Race Results for
Tour of Galena
Galena, IL
(Event Information)
Criterium on 06/11/2011

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Masters - 50-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1223.10John Fleckenstein   Pewaukee, WI125362  896 Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
2248.09Andrew Kerr   Saint Charles, IL66761  875 Bicycle Heaven
3273.08Don Lowe   Rockford, IL218745  891 Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
4298.07Gary Doering   Springfield, IL56657  898 Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
5323.06william feiges   Sioux City, IA258986  885 POWERADE - INDEPENDENT FABRICATION
6348.05Ron Good   Naperville, IL268828  894 Endure It Sports
7373.04Bill Leibman (1 - Cat4)   Freeport, IL307095  893 
8398.03Russell Loucks   Eagan, MN182695  892 Silver Cycling
9423.02Russ Damhoff   Dixon, IL52698  899 
10448.01Kevin Wohlford   Davenport, IA211874  879 American Equity Racng Team
11473.00James Rolette   Tinley Park, IL30450  874 South Chicago Wheelmen
12497.99james scheckel   Chicago, IL341274  890 
DNSVoytek Glinkowski   Buffalo Grove, IL250244  DNS WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team
DNSDavid Fremgen (Cat4)   Riverside, IL300129  DNS WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team
DNSRobert Downs   Madison, WI9947  DNS Planet Bike
DNSKen Schiffman   Oak Park, IL196884  DNS Flatlandia Cycling Team

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1412.09Andrew Peterson   Morton Grove, IL324898  520 Mox Multisport
2417.52Alex Grant   Chicago, IL324348  510 
3422.95Byron Noll   Chicago, IL342678  518 xXx Racing
4428.38michael bucholtz   Chicago, IL351568  502 Beverly Bike/VeePak
5433.81Brien Shopoff   Weatherford, TX222623  524 xXx Racing
6439.24Evan Kuchar   Chicago, IL343264  512 xXx Racing
7Erik Fielder    543 
8450.10Mark McCain   Chicago, IL348310  544 xXx Racing
9455.53Ryan Bice   Logansport, IN349010  542 Multisport Madness Triathlon Team
10460.96Paul Mumford   Chicago, IL167887  517 
11Parrish Marugg    514 BICYCLE WORLD/GOATS
12471.82Stephen Schnell   La Grange, IL344782  523 
13477.25Mike Radlicz   Arlington Heights, IL307187  521 
14482.68Kenneth Dorado   Westchester, IL282724  505 Iron Cycles
15Kevin McDowell    548 
16493.54Will Frame   Wilmette, IL317782  508 Team Higher Gear
17498.97William Draper   Chicago, IL309702  506 xXx Racing
18504.40Matt DeFrates   San Diego, CA334490  504 Peoria Bicycle Club
19509.83Michael Keach   Chicago, IL325880  511 Mox Multisport
20515.26Troy Crady   Chicago, IL274912  503 Mox Multisport
21520.69David Gosse   Chicago, IL313848  509 Mox Multisport
22Freddy Bernabe    501 
23531.55John Mitchell   Chicago, IL343594  516 xXx Racing
24536.98Blayne Greiner   Chicago329936  549 xXx Racing
25Stephen Pedone    519 Bicycle Heaven
26Anthony Wise    527 
27Parian Cox    546 
DNSMichael Reynolds   Chicago, IL311848  DNS xXx Racing
DNFMichael Beebe   Oak Park, IL302844  500 Iron Cycles
DNFJordie Field   Lake Forest, IL353596  507 ISCorp Cycling Team
DNFTimothy Lentz   Coralville, IA340442  513 
DNFNate Miller    515 
DNFJason Trock   Chicago, IL330028  525 Mox Multisport
DNFAnthony Whitt   Fort Wayne, IN325272  526 xXx Racing
DNFMartin Torosian    545 mmk

Men - Cat 4/5 - 30-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Stanley Trzeciak   Wood Dale, IL70800  716 
2306.48Todd Kollar   West Peoria, IL323564  732 Team Mack Racing Assn
3315.10David Hudson   Chicago, IL286044  733 xXx Racing
4323.72Tracy Dangott   Chicago, IL314730  738 xXx Racing
5332.34Daniel Dodson   Palatine, IL277590  702 W2 Racing
6340.96Jason Addante   Naperville, IL251883  700 Flatlandia Cycling Team
7349.58Mark McCain   Chicago, IL348310  727 xXx Racing
8358.20Nicholas Venice   Chicago, IL286521  728 xXx Racing
9366.82Matt Bennett   Chicago, IL274551  701 Village-Verdigris Cycling
10375.44Colm Flannery   Chillicothe, IL263421  703 Proctor Cycling Team
11384.06Bryan Fuller   Geneva, IL286446  720 Team Bicycle Heaven
12392.68Patrick Myers   Chicago, IL228794  710 Team TATI
13401.30Stephen Schnell   La Grange, IL344782  735 
14409.92James Lund (1 - Cat5)   Aurora, IL184410  708 ABD Cycling Team
15418.54Matthew Grosspietsch   Chicago, IL273077  705 xXx Racing
16427.16Daniel Kochanek   Willowbrook, IL19533  707 South Chicago Wheelmen
17435.78Michael Stodden   Lake Zurich, IL244617  713 Team Higher Gear
18444.40Daniel Pollard   Chicago, IL289500  737 Rhythm Racing
19453.02kris wiatr   Long Grove, IL347346  729 
20461.64John Wolters   Seattle, WA287592  736 Rhythm Racing
21470.26Michael Schmalandt (2 - Cat5)   Naperville, IL136377  712 
22478.88Matthew Boggs   Metamora, IL339138  725 
23487.50James Rolette   Tinley Park, IL30450  711 South Chicago Wheelmen
24496.12Berton Travis   Alsip, IL289961  715 South Chicago Wheelmen
25504.74Stephen Butler   Elburn, IL41170  726 Bicycle Heaven
DNSRyan Gable    704 
DNSRobert higgins   Chicago, IL301873  706 Johnny Sprockets
DNSRobert Murray   Peotone, IL281157  709 Beverly Bike/VeePak
DNSLarry Stoegbauer   Chicago, IL249042  DNS xXx Racing
DNFKen Schiffman   Oak Park, IL196884  734 Flatlandia Cycling Team

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1291.60Jake Buescher   Evanston, IL333296  404 Team Mack Racing Assn
2296.29Brian Ellison   Chicago Heights, IL310844  411 Chicago Cuttin Crew
3300.98Owen Aronson   Chicago, IL308292  401 xXx Racing
4305.67Stanley Sterlinski   Chicago, IL287523  433 Half Acre Cycling
5310.36Martin Bell   Highland Park, IL287168  403 Colavita Racing
6315.05Adam Herndon   Chicago Il289562  446 xXx Racing
7319.74Tod Hetzel   Bartonville, IL335798  447 Proctor Cycling Team
8324.43Keith Lawler   Coral Gables, FL310798  414 Miami Velo Racing
9329.12Matthew Zimmer   De Witt, IA320582  449 Velosport Iowa /American Equity
10333.81Sasha Reschechtko   Denver Co323934  428 Team TATI
11338.50Tracy Dangott   Chicago, IL314730  407 xXx Racing
12343.19Andre Odendaal   Wilmette, IL267109  424 
13347.88Andrew Nordyke   Chicago244523  423 Chicago Cuttin Crew
14352.57Jeffrey Longmcgie   Lakeville, MN280085  415 Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
15357.26Mike Conroy   Chicago, IL273192  405 Mox Multisport
16361.95Paul Kardosh   Chicago, IL268726  413 Mox Multisport
17366.64Edwin Bagley   Chicago, IL229687  402 Iron Cycles
18371.33mike morell   Chicago, IL278651  420 Chicago Cuttin Crew
19376.02Hunter Davis   La Jolla, CA309108  408 Team TATI
20380.71kris wiatr   Long Grove, IL347346  448 
21385.40Avi Neurohr   Chicago, IL232437  422 Chicago Cuttin Crew
22390.09Michael Berman   Chicago, IL201203  460 Spidermonkey Cycling
23394.78Nick Amlot   Chicago, IL317852  400 xXx Racing
24399.47Todd Kollar   West Peoria, IL323564  459 Team Mack Racing Assn
25404.16Andrew Peterson   Iowa City, IA207441  426 
26408.85Justin Merkey   Chicago, IL288320  452 Rhythm Racing
27413.54CORY DAVENPORT   Belvidere, IL284782  461 
28418.23Alexander Pearson   Chicago, IL278861  425 Chicago Cuttin Crew
29422.92Christopher MacFarland   Chicago, IL227090  416 xXx Racing
30427.61Nicholas Venice   Chicago, IL286521  435 xXx Racing
31432.30Brandon Diffenderfer   Chicago, IL296775  410 Spidermonkey Cycling
32436.99John Wolters   Seattle, WA287592  437 Rhythm Racing
33441.68Maxwell Riordan   Chicago, IL247630  429 Chicago Cuttin Crew
34446.37Loren Bo   Chicago, IL230104  450 
35451.06Paymon Danesh   Chicago, IL303717  406 xXx Racing
36455.75Keir James   Marion, IA327104  412 Hawkeye Bicycle Assoc
37460.44Emanuele Bianchi   Chicago, IL278913  547 Chicago Velo Campus
38465.13Geoffrey Scott   Chicago, IL297534  430 Spidermonkey Cycling
39469.82Themis Mavrogordatos   Chicago, IL308432  417 University of Chicago
DNSRudolph Zarate   Deerfield, IL290195  438 xXx Racing
DNFKen Dawson   Salt Lake City, UT235776  409 xXx Racing
DNFCharles Meyer   Libertyville293017  418 xXx Racing
DNFMichael Michetti   Elkhorn, WI337042  419 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
DNFPaul Morrison   Burr Ridge, IL121594  421 Beverly Bike/VeePak
DNFDaniel Pollard   Chicago, IL289500  427 Rhythm Racing
DNFJared Sheppard   Freeport, IL237961  431 
DNFJoshua Shough   Chicago , IL300665  432 Chicago Cuttin Crew
DNFAndrew Toftoy   Eden Prairie, MN326050  434 
DNFChris Washburn   Waukesha, WI348110  436 LAPT CC
DNFGareth Reeves   Glen Ellyn, IL306935  443 EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
DNFJeffrey Perkins   Chicago, IL261735  457 Chicago Cuttin Crew
DNFDavid Hudson   Chicago, IL286044  462 xXx Racing

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1218.38lucas guyton   Davenport, IA308798  336 American Equity Racng Team
2223.00Kyle Selph   Aurora , IL290759  319 Tower Racing
3227.62Trevor Rolette   Tinley Park, IL226739  318 South Chicago Wheelmen
4232.24Tony Damhoff   Lake Mills, WI163551  329 
5236.86Tim Speciale   Woodstock, IL293350  321 PSIMET Elite
6241.48Shane Feehery   Homewood, IL174544  304 South Chicago Wheelmen
7246.10Spencer Oswald   Lincoln, NE231748  314 
8250.72Nicholas Gierman   Pingree Grove, IL241184  305 Burnham Racing
9255.34Daniel Solomon   Romeoville, IL192220  324 South Chicago Wheelmen
10259.96Dustin Morici   Saint Charles, IL288716  313 Burnham Racing
11264.58Jared Craft   Rogers, AR282380  301 Tower Racing
12269.20Jason Senffner   Yorkville, IL32167  320 PSIMET Elite
13273.82Jason Knauff   Chicago, IL145455  309 Burnham Racing
14278.44Louis DeWild   Des Moines, IA264102  302 Rasmussen Bike Shop
15283.06Newt Cole   Chicago, IL265138  334 Van Wagner Racing
16287.68Andrew Ulvestad   Solana Beach, CA306183  322 Team TATI
17292.30Kyle Wiberg   Boulder, CO277368  323 xXx Racing
18296.92Adam Leibman   Hoffman Estates, IL278207  327 ABD Cycling Team
19301.54Eric Goodwin   Chicago, IL203399  306 Burnham Racing
20306.16Brian Arfmann   Arlington Heights, IL282223  330 
21310.78Ryan Fay   Chicago, IL288405  303 xXx Racing
22315.40William Pankonin   Boulder, CO273937  315 xXx Racing
23320.02Brandon Manske   Edenprairie, MN292551  312 Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
24324.64Brian Krueger   Merrill, WI224056  311 Great Dane Velo Club
25329.26Eric Blankinship   Chicago, IL265147  300 Rhythm Racing
26333.88Michael Kirby   Chicago, IL235975  308 xXx Racing
27338.50Teodoro Ramos   Berwyn, IL235508  317 Iron Cycles
28343.12Jeff Williams   Springfield, IL138690  335 Wheelfast Cycling Team
29347.74Christopher Koster   Summit, IL292791  310 xXx Racing
30352.36John Villena   Chicago, IL290160  328 Rhythm Racing
31356.98Rich Delgado   Hoffman Estates, IL51887  337 Village-Verdigris Cycling Team
DNSRobert Perez   Newport Beach, CA258159  316 xXx Racing
DNSEvan Jahn   Chicago, IL297483  DNS Rhythm Racing
DNSGerrit Sinclair   Bloomington, IL54864  DNS Bloomington Cycle Racing Team

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - 30-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1174.59Brian Karlow   Algonquin, IL318722  617 Enzo's-PSIMET
2183.03Daniel Lang   Washington, IL158406  605 Proctor Cycling Team
3191.47Patrick McNally   Riverside, IL79872  606 Van Wagner Racing
4199.91John Coyle   Streamwood, IL45211  619 Wolverine Sports Club
5208.35Ricardo Otero   Park Ridge, IL26910  618 WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team
6216.79Gene Tolli   Albany, WI83764  609 Enzo's-PSIMET
7225.23Christopher Morris   Wausau, WI55692  607 Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
8233.67Bob Karlow   Crystal Lake, IL285533  613 Enzo's-PSIMET
9242.11Brian Haas   Chicago, IL162118  603 Alberto's Sport
10250.55Timothy Henry (1 - Cat2)   Lake In The Hills, IL200362  616 Project 5 Racing
11258.99Wayne Simon   Lake Barrington, IL32742  608 Enzo's-PSIMET
12267.43Gerrit Sinclair   Bloomington, IL54864  615 Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
13275.87Brian Grant (1 - Cat3)   Crystal Lake, IL314520  602 Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
14284.31Jostein Alvestad   Elmhurst, IL305889  600 EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
15292.75Alfonso Reyes   Normal, IL70519  614 Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
16301.19Howard Smith   Batavia, IL84066  623 Van Wagner Racing
DNSKevin Klug (Cat3)   Evanston, IL220282  604 The Pony Shop
DNSNewt Cole   Chicago, IL265138  DNS Van Wagner Racing

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1189.87David Stone   St Joseph, IL53468  694 Scarlet Fire
2206.08Clark Priebe   Eagle Grove, IA50365  686 
3222.29Robert Ruggles   Lake Forest, IL249774  690 Hampshire Cycle Club
4238.50Mark Swartzendruber   Chicago, IL154822  693 Scarlet Fire
5254.71Ricardo Otero   Park Ridge, IL26910  685 WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team
6270.92Dominic Moraniec   Burlington, IA25002  695 Atlas Cycling Team
7287.13Thomas Doughty   Aurora, IL45274  699 Scarlet Fire
8303.34Eric Helm (1 - Cat3)   Freeport, IL15745  698 
DNSGregory Ferguson   Middleton, WI218703  DNS Trek Midwest Team
DNSDale Humphrey   Verona, WI103842  DNS Trek Midwest Team
DNSEric Knuth   Madison, WI203995  DNS Trek Midwest Team
DNSAlfonso Reyes   Normal, IL70519  DNS Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
DNSJeff Williams (Cat3)   Springfield, IL138690  DNS Wheelfast Cycling Team
DNFRandal Warren (Cat2)   Chicago, IL37289  692 xXx Racing

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1125.29Chris Arndt   Wauwatosa, WI219506  29 LAPT CC
2129.77Ben Damhoff (1 - Cat1)   Morrison, IL133889  University of Wisconsin-Platteville
3134.25Peter Strittmatter (1 - Cat2)   Chicago, IL196601  24 xXx Racing
4138.73David Moyer   Honolulu, HI273323  18 xXx Racing
5143.21Danny Robertson (2 - Cat2)   Rolling Meadows, IL256071  32 ABD Cycling Team
6147.69Maxwell Anderson   Hartford, WI178840  Lakes Area Physical Therapy
7152.17Liam Donoghue   Glen Ellyn Il206188  11 xXx Racing
8156.65Hogan Sills   West Lafayette, IN257611  23 ABD Cycling Team
9161.13David Block (3 - Cat2)   Plymouth, MN241507  Bianchi/Grand Performance
10165.61Adam McClurg   Waukesha, WI222744  16 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
11170.09Patrick Fasse (2 - Cat1)   Elburn, IL211519  12 Team Bicycle Heaven
12174.57Joe Bippus   Homer Glen, IL261314  33 South Chicago Wheelmen
13179.05Nicholas Ramirez   Normal, IL296749  20 Burnham Racing
14183.53Paul Deninger   Iowa City, IA52064  10 Velosport Iowa /American Equity
15188.01Nicholas Vetter   St. Paul, MN263471  25 Bianchi/Grand Performance
16192.49Bryan McVey   Arlington Heights, IL264045  17 ABD Cycling Team
17196.97dylan knutson   Salisbury, NC281816  14 Bianchi/Grand Performance
18201.45Mariusz Czarnomski   Cedar Rapids, IA272490  Mercy-Specialized
19205.93Brian Kaker   Milwaukee, WI240194  30 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
20210.41Chad Bishop   Muscatine, IA223776  American Equity Racng Team
21214.89Jeff Barnes (3 - Cat1)   Iowa City, IA219647  Iowa City Cycling Club
22219.37Brian Boyle   Chicago Il202981  Beverly Bike/VeePak
23223.85Carson Christen   Boulder, CO233801  American Equity Racng Team
24228.33Michael Seguin   Chicago, IL32101  22 xXx Racing
25232.81Luke Seemann   Chicago, IL224425  21 xXx Racing
DNSRyan Freund (Cat1)   Lake In The Hills, IL279249  13 ABD Cycle Club
DNSRick Laliberte   Fargo, ND210611  15 Synergy
DNSTyler Olson   Minneapolis, MN294937  19 Synergy
DNSLouis Waugaman   Tucson, AZ199952  26 Velosport Iowa /American Equity
DNSClark Priebe   Eagle Grove, IA50365  DNS 
DNFJ Bailey (Cat2)   Des Moines, IA113926  American Equity Racng Team

Men - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1456.94Christopher Sodergren   Baraboo, WI295776  844 Baraboo Sharks
2463.97Maxx Hall   Niles, IL297898  841 Village-Verdigris Cycling Team
3471.00Nikos Hessert   Evanston, IL347054  848 xXx Racing
4478.03Gina Johnson   Park Ridge, IL298758  840 Village-Verdigris Cycling Team
5Cooper Langanis    839 Multisport Madness
6Katie Paradis    878 
7499.12Emilia Field   Lake Forest, IL321530  849 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
8506.15Alexandra Lorenz   Dundee, IL354474  838 Enzo's-PSIMET
9Victoria Clinton    843 MMTT3
10520.21daryus patel   Evanston348972  846 xXx Racing
11527.24Dana Loo   Madison, WI283736  847 ISCorp Cycling Team
12534.27Samuele Bianchi   Chicago, IL278914  836 Chicago Velo Campus
13Tommy Davey    842 MMTT
14548.33Bethany Sodergren   Baraboo, WI298556  845 Baraboo Sharks
15Kyleigh Spearing    837 Multi Sport Madness
16562.39Spencer Rolette   Tinley Park, IL288669  876 South Chicago Wheelmen
17569.42Kathleen Rolette   Tinley Park, IL334756  877 South Chicago Wheelmen

Men - Junior - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1281.15Konrad Witt   Wood Dale, IL247336  804 ABD Cycle Club
2298.90Trevor Rolette   Tinley Park, IL226739  812 South Chicago Wheelmen
3316.65Kyle Mindick   Mchenry, IL294085  802 xXx Racing
4Nolan Dickson    808 
5Carter Dickson    809 
6369.90Mackenzie Dupuy   Naperville, IL 353512  800 
7387.65Christian Marquez   Chicago, IL337336  801 Iron Cycles
8Rachel Mann    810 
9Erin Paradis    814 
10440.90Ben OMalley   Chicago, IL324780  803 xXx Racing
11Heidi Stimac    813 
DNSSean Mythen   Chicago, IL300838  DNS 
DQSarah Mythen   Chicago, IL306235  806 
DQMartin Torosian    807 
DQRachael Staudacher    811 

Women - Cat P/1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1177.45Elizabeth So (1 - Cat3)   Chicago, IL280608  209 Team TATI
2196.28Kristen Meshberg   Lyons, IL167518  205 ABD Cycle Club
3215.11Jeannie Kuhajek   Crystal Lake, IL316598  203 ABD Racing Team
4233.94Cady Chintis   Seattle, WA309452  213 Alberto's Sport
5252.77Jannette Rho   Chicago, IL288738  207 Chicago Cuttin Crew
6271.60Francine Haas   Chicago, IL162422  201 Alberto's Sport
7290.43Kimberly Gialdini   Downers Grove, IL289833  200 Pact- DISH Network Cycling
8309.26amelia moore (1 - Cat2)   Chicago, IL286576  206 xXx Racing
9328.09Elise Kikis   Chicago, IL309062  202 Alberto's Sport
10346.92Tamara Fraser   Chicago, IL236641  211 xXx Racing
DNSAntonia Leal (Cat3)   Waukesha, WI130161  204 Planet Bike
DNSAngela Rochester   Highland Park, IL286332  DNS Alberto's Sport

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kelly Whitley    273 
2357.92Sarah Rice   Chicago, IL93856  292 Team TATI
3367.83Daphne Karagianis   Chicago, IL291446  295 Chicago Cuttin Crew
4377.74Kristina Young   Chicago, IL197174  287 Team TATI
5387.65Ellen Ryan   Chicago, IL338666  291 xXx Racing
6397.56Katie Tomarelli   Chicago, IL307344  289 
7407.47Vanessa Buccella   Chicago, IL296051  298 Spidermonkey Cycling
9427.29talia glimer   Chicago, IL337464  296 Mox Multisport
10437.20Marie Snyder   Chicago, IL329524  290 Chicago Cuttin Crew
11447.11Lindsay Knight   Chicago, IL329788  294 Team TATI
12457.02Anna Bacsik   Chicago, IL346294  299 xXx Racing
13Jen Clay    274 
14Mackenzie William    272 
15Melanie Greiner    270 
16496.66Megan Burke   Chicago, IL306070  286 xXx Racing
17506.57Niki Nation   Washington, IL328606  278 Proctor Cycling Team
18516.48Sandra Samman   Chicago, IL300027  288 xXx Racing
19526.39Amy Comstock   Chicago, IL302427  276 Mox Multisport
20536.30Cecile Redoble   Chicago, IL237408  293 Mox Multisport
21546.21sheena enriquez   Chicago, IL282709  297 
DNSHeidi Stimac    DNS mmk
DNSGina Johnson    DNS Village-Verdigris Cycling Team
DNFNikki Munvez   Cleveland, OH348192  271 

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