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Criterium on 06/28/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

- Women Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1306.44Anneke Frankemolle   Cleveland Heights, OH 404346   Cleveland Clinic
2330.51VICTORIA STEEN   Columbus, OH 298672   TEAM 614
3354.58Marnie Rognlien (1 - Cat4)   Copley, OH 306761   Summit Freewheelers
4378.65Emily Palmer   Colorado Springs, CO 319954   
5402.72Heidi Marshall   Blacklick 408407   Team Roll
6426.79Marie Rote   Copley, OH 382288   Snakebite
7450.86Amy LeRoy (2 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH 393416   Paradise Garage Racing
8474.93PeiI Wu (3 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH 393254   Team 614
9499.00Jane Geisse   Chagrin Falls, OH 261161   Spin/Litzler Automation
10523.07Kim Cory (4 - Cat4)   Hilliard, OH 369286   Backroom Coffee Roasters
11547.14Kristie Niehus (5 - Cat4)   Wadsworth  401472   Ride On
DNFEmily Wallace (Cat4)   Kent, OH 403138   Ohio Cycle Works/ Summit Freewheelers
DNFLISA CHIPKA (Cat4)   Wooster, OH 403226   Ride On

- Women Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1149.19JENETTE WILLIAMS   Proctorville, OH 143297   JEFFS BIKE SHOP
2171.46Tate Devlin (1 - Cat2)   Wilmington, NC 368370   High Country Devo
3193.73SAMANTHA BRODE (2 - Cat2)   Akron, OH 206620   CLEVELAND CLINIC
4216.00SALLY PRICE (3 - Cat2)   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 172593   cleveland clinic
5238.27Stephanie Breslin de Sosa   Centerville, OH 294010   Ghisallo Cycling Team
6260.54Kellie Strang (1 - Cat3)   Mcdonald, OH 303754   cleveland clinic
7282.81Kayla Starr (4 - Cat2)   Lancaster, OH 336464   Queen City Wheels
8305.08Luanne Murray   London, OH 48868   TEAM DAYTON
9327.35HEATHER Cunningham   Vail, CO 232269   
10349.62KATIE ARNOLD (5 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH 344864   Backroom Coffee Roasters
11371.89HOLLIS LYMAN   Colorado Springs 403658   TEAM 614

- Men Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1307.14Josh Direen   Columbus, OH 396732   Paradise Garage Racing
2311.30Brandon Shaw   Columbus, OH 277772   COBC - National Engineering
3315.46Aaron Daniels   Dublin, OH 298109   Cap City Cycling
4319.62Samuel Kieffer   Dublin, OH 399422   Team National Engineering
5323.78Nathan Cebula   Stow, OH 380024   Pure 121 Endurance
6327.94Mark Sobb   Toledo, OH 323382   Team Red Bike
7332.10Ryan McLoughlin   Powell, OH 398250   Team SixOneFour
8336.26John Sternen   Chagrin Falls, OH 344680   Team Spin/Litzler Automation
9340.42Shawn Aker   Columbus 354944   Team Six One Four
10344.58Rick Voithofer   Columbus, OH 284567   Team SixOneFour
11348.74Michael Podrosky   Columbus, OH 194149   
12352.90Daniel Brown   Athens Oh 300286   Team Athens
13357.06Alex Hackney   Carlisle 387526   TEAM DAYTON-MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
14361.22Spencer Hackett   Columbus, OH 297118   Cap City Cycling
15365.38Dave Bartels   Twinsburg, OH 303715   Lake Effect Racing
16369.54Peter Gorzynski   Loveland, OH 387286   ZWS/Bertolli
17373.70Brian Large (1 - Cat5)   Columbus, OH 397089   Headwind Cycling
18377.86Aaron Mowery (2 - Cat5)   Dublin, OH 103743   Team Hedwind
19382.02Nick Mossing   Holland, OH 367918   Maumee Valley Wheelmen
20386.18Mike Peiffer   Maumee, OH 293009   Team Red Bike
21390.34Rob Luikart (3 - Cat5)   Columbus, OH 382731   Paradise Garage Racing
22394.50Ken Buddell (4 - Cat5)   Lewis Center, OH 244758   
23398.66Doug Carraway   Columbus, OH 287612   Team Six One Four
24mark d'annibale      ghisallo
25406.98Tony Mellott   Columbus, OH 341696   Backroom Coffee Roasters
26411.14Nathan Fields   Worthington 273262   
27415.30Oleg Shalygin   North Hollywood, CA 269962   SNAKE BITE RACING
29423.62JOSHUA EBERT   Cardington 392327   Team Dayton/Merryll Lynch Cycling
30427.78David Chambers   Powell, OH 259663   A World of Pain
31431.94John Kieffer   Smithsburg, MD 215727   
32436.10Mike Egnot   Columbus, OH 408307   
33440.26David Cox   Beavercreek 392077   Team Dayton Merrill Lynch Cycling
34444.42DANIEL MCCARTY   Springfield, OH 289808   CHAMPION CITY
35448.58Neil Wengerd (5 - Cat5)   Westerville, OH 380820   Headwind Cycling
36452.74Timothy Trentel   Lakewood, OH 395725   SPIN SPIN
37456.90Steve Herron (6 - Cat5)   Zanesville, OH 252281   
38461.06luke manning   Stoutsville, OH 403771   unattached
39465.22Evan Shaw   Athens Ohio 394134   Team Athens
40469.38Justin Brown (7 - Cat5)   Columbus, OH 399667   Paradise Garage Racing
42477.70ANDREW LEE (8 - Cat5)   Columbus 404725   UPPER ARLINGTON
43481.86randy liu (9 - Cat5)   Gahanna, OH 395256   
44486.02Dan Rapp (10 - Cat5)   Westerville, OH 397975   Headwind Cycling
45Mark Risser      
46494.34Jeffrey Youngs   Marion, OH 137771   Team Dayton/Merryll Lynch Cycling
47498.50Adam Burns   Granville, OH 371656   Team Hammer Nutrition
48502.66Leo Lackey (11 - Cat5)   Columbus, OH 322372   
50David Adams      
51515.14George Conti   Powell, OH 118852   A World Of Pain
52519.30Allen Dennison   Rineyville, KY 306520   CKW Racing
53523.46John Dowler   Athens, OH 391569   Team Athens
54527.62Geoffrey Albert   Hilliard 398204   Team Six One Four
55531.78Omar Ayala (12 - Cat5)   Columbus, OH 402336   
56535.94Danny Alarcon   Westerville, OH 338492   Backroom Coffee Roasters
58544.26James Karlovec   Shaker Heights, OH 232808   
59548.42Michael Van Hook   Livermore, CA 165291   Ski Utah
60552.58Aaron Matthews (13 - Cat5)   Miamisburg , OH 357286   Team Dayton Bicycling
61556.74ZACHARY NEWCOME (14 - Cat5)   Upper Arlington, OH 405636   UPPER ARLINGTON
62560.90Kyle Zander (15 - Cat5)   Westerville, OH 394748   University of Kentucky
63565.06todd alt   Columbus, OH 283958   Buckeye Cycling Club
64569.22Joseph Burton   Columbus 407973   
65573.38NEAL SCHMITT   Columbus, OH 311842   TEAM 614
66577.54Joseph Lawhorn (16 - Cat5)   Chillicothe 393061   
67581.70frank Strang   Mcdonald, OH 316942   mvc
68585.86Jeffrey LOGUE (17 - Cat5)   Las Vegas, NV 323454   TEAM LAS VEGAS
DQKazuhiro Masamori   Loveland, OH 375851   
DNPCorey Anderson   State College, PA 341638   Kids Race Sports Development
DNPRichard Meldman (Cat5)   Carmel, IN 399926   
DNPDavid Farnham (Cat5)   Columbus 156860   capcity
DNFDavid Tidd   Cardington, OH 368169   Team Dayton-Merrill Lynch Cycling

- Men Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1162.71Michael Appel   Pittsburgh, PA 307479   
2169.24Adam Downs   New Lebanon, OH 306825   Merril Lynch p/b Team Dayton
3175.77Cory Muth   Columbus, OH 309938   BSM Cycling
4182.30Bradley Morgan   Cincinnati, OH 332066   ZWS Bertolli
5188.83Brent Bachman   Westerville, OH 309621   Unattached
6195.36Trevor Miller   Columbus, OH 313282   Olympus Cycling
7201.89Nicholas Vorwerk   Southbloomfield, OH 303537   ProChain/Turner
8208.42Bo Sherman   Loveland, OH 120645   Merrill Lynch Cycling
9214.95Joshua Neider   Northville, MI 277699   MYC Michigan Youth Cycling
10221.48Weston Flickinger   Akron, OH 298929   turner/prochain
11228.01Jeff Kompa   Cleveland Ohio 282965   Team Spin / Litzler Automation
12234.54JOSEPH PALLOTTO   Mantua, OH 54101   LAKE EFFECT
13241.07dylan hayda   Warren 369648   Was Labs Cycling
14247.60Jacob Henningsen   Cincinnati, OH 368618   University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
15254.13Andrew Eastman   Worthington, OH 64286   Headwind Cycling
16260.66David Rich   Cedarville, OH 231392   Merrill Lynch Cycling
17267.19Chris Neag   Medina, OH 382522   SnakeBite Racing
18273.72Michael Minard   Massillon, OH 311694   Stark Velo
19280.25EDWARD COUVILLION   Greenville, SC 258011   LES AMIS CBC DEVO
20286.78Blair Fraley   Columbus, OH 193213   Backroom Coffee Roaster pb: Trek Stores of Columbus
21293.31Collin Snyder   Plymouth, MI 264396   Michigan Youth Cycling
22299.84zachary chappell   Akron, OH 358069   SnakeBite Racing
23306.37Erik Albers   Indianapolis, IN 330184   Speedway Wheelmen
24312.90Brian DeCann   Arlington, VA 306510   Michigan Youth Cycling
25319.43Gerald Burkett   Middletown 97936   World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
26325.96chris grisvard   Dublin, OH 52865   
27332.49andrew hague   Columbus, OH 62149   Backroom Coffee Roasters pb: Trek Stores of Columbus
28339.02SEAN BURKEY   Lyndhurst, OH 5533   Was Labs Cycling
29345.55MICHAEL HOUSE   Woodville, OH 158885   ASTELLA ONCOLOGY
30352.08Gary Burkholder   Parma, OH 235538   SnakeBite Racing
31358.61BILLY MATHYS   Kent, OH 50991   Allied Health/Ritte
32365.14JAMES TURNER   Dayton, OH 189407   TEAM IPRO
33371.67Christian Fischer   Columbus, OH 11672   Ohio Orthopedic / Team 614
34378.20Logan Leland   Sugar Grove, OH 293011   National Engineering
35384.73Doug McConaha   Galena, OH 51774   Olympus Homes Cycling Team
36391.26TROY CHIPKA   Wooster, OH 378089   RIDE ON
37397.79Jeff Grzybowski   South Euclid, OH 51518   cleveland clinic
38404.32Jim Gilmore   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 171628   Allied Health/Ritte
DNFMitchell Tallan   Pickerington, OH 69678   Backroom Coffee Roasters

- Men Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
168.77Paul Martin   North Royalton, OH 207549   Panther/Bakehouse Granola
270.70CHAD BURDZILAUSKAS   Indianapolis, IN 122674   TEXAS ROADHOUSE
372.63Andrew Seitz   Pittsburgh, PA 291272   Panther/Bakehouse Granola
474.56Ryan Knapp   Columbus, IN 161263   Panther/ Bakehouse
576.49Brendan Cornett   Athens, GA 201118   United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project
678.42Ryan DeWald   Mount Penn, PA 89187   Team Skyline
780.35Johnathan Freter   Columbus, OH 266654   Panther / Bakehouse Inn
882.28Jeremy Grimm   Orrville, OH 187082   Pure121 Endurance
984.21jared babik   Pittsburgh, PA 165571   gpoa
1086.14Geron Williams (1 - Cat2)   Reading, PA 399595   CRCA/Foundation
1188.07Stephan Hirsch   Indianapolis, IN 337040   United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project
1290.00Jeff Pendlebury   Fredericksburg, OH 307012   Panther bakehouse
1391.93Kirk L Albers   Upper Arlington, OH 1283   Panther / Bakehouse
1493.86Kyle Perry   Indianapolis, IN 240005   Team Upland Brewing
1595.79Sean Piper (2 - Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA 273622   Freddie Fu Cycling Team
1697.72Matt Bole   Loveland, OH 669   Merrill Lynch Cycling
1799.65Andrew Clarke   Medina, OH 212538   Panther / Bakehouse
18101.58Tim Jenkinson   Mars Hill, NC 325110   Cleveland Clinic/RGF pb Felt
19103.51Dan Greene   Pittsburgh, PA 172784   Iron City Bikes
20105.44JUSTIN LOWE   Columbia, KY 291819   GLOBALBIKE RACING
21107.37Parker Kyzer   Spartanburg, SC 263324   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health/RGF pb Felt
22109.30Dylan DeGan   Marietta, GA 238093   Mission Source
23111.23Kevin Henschel (3 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH 308035   Cleveland Clinic Sports Health/RGF pb Felt
24113.16Andy Scarano   Athens, GA 178109   United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project
25115.09JOHATHAN ATWELL   Bloomington, IN 212166   PANTHER
26117.02Martin Vecchio   Detroit, MI 289623   Panther Bakehouse
27118.95Ryan Shean   Indianapolis, IN 290397   Team Upland Brewing
28120.88Hendra Palisades (4 - Cat2)   Columbus, OH 370844   Ohio State University
29122.81STEFAN KADAR   Middleburg Heights, OH 141650   RGF
30124.74Chris Kroll   Bloomington, IN 188069   Team Upland Brewing
31126.67Aaron Cruikshank   Akron, OH 258844   WAS Labs Cycling
32128.60TANNER HURST   Gallatin, TN 277734   NASHVILLE CYCLIST
33130.53Robert Sroka (5 - Cat2)   North Royalton, OH 270997   Lake Effect
34132.46David Neis (6 - Cat2)   Yellow Springs, OH 276289   Merrill Lynch Cycling
35134.39John Woods   Indianapolis, IN 256120   Team Upland Brewing
36136.32Ryan Sullivan   Nashville, TN 305979   United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project
37138.25JOHN GRANT   Louisville, KY 193579   TEXAS ROADHOUSE
38140.18jake lifson   Pittsburgh, PA 43355   team gpoa
39142.11Stephen Cummings   Pittsburgh, PA 201402   gpoa
40144.04Mathew Meunier (7 - Cat2)   Nashville, TN 295183   NasvhilleCyclist.com
41145.97TMOTHY HALL   Banner Elk, NC 179788   NASHVILLE CYCLIST
42147.90Douglas Ansel (8 - Cat2)   South Bend, IN 213223   Team Upland Brewing
43149.83steve bedilion (9 - Cat2)   Mcmurray, PA 212417   cleveland brathees CAT
44151.76ABRAHAM MCNUTT   Germantown, OH 194766   TEAM DAYTON
45153.69Noah Kinney (10 - Cat2)   Huntington, WV 274106   McDonald's Cycling Team
46155.62Andrew Prickett (11 - Cat2)   Pleasant Hill, OH 266105   Merrill Lynch Cycling
47157.55Andrew Otte   West Lafayette, IN 281578   Team Upland Brewing
48159.48Samuel Wright (12 - Cat2)   Mount Vernon 366846   ZWS Bertoli
49161.41Brent Goetz (13 - Cat2)   Toledo, OH 336412   Midland Brewing Company
50163.34Robert Evans (14 - Cat2)   Atlanta, GA 90410   NGCA/Mission-Source.com
51165.27Eric Kirk (15 - Cat2)   Athens, GA 266412   NGCA - Team Mission Source
52167.20thomas herman   Lakewood, CO 193527   national engineering
53169.13Jonathan Wood   Canal Winchester, OH 263718   OSU
DNFMARK GORI (Cat2)   Chagrin Falls, OH 320320   SPIN SPIN
DNFBenjamin Bryant   Athens 211145   Unattached
DNFScott Catanzaro   Washington, DC 290879   Bandwidth.com/Revolution Fitness
DNFMatt Celek (Cat2)   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 319220   Ride On Wooster
DNFDavid Chernosky   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 49665   Cleveland Clinic Sports/RGF Cycling pb Felt
DNFPaul Dentel (Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 303015   University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
DNFThomas Frueh (Cat2)   Ottawa Hills, OH 46655   WAS Labs Cycling
DNFJohn Heffner (Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA 261703   Cleveland Brothers CAT - Big Bang Bikes
DNFCraig Merritts (Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA 89628   CAT Racing/Pitt Elite Velo
DNFMichael Schroeder   Indianapolis, IN 282632   Team Upland Brewing
DNFAnthony Viton (Cat2)   Westerville, OH 288957   BSM Cycling
DNFERNESTO MARENCHIN (Cat2)   Stow, OH 41544   wats labs

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