Race Results for
24 Hours Round the Clock
Spokane, WA
(Event Information)
Cross Country on 05/26/2007

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Solo Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Brian Gump     35 
2Chris Brunsvold     32 
3Francis Bach     34 Bach Builders
4Devin Beedle     33 Hell Ride Forever/Bicycle Butler
5Dan Zickler     38 K-DUB RACING
6Moishe Lettvin     37 ByrneInvent
7Jason Kinley     36 Hammer Nutrition/Maxxis
DNFMathew Chynoweth     31 Hans solo racing

Men - Solo

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kristopher Holden   Spokane, WA 148376  Vertical Earth
2Greg Martin     16 Sawtooth Velo
3Matthew Hill     
4Josh Carlson     22 
5Steve Swenson     21 
6Dennis Smaggus     19 
7Doug Walsh     BradyGames
8Jimmy Vitelli     113 
9Ken Mills     14 
10Michael Wojcik     39 Chinook Cycling
11Chris Baker     15 U of I Vandal Cycling Team
12David Luke     111 
13Dan Vancamp     Dizzo Racing
15Landon Winter     115 EWEB
16Steve Forsness     G-FORSE RACING
17Grant Shipley     18 Wipe that silly grin on your face
18Robert Robson     Vertical Earth
19Eric Kopczynski   Asotin, WA 166685  11 Bottom Bracket Racing
20John Holmgren     10 Me Myself and I
21Randy Salamon     17 Recycled Cycles/Raleigh
22Robert Trombley     112 
24Jon Waldrup     24 Tough enough to stay on too dumb to get
25Marc David     13 
26Brandon Lockwood     12 Team Viking Sport Seattle
27Gage Stromberg     20 
28Charlie Catchpole     
DNFBrian Wachlarz   Royal Oak, MI 259572  23 recycled cycles
DNFMichael Emde     114 

Men - Duo - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Brian Cimmiyotti     403 scott's cycle and sports
1Shane Myers     403 scott's cycle and sports
2Mike Freudenthal     44 Uncle Mike Racing
2Jess Kruchoski     44 Uncle Mike Racing
3Craig Bishopp     405 2 out of 5 ain't bad
3Tim Sanger     405 2 out of 5 ain't bad
4Henry Gertje     41 Capitol Forest
4Thomas Schulz     41 Capitol Forest
5Karoline Droege     42 Ketchum If You Can
5Muffy Ritz     42 Ketchum If You Can
6Brad Martin     404 Smoke'em if you can
6Scott O'dell     404 Smoke'em if you can
7Mike Brown     54 Recycled Cycles/Raleigh
7Craig Moe     54 Recycled Cycles/Raleigh
8Kari Bolton     43 Pre-Marriage Test
8Daniel Studley   Bothell, WA 189528  43 Pre-Marriage Test
9Jonathan Blunt   Optional  40 autoquest racing/ pedal dynamics
9Dan Koroylk     40 autoquest racing/ pedal dynamics

Men - Corporate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Rocky Crocker     100 Team WAR
1Dave Dunnell     100 Team WAR
1Mike Sirrott     100 Team WAR
1Shawn Howard     100 Team WAR
1Jake Maedke     100 Team WAR
1Tom Heywood     100 Team WAR
1Brian Turnbull     100 Team WAR
2Rob Frechette     95 Sports Plus
2Erin Greeley     95 Sports Plus
2Chris Lutz     95 Sports Plus
2Isaac Mauer     95 Sports Plus
2Greg Smith     95 Sports Plus
2Bruce Trejos     95 Sports Plus
2Dan Weber     95 Sports Plus
2Mike Weber     95 Sports Plus
2Paul Weber     95 Sports Plus
3Wayne Calcaterra     93 Rusty Sprockets
3David Cowin     93 Rusty Sprockets
3Tim Davilla     93 Rusty Sprockets
3Charles Gallagher     93 Rusty Sprockets
3Jayson Granger     93 Rusty Sprockets
3Mack Prewitt     93 Rusty Sprockets
4Chris Anderson     83 Cosmo Biker
4Mike Czerwohka     83 Cosmo Biker
4Jeff Denney     83 Cosmo Biker
4Mike Fry     83 Cosmo Biker
4David Orr     83 Cosmo Biker
4Theo Probst     83 Cosmo Biker
4Matt Rose     83 Cosmo Biker
4Rich Sherwood     83 Cosmo Biker
4John Stamstad     83 Cosmo Biker
4David Visnack     83 Cosmo Biker
5Richard Cote     86 Down River Grill
5Peter Elzey     86 Down River Grill
5Jason Klein     86 Down River Grill
5Dave Kovac     86 Down River Grill
5Earl 'marty' Martin     86 Down River Grill
5Rob Rice     86 Down River Grill
5Ron Van Wert     86 Down River Grill
5Scott Coldiron     86 Down River Grill
5John Sweat     86 Down River Grill
6Randy Bott     90 Patriot Fire
6Robert Farrington     90 Patriot Fire
6Joel Fields     90 Patriot Fire
6Nick Heath     90 Patriot Fire
6Daryl Lohstroh     90 Patriot Fire
6Patricia Lohstroh     90 Patriot Fire
6Deb Richael     90 Patriot Fire
6Mitch Richeal     90 Patriot Fire
6Jason Schmidt     90 Patriot Fire
6Aj Spear     90 Patriot Fire
7Ed Bartlett     88 Here for the Beer
7Fran Cote     88 Here for the Beer
7Bret Dickey     88 Here for the Beer
7Morrie Edwards     88 Here for the Beer
7Scott Larson     88 Here for the Beer
7Pat Moland     88 Here for the Beer
7Mike Nixon     88 Here for the Beer
7Pat Nixon     88 Here for the Beer
7Tim Phillips     88 Here for the Beer
7Donavan Welch     88 Here for the Beer
8Brad Furlong     89 Oberto Elders
8Chris Mahan     89 Oberto Elders
8Kristjan Ochs     89 Oberto Elders
8Marty Sparks     89 Oberto Elders
8Steve Tauschek     89 Oberto Elders
8Brian Volkert     89 Oberto Elders
9Wright Alcorn     94 Saddle Block
9Stu Fealk     94 Saddle Block
9Rodney Hestdalen     94 Saddle Block
9Andrew Miller     94 Saddle Block
9George Momany     94 Saddle Block
9Mathew Rawlins     94 Saddle Block
9Stacie Sanders     94 Saddle Block
10Jeff Allen     85 Fat Tireds
10Dan Deruyter     85 Fat Tireds
10Tanna Deruyter     85 Fat Tireds
10Scott Martin     85 Fat Tireds
10Vincent Rieger     85 Fat Tireds
10Sean Troy     85 Fat Tireds
11Eric Barrett     99 Team Mountain Gear
11Phil Bridgers     99 Team Mountain Gear
11Eric Deruyter     99 Team Mountain Gear
11Paul Fish     99 Team Mountain Gear
11Whitney Fish     99 Team Mountain Gear
11Travis Nichols     99 Team Mountain Gear
11Eddie Whittemore     99 Team Mountain Gear
12Robert Estuar     98 Team Coho
12John Figueiredo     98 Team Coho
12Fergus Hyke     98 Team Coho
12Lance Jacobsen     98 Team Coho
12Tim Long     98 Team Coho
12Dan Summerfeldt     98 Team Coho
13Brian Anderson     97 Ho Daddys
13Linda Houck     97 Ho Daddys
13Sam Mcglothlin     97 Ho Daddys
13Steve Meyer     97 Ho Daddys
13Jim Seytert     97 Ho Daddys
13Sandy Thomas     97 Ho Daddys
13Brad Mercer     97 Ho Daddys
14Matt Dolan     84 Cup of Cool Water
14Joshua Hess     84 Cup of Cool Water
14Nick Hill     84 Cup of Cool Water
14Chris Hogan     84 Cup of Cool Water
14Ud Lopez     84 Cup of Cool Water
14Sara Morehouse     84 Cup of Cool Water
14Noah Sutherland     84 Cup of Cool Water
14Mark Terrell     84 Cup of Cool Water
15Cindy Gaudio     96 Sprocket Jockettes
15Val Hecker     96 Sprocket Jockettes
15Sue Keller     96 Sprocket Jockettes
15Julie Meyer     96 Sprocket Jockettes
15Karen Scott     96 Sprocket Jockettes
15Jobeth Thomas     96 Sprocket Jockettes
15Jane Rockwell     96 Sprocket Jockettes
16Jethro Allen     92 Power Pushers
16Eileen Dugger     92 Power Pushers
16Brent Hill     92 Power Pushers
16Rick Hughes     92 Power Pushers
16Paul Kiss     92 Power Pushers
16Rhonda Thomas     92 Power Pushers
17Carol Fulton     87 DFL's
17Jim Fulton     87 DFL's
17Kimbo May     87 DFL's
17Martha Jones     87 DFL's
17David Jones     87 DFL's
17Mark Starr     87 DFL's
17Jim Kinschey     87 DFL's
17Wes Graham     87 DFL's
18Tim Arnold     91 phatbastards
18Doug Dompier     91 phatbastards
18Bruce Felt     91 phatbastards
18Vern Hare     91 phatbastards

Men - 5 Person Junior - 1-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Eric Emsky     808 Rad Racing NW
1Ian Torry     808 Rad Racing NW
1Sean Worsech     808 Rad Racing NW
1Benny Swedberg     808 Rad Racing NW
4Erik Beattie     807 The Crotch Rockets
4Stephen Eytel     807 The Crotch Rockets
4Ben Grandlic     807 The Crotch Rockets
4Trevor Howland     807 The Crotch Rockets
4Nick Gaudio     807 The Crotch Rockets

Men - 5 Person Junior - Junior - 1-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
2Alex Brockway     65 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline
2Cole Cutright     65 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline
2Wes Furlong     65 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline
2Bryen Graver     65 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline
2Johnathan Skeehan     65 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline
3Tony Gaudio     63 Crank It Out
3Stephen Hannan     63 Crank It Out
3Craig Hauser     63 Crank It Out
3Wendy Hecker     63 Crank It Out
3Josh Yoker     63 Crank It Out
5Brandon Fishel     66 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline 2
5Colin Krebsbach     66 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline 2
5Avi Mahan     66 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline 2
5Spencer Mahan     66 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline 2
5Peter Weiler     66 Oh Boy Oberto/Redline 2
6Jon Tappe     64 Demon Sprockets
6Matt Tappe     64 Demon Sprockets
6Michael Tappe     64 Demon Sprockets
6Nathan Toplis     64 Demon Sprockets

Men - 5 Person 200+ - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
3Frank Benish     73 Arrogant Bastards
3Brian Crowley     73 Arrogant Bastards
3Doug Carroll     73 Arrogant Bastards
3Joe Martin     73 Arrogant Bastards
3Greg Laycock     73 Arrogant Bastards
5Doug Miller     78 Will Ride for Beer Money
5Gavin O'Grady     78 Will Ride for Beer Money
5Pat Bentson     78 Will Ride for Beer Money
5Tim Rutledge     78 Will Ride for Beer Money
5Mario Sanchez/Laky     78 Will Ride for Beer Money
6Mark Earley     77 Spraycool
6Andy Finch     77 Spraycool
6Peter Emsky     77 Spraycool
6Robert Laskar     77 Spraycool
6Toddd Roberts     77 Spraycool
9Eric Barrett     69 Hollyweed Pornstars
9Cameron Andrus     69 Hollyweed Pornstars
9Doug Medjo     69 Hollyweed Pornstars

Men - 5 Person 150-199 - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Siok John     68 Cast Iron Lawn Dogs
2Charlie Wilcox     70 Scott's Cycle/Team CSF
3Pete Brunner     76 Pedros Army
3David Volkert     76 Pedros Army
3Mark Lambie     76 Pedros Army
3Aaron Vanderwaal     76 Pedros Army
3Jim Axtell     76 Pedros Army

Men - 5 Person Of 150-199 - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
4Drew Houck     71 Training Day Starts 6-1-07

Men - 5 Person 200+ - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kevin Bradford-parish     80 Rockwood Clinic Gladiators
1Tim Crum     80 Rockwood Clinic Gladiators
1James David     80 Rockwood Clinic Gladiators
1Mike Hardenbergh     80 Rockwood Clinic Gladiators
1Dennis Vanmeter     80 Rockwood Clinic Gladiators
4Glen Copus     82 The Minutemen
4Tom Hungerford     82 The Minutemen
4Bill Jennings     82 The Minutemen
4Dewayne Kirk     82 The Minutemen
4Andrew Warlock     82 The Minutemen
7Chris Bier     75 Hanger Bangers
7Mark Faulkes     75 Hanger Bangers
7George Jensen     75 Hanger Bangers
7Terry Mazzie     75 Hanger Bangers
7Alan Millar     75 Hanger Bangers
8Brandon Schmidt     81 Single Track Espresso
8Michael Gaudio     81 Singletrack Espresso
8Dale Grandlic     81 Singletrack Espresso
8Tim Houser     81 Singletrack Espresso
8Loren Morris     81 Singletrack Espresso
9Jerry Deats     69 Hollyweed Pornstars
10Allister Gibbons     74 Gonculators
10Roger Holman     74 Gonculators
10Paul Lamb     74 Gonculators
10Chris Tappe     74 Gonculators
10David Tappe     74 Gonculators
11Ken Paauw     79 North Bend Hammerheads
11David Thompson     79 North Bend Hammerheads
11David Wright     79 North Bend Hammerheads
11Joel Yoker     79 North Bend Hammerheads
11Aaron Mcmichael     79 North Bend Hammerheads

Men - 5 Person 150-199 - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kevin Andres     68 Cast Iron Lawn Dogs
1Cory Mahal     68 Cast Iron Lawn Dogs
1Ulises Salas     68 Cast Iron Lawn Dogs
1Ryan Siok     68 Cast Iron Lawn Dogs
2Ivan Anderholm     70 Scott's Cycle/Team CSF
2Chris Eagon     70 Scott's Cycle/Team CSF
2Larry Elliot     70 Scott's Cycle/Team CSF
2Chris Griffith     70 Scott's Cycle/Team CSF
4Brian Holmgren     71 Training Day Starts 6.1.07
4Martin Shelley     71 Training Day Starts 6/1/07
4Kevin Camarillo     71 Training Day Starts 6-1-07
4Patrick Willaner     71 Training Day Starts 6-1-07
5Kim Anderson     72 Vikings
5Peter Anderson     72 Vikings
5Luke Siler     72 Vikings
5Nick Stuckart     72 Vikings

Men - 5 Person 100-149 - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Holley Dryden     67 Homemade Heroes
1Alex Jones     67 Homemade Heroes
1Kristi Regotti     67 Homemade Heroes
1Tanner Rubin     67 Homemade Heroes
1Scott Downey     67 Homemade Heroes

Men - 5 Person - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Phil Oppenheimer     56 Team Chopper
1Kim Pitkanen     56 Team Chopper
1Tero Pitkanen     56 Team Chopper
1Jadine Riley     56 Team Chopper
1Mike Rolcik     56 Team Chopper
2Ray Dally     806 Toadal Meltdown
2Brian Held     806 Toadal Meltdown
2Adam Leahy     806 Toadal Meltdown
2Micala Root     806 Toadal Meltdown
2Russ Valentine     806 Toadal Meltdown
3Corinna Bolender     55 Full Suspension w/Drinking Intentions
3Jac Cummings     55 Full Suspension w/Drinking Intentions
3Julie Lauzon     55 Full Suspension w/Drinking Intentions
3Glen Rolfe     55 Full Suspension w/Drinking Intentions
3Eric Stoll     55 Full Suspension w/Drinking Intentions
3Joel Wolcoski     55 Full Suspension w/Drinking Intentions
4Jenny Adam     57 The Liberated Gutter Bunnies
4Patrick Adam     57 The Liberated Gutter Bunnies
4Jenny Newell     57 The Liberated Gutter Bunnies
4Will Scales     57 The Liberated Gutter Bunnies
4Tom Wojtkowiak     57 The Liberated Gutter Bunnies
5Stephen Decker     58 The Mr.T Experience
5John Hammond     58 The Mr.T Experience
5Doug Lowe     58 The Mr.T Experience
5Kim Lowe     58 The Mr.T Experience
5Henry Siepp     58 The Mr.T Experience

Men - 4 Person Open - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Eric Anderson     51 Spokane Rocket Velo
1Mark Cesal     51 Spokane Rocket Velo
1Chris Kelsey     51 Spokane Rocket Velo
1Shawn Letson     51 Spokane Rocket Velo
2Jason Edens   Bothell, WA 109036  47 Recycled Shimano Alki DBR
2Tim Erickson     47 Recycled Shimano Alki DBR
2Andrew Novikoff     47 Recycled Shimano Alki DBR
2Peter Oberender     47 Recycled Shimano Alki DBR
3Reed Sillers     401 Speedy Reedy
3Ryan Vanderloop     401 Speedy Reedy
3Mark Davies     401 Speedy Reedy
3John Duquette     401 Speedy Reedy
4Ken Gardner     50 Six Inches of Travel
4Scott Roberts     50 Six Inches of Travel
4Matt Rossman     50 Six Inches of Travel
5Eric Lawson     49 Six Dollar Men
5Arden Pete     49 Six Dollar Men
5Greg Rehn     49 Six Dollar Men
5Sean Smith     49 Six Dollar Men
6Brent Bjornson     48 Schweitzer Mountain Posse
6Travis Harmon     48 Schweitzer Mountain Posse
6Wyatt Martz     48 Schweitzer Mountain Posse
6Shawn Taylor     48 Schweitzer Mountain Posse
7Kevin Dwight     45 E-Ville Riders
7Landon Erickson     45 E-Ville Riders
7John Graf     45 E-Ville Riders
7Jim Nylander     45 E-Ville Riders
8Krista Meyer     53 Welcome to the Jungle
8Nick Scaief     53 Welcome to the Jungle
8Owen Turnbull     53 Welcome to the Jungle
8Nathan Uskoski     53 Welcome to the Jungle
9Andy Creamer     46 Plumb Runners
9Phil Sayles     46 Plumb Runners
9Ryan Staudacher     46 Plumb Runners
9Ray Ward     46 Plumb Runners
DNFChris Elleraas     52 Steel Horse I Ride
DNFScott Nakamura     52 Steel Horse I Ride
DNFMike Seethoff     52 Steel Horse I Ride
DNFLance Willis     52 Steel Horse I Ride

Women - Solo

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Monilee Atkinson   Redmond, WA Kisslers Cyclery 260653  26 Norco
2Emma Millar     29 
3Emily Metzloff     28 
4Michelle Nelson     30 
5Katherine Boerner     25 
DNSNatasha Wagner     27 

Women - 5 Person - 19-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Naoko Forderer     61 Soggy Bottom Girls
1Jodi Hess     61 Soggy Bottom Girls
1Melissa Moffett     61 Soggy Bottom Girls
1Shannon Rollo     61 Soggy Bottom Girls
1Heather Westfall     61 Soggy Bottom Girls
2Amy Anderson     60 Kittens Got Claws
2Penny Hulbert     60 Kittens Got Claws
2Julie Kelsey     60 Kittens Got Claws
2Ann Kendall     60 Kittens Got Claws
2Lizabeth Letson   Spokane, WA 236715  60 Kittens Got Claws
3Kristen Crupi     62 The Skinny Dippers
3Hilary Dahlstrom     62 The Skinny Dippers
3Debbie Driver     62 The Skinny Dippers
3Deborah Romaine   Port Townsend, WA 253651  62 The Skinny Dippers
3Lisa Miller     62 The Skinny Dippers
4Melissa Cormier     59 breast friends
4Jenny Dallas     59 breast friends
4Traci Dallas     59 breast friends
4Stacy Nakagawa     59 breast friends
4Elizabeth Rogers     59 breast friends

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