Race Results for
Squawker Road Classic
Durgano, CO
(Event Information)
Criterium on 04/24/2010

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1536.42Zebulon Hanley   Denver 309404  380 US Air Force Academy
2538.21John Fery   Boise, ID 308182  325 University of Denver
3Andrew Nuttall     384 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
4541.78Travis Chapman   Greeley, CO 309188  364 University of Northern Colorado
5543.56Eric Ebeling   Lafayette, CO 306624  321 University of Colorado-Boulder
6545.35Daniel Rising   Denver, CO 309297  318 University of Denver
7547.14Aaron Cholewa   Fort Collins, CO 300862  341 Colorado State University
8548.92Christopher Parker   Durango, CO 306086  333 Fort Lewis College
9550.71William Bryan   Denver, CO 246583  303 University of Denver
10552.49Alexander Grim   Fortcollins, CO 309362  340 Colorado State University
11554.28Zach Bodhane   Englewood, CO 301170  315 Colorado State University
12556.07Justin Fritzler   Fort Collins, CO 301380  336 Colorado State University
13557.85Joseph Chiavetta   Fort Collins 309189  317 Colorado State University
14559.64Justin Putnam   Brooklyn, NY 308280  362 Fort Lewis College
15561.42Scott Berres   Centennial, CO 309165  322 Colorado State University
16563.21Louis Stocker   Greeley, CO 309100  329 University of Northern Colorado
17565.00David Cully   Westford, MA 309864  381 Colorado College
18566.78Chase Witkin   Denver, CO 308322  300 University of Denver
19568.57Evan Glowiak   Vassar, MI 300853  379 US Air Force Academy
20570.35Nathan Seibt   Usafa, CO 227211  377 US Air Force Academy
21572.14Brent Eberle   Usafa, CO 301104  308 US Air Force Academy
22573.93Aaron Smith   Denver, CO 240175  320 University of Denver
23575.71Samuel Starr   Fort Collins, CO 301068  342 Colorado State University
24577.50William Stover   Usaf Academy, CO 312738  387 US Air Force Academy
25579.28Ryan Thompson   Usafacademy, CO 307032  307 US Air Force Academy
26581.07Chris Reith   Usaf Academy, CO 278284  378 US Air Force Academy
27582.86Matthew Tadman   Boulder, CO 309006  327 University of Colorado-Boulder
28584.64Scott Huddleston   Austin, TX 309513  366 Mesa State College
29586.43Chris Lundberg   Denver, CO 306843  310 University of Denver
30588.21Charlie Nathanson   Burlington, VT 309746  346 Colorado College
31590.00Joel Hartsough   Golden, CO 307607  314 Colorado School of Mines
DNFEthan DeBauche   Elbert, CO 301246  368 Fort Lewis College

Men - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1464.98Luke Harris   Fort Collins, CO 269648  247 Colorado State University
2469.93Garrett Alexander   Durango, CO 301253  259 Fort Lewis College
3474.88William Buick   Boulder, CO 292402  240 University of Colorado-Boulder
4479.84Jacob Koonsman   Fort Collins, CO 242088  244 Colorado State University
5484.79Brett Peters   Boulder, CO 291239  234 University of Colorado-Boulder
6489.74Grady James   Durango, CO 200442  260 Fort Lewis College
7494.69Greg Wilkin   Boulder, CO 290568  207 University of Colorado-Boulder
8499.64Donald Feeley   Usafa, CO 274408  202 US Air Force Academy
9504.60Robbie Jones   Golden, CO 284880  213 Fort Lewis College
10509.55John Demos   Centennial, CO 308975  335 University of Colorado-Boulder
11514.50Davis Miller   Steamboat Springs, CO 263196  233 University of Colorado-Boulder
12John Welsh     258 Colorado State University
13524.40Frank Herbst   Denver, CO 243834  204 University of Denver
14529.35Jason Young   Colorado Springs, CO 294859  238 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
15534.31Stephen Munchak   Fort Collins, CO 308653  251 Colorado State University
16539.26Matt Nunnelly   Melrose, MA 308737  252 Colorado State University
17544.21Ben Norris   Greeley, CO 276351  226 University of Northern Colorado
18549.16Sam Chovan   Steamboat Springs, CO 229072  224 University of Denver
19554.11Grant Ruehle   Denver, CO 276061  217 University of Denver
20559.07Daniel Henning   Usaf Academy, CO 288491  239 US Air Force Academy
21564.02Cody Settle   Usafa, CO 288508  256 US Air Force Academy
22568.97Josh MacNaughton   Lenoir, TN 212600  248 Fort Lewis College
23573.92Dylan Steele   Denver, CO 309693  249 University of Denver
24578.87Cassidy Tepper   Denver, CO 274615  208 University of Denver
DNFTaylor Benz   Ketchum Id 221736  255 Colorado College
DNFCrosby Nordblom   Holderness, NH 199815  210 Colorado College

Men - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1205.03Alister Ratcliff   Durango, CO 193797  107 Fort Lewis College
2212.74Richard Geng   Berlin 301115  147 Mesa State College
3220.46John ShalekBriski   Spokane, WA 259043  153 US Air Force Academy
4228.17Conor Mullervy   Boulder, CO 237726  150 Mesa State College
5235.89Cody Stephenson   Fort Collins  146653  161 Fort Lewis College
6243.60Jesse Goodrich   Louisville, CO 276415  137 University of Colorado-Boulder
7251.32Jason Woods   Boulder, CO 179203  143 University of Colorado-Boulder
8259.04Rotem Ishay   Durango, CO 284995  171 Fort Lewis College
9266.75Braden Kappius   Littleton, CO 132490  123 University of Colorado-Boulder
10274.47Kevin Mullervy   Boulder, CO 237586  149 Mesa State College
11282.18Josh Yeaton   Boulder, CO 233175  115 University of Colorado-Boulder
12289.90Caley Fretz   Boulder, CO 178443  116 Colorado State University
13297.61Ian Burnett   Durango, CO 191725  160 Fort Lewis College
14305.33Christopher Hall   Fort Collins, CO 195207  113 Colorado State University
15313.05Shannon Morgan   Chevy Chase, MD 219595  176 Colorado College
16320.76Zack Allison   Arlington Va 211435  114 Colorado State University
17328.48Colin Don   Los Angeles, CA 256718  122 University of Denver
18336.19Dana Alia   Durango, CO 197458  145 Fort Lewis College
19343.91Russell Brown   Gaithersburg, MD 222506  109 Fort Lewis College
20351.63Chris Gundling   Laramie, WY 269732  155 University of Wyoming
21359.34Trevor Connor   Boulder, CO 160019  104 Colorado State University
22367.06Jesse Dekrey   Durango, CO 192192  157 Fort Lewis College
23374.77Ryan Cleveland   Durango, CO 210683  144 Fort Lewis College
24382.49Kenji Fortune   Durango, CO 241397  156 Fort Lewis College
25390.20Chris Hurst   Lake Geneva, WI 229172  165 University of Colorado-Boulder
26397.92Matthew Miyamoto   Fort Collins, CO 244756  152 Colorado State University
27405.64Patric Rostel   Grandjunction, CO 301113  146 Mesa State College
28413.35Andrew Llewellyn   Louisville, KY 222859  162 Fort Lewis College
29421.07Emerson Oronte   Boulder, CO 222542  129 University of Colorado-Boulder
30428.78Adam Looney   Anchorage, AK 283977  174 University of Wyoming
31436.50Justin Goodin   Clovis, NM 269789  140 US Air Force Academy
32444.21Sam Simmons   Durango, CO 245411  164 Fort Lewis College
33451.93Ian Gordon   Wakefield, RI 194006  163 Fort Lewis College
34459.65Bill Golembieski   Boulder, CO 274222  100 University of Colorado-Boulder
35467.36Christoph Hurley   Greensburg, PA 187587  103 Colorado School of Mines
DNFConnor Meznarich   Paso Robles, CA 256312  101 University of Colorado-Boulder
DNFAdam Wisseman   Corvallis, OR 269098  106 Colorado State University
DNFAlexander Lewis   Denver, CO 196504  120 University of Northern Colorado
DNFYorgos Arambadjis   Minneapolis, MN 221717  172 Fort Lewis College
DNFAssaf Yogev   Durango, CO 259154  158 Fort Lewis College
DNFNate Byrom   Penn Valley, CA 237491  180 Fort Lewis College
DNFJoe Lewis   Edina, MN 184027  121 University of Denver

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1328.81Neil Coleman (1 - Cat1)   Durango, CO 292140   
2352.63Daniel Bowman   Durango, CO 149353   
3376.45Grant Berry   Durango, CO 148636   
4Joey Thompson      
5424.10Erick Carlson (1 - Cat2)   Fort Collins, CO 241483   
6447.92Gaige Sippy   Durango, CO 32817   
7471.74Shannon Morgan (2 - Cat1)   Chevy Chase, MD 219595   
8495.56Marisa Asplund   Durango, CO 209181   
9519.39Steve Koller (2 - Cat2)   Durango, CO 19608   

Men - Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1504.96Joel Bratsch   Durango, CO 314780   
2510.63Eric Burris   Durango, CO 227564   
3516.30Justin Fahnestock   Englewood, CO 304369   
4521.97Eric Malone (1 - Cat4)   Durango, CO 292608   
5Mitch Carner      
6533.31Dale Kneller   Durango, CO 257034   
7538.98Rob Trudeaux   Durango, CO 229340   
8544.65Joel Richards   Durango, CO 264647   
9550.31Steve Ilg   Durango, CO 17342   
10Robert Montgomery      
11561.65Reid Ackerman (1 - Cat5)   Aztec, NM 79924   
12567.32Paul Adams (2 - Cat4)   Cortez, CO 199507   
13John McMnus      
14578.66Doug LaMunyon (3 - Cat4)   Dolores, CO 273409   
15584.33Walter Axthelm   Durango, CO 2153   
16590.00Donald Mapel   Durango, CO 22428   

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1390.99Lauren Hall   Dolores, CO 262479   
2Shantelle Pierce      
3447.55Stephanie Falls   Durango, CO 293418   
4Terryl Peterson      
5Robin Tites-Fitzpatrick      
6532.38Monica Nelson   Monument, CO 285276   
7Lauren Taylor      

Women - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Jamie Davis   Fortcollins, CO 309681  424 Colorado State University
2Emily Brown     402 US Air Force Academy
3550.30Lydia Collins   Denver, CO 275907  440 Colorado School of Mines
4555.45Sara Harper   Strongsville, OH 291899  419 University of Northern Colorado
5560.60Gracie Chisholm   Denver, CO 308358  407 University of Denver
6565.75Channa NorthHoffstaed   Denver, CO 290464  410 University of Denver
7570.90Tanya Phillips   Boulder, CO 275711  421 University of Colorado-Boulder
8576.05Marissa Strauss   Usafacademy, CO 290570  401 US Air Force Academy
9Beth Kochevar     442 Colorado College

Women - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1376.87Flora Duffy   Boulder, CO 292029  69 University of Colorado-Boulder
2388.83Magen Long   Denver, CO 115830  10 Fort Lewis College
3400.79Heather Fischer   Boulder, CO 308334  20 University of Colorado-Boulder
4412.75Melissa (Missy) Erickson   Alexandria Mn 233106  Fort Lewis College
5424.71Sarah Sturm   Durango, CO 275320  11 Fort Lewis College
6436.67Devyn Parnes   Denver, CO 227949  University of Denver
7448.63Kim Trenbath   Boulder, CO 208824  University of Colorado-Boulder
8460.59Natalie Koch   Syracuse, NY 287336  12 University of Colorado-Boulder
9472.54Tisza Bell   Bozeman, MT 289396  14 University of Colorado-Boulder
10484.50Silvia Moelk   Grand Junction, CO 312958  28 Mesa State College
11496.46Brenna Wozniak   Fort Collins, CO 243858  Colorado State University
12508.42Marlena Grovenstein   Colorado Springs, CO 309185  19 Colorado State University
13520.38Elizabeth Martin   Des Moines, IA 290104  University of Northern Colorado
14532.34Phoebe Erdman   Boulder, CO 275266  University of Colorado-Boulder
15544.30Ashley Nice   Fortcollins, CO 307543  21 Colorado State University
16556.26Netana Hotimsky   Grand Junction, CO 203391  16 Mesa State College
DNFSage Wilderman   Fraser, CO 199903  99 Fort Lewis College
DNFClaire Mechtly   Fort Collins, CO 309758  17 Colorado State University

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