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Sonic Boom Race
Louisville, CO
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Criterium on 06/08/2014

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Men - MM 5> 40

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00 Michael Dodge   Superior, CO0:15:31.98 378897   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
2545.00 Kevin Williams   Highlands Ranch, CO0:15:35.54 422996   Altitude Cycling
3550.00 Craig S Perez   Westminster, CO0:15:35.66 427919   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
4555.00 CHRIS M MARCHINI   Breckenridge0:16:28.73 392108   
5560.00 Andrew Ross   Denver, CO0:16:29.83 30620   Century Road Club Assoc
6565.00 David Hadley   Louisville, CO0:16:33.19 221046   Twin Peaks Racing
7570.00 Karl A Bauer   Eagle, CO0:17:07.00 411418   
8 John Gancho   0:17:07.05   
9580.00 Sean Mattingly   Erie, CO0:17:07.11 437840   
10585.00 Daniel S Briner   Thornton, CO0:17:07.16 425051   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
11590.00 Tony Fuller   Denver, CO0:17:07.29 382715   Team Cycleton

Men - MM 5< 40

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1499.15 Abdulhadi Alajmi   Boulder, CO0:15:17.94 431210   CU Cycling-Boulder
2507.41 Dennis Arnold   Ringwood0:15:20.00 411059   
3515.67 Adam Keith   Boulder Co0:15:20.80 410935   CU Cycling-Boulder
4523.93 Dakota Troudt   Fort Morgan0:15:22.90 396047   thecyclist-lawyer.com
5532.19 stephen cimino   Louisville, CO0:15:27.57 412581   
6 Michael Fibiger   0:15:27.62   
7548.70 Alexander Boyle   Littleton, CO0:15:37.53 401760   Denver 38 Racing
8556.96 Kyle Gilliam   Fort Collins0:15:37.89 419166   
9565.22 Vitaliy Margolen   Englewood, CO0:16:18.43 424684   ColoBikeLaw.com
10573.48 Kevin Christensen   Aurora, CO0:16:18.48 426495   ColoBikeLaw.com
11581.74 Bradley Schlesinger   Denver, CO0:16:20.25 290127   
12590.00 Evan Hoodmaker   Littleton, CO0:17:07.22 405457   Pedal Racing
DNF Samuel J Johnson   Gunnison DNF 422153   West Elk Road Club

Men - MM 45+ 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1144.13 Byron Nix   Centennial, CO0:49:31.84 69161   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
2153.79 John Fallon   Denver, CO0:49:31.98 278385   Great Divide Brewing Company
3163.46 Larry B Marti   Evergreen, CO0:49:33.35 178763   FRANCO Bicycles Racing
4173.12 John Barclay   Boulder, CO0:49:33.67 2553   Rally Sport Cycling Team
5182.79 Craig Hofer   Littleton, CO0:49:33.82 47071   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
6192.46 Frank Zoldak   Niwot, CO0:49:37.56 260369   Pro Peloton Pinarello Racing Team
7202.12 Kevin OBrien   Erie, CO0:49:38.34 325526   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
8211.79 Marc E DeAntoni   Lafayette, CO0:49:39.26 109368   Pro Peloton Pinarello Racing Team
9221.45 Jim Copeland   Denver, CO0:50:28.43 46820   Saturn Cycling Team TTIII
10231.12 Rob Salcido   Louisville, CO0:50:29.83 363669   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
11240.79 Jeff Hoobler   Boulder, CO0:50:35.64 302644   Rally Sport Cycling Team
12250.45 sherman towsley   Boulder, CO0:50:35.76 268916   Rally Sport Cycling Team
13260.12 Adam Asnes   New York0:50:35.96 45035   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
14269.78 Peter Ismert   Littleton Co0:50:36.25 17448   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
15279.45 William Soden   Denver, CO0:50:37.47 46977   Great Divide Brewing Company
16289.11 James Morgan   Louisville, CO0:50:40.01 102377   
17298.78 Brian M Dunn   Denver, CO0:50:40.09 10201   Great Divide Brewing Company
18308.45 MIke D Sutter   Boulder, CO0:50:43.57 77394   Boulder Orthopedics
19318.11 Eric Juzysta   Boulder, CO0:50:45.16 128758   Rally Sport Cycling Team
20327.78 Christopher Walsweer   Denver, CO0:50:46.66 93762   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
21337.44 Juan Gutierrez   Denver, CO0:50:47.60 148746   Local Velo
22347.11 Robert Dahl   Lafayette, CO0:53:18.81 52176   Boulder Orthopedics
23356.77 Dane Emde   Fort Collins, CO0:53:18.86 363531   Team Rio Grande
24366.44 Peter Lucke   Louisville, CO0:53:18.90 21761   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
25376.11 Robert T Arena   Boulder, CO0:53:18.94 1878   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
26385.77 Eric N Williams   Longmont, CO0:53:21.36 378146   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
27395.44 Norman F Alvis   Colorado Spgs, CO0:53:21.41 86198   Great Divide Brewing Company
28405.10 Joseph Paulson   Boulder, CO0:53:21.45 46650   Boulder Orthopedics
29414.77 Sean Steeves   Golden, CO0:53:21.50 92497   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
30424.43 Amy Charity   Steamboat Springs0:53:21.54 363583   
31434.10 Chris Law   Colorado Springs, CO0:53:21.58 364358   CP Racing
32443.77 Duane Marlatt   Highlands Ranch, CO0:53:21.63 131689   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
33453.43 Wayne Strishock   Colorado Springs0:53:21.68 364039   CP Racing
DNF John Balmer   Indianapolis , INDNF 2443   Century Road Club Of America
DNF Joseph J Taddeucci   Boulder, CODNF 112914   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNF John L Talley   Longmont, CODNF 34935   Boulder Orthopedics
DNF Mike Hegdal   Fort Collins, CODNF 48674   Team Rio Grande
DNF Brack Hattler   Denver, CODNF 95095   Great Divide Brewing Company
DNF Eric Ray   Boulder, CODNF 41308   Rally Sport Cycling Team
DNF Jeff Ofsanko   Boulder, CODNF 363673   Rally Sport Cycling Team
DNF Marcel VanGarderen   Longmont, CODNF 53196   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
DNF Jim Kraychy   Golden, CODNF 364022   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNF Danny B Suter   Boulder, CODNF 167158   Rally Sport Cycling Team
DNF Barry A Lee   Nederland, CODNF 85255   Pro Peloton Pinarello Racing Team
DNF John Goss   Littleton, CODNF 375373   Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
DNF Brian Lindsley   Denver, CODNF 145781   Team Cycleton
DNF George J Mullen   Golden, CODNF 25367   

Men - MM 35+ 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1101.34 Matthew Segur   Golden, CO0:48:36.91 224161   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
2111.80 Lance Sulzen   Lone Tree, CO0:49:04.99 190346   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
3122.27 Charles F Coyle   Boulder, CO0:49:18.92 102604   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
4132.73 Joshua A Barnett   Longmont, CO0:49:19.65 51949   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
5143.20 Shane Orr   Denver, CO0:49:19.69 363102   Great Divide Brewing Company
6153.67 Matthew Gates   Lyons, CO0:49:20.45 109998   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
7164.13 Carlos E Casali   Golden, CO0:49:20.85 216719   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
8174.60 James Dunkleberger   Highlands Ranch, CO0:49:21.44 362495   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
9185.06 Torsten M Lyon   Golden, CO0:49:22.30 114781   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
10195.53 James Thies   Denver, CO0:49:22.55 60214   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
11205.99 Shawn P Betz   Aurora, CO0:49:22.77 315940   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
12216.46 Thomas Fiorillo   Denver, CO0:49:23.21 321592   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
13226.92 Marc E DeAntoni   Lafayette, CO0:49:23.51 109368   Pro Peloton Pinarello Racing Team
14237.39 Corey Cope   Thornton, CO0:49:23.99 7738   Sonic Boom Racing
15247.85 Brent A Dickinson   Denver, CO0:49:25.09 212365   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
16258.32 John Guala   Westminster, CO0:49:27.92 366459   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
17268.79 Byron Nix   Centennial, CO0:49:28.64 69161   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
18279.25 J Brent Hanlin   Denver, CO0:49:29.39 14934   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
19289.72 Matt Charity   England0:49:32.25 376794   Steamboat Velo
20300.18 L Sandvik   Denver, CO0:49:59.03 70312   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
21310.65 Tomas Roba   Broomfield, CO0:50:01.80 206552   Boulder Orthopedics
22321.11 Matt R Duncan   Louisville, CO0:50:20.83 49386   Nite Ize Cycling Team
23331.58 Mike Woodard   Fort Collins, CO0:50:20.91 362941   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
24342.04 Clark A Rider   Boulder, CO0:50:20.97 208260   Alki/Rubicon Racing
DNF Michael L Gibson   Golden, CODNF 59548   Pedal p/b LTP Development Team
DNF Mike Hegdal   Fort Collins, CODNF 48674   Team Rio Grande
DNF Thomas Prehn   Boulder, CODNF 53465   Boulder Cycle Sport
DNF Gregory Pent   Boulder, CODNF 47422   Boulder Orthopedics
DNF Dan Schuetz   Denver, CODNF 264130   
DNF Michael Catterall   Golden, CODNF 260202   Pedal p/b LTP Development Team
DNF MIke D Sutter   Boulder, CODNF 77394   Boulder Orthopedics
DNF sherman towsley   Boulder, CODNF 268916   Rally Sport Cycling Team
DNF Robert Dahl   Lafayette, CODNF 52176   Boulder Orthopedics
DNF Tony G DaGiau   Louisville, CODNF 138691   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
DNF Jayson Hurd   Highlands Ranch, CODNF 197001   Groove Subaru Excel Sports

Men - MM 65+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1465.07 Lawrence Bosch   Fort Collins, CO0:36:36.18 4314   Boulder Orthopedics
2482.92 David Mulica   Denver, CO0:36:36.58 48181   Local Velo
3500.77 Donald Haywood   Fort Collins0:36:43.29 47650   Local Velo
4518.61 Philip Coons   Highlands Ranch, CO0:36:44.54 364522   Green Mountain Sports Velo
5536.46 Wayne Boyles   Fort Collins, CO0:36:44.77 4523   Local Velo
6554.31 Stephen Bennett   Littleton, CO0:36:44.95 68855   ColoBikeLaw.com
7572.15 James A Kinsinger   Erie, CO0:37:26.32 94886   Boulder Orthopedics
8590.00 Gary Harty   Lakewood, CO0:37:26.43 375068   thecyclist-lawyer.com

Men - MM 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1275.39 Glen Winkel Ph.D.   Colorado Springs, CO0:46:53.49 38640   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2286.24 Chris J Leggere   Boulder, CO0:46:53.73 137278   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
3297.09 William J Kellagher   Boulder, CO0:46:54.17 45530   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
4307.94 Steve W Matous   Boulder, CO0:46:54.34 305328   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
5318.78 Rip Mobus   Denver, CO0:46:54.59 24665   Great Divide Brewing Company
6329.63 Larry Cornman   Longmont, CO0:46:54.88 222960   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
7340.48 Mark Klatke   Lakewood, CO0:46:54.93 362537   Old School Racing
8351.33 Dave Sherrer   Loveland0:46:55.22 363775   Altitude Cycling
9362.18 patrick naylor   Boulder, CO0:46:56.14 377659   Old School Racing
10373.03 Chris Beaudin   Manitou Springs, CO0:46:56.64 3045   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
11383.88 James Weir   Denver, CO0:46:57.73 362715   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
12394.72 Jeff Ray   Ft Collins, CO0:46:58.00 362532   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
13405.57 Paul Schuler   Loveland, CO0:46:58.16 74307   Boulder Orthopedics
14416.42 Kim Workman   Fort Collins0:46:58.75 364420   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
15427.27 Laurent McLaughlin   Nederland, CO0:46:58.97 205578   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
16438.12 Lloyd Jones   Westminster, CO0:46:59.86 367356   Old School Racing
17448.97 Phil Mackelvie   Denver, CO0:47:02.70 218421   Schwab Cycles Racing Team
18459.82 Daniel Grygier   Highlands Ranch, CO0:47:02.89 255333   Altitude Cycling
19470.66 Robert J Brown   Denver, CO0:47:12.57 45125   Great Divide Brewing Company
20481.51 Butch Stinton   Castle Rock, CO0:47:59.97 34198   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
21492.36 Jeffrey Roth   Boulder, CO0:48:48.25 118840   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
22503.21 Shannon Fox   Englewood, CO0:48:48.27 46714   Boulder Orthopedics
23514.06 Callen Borgias   Centennial, CO0:48:48.29 363359   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
24524.91 Paul Mack   Lafayette, CO0:48:48.31 22026   Boulder Orthopedics
25535.76 Randy Hodson   Evergreen, CO0:48:48.33 363092   Old School Racing
26546.61 David H Kruger   Louisville, CO0:48:48.35 53629   Boulder Orthopedics
27557.45 Murray S. Willis   Lakewood, CO0:50:18.02 363315   Altitude Cycling
28568.30 Bob Smith   Grand Jct, CO0:50:18.05 33040   LTR Masters
29579.15 Kenneth Rodriguez   Denver, CO0:50:18.08 116448   Hammer Racing Team- TVG LTD.
30590.00 Karl A Bauer   Eagle, CO0:50:19.42 411418   
9999999 Karl Kiester   Denver, CODNF 49398   Great Divide Brewing Company
9999999 Thomas Prehn   Boulder, CODNF 53465   Boulder Cycle Sport
9999999 Jeffrey Brown   Boulder, CODNF 244809   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
9999999 Jim Kraychy   Golden, CODNF 364022   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
9999999 Michael Meyer   Denver, CODNF 24206   Local Velo
9999999 David Rogers   La Crosse WiDNF 120229   Team Cycleton
9999999 A Michael McQueeney   BoulderDNF 362467   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
9999999 Tim Stone   Boulder, CODNF 332428   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling

Men - MM 45+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1425.86 Tom Miller   Denver, CO0:33:08.58 342682   Pactimo - Kuni Lexus
2432.17 Nick Slenkovich   Littleton, CO0:33:09.26 107640   Old School Racing
3438.49 Brent Schoeb   Boulder, CO0:33:10.07 363752   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
4444.80 Jeff Fithian   Boulder, CO0:33:10.56 363717   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
5451.11 Gordon Smith   Lakewood, CO0:33:10.61 77644   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
6457.43 christopher weich   Fort Collins, CO0:33:11.04 375818   First City Cycling Team
7463.74 Richard Grabarits   Littleton, CO0:33:11.11 388852   thecyclist-lawyer.com
8470.05 Todd McCallum   Littleton, CO0:33:12.12 363361   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
9476.36 Henry Eberhardt   Superior, CO0:33:12.18 342588   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
10482.68 Kenneth Altshuler   Longmont, CO0:33:12.46 396359   Old School Racing
11488.99 David Boynton   Boulder, CO0:33:12.99 364133   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
12495.30 Douglas J Robison   Lakewood, CO0:33:13.23 183223   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
13501.62 Nathan A Miller   Lone Tree, CO0:33:14.04 222080   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
14507.93 Robert N Andrew   Boulder, CO0:33:15.76 56804   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
15514.24 Dean A Stathopulos   Highlands Ranch, CO0:33:17.82 368671   Old School Racing
16520.56 Randy Hodson   Evergreen, CO0:33:17.88 363092   Old School Racing
17526.87 Brian Heber   Shawnee, CO0:33:19.81 363941   Old School Racing
18533.18 Tom Keller   Boulder, CO0:33:19.86 18772   
19539.50 Gary W Dorris   Boulder0:33:27.45 404357   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
20545.81 Michael Smith   Westminster, CO0:33:27.81 62977   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
21552.12 Scott Carlson   Denver, CO0:33:28.86 379154   Team Cycleton
22558.43 Patrick O ODonnell   Fort Collins0:33:30.37 403085   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
23564.75 Daniel Martin   Rollinsville Co0:33:38.46 67157   
24571.06 Adam M Mentzell   Allentown Pa0:33:38.72 367587   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
25577.37 Philippe Capraro   Denver, CO0:33:47.07 362836   Old School Racing
26583.69 Erik Judson   Golden, CO0:33:48.73 47686   IC3 Colorado
27590.00 Rod Unverrich   Fort Collins, CO0:34:23.06 368821   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
9999999 Michael Imhoff   Greenwood Village, CODNF 174022   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
9999999 Rich Linke   Centennial, CODNF 362593   Old School Racing
9999999 Sy Nayman   Aurora, CODNF 362592   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
9999999 Andrew Galloway   Wheat Ridge, CODNF 365112   Old School Racing
9999999 Lloyd Jones   Westminster, CODNF 367356   Old School Racing
9999999 Rob Graef   Castle Pines, CODNF 380165   Pactimo - Kuni Lexus
9999999 Michael J Howells   Denver CoDNF 387690   Old School Racing
9999999 Robert P Tarrall   DenverDNF 139890   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
9999999 Daniel J Stoddard   Littleton, CODNF 423271   Pedal Racing
9999999 John Hoodmaker   Littleton, CODNF 16675   Pedal Racing

Men - MM 35+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1383.60 Jason P Russell   Edwards, CO0:39:06.14 81026   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
2390.05 Alex M DorganRoss   Boulder0:39:10.76 369165   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
3396.50 James Stevens   Fort Collins, CO0:39:11.20 224141   IC3 Colorado
4402.95 James E Carrigan   Denver, CO0:39:12.87 139437   Rocky Mountain Road Club
5409.40 Zack Mozer   Centennial, CO0:39:14.16 396745   IC3 Colorado
6415.85 Gabe Rivero   Parker, CO0:39:14.21 379538   Primal - Audi Denver
7422.30 Kirk Groves   Louisville, CO0:39:14.73 14305   Foxtrot Racing
8428.75 Bill R Manning   Boulder0:39:15.64 22398   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
9435.20 Robert Cope   Erie, CO0:39:15.80 364107   Sonic Boom Racing Team
10441.65 David P Vogel   Superior, CO0:39:16.48 179950   Foxtrot Racing
11448.10 Christopher M McStay   Denver, CO0:39:16.62 392847   Eumaeus Asset Management - Fuoriclasse
12454.55 David Moroney   Denver, CO0:39:16.79 25108   GS Panache
13461.00 Ryan Korzyniowski   Fort Collins0:39:16.94 395239   Lee's Cyclery-Trek Factory
14467.45 Jared Thaut   Castle Rock, CO0:39:17.08 381872   Pactimo - Kuni Lexus
15473.90 Greg J LeNeveu   Louisville0:39:17.26 305871   Sonic Boom Racing Team
16480.35 Maciej Przewozny   Highlands Ranch, CO0:39:17.30 365447   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
17486.80 Brent D Olson   Castle Rock, CO0:39:18.08 211369   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
18493.25 Shawn Evans   Highlands Ranch, CO0:39:18.25 94293   Pactimo - Kuni Lexus
19499.70 Frank Pike   Denver, CO0:39:18.36 66176   Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
20506.15 Stuart Braddock   Denver, CO0:39:18.56 363285   Primal - Audi Denver
21512.60 David Mead   Thornton, CO0:39:18.94 383488   Team Cycleton
22519.05 Matthew Couzens   Denver, CO0:39:19.32 363516   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
23525.50 Tim Slowey   Golden, CO0:39:20.47 362929   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
24531.95 Matthew Ray   Centennial, CO0:39:20.69 401015   Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
25538.40 Joshua Maximon   Boulder, CO0:39:21.47 378737   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
26544.85 Dan Gray   Highlands Ranch, CO0:39:21.54 362845   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
27551.30 Nick Kosovich   Thornton, CO0:39:22.58 363779   Old School Racing
28557.75 Jason Broderick   Lakewood Co0:39:22.66 391155   Team Cycleton
29564.20 Garrick Mitchell   Denver, CO0:39:23.12 53211   Thump Cycling p/b Turin
30570.65 Glenn McCoin   Denver, CO0:39:25.57 377714   Team Cycleton
31577.10 Eric d Shuemake   Aurora, CO0:39:26.66 396013   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
32583.55 Brent J Murphy   Thornton0:40:13.49 413365   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
33590.00 Brian Claytor   Denver, CO0:40:13.79 363740   Team Cycleton
DNF Andy Burgess   DNF   
DNF James P Dull   Boulder, CODNF 59622   
DNF Brett Hoopes   Golden, CODNF 136437   Twin Peaks Racing
DNF Brian Moore   Denver, CODNF 68584   Old School Racing
DNF David Rogers   La Crosse WiDNF 120229   Team Cycleton
DNF Colin M Vito   Broomfield, CODNF 338462   Rapid Racing
DNF David Kendall   Boulder, CODNF 363343   
DNF Robert Smith   Broomfield, CODNF 376705   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
DNF Andy Bedard   Arvada, CODNF 392295   thecyclist-lawyer.com
DNF Steve Rolles   Lakewood, CODNF 139846   Primal - Audi Denver
DNF Faron A Ryan   Gilroy, CADNF 280733   ColoBikeLaw.com

Women - SW 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1428.58 Jenny Lucke   Louisville, CO0:34:31.72 364444   Naked Women's Racing
2448.46 Margaret A Caschette   Denver, CO0:34:32.53 418882   Primal/Audi Denver Women's Racing
3468.34 Melissa Westergard   Centennial, CO0:34:33.35 387478   Naked Women's Racing
4488.21 Sarah Lewis   Denver0:34:33.94 400328   Thump Cycling p/b Turin
5508.09 Rosa I Foth   Dillon Co0:36:07.51 399354   Primal/Audi Denver Women's Racing
6527.97 Cassidy S Donohue   Boulder, CO0:36:07.68 401630   Boulder Junior Cycling
7547.85 Michelle Henry   Denver, CO0:36:08.40 418537   Team Cycleton
8567.73 Vicki L Briner   Westminster, CO0:36:38.27 425237   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
9587.61 Michele J Moffat   Boulder, CO0:36:38.33 219060   
DNF Peg Hallberg   Golden, CODNF 363068   PSIMET/Zilla Racing

Women - MW 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1469.67 Sue Lloyd   Wheatridge, CO0:37:01.89 321432   Thump Cycling p/b Turin
2493.74 Kristine Johnson   Larkspur, CO0:37:17.94 190484   DNA Cycling Masters
3517.80 Carla A Flores   Pueblo, CO0:37:18.08 48199   Excel Sports Boulder
4541.87 Diane Granger   Lakewood, CO0:37:26.19 363670   DNA Cycling Masters
5565.93 Ceil Murphy   Monument, CO0:37:26.37 333020   K4 Racing
6590.00 Ruth Alexander   Fort Collins, CO0:38:02.88 364531   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling

Women - MW 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1315.01 Margell Abel   Boulder, CO0:45:14.91 1032   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2344.37 Trish C Heisdorffer   Westminster, CO0:46:30.02 221749   Sports Garage Cycling
3373.73 Anna R Levine   Longmont, CO0:46:32.76 364637   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
4403.09 Barb Lotze   Littleton, CO0:46:41.20 363132   thecyclist-lawyer.com
5432.45 kristie m arend   Boulder0:46:43.08 393488   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
6461.81 Anne Lannan   Boulder, CO0:47:39.27 20339   Boulder Orthopedics
7491.18 Kimberly Nuffer   Denver, CO0:47:44.61 210166   Boulder Orthopedics
8520.54 Kim Nordquist   Evergreen, CO0:49:22.81 363820   Old School Racing
9549.90 Shelley Hartman   Boulder, CO0:49:24.91 368828   Boulder Orthopedics
10579.26 Renee D Schroeder   Nederland, CO0:49:24.96 193694   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
DNF Lanier Allen   Littleton, CODNF 362528   Naked Women's Racing

Women - MW 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1263.07 Jennifer Triplett   Colorado Springs, CO0:45:06.23 219367   Boulder Orthopedics
2290.96 Vera Divenyi   Denver, CO0:45:06.32 220322   Naked Women's Racing
3318.85 Shelley Nelson   Denver, CO0:45:06.42 363672   Primal/Audi Denver Women's Racing
4346.74 Luci Olewinski   Denver, CO0:45:13.71 354150   Rocky Mountain Road Club
5374.63 Heather M McWilliamsMierzejews   Louisville, CO0:45:44.68 365141   Boulder Orthopedics
6402.52 Melissa Barker   Longmont, CO0:47:43.42 64184   GS Boulder/Organic India
7430.41 Elena Alarcon   Boulder0:47:44.48 362934   Naked Women's Racing
8458.30 Ellen Wright   Fort Collins, CO0:47:44.54 363725   Team Rio Grande
9486.19 Jennifer Muto   Silverthorne, CO0:49:22.75 235162   Old School Racing
DNF Kori Seehafer   Eau Claire WiDNF 77841   
DNF Nicole C Duke   Boulder, CODNF 83337   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNF Nina C Donohue   Boulder, CODNF 374696   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team

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