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Lexington Spring Circuit Race
Lexington, KY
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Circuit Race on 03/17/2013

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Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10 - 12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Brennan Foster   Louisville, KY 388740   RedZone Cycling
2Marcus Matherly      Sunrise Bakery
DNSGarrett McNear   Louisville, KY 358698   Red Zone Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 13 - 14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ruben Bacon   Harrodsburg, KY 370469   McDonalds Cycling Team
2Arvin Jansen   Nashville, TN 313306   Trace Bikes Race Team
DNSJackson McNear   Louisville, KY 301315   Red Zone Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 15 - 16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1433.21Jonas Wood   Nashville, TN 330500   Trace Bikes Junior Race Team
2511.01Logan Newman   Lexington Ky 391142   McDonald's Cycling Team
3588.81Peter Radebaugh   Nashville, TN 344656   Trace Bikes Race Team
DNSChristopher Welch   Barneveld Ny 371518   Motion Elite Cycling Team
DNSVictor Popov   Plainfield, IN 382967   MOB SQUAD
DNSKyle Kato   West Des Moines, IA 380015   Rasmussen Bike Shop
DNSJustin Bird   Louisville, KY 379185   RedZone Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 17 - 18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
DNSDan Rich   Cedarville, OH 271246   Team Dayton

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 35 - 44

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1385.10Nathaniel Cornelius   Lexington, KY 123271   Team Whayne
2410.41Andy Messer   Bloomington, IN 212310   Team Upland Brewing
3435.72Brian Mountjoy   Danville 25267   Team WHAYNE
4461.03Gregory Charkoudian   Lexington, KY 238856   Team WHAYNE
5486.34Steve Matherly   Lexington, KY 292177   Team WHAYNE
6511.65Michael Jernigan   Lexington, KY 178469   Team WHAYNE
7536.96Brent Houk   Indianapolis, IN 384444   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
8562.27Jamen Mohan   Lexington, KY 369794   
DNSMatt Bonaime   Lexington, KY 164949   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSWilliam Dolan   Prospect, KY 49526   SCHELLER'S FITNESS AND CYCLING
DNSMicah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN 290524   McDonald's Cycling Team
DNSBrian Baker   Louisville, KY 128381   Texas Roadhouse
DNSRegan Baum   Lexington, KY 336144   Commonweath Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSMatthew Lerner   Louisville, KY 207727   SCHELLER'S FITNESS AND CYCLING
DNSPatrick ODonnell   Lexington, KY 383682   TEXAS ROADHOUSE CYCLING P/B MOTOREX
DNSjerry witham   Fort Wayne, IN 70424   Ft outfitters
DNSandrew zakel   Floyds Knobs, IN 248194   Team Louisville
DNSRoyden Kern   Lexington, KY 156112   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNFJames Beers   Lexington, KY 3164   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 45 - 54

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1312.25Curtis Tolson   Louisville, KY 46006   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
2329.60John Schmitz   Bargersville, IN 315756   Indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
3346.95Michael McShane   Louisville, KY 23836   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
4364.30Michael Savory   Miamisburg, OH 248650   McDonald's Cycling Team
5381.65Eric Barnett   Nicholasville, KY 197148   McDonald's Cycling Team
DNSScott Kuiper   Louisville, KY 242217   Texas Roadhouse/Ky Flyers
DNSJeff Seeley   Cincinnati, OH 248843   Queen city wheels
DNSLarry Stickler   Glenview, KY 233853   Texas Roadhouse
DNSMartin Bearden   Louisville, KY 269250   McDonald's Cycling Team
DNSSteven Gaylor   Prospect, KY 47637   Texas Roadhouse Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1473.04Jack Evans   Somerset, KY 257036   Southern Express
2512.03David Jarboe   Louisville, KY 286657   Team Louisville
3551.02allen galloway   Indianapolis, IN 82542   Joe's Cycles/Cardinal Bicycle Company
4590.01Fred Steinbrecher   Frankfort, KY 45973   Mc Donald's Cycling Team
DNSRobert Gregory   Brentwood, TN 50141   MOAB Masters Racing / Smoothie King
DNSChris Welch   Barneveld Ny 256925   Heroes Foundation Cycling Team
DNSThomas Gates   Franklin, TN 45364   MOAB Masters Racing

Men - Cat 5 - Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1518.33Nolan Eastman   Louisville, KY 367366   
2523.45Brent Houk   Indianapolis, IN 384444   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
3528.57Norman Pinkerton   Lexington, KY 399949   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
4533.69Michael Zhang   Louisville, KY 359711   
5538.81Roger whitlock   Somerset, KY 258600   Cumberland Cycles
6543.93Jon Conte   Loveland, OH 348820   Bishops Bicycles
7549.05Shawn Edwards   Somerset 382927   Southern Express
8554.17Kyle Eveleth   Lexington Ky 351216   Tri City Cyclists
9Bob Harris      
10564.41Adam Duff   Lexington, KY 375299   
11569.53Logan Newman   Lexington Ky 391142   McDonald's Cycling Team
12574.65Steven Toby   Somerset 372502   Southern Express
13579.77Brian Vinsant   Monticello, KY 395645   Cumberland Cycles/Southern Express
14584.89Michael Phelps   Eubank, KY 396734   Southern Express
15590.01Daniel Segal   Reisterstown 397183   
DNSAdam Blalock   Mcminnville, TN 396842   Village Volkswagen
DNSDaniel Blandford   Louisville, KY 293524   VO2 Multisport
DNSFrancisco Borrayo   Chicago Heights, IL 383838   
DNSRyan Burry   Murfreesboro, TN 399686   Village Volkswagen
DNSBrandon Embry   Lexington, KY 379897   Southern Express Multisport Racing
DNSJonathan Jenkins   Murfreesboro 386401   Village Volkswagen
DNSDarian Jones   Richmond, KY 375493   Southern Express Multisport Racing
DNSMark Jones   Crestwood, KY 358655   Spin City Racing
DNSSam Mintz   Chicago, IL 379639   
DNSMuhammad Saifullah   Lexington 352460   
DNSJeff Seeley   Cincinnati, OH 248843   Queen city wheels
DNSScott Silvers   Lascassas 378688   Village Volkswagen
DNSAlex Steiner   Louisville, KY 335408   
DNFNate Corder   London, KY 396735   Southern Express

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1270.41Steve Gordon (1 - Cat1)   Warrenton, VA 224401   Team WHAYNE
2293.60Ray Smith (1 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY 292526   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
3316.79John Callahan (2 - Cat2)   Terre Haute, IN 289458   Team Upland Brewing
4339.98John Woods (2 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 256120   Team Upland Brewing
5363.17Noah Kinney (3 - Cat2)   Huntington, WV 274106   McDonald's Cycling Team
6386.36William Kinsey (4 - Cat2)   Westfield Indiana 290628   Team Upland Brewery
7409.55Andrew Boyd (5 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY 289340   Team WHAYNE
8432.74Michael Schroeder (1 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN 282632   Team Upland Brewing
9455.93Andy Prickett (6 - Cat2)   Pleasant Hill, OH 266105   TEAM DAYTON-MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
10479.12Chris Hendrick (7 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY 162413   Team WHAYNE
11502.31Jake Brooks (8 - Cat2)   Muncie, IN 322864   Ball State University
DNSCurtis Tolson (Cat1)   Louisville, KY 46006   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
DNSEric Barnett (Cat2)   Nicholasville, KY 197148   McDonald's Cycling Team
DNSBrendan Canty (Cat3)   Lexington, KY 254527   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSNathaniel Cornelius (Cat1)   Lexington, KY 123271   Team Whayne
DNSMicah Fritzinger (Cat2)   Georgetown, IN 290524   McDonald's Cycling Team
DNSSteven Gaylor (Cat2)   Prospect, KY 47637   Texas Roadhouse Cycling
DNSRobert Harris (Cat3)   Charlestown, IN 308301   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNSSean Darrow (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 331676   Team WHAYNE
DNSLee Hauber (Cat1)   Clarksville, IN 209979   Texas Roadhouse Cycling
DNSSamuel Janes (Cat3)   Lexington, KY 184197   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSRoyden Kern (Cat3)   Lexington, KY 156112   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSMichael Jernigan (Cat2)   Lexington, KY 178469   Team WHAYNE
DNSWill McDermott (Cat2)   Floyds Knobs, IN 296146   IndieBike.com pb/ Angie's List
DNSNolan McQueen (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 298828   McDonalds Cycling Team
DNSIan McShane (Cat2)   Louisville, KY 257336   Clarksville Schwinn Racing Team
DNSMichael McShane (Cat2)   Louisville, KY 23836   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
DNSAndy Messer (Cat2)   Bloomington, IN 212310   Team Upland Brewing
DNSBrian Mountjoy (Cat3)   Danville 25267   Team WHAYNE
DNSPatrick ODonnell (Cat2)   Lexington, KY 383682   TEXAS ROADHOUSE CYCLING P/B MOTOREX
DNSMatt Russell (Cat1)   Woodbury 300391   Village Volkswagen Elite cycling team
DNSmicah russell (Cat3)   Woodbury, TN 323390   Village Volkswagon Elite cycling team
DNSCraig Stokan (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 299660   Clarksville Schwinn Racing

Men - Cat 3/4 - Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1379.41William Burton (1 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 311382   Team WHAYNE
2394.45Jeff Buhr (2 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 240648   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
3409.49Lewis Jackson (3 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 260525   
4424.53Ian McShane   Louisville, KY 257336   Clarksville Schwinn Racing Team
5439.57Brendan Canty (4 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 254527   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
6454.61David Rose (5 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 296568   Team WHAYNE
7469.65Jake Brooks   Muncie, IN 322864   Ball State University
8484.69Alex Mclaughlin   Louisville Ky 368147   Main Street Velo
9499.73Reed Bagley (6 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 278119   McDonald's Cycling Team
10514.77Corey Kimball (1 - Cat4)   Tell City, IN 375956   Breck's Bicycle Shop
11529.81Shannon Moore (2 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 269594   Merrill Lynch Cycling Team Dayton
12544.85Sean Darrow (7 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY 331676   Team WHAYNE
13559.89Steve Fine (8 - Cat3)   Fort Mitchell, KY 239980   Michelob Ultra Racing
14574.93Cooper Simon (9 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY 269420   Red Zone Cycling
15589.97James Beers (10 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 3164   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSDavid Koonce (Cat3)   Shelbyville 376163   Village Volkswagon
DNSSteve Matherly (Cat3)   Lexington, KY 292177   Team WHAYNE
DNSRobin Zuend (Cat3)   St Louis, MO 290270   Queen City Wheels
DNSDave Schnell (Cat4)   Lexington, KY 338186   University of Kentucky
DNSRyan Sheehan (Cat4)   Louisville, KY 381133   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNSrobert Linenkugel (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 344196   Queen City Wheels
DNSDan Barkeim (Cat3)   Burlington, KY 62279   Darkhorse Racing
DNSJim Halpin (Cat4)   Covington, KY 14764   Queen City Wheels
DNSJames Grant (Cat3)   Rockvale, TN 357670   MOAB
DNSPat Bendel (Cat4)   Lebanon, OH 264780   QCW
DNSAndy Bracke (Cat3)   Independence, KY 4541   Queen City Wheels
DNSJC Emberton (Cat3)   Tompkinsville Ky 377266   Village Volkswagen Cycling Team
DNSMatt Bonaime (Cat4)   Lexington, KY 164949   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSMichaelee Bowes (Cat3)   Waverly, TN 386430   I AM Racing
DNSRobert Harris (Cat3)   Charlestown, IN 308301   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNSRoyden Kern (Cat3)   Lexington, KY 156112   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSJason Lasley (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 210693   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNSbrandon leviton (Cat3)   Deerfield, IL 352900   Four2One Sports
DNSJoseph Nalley (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 197048   Team WHAYNE
DNSLuke Neubauer (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 244075   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNSmicah russell (Cat3)   Woodbury, TN 323390   Village Volkswagon Elite cycling team
DNSCraig Stokan (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 299660   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNSEdward Wimmer   Erlanger, KY 312686   Darkhorse Racing
DNFTommy Nance (Cat3)   Frankfort, KY 164661   McDonalds cycling team
DNFJoel Eastman (Cat3)   Frankfort, KY 310030   McDonald's Cycling Team
DNFJustin Keene (Cat4)   Hindman, KY 244868   Profitness
DNFSamuel Janes (Cat3)   Lexington, KY 184197   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks

Men - Cat 4/5 - Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1457.49Michaelee Bowes   Waverly, TN 386430   I AM Racing
2465.22Robin Zuend   St Louis, MO 290270   Queen City Wheels
3472.95Andy Bracke   Independence, KY 4541   Queen City Wheels
4480.68Corey Kimball (1 - Cat4)   Tell City, IN 375956   Breck's Bicycle Shop
5488.41David Takahashi (2 - Cat4)   Lexington, KY 367484   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
6496.14Dave Schnell (3 - Cat4)   Lexington, KY 338186   University of Kentucky
7503.87robert Linenkugel (4 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 344196   Queen City Wheels
8511.60Ryan Sheehan (5 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY 381133   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
9519.33Peter Radebaugh   Nashville, TN 344656   Trace Bikes Race Team
10527.06Brent Houk (6 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN 384444   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
11534.79Mark Jones (7 - Cat4)   Crestwood, KY 358655   Spin City Racing
12542.52Pat Bendel (8 - Cat4)   Lebanon, OH 264780   QCW
13550.25Jim Halpin (9 - Cat4)   Covington, KY 14764   Queen City Wheels
14557.98Jonas Wood (10 - Cat4)   Nashville, TN 330500   Trace Bikes Junior Race Team
15565.71Anthony Elmore (11 - Cat4)   Elizabethtown, KY 116063   Outdoor Ventures
16573.44Arvin Jansen (12 - Cat4)   Nashville, TN 313306   Trace Bikes Race Team
DNSJustin Bird   Louisville, KY 379185   RedZone Cycling
DNSAdam Blalock (Cat4)   Mcminnville, TN 396842   Village Volkswagen
DNSDaniel Blandford (Cat4)   Louisville, KY 293524   VO2 Multisport
DNSRyan Burry (Cat5)   Murfreesboro, TN 399686   Village Volkswagen
DNSAdam Duff (Cat4)   Lexington, KY 375299   
DNSEdward Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN 292245   Red Zone Cycling
DNSJedidiah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN 292244   Red Zone Cycling
DNSJames Grant   Rockvale, TN 357670   MOAB
DNSKyle Kato   West Des Moines, IA 380015   Rasmussen Bike Shop
DNSDavid Koonce   Shelbyville 376163   Village Volkswagon
DNSJackson McNear   Louisville, KY 301315   Red Zone Cycling
DNSNorman Pinkerton (Cat4)   Lexington, KY 399949   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSVictor Popov (Cat4)   Plainfield, IN 382967   MOB SQUAD
DNSScott Silvers (Cat4)   Lascassas 378688   Village Volkswagen
DNSAlex Steiner (Cat4)   Louisville, KY 335408   
DNSSteven Toby (Cat5)   Somerset 372502   Southern Express
DNSChristopher Welch (Cat4)   Barneveld Ny 371518   Motion Elite Cycling Team
DNSandrew zakel (Cat4)   Floyds Knobs, IN 248194   Team Louisville
DNFJC Emberton   Tompkinsville Ky 377266   Village Volkswagen Cycling Team
DNFJack Evans (Cat4)   Somerset, KY 257036   Southern Express
DNFBrandon ORear (Cat4)   Hixson, TN 230402   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNFGary Rogers (Cat4)   Lexington, KY 73553   McDonald's Cycling Team

Women - Cat 4 - Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Erin Rock   Lexington 398337   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
2552.50Shera Clark   Shelbyville, KY 391778   McDonald's Cycling Team
3565.00Karen Elmore   Elizabethtown, KY 127098   Outdoor Ventures
4577.50Kate Dietrich   Prospect, KY 285651   Red Zone Cycling
5590.00Jennifer Hester   Louisville, KY 288418   Team Fleur de Lis
DNSStephanie Hatcher   Dickson, TN 386485   SVMIC Cycling
DNSCate Burton   Lexington, KY 344226   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1395.17Nikki Ditsch (1 - Cat2)   Lexington, KY 367514   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
2423.47Sierra Siebenlist (1 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 166038   Team Indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
3451.77Katherine Santos (1 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY 302383   Red Zone
4480.07Regan Baum (2 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 336144   Commonweath Eye Surgery / Crankworks
5508.37Sharlyn Golding (3 - Cat3)   Georgetown, KY 310023   McDonald's Cycling Team
6536.67Mackenzie Green (4 - Cat3)   Mason, OH 300251   Bio Wheels Racing
7564.97Kristy Matherly (5 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 307778   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSStephanie Breslin de Sosa (Cat1)   Centerville, OH 294010   Team Ghisallo
DNSColleen Cornelius   Lexington, KY 308167   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
DNSJoan Hanscom (Cat3)   Chicago, IL 186556   Project 5 Racing
DNSKelly Kowalczyk (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 292135   Rogue Racing Project

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