.5   Birmingham Velo
22Jason Smitherman   Atlanta, GA01:03.8 306781   Round Here Racing
23Adam Falgout   Arnaudville, LA01:06.4 255911   Unattached
24David Oliver   Asheville, NC01:07.1 207564   Iron Data Racing
25Gregory Buker (2 - Cat3)   Tallahassee, FL01:23.3 325948   Unattached
26Daniel Rudalev   Alpharetta, GA01:32.0 277981   Unattached
27Peter Eckel (5 - Cat2)   Shreveport La10:06.4 168532   S3 Racing team
28Andrew Miller   10:08.6   VeloBrew Cycling Club
29William Hudgens (3 - Cat3)   Milton, FL10:32.3 258431   Unattached
30John Brizzard (6 - Cat2)   Pensacola, FL10:33.4 275771   Unattached
31Ryan Boudreaux   Westwego, LA11:21.1 193992   Herring Gas Cycling
32Gene McBrien   Milton, FL01:15.4 278513   Unattached
33Todd Hull   Jacksonville, FL13:50.7 82561   VeloBrew Cycling Club
34Stacey Eckerson   Brandon, MS12:04.0 240266   Unattached
35Jason Bordelon   Baton Rouge12:06.7 298245   S3 Racing team
36Ed Kendrick   Pineville, LA11:49.9 230524   New Orleans Bicycle Club Inc
37Daniel Wisner   Metairie, LA48:29.5 260014   Tiger Cycling Foundation
38Trevor Marshall (4 - Cat3)   Tallahassee, FL33:06.0 305082   Unattached
39Kevin SigRist   Tallahassee, FL43:16.4 264184   Gulf Coast Velo
40Aaron Guyer   Tallahassee, FL13:44.9 257518   Gulf Coast Velo

Men - Masters - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Tony Scott (1 - Cat1)   East Point, GA47:36.6 127452   Unattached
2Blair Krogh   Baton Rouge, LA47:46.8 314514   Raising Cane's Racing
3Phillip Dobbs   47:48.4   Unattached
4igor rudalev   Alpharetta, GA48:04.4 261409   Peachtree Bikes
5James Thompson   51:01.1   Unattached
6Will Hibberts   Birmingham, AL51:07.1 16076   Alabama Masters Cycling
7Shan Smith   Tylertown, MS51:14.2 69639   Unattached
8Marek Lipold   Bogart, GA51:14.4 228079   Unattached
9Robert Baker (1 - Cat3)   Pensacola, FL51:48.3 126312   Unattached
10Guy Lott (2 - Cat3)   Fairhope, AL51:48.5 228176   Unattached
11Darrell O'Quinn   Birmingham, AL51:51.0 166130   Unattached
12Craig Baranowski   Water Sound, FL51:56.9 63765   Unattached
13Darren Savoye   New Orleans, LA52:33.2 31388   Unattached
14Ron Williams (1 - Cat2)   Auburn, AL50:11.7 148667   Alabama Masters Cycling
15Chris Stroh   Thomasville, GA51:36.3 179495   VeloBrew Cycling Club
16Kevin Sanders   52:04.6   Unattached
17Darryl Williams (3 - Cat3)   Pensacola, FL52:28.6 197204   Unattached
18David Hesser   Alexandria, LA52:43.9 294506   S3 Racing team
19Brendon Hale   Minneapolis, MN32:24.9 56245   Unattached
20Chett Hopkins (4 - Cat3)   Winston Salem, NC31:34.7 225983   Gulf Coast Velo

Men - Masters - 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Keith Johnson   San Antonio, TX47:49.1 329150   Unattached
2Donald Davis   Pensacola, FL47:53.6 201550   Unattached
3Steven Carrell   Norcross, GA48:25.7 6251   Unattached
4Israel Vera   Miami, FL50:45.6 242172   ZMOTION Racing Team
5Nivio Diaz   Fort Lauderdale, FL50:54.7 299873   AG Bikes / Pink Panthers
6James Wright   Orange Park, FL51:06.3 68129   Jacksonville Racing Club
7Jim Brock (1 - Cat2)   Birmingham, AL51:10.0 4911   Alabama Masters Cycling
8Doug Schroeder   Pensacola, FL51:18.9 290535   Unattached
9Randall Legeai   New Orleans La51:29.5 45586   New Orleans Bicycle Club Inc
10Miroslav Novak (2 - Cat2)   Huntsville, AL51:30.4 127462   Alabama Masters Cycling
11Firmon Hardenbergh   Tucker, GA51:32.8 160098   Peachtree Bikes
12Tom Gillis   Tallahassee, FL51:37.6 154268   Gulf Coast Velo
13Andreas Maddux   Birmingham, AL51:42.7 191676   Unattached
14Kerry Duggan   Gainesville, FL51:55.3 48418   Cycle Logic
15Shannon Aiken   52:11.1   Unattached
16David Turbyfill   Pensacola, FL51:49.0 228717   Unattached

Men - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Alex Hernandez   Gulf Breeze, FL37:37.2 321478   Unattached
2Miller Mott   Pensacola, FL46:07.6 360032   Unattached
3Joseph Monahan   Covington, LA46:47.5 325480   New Orleans Bicycle Club Inc

Men - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Nathan duncan   Mobile, AL55:13.1 334666   Frazier Cycling
2Olivia Lyons   Fairhope, AL57:29.8 336102   Frazier Cycling
3Mark Hesser   Alexandria, LA57:27.4 294510   S3 Racing team
4gus grow   Mobile, AL57:30.6 334532   Frazier Cycling
5Grayson Gavras   Fairhope58:39.5 360148   Unattached
6Madison Beach   Scituate, MA16:12.0 337092   Frazier Cycling

Men - Junior - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Andrew McMickens   Boyce, LA38:00.5 280882   S3 Racing team
2Charles Snead   Northport, AL38:19.2 262201   Velo City Pro Cycle

Men - Junior - 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Avery McNeal   37:43.1   Unattached
2Dow Edwards   New Orleans, LA39:28.7 358319   Unattached

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Debbie Milne   Greenville, SC07:23.2 84776   Absolute Racing Team
2Irene Hurst   New Orleans, LA08:32.7 288229   Unattached
3Michele Moulton   Albany, GA16:04.5 283377   Unattached
4Liz Gerrity   Tallahassee, FL19:39.6 307001   Unattached
5Katie Lotterhos (1 - Cat3)   Winston Salem, NC20:19.3 289220   Gulf Coast Velo
6Jill Lott   20:55.3   Unattached
7Katie Bolton   Fairhope, AL22:52.9 276010   Unattached
8Angela Brumfield   28:30.8   Unattached
9Vivian Torres   Harahan, LA28:46.4 184321   Unattached

Women - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Angela Crone (1 - Cat3)   Memphis, TN00:00.0 334816   Amateur Cycling Club of Memphis
2Liz Schuster   00:09.1   Unattached
3Danielle Marrero   Tallahassee, FL00:13.7 325852   Gulf Coast Velo
4Frances Sledge   Fairhope, AL00:32.6 333616   Frazier Cycling
5Louise Cheetham   Baton Rouge, LA00:33.5 330890   S3 Racing team
6Courtney Brayman   00:33.8   Unattached
7Trish Kuhnell   06:23.3   Unattached
8Samantha Stein   Vacherie01:08.6 334286   Unattached
9Roberta Beckers   Covington, LA14:00.5 317618   Unattached

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