Race Results for
The RLW 'In Memoriam' CX Race
Lakewood, CO
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Cyclo-cross on 12/08/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - SM Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1119.95Braden Kappius   Littleton, CO0:45:45.41 132490   TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
2135.95Gage Hecht   Parker, CO0:46:34.96 277074   NCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors
3151.95Michael Robson   Boulder, CO0:46:57.32 64112   Moots
4167.96Brannan Fix   Fort Collins, CO0:47:11.75 365258   
5183.96Joseph P Clemenzi   Boulder, CO0:47:23.58 263528   
6199.96Zack Jensen   Fort Collins, CO0:49:39.26 363338   Ciclismo Youth Foundation
7215.96Ciro Zarate   Avon, CO@ 1 Lap 365432   Foxtrot Racing
8231.96Michael J Burleigh   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 345802   Primal - Audi Denver

Men - SM 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1266.77Hal W McKelvy   Lakewood0:41:37.87 150377   
2290.03Mark Klatke   Lakewood, CO0:41:57.17 362537   Old School Racing
3313.28Jeff Payne   Arvada, CO0:42:19.31 27498   Routine Leg Works
4336.54Robert Stanley   Longmont, CO0:43:18.45 262590   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
5359.79Rick Abbott   Boulder, CO0:43:41.70 213837   Excel Sports Boulder
6383.05Allan Marvin   Denver, CO0:44:30.47 22787   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
7406.30Al Naudin   Superior, CO0:44:45.23 364207   High Peaks Masters
8429.56Richard Elliott   Littleton, CO@ 1 Lap 201254   International Christian Cycling Club
9452.81David Mitchell   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 362975   
10476.07Chris Canfield   Westminster, CO@ 1 Lap 199672   Boulder Cycle Sport

Men - SM 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1480.15Samuel D Dolzani   Lakewood0:41:00.26 418490   
2zachary dolzani   0:42:21.53   
3535.08Todd F Gray   Lakewood@ 1 Lap 417080   
4562.54gary j mullins   Arvada, CO@ 1 Lap 414092   
5590.00Cole j Weinman   Parker, CO@ 2 Lap 414011   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross

Men - SM 45+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1317.53Cory Shaddox   Centennial, CO0:41:36.60 204588   ColoBikeLaw.com
2335.18Jim Mason   Centennial, CO0:41:55.52 362772   IC3Colorado
3352.82Adam Moskowitz   Denver, CO0:42:03.70 363932   Cycleton
4370.46Rob Goodbody   Boulder0:42:53.61 211947   Boulder Cycle Sport
5388.10Ray Roetman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:43:30.52 186797   International Christian Cycling Club

Men - SM 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1144.73Jeffrey Hall   Denver, CO0:30:41.42 130581   Team Kappius
2154.10Darron Cheek   Breckenridge, CO0:30:47.35 192447   CROSS PROPZ RACING
3163.46John Mansell   Boulder, CO0:31:20.33 353588   Rally Sport Cycling Team
4172.83Frank Gonzalez   Helena, MT0:31:25.97 201598   Montana Velo
5182.20Greg Gorrell   Conifer, CO0:31:31.85 221265   Feedback Sports Racing
6191.57Paul K Lugar   Boulder, CO0:31:49.74 21788   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
7200.93Joseph Taddeucci   Boulder, CO0:32:23.22 112914   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
8210.30Christopher Jones   Denver, CO0:32:43.49 48180   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
9219.67Carl Boni   Erie, CO0:32:48.25 244813   Rapid Racing
10229.04Darren Eubanks   Denver0:33:01.02 362999   Team Kappius
11238.40Steve Ferry   Longmont, CO0:33:05.83 281581   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
12247.77Douglas Hudson   Golden, CO0:33:06.86 77069   Feedback Sports Racing
13257.14Stephen Colburn   Parker, CO0:33:09.06 364226   Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
14266.50Michael J Schaub   Golden, CO0:33:23.14 175658   Feedback Sports Racing
15275.87patrick sullivan   Bailey, CO0:33:47.41 374457   IC3Colorado
16285.24John Cotton   Longmont, CO0:34:16.92 7900   Blue Sky Velo
17294.61Brook Watts   Longmont, CO0:34:26.76 125080   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing
18303.97Frank Smith   Nederland, CO0:34:52.75 364546   Boulder Cycle Sport
19313.34Douglas J Robison   Lakewood, CO0:35:48.85 183223   Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans
20322.71Loren Hettinger   Littleton, CO0:39:03.52 49896   

Men - SM 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1264.56Andrew T Lincoln   Boulder0:38:54.26 389143   
2279.87Matthew J Fix   Ft Collins, CO0:38:58.78 196876   
3295.17Ethan Wright   Boulder, CO0:39:04.33 362707   Boulder Junior Cycling
4310.48Andrew Faturos   Albuquerque0:39:47.79 359659   
5325.78Eddie Rogers   Steamboat Spgs, CO0:40:05.68 363737   Steamboat Velo
6341.09James Lawrence   Colorado Springs, CO0:40:24.06 311262   CP Racing
7356.39Max Robson   Boulder Co0:40:42.12 364335   Boulder Junior Cycling
8371.70John B Richards   Broomfield, CO0:42:05.10 414064   
9387.01John P Cribari   Fraser, CO0:42:33.17 132971   Boulder Cycle Sport
10402.31Christopher McStay   Brooklyn, NY0:42:54.75 392847   
11417.62Matthew W Davis   Marquette Mi0:44:11.30 386447   
12432.92Jeremy Purchase   Highlands Ranch, CO0:45:11.37 362986   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
13448.23Gordon Smith   Lakewood, CO0:45:42.99 77644   PSIMET/Zilla Racing

Men - SM 35+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1280.29Aaron Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO0:38:23.49 252986   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
2295.46Joseph E Coffey   Littleton, CO0:38:32.45 199085   The Natural Way Racing Team
3310.64Christopher M Muth   Boulder, CO0:39:01.18 416627   
4325.82Christopher L Kleingartner   Denver, CO0:40:54.45 301664   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
5340.99Robert Brudenell   Littleton, CO0:41:16.61 363783   The Natural Way Racing Team
6356.17Adam Sloan   Denver, CO0:41:17.24 363047   Rocky Mountain Road Club
7371.35Shawn Kingrey   Pueblo, CO0:42:04.58 167284   
8386.52Chris Hamilton   Lakewood, CO0:42:16.10 307709   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
9401.70Andrew Sterner   Littleton0:42:19.70 363815   The Natural Way Racing Team
10416.88Matthew J Sands   Denver, CO0:42:38.13 324948   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
11432.05Tim M Moorhead   Lone Tree, CO0:42:43.13 361871   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
12447.23Bob J Roman   Denver0:43:24.45 388672   
13462.41Scott Dobbins   Littleton, CO0:43:31.55 363302   The Natural Way Racing Team
14477.58Matthew Blevins   Golden, CO0:46:04.60 363713   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
15492.76Chris Knight   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 363546   
16507.94Steven Shiramizu   Denver@ 1 Lap 363888   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
17523.11Steve Compton   Littleton, CO@ 1 Lap 363028   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
DNFBret Kibele   Denver, CODNF 363803   The Natural Way Racing Team

Men - SM 35+ 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1245.77Jason O Sumner   Boulder, CO0:41:28.53 180028   USC Cycling Team
2259.42Rodney Bolls   Boulder, CO0:42:22.51 309879   USC Cycling Team
3273.07Dan D Schrad   Littleton, CO0:42:49.97 414870   Studio Velo
4286.73Charley L Dean   Longmont, CO0:43:39.20 336978   
5300.38Birt Stem   Highlands Ranch, CO0:43:46.38 42074   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS

Men - SM 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1147.20Aaron Bouplon   Boulder, CO0:46:50.42 269718   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
2165.48Carlos Casali   Golden, CO0:47:01.48 216719   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
3183.75Garren D Watkins   Portland Or0:47:02.70 362025   USC Cycling Team
4202.03justin w sheldon   Denver, CO0:47:30.59 280424   
5220.31Ross E Delaplane   Golden, CO0:47:41.01 9105   brookfield Homes Racing
6238.59Andrew N Sprafke   Lakewood, CO0:47:50.50 276370   Rocky Mountain Racing
7256.87Brian Krombein   Highlands Ranch, CO0:48:01.20 59443   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
8275.14Shawn Hadley   Aspen, CO@ 1 Lap 125812   

Men - SM 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1193.66Evan Clouse   Park City, UT0:40:08.14 323978   Canyon Bicycles - Shimano
2213.07Lucas Clarke   Denver, CO0:41:33.23 343000   Primal - Audi Denver
3232.47David Hornick   Englewood, CO0:41:44.30 363585   
4251.88Michael S Dunbar   Lakewood, CO0:41:59.37 289831   Primal - Audi Denver
5271.28Nic Jenkins   Colorado Springs, CO0:42:30.25 355674   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
6290.69Robert J Pickels   Boulder, CO0:43:48.03 276915   
7310.09Paul Kumm   Fort Collins0:46:36.64 267392   First City Cycling Team

Men - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1159.13Nic E Handy   Denver, CO0:31:01.65 387778   Alpha Bicycle Co. - All City
2172.89William Iaia   Centennial , CO0:31:03.12 329668   Groove Subaru Excel Sports
3186.66justin w sheldon   Denver, CO0:32:19.07 280424   
4200.42Taylor Jung   Littleton, CO0:33:09.08 241461   Gates Carbon Drive
5214.18Scott Larsen   Highlands Ranch, CO0:33:21.77 363043   Routine Leg Works
6227.95Chris McGee   Golden, CO0:34:25.77 23458   Feedback Sports Racing
7241.71Aaron Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO0:34:58.72 252986   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
8255.48Josh Teplitzky   Denver, CO0:35:05.33 35207   Cycleton
9269.24Jesse Pisel   Golden0:35:56.27 362127   
10283.00Brian Hutchison   Nederland, CO@ 1 Lap 87058   Gates Carbon Drive
11296.77Matt Sodnicar   Parker, CO@ 1 Lap 201909   Alpha Bicycle Co. - All City
12310.53Casey L Beeler   Lone Tree, CO@ 1 Lap 139757   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co

Men - JM 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Calvin Johnson   Parker0:39:39.46 389939   IC3Colorado
2Max Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO0:44:26.29 363173   Black Sheep Junior Cycling

Men - JM 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Liam Sullivan   Bailey, CO0:40:37.31 374501   IC3Colorado

Men - JM 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1286.06Nolan Stephenson   Broomfield, CO0:18:40.93 364269   Boulder Junior Cycling
2300.72Sam Brown   Eagle0:20:06.90 364328   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
3315.38Finn M Gullickson   Colorado Springs0:21:29.67 387670   
4330.05Nathan Pawlak   Boulder, CO0:21:40.46 379737   Boulder Junior Cycling
5344.71Oliver Hart   Boulder, CO0:21:49.01 318174   Boulder Junior Cycling
6359.38Riley Sheehan   Boulder0:22:12.86 362468   Boulder Junior Cycling

Men - JM 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1359.56Brody McDonald   Escondido, CA0:21:41.72 361964   Celo Pacific
2380.52Jared P Scott   Boulder, CO0:23:07.17 401329   Boulder Junior Cycling
3401.48Leo K Gullickson   Colorado Springs, CO0:26:39.29 387671   
4422.44Ty Musgrave   Littleton, CO@ 1 Lap 390930   
5443.39Riley Cotton   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 362708   Boulder Junior Cycling
6464.35Nicholas C Boni   Erie, CO@ 1 Lap 412228   Boulder Junior Cycling
7485.31Alex Tongren   Parker@ 1 Lap 416194   
8506.26Adrian Klanjsek   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 363390   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co

Women - SW Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1156.92Kristal Boni   Erie, CO0:41:48.23 238717   Rapid Racing
2280.77Lisa Hudson   Golden, CO0:41:49.91 223636   Feedback Sports Racing
3404.61Michele Bliss   Boulder, CO0:45:52.77 60539   Team Small Batch

Women - SW 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1354.18Maurine Sweeney   Highlands Ranch, CO0:47:14.25 362731   Old School Racing
2373.86Cathy Goodheart   Evergreen, CO0:48:04.76 215753   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
3393.54Terri K Smith   Nederland, CO0:48:54.12 384756   Boulder Cycle Sport
4413.21Jessica L Bishop   Arvada, CO0:41:35.92 402009   
5432.89Karen Smith   Arvada, CO0:45:49.82 280895   Old School Racing

Women - SW 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Deirdre Garvey   Boulder, CO0:43:53.38 68552   High Peaks Masters
2Kathryn Judson   Arvada, CO0:46:55.23 47161   Green Mountain Sports Velo

Women - SW 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1193.87Katie Clouse   Park City, UT0:41:13.57 332072   Canyon Bicycles - Shimano
2204.40Emily Zinn   Boulder, CO0:42:05.05 363771   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
3214.93Allison Moorhead   Lone Tree, CO0:43:01.91 363733   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
4225.46Suzie Livingston   Fort Collins0:43:13.97 371452   Fort Follies Cycling Club
5235.99Cynthia Milnick   Bennett, CO0:47:17.40 286039   Fort Collins Cycling Team
6246.53Savannah Adams   Denver, CO0:48:03.79 363242   Front Rangers Cycling Club
7257.06Elizabeth Rowley   Boulder, CO0:48:31.70 72795   Boulder Cycle Sport
8267.59Luci Olewinski   Denver, CO0:48:52.54 354150   Rocky Mountain Road Club
9278.12Tea Wright   Boulder, CO0:49:03.50 363170   Boulder Junior Cycling
10288.66kristie arend   Boulder0:49:05.15 393488   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
11299.19Brittany Jones   Denver, CO0:50:45.61 363706   Naked Women's Racing
12309.72Stephanie Jones   Littleton, CO@ 1 Lap 335812   

Women - JW 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ashley Zoerner   Highlandsranch, CO0:45:02.61 286023   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co

Women - JW 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Helen Lee   Boulder0:23:33.65 414306   Boulder Junior Cycling

Women - JW 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1383.94Lauren Zoerner   Highlands Ranch, CO0:27:33.28 362527   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
2435.50Stephanie Lawrence   Colorado Springs, CO0:19:07.32 357542   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
3487.06Sofia Gibiete   Littleton, CO0:20:29.19 418563   
4538.62Margo Klanjsek   Denver, CO0:24:45.71 363109   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co

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