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UC Davis Road Race
Woodland, CA
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Road Race on 04/20/2013

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Men - D

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Michael DeZubiria   Irvine 382002  365 University of California-San Diego
2Greg Allen     366 Stanford University
3543.44Ian Boilard   Carmichael, CA 393263  359 University of California-Davis
4545.16Gilbert Villegas   Long Beach, CA 393204  375 California State University-Long Beach
5546.88Ye Lin   San Jose, CA 213496  363 San Jose State University
6548.60David Jantz   San Diego, CA 395194  368 San Diego State University
7550.32Christopher Moises   Vallejo, CA 396673  372 California State University-Sacramento
8552.04Wei Yan   Davis, CA 393099  378 University of California-Davis
9553.76Gregory SarkisKelly   Davis, CA 397102  355 University of California-Davis
10555.48Matthew Tran   Irvine, CA 394742  371 University of California-Irvine
11557.20Kyle McCormick   Sunnyvale, CA 399579  362 San Jose State University
12558.92Michael Nystrom   Valencia, CA 395753  352 Humboldt State University
13560.64David Berry   La Jolla, CA 393860  373 University of California-San Diego
14562.36Gus Paras   Los Angeles, CA 394925  379 University of Southern California
15564.08Austin Rayford   Livermore 397426  374 University of California-Berkeley
17567.52Gustavo Esquivel   Santa Barbara Ca 394116  360 University of California-Santa Barbara
18569.24Ou Saechao   Sacramento 399539  361 California State University-Sacramento
19570.96Edward Duong   El Monte, CA 394908  384 California State University-Long Beach
20572.68Samuel Ginn   San Francisco, CA 403409  354 San Francisco State University
21574.40Ryan Zolyomi   Berkeley, CA 396154  369 University of California-Berkeley
22576.12Chris Gruenwald   Stanford, CA 400125  364 Stanford University
24579.56Richard Kuan   San Francisco 390151  357 California State University-Fresno
25581.28Andrew Lam   Davis, CA 387374  377 University of California-Davis
26583.00Son Bui   Sacramento, CA 392948  376 University of California-Davis
27584.72adam tolan   San Francisco , CA 400229  351 #N/A
29588.16Jayme Junta   Concord, CA 396604  383 California State University-Long Beach
30589.88Justin Gore   Arcata, CA 388851  356 Humboldt State University
31591.60Yu Serita   La Jolla 393859  367 University of California-San Diego
32593.32Chris Hahn   Anaheim, CA 395249  381 University of Southern California
370600.00Joel Franklin   La Jolla, CA 395112  370 University of California-San Diego
DNFZachary Thompson   Arcata, CA 395579  353 Humboldt State University
DNFAndrew Fouts   Daly City, CA 403479  358 #N/A
DNFMarcos Martinez   Los Angeles, CA 394041  382 University of Southern California

Men - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1536.49Harley Grandin   Davis, CA 356629  245 University of California-Davis
2537.94Benjamin Johnson   Davis, CA 393793  209 University of California-Davis
3539.39Christopher Hart   Orinda, CA 323060  251 University of California-Davis
4540.84Calvin Thigpen   Santa Rosa Ca 393794  208 University of California-Davis
5542.29Riley Cressler   Davis, CA 384434  210 University of California-Davis
6543.74Nicholas Terzakis   Sacramento, CA 343836  205 University of California-Berkeley
7545.19Jake Lerma   Bakersfield , CA 394707  252 University of California-Davis
8546.64Emerson Glassey   Willits, CA 394898  241 University of California-Santa Cruz
9548.09Christian Lam   San Francisco 370448  236 San Francisco State University
10549.54Kurt Sjoberg   San Luis Obispo, CA 396191  249 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
11550.99Kyle Teague   Fresno, CA 394183  246 University of California-Irvine
12552.44David Krumwiede   Berkeley, CA 367584  227 University of California-Berkeley
13553.89Andrew Roos   Culver City 349200  223 Stanford University
14555.34Adrian Moy   Berkeley, CA 397314  240 University of California-Berkeley
15556.79Yao Saetern   Richmond, CA 366975  229 San Francisco State University
16558.24Vincent Chiu   Cupertino, CA 364749  215 University of California-Santa Barbara
17559.69William Pettus   Yorba Linda 231837  206 University of California-Berkeley
18561.14Jarvis Lee   Oakland Ca 374467  204 University of California-Berkeley
19562.59Austin Kruisheer   San Diego, CA 392673  242 San Diego State University
20564.04Drew Schleck   Captiola, CA 392988  244 University of California-Davis
21565.49Bryan Banducci   Brooklyn , NY 393014  203 San Francisco State University
22566.94Eddie Santos   Santa Cruz, CA 391880  239 University of California-Santa Cruz
23568.39Mitchell Cooledge   Napa 396997  248 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
24569.84Tadeh Issakhanian   Fresno, CA 367672  216 California State University-Fresno
25571.29Brent Adam   Mission Viejo 360792  232 University of California-Santa Cruz
26572.74Kris Kubota   Fresno, CA 368293  219 California State University-Fresno
27574.19Eric Gasmin   San Jose, CA 395207  230 San Francisco State University
28575.64Jared Casper   Stanford, CA 361006  221 Stanford University
29577.09Geoffrey Bishop   Goleta, CA 335688  212 University of California-Santa Barbara
30578.54Mark Roberts   Sacramento, CA 305748  233 California State University-Sacramento
31579.99Tarun Singh   Stanford, CA 365340  220 Stanford University
32581.44Alexander Lerikos   Davis, CA 393924  226 University of California-Davis
33582.89Jason Mehrens   Benicia, CA 396380  231 San Francisco State University
34584.34Nathan Berch   Sykesville, MD 391942  235 University of Nevada-Reno
35585.79Aaron Anderson   Longmont, CO 388023  234 University of Nevada-Reno
36587.24peiman hadjian   Fresno, CA 388298  218 California State University-Fresno
37588.69Stefan Webster   Winnetka, CA 244521  238 University of California-Los Angeles
38590.14Thomas Roos   Stanford, CA 374590  222 Stanford University
DNPGreg Nipper   Danville, CA 394103  211 University of California-Davis
DNPKyle Felsman   Torrance, CA 304507  224 University of California-San Diego
DNPJames Donaldson   San Francisco, CA 400563  228 San Francisco State University
DNPDavid Tomajan   Dinuba 368809  237 University of California-Los Angeles
DNPBen Ewing   Turlock 377427  243 University of California-Santa Cruz
DNPChristopher Ha   San Jose 393126  247 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
DNPKyle McCarty   Lompoc 391413  250 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo

Men - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1450.03Drew Thompson   Berkeley, CA 368394  136 University of California-Berkeley
2460.03Matt Song   Davis, CA 329508  141 University of California-Davis
3470.03Samuel Bolster   Camino, CA 258704  142 University of Nevada-Reno
4480.03Christopher Rea   Goleta Ca 394667  100 University of California-Santa Barbara
5490.03Stephen Cabebe   San Jose 366124  198 Santa Clara University
6500.03Richard Lo   Arcadia Ca 371470  102 University of California-Santa Barbara
7510.03Miles Whedbee   San Diego 367977  131 San Diego State University
8520.03Armando Fuentes   Bakersfield, CA 357307  129 University of California-Santa Barbara
9530.03Edward Yragui   San Diego, CA 390847  127 University of California-San Diego
10540.03Anthony Fryer   Oakland 341204  144 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
11550.03James Sears   Lafayette, CA 328346  112 University of California-Davis
12560.03Jake Cohen   Goleta, CA 367217  130 University of California-Santa Barbara
13570.03Borys Aptekar   Goleta, CA 365331  128 University of California-Santa Barbara
14580.03Justin Russo   San Luis Obispo, CA 335540  133 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
15590.03Daniel Corral   Berkeley, CA 340386  106 University of California-Berkeley
DNPStephen Sehr   Santa Barbara, CA 273064  101 University of California-Santa Barbara
DNPAbel Fernandez   Irvine, CA 394370  103 University of California-Santa Barbara
DNPDaniel Hertel   Arroyo Grande, CA 300030  104 University of California-Berkeley
DNPSimon Gertler   Berkeley 371463  105 University of California-Berkeley
DNPSimon Gertler   Berkeley 371463  109 University of California-Berkeley
DNPTerrence Davis   Belmont Ca 334538  118 University of California-Santa Barbara
DNPRay Lee   Patterson Ca 366925  119 University of California-Los Angeles
DNPDavid Molitor   Mountain View, CA 392386  120 Stanford University
DNPConnor Gilbert   Stanford, CA 333566  121 Stanford University
DNPMike Betley   Mountain View, CA 382133  122 Stanford University
DNPNathan Strong   Stanford, CA 243124  123 Stanford University
DNPBlake Formanek   Los Angeles, CA 283431  124 University of California-Los Angeles
DNPAlex Morishita   Fremont, CA 335668  125 University of California-Irvine
DNPAaron Michel   Menlo Park, CA 309349  134 Stanford University
DNPSpencer Schiveley   La Jolla, CA 365807  135 University of California-San Diego
DNPAustin Grego   Isla Vista, CA 393941  137 University of California-Santa Barbara
DNPMiles Soto   Davis, CA 367167  138 University of California-Davis
DNPAJ Heredia   Santa Cruz, CA 308471  140 University of California-Santa Cruz
DNPDave Vannette   Mountain View, CA 269401  143 Stanford University
DNPReginald Trimingham   Santa Cruz, CA 357800  145 University of California-Santa Cruz
DNPSamuel Riegel   Spokane 366199  162 Santa Clara University
DNPEdward Kronfli   Santa Clara, CA 304958  163 Santa Clara University
DNPPeter Keithly   La Mirada, CA 292755  182 University of California-Santa Cruz
DNPSean Tomajan   San Luis Obispo, CA 368341  194 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
DNPMatthew Amicucci   Sacramento Ca 366695  199 University of California-Davis

Men - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1160.73John Tomlinson   Chicago, IL 239266  29 University of Southern California
2174.06Charles Hutcheson   Sacramento, CA 54686  28 California State University-Sacramento
3187.39Blake Anton   Arroyo Grande, CA 192686  36 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
4200.72Keith Wong   Menlo Park, CA 240222  18 Stanford University
5214.05James Enright   San Francisco, CA 227219  34 San Francisco State University
6227.38Elliot Hawkes   Stanford, CA 275956  19 Stanford University
7240.71Paul Summers   Palo Alto, CA 224549  39 Stanford University
8254.04Riley Majeune-Fagan   Golden Co 250791  40 Stanford University
9267.37Andreas Freund   Berkeley, CA 222320  16 University of California-Berkeley
10280.70Nicholas Jerabek   Oakland, CA 205713  35 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
11294.03David Brookes   Cabin John, MD 272713  33 University of California-Berkeley
12307.36Jeffrey Buscheck   Pleasanton, CA 283386  University of California-Davis
13320.69Connor Benton   Minnetonka, MN 356634  14 University of California-Berkeley
14334.02Jonathan Penaloza   Sacramento, CA 309141  University of California-Davis
15347.35John Herr   Goleta, CA 338294  27 University of California-Santa Barbara
16360.68Chris Johnson   San Marcos, CA 246447  23 University of California-San Diego
17374.01Brendan Larkin   The Woodlands , TX 302215  30 University of Southern California
18387.34Drew Lawyer   San Diego, CA 390357  10 University of California-San Diego
19400.67Bobby Lozoya   Santa Barbara, CA 337388  161 University of California-Santa Barbara
20414.00Alexander Freund   Davis, CA 222322  15 University of California-Berkeley
21427.33Mike Prentice   Irvine, CA 65260  22 University of California-Los Angeles
22440.66Adam OCamb   Orinda Ca 297136  37 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
23453.99Anthony Ferretti   Oroville, CA 283185  University of California-Davis
DNFJacob Aman   San Diego, CA 322744  University of California-Davis
DNFStephen Murphy   Goleta, CA 303901  University of California-Santa Barbara
DNFEdwin Clement   Sacramento 286998  University of California-San Diego
DNFDaniel Zitter   La Jolla, CA 336890  11 University of California-San Diego
DNFAaron Hall   Boston, MA 274578  13 University of California-Berkeley
DNFAlexander Yeh   Los Altos Hills, CA 242441  17 Stanford University
DNFChris Yu   Mountain View, CA 332782  20 Stanford University
DNFKevin VanGundy   Fresno, CA 331830  21 University of California-Davis
DNFBenjamin Sarno   Marion, IN 337984  24 University of California-San Diego
DNFDaniel Kosykh   Davis, CA 274163  25 University of California-Davis
DNFEllis Anderson   Moraga, CA 274504  26 University of California-Davis
DNFBen Rudolph   Chicago, IL 334226  31 University of Southern California
DNFKarl Tingwald   Los Angeles, CA 331760  32 University of Southern California
DNFDavid Quiros   Sacramento, CA 273276  38 University of California-Los Angeles
DNFJason Ryan   Mountain View, CA 292885  41 Stanford University
DNFJeffrey Clause   San Jose, CA 356102  43 Santa Clara University
DNFStewart Thompson   Sacramento, CA 258471  44 California State University-Sacramento
DNFBrian Funk   Menlo Park, CA 289282  85 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
DNFColin Don   Los Angeles, CA 256718  95 University of Southern California
DNFSean Mulderig   San Diego, CA 334908  97 San Diego State University
DNFJonathan Deguzman   San Diego, CA 333366  99 San Diego State University

Women - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Elisma Botha   Novato, CA 301990  815 University of California-Davis
2545.00Nia Ransom   San Francisco, CA 370963  840 San Francisco State University
3550.00Nancy Vargas   Arcata, CA 370699  834 Humboldt State University
4555.00Sara Schneider   Placerville, CA 335602  831 Humboldt State University
5560.00Jacqueline Thomas   Irvine, CA 394626  824 University of California-Irvine
6565.00Ariel Crandell   Concord 393757  829 University of California-Davis
7570.00Kristen DeBerdt   Salinas, CA 356156  837 University of California-Davis
8Denise Piekutonski     843 Stanford University
9580.00Audra Johnston   Fresno 395523  819 California State University-Fresno
10585.00Marina Marcroft   Arcata, CA 371701  833 Humboldt State University
11590.00Michelle Angeli   Novato, CA 389464  841 University of California-Berkeley
DNFKatrina Suariez     832 Humboldt State University

Women - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Erikaceae Pearsons   Danville Ca 303876  835 California State University-Sacramento
2544.55Denise Ramirez   Clovis, CA 190880  842 California State University-Fresno
3549.10Emily Seferovich   Nevada City Ca 393853  817 University of California-Davis
4553.65Kirsten Pearsons   Danville, CA 367362  826 University of California-Davis
5558.20Caroline Ackley   Goleta Ca, CA 364751  836 University of California-Santa Barbara
6562.75Alicia Halpern   Alameda, CA 257120  816 University of California-Davis
7567.30Lauren Freudman   San Rafael, CA 297911  838 University of California-Davis
8571.85AnneLaure Cuvilliez   Serre Chevalier France 399987  823 Stanford University
9576.40Stacy Le   Duarte, CA 395035  828 University of California-San Diego
10580.95Kaitlin Benner   Davis, CA 360998  839 University of California-Davis
11585.50Taylor Meilahn   Antioch, CA 196485  830 University of California-Davis
12590.05Jessica Luu   San Diego, CA 367967  827 University of California-San Diego

Women - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1275.38Joanna Dahl   Oakland, CA 272856  652 University of California-Berkeley
2293.98Kristen Fauria   Davis, CA 287890  669 University of California-Davis
3312.58Erica Greif   Reno, NV 367331  671 University of Nevada-Reno
4331.18Angharad Porteous   Portola Valley 365796  672 Leopard-Sapporo Team
5349.78Sara Bird   Los Altos, CA 325094  658 Stanford University
6368.38Katharine Hall   Oakland, CA 328844  653 University of California-Berkeley
7386.98Naomi Hester   Davis 396175  655 University of California-Berkeley
8405.58Danielle Haulman   Davis, CA 181367  660 University of California-Davis
9424.18Judith Wexler   Davis, CA 228010  666 University of California-Davis
10442.78Breana Hill   Davis, CA 331886  665 University of California-Davis
11461.38Eileen Mazzochette   Menlo Park, CA 292420  656 Stanford University
12479.98Kristin Parrinella   La Jolla, CA 287199  670 University of California-San Diego
13498.58Christine Weir   Nevada City, CA 258083  668 University of California-Santa Cruz
14517.18Diana Lin   Mountain View, CA 345306  657 Stanford University
15535.78kelly rosencrans   Stanford, CA 393652  667 Stanford University
DNFErika Erickson   Berkeley, CA 337804  654 University of California-Berkeley
DNFDiane Moug   Davis, CA 390227  662 University of California-Davis
DNFBridget Carlson   Fairfield, CA 374569   University of California-Davis

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