Race Results for
Raccoon Park CX
Aliquippa, PA
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Cyclo-cross on 11/18/2012

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Men - Tandem

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jeff Gernert   Pittsburgh, PA 328690   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder
1Shawn Geiger   Burgettstown, PA 301290   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered By Pathfinder

Men - Mens Masters 50+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1358.54Gunnar Shogren (1 - Cat2)   Morgantown, WV 32526   Backyard Bike Club
2373.84Scott Young (1 - Cat3)   Millersport, OH 109205   Tri Tech
3389.14Jim Yankush (2 - Cat3)   Youngstown, OH 72219   Stark Velo
4404.44Francis Hersh (1 - Cat4)   Aliquippa, PA 64314   Beaver Valley Velo
5joseph g fraas      dirty harrys
6435.04Michael Ellis (3 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 162782   UPMC / Pro Bikes
7450.34richard Allen (2 - Cat4)   Butler, PA 180714   Allegheny Cycling Association
8465.64Ray Sielski (3 - Cat4)   Gibsonia, PA 314220   Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem
9480.94Paul Salipante (4 - Cat3)   Cleveland, OH 59309   Square Wheels
10496.24Christopher Hroblak   White Oak, PA 399604   Fat Head's Brewery
11Larry Harper      
12526.84richard dahlgren (4 - Cat4)   Bulger, PA 43959   team rosenblum
13542.14James Briggs (5 - Cat3)   North Huntingdon, PA 274597   Allegheny Cycling Association

Men - Mens Masters 40+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1231.15Craig Cozza   Presto, PA 309720   UPMC Cycling Performance
2247.30Gerry PFLUG (1 - Cat1)   Connellsville, PA 27999   Team CF / Pro Bikes
3263.45Gary Rodosta (1 - Cat3)   Morgantown, WV 30303   Breakaway Velo
4279.60Chris Baker (2 - Cat3)   Morgantown, WV 139227   Breakaway Velo
5295.75John Crawford (3 - Cat3)   Bethel Park, PA 194058   UPMC / Pro Bikes
6311.90Betsy Shogren (2 - Cat1)   Morgantown, WV 172363   Team Pathfinder
7328.05Scott Benson (4 - Cat3)   Morgantown, WV 305422   
8344.20Joe Fotia (1 - Cat4)   Ellwood City, PA 149588   Mahoning Valley Cycling
9Dan Deppenhart      
10376.50bryan routledge (5 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 174999   ACA-Sette Nove
11392.65Mike Lavengood (2 - Cat4)   Morgantown, WV 366916   ChamRakh Cycling
12408.80Jeff Guy (1 - Cat2)   Greensburg, PA 14482   ChamRakh Cycling
13424.95Scott Osterrieder (3 - Cat4)   Gibsonia, PA 102086   Allegheny Cycling Association
14441.10Jeff Koontz (6 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 95107   UPMC Cycling Performance
15Chris Jones      
16473.40David Ortiz (4 - Cat4)   Pittsburgh, PA 274178   
17489.55Jay Downs (7 - Cat3)   Jeannette, PA 47806   ChamRakh Cycling
18505.70Michael Maher (5 - Cat4)   Saltsburg, PA 201351   Ag3r
19521.85Jeffrey Salipante (8 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 54231   Square Wheels
20538.00Fritz Kessler (9 - Cat3)   Frostburg, MD 275735   Breakaway Velo
21554.15Mark Briercheck (6 - Cat4)   Wexford, PA 185084   Ag3r

Men - Mens Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1276.72Dusty Arbogast   Morgantown, WV 326998   Pro Mountain Outfitters
2285.72Christian Schott   Imperial, PA 255619   Top Gear Bike Shop / Fit Squared
3294.72Keith Hower   Washington, PA 274419   Freddie Fu Cycling Team
4303.72J.R. Petsko   Maidsville, WV 286867   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder
5312.72Kyle Mihalik   Aliquippa, PA 335024   DPS Penn
6321.72Douglas Riegner   Pittsburgh, PA 154452   Steel City Endurance
7330.72Mike Quigley   Pittsburgh, PA 299823   Steel City Endurance
8339.72Matthew Tinkey   Pittsburgh, PA 148993   HighlandTraining.net/Maxxis
9348.72Benjamin Kuhlman   Parkersburg, WV 214706   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered by Pathfinder
10357.72David Short   Cheswick, PA 352068   Dirty Harrys
11366.72Jason Hochreiter   Pittsburgh, PA 311773   Morningside Velo/Biketek
12375.72Brian Decann   Arlington, VA 306510   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling p/b Pat
13384.72Todd Harper (1 - Cat4)   Chester, WV 352876   West Liberty Cycles
14393.72David Cornett (2 - Cat4)   Wheeling, WV 219444   Pro-Mountain Outfitters
15402.72Patrick Conneely   Ventura, CA 212187   JBV Coaching
16411.72Jeff Curry   Mckees Rocks, PA 310767   Koeles Cycling Club
17420.72John Kavouris   Pittsburgh, PA 347508   STAMPEDE!
18429.72Mike Janeiro   Greensburg, PA 331910   Steel City Endurance
19438.72Scott Young   Millersport, OH 109205   Tri Tech
20447.72Carl Lovejoy   Pittsburgh, PA 304355   Pro Bikes Pittsburgh Race Team
21456.72Birk McGilvrey (3 - Cat4)   Pittsburgh, PA 23470   Steel City Endurance/Beaver Valley Velo
22465.72Jeff Grimm (4 - Cat4)   Aliquippa, PA 213577   Beaver Valley Velo
23474.72Jeff Gernert (5 - Cat4)   Pittsburgh, PA 328690   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder
24483.72Christian Korey (6 - Cat4)   Pleasant Hills, PA 378942   SV/BikeSource Racing Team
25492.72Jason Justi   Monaca, PA 290243   Beaver Valley Velo
26501.72David Ortiz (7 - Cat4)   Pittsburgh, PA 274178   
27510.72Gary Dugovich   Monaca, PA 10134   Beaver Valley Velo
28519.72Shawn Geiger (8 - Cat4)   Burgettstown, PA 301290   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder
29528.72Jason Samonds   Pittsburgh, PA 342828   Fat Head's Brewery
30537.72Marco Piccirilli (9 - Cat4)   Morgantown, WV 338678   WVU
31546.72Patrick Kirkham (10 - Cat4)   Aliquippa, PA 375323   Beaver Valley Velo
32Fred Fisher      
DNFGreg Genna (Cat4)   Horsham, PA 269008   East End Cycling Club
DNFJ. Nathanial Manchin (Cat4)   Pittsburgh, PA 388821   Thick Bikes
DNFRick Neff (Cat4)   Moon, PA 271866   Allegheny Cycling Association
DNFAdam Newman (Cat4)   Pittsburgh, PA 242827   Dirt Rag Magazine

Men - Mens Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1173.84michael mihalik   Sewickley, PA 245927   Freddie Fu Cycling Team
2190.54Andy Gorski   Allison Park, PA 203109   Pro Bikes
3207.24Jordan Snyder (1 - Cat3)   Rochester, PA 293469   PRO BIKES
4223.94jordan Villella   Pittsburgh, PA 300661   Twin Six
5240.64Chris Mayhew (1 - Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA 88693   JBV Coaching
6257.34Todd Latocha   Fairmont, WV 307210   Pathfinder of WV/NoTubes/Cannondale
7274.04John Heffner (2 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 261703   Iron City Bikes
8290.74Brett Rothmeyer (2 - Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA 201404   C3 Athletes serving athletes
9307.44Todd Schoeni (3 - Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA 212715   Pro Bikes
10324.14Derek Clark (3 - Cat3)   Mount Morris , PA 155055   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered By Pathfinder
11340.84Steven Kurpiewski (4 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 265551   Fort Pitt Velo
12357.54Keith Hower (5 - Cat3)   Washington, PA 274419   Freddie Fu Cycling Team
13374.24Gregg Shanefelt (4 - Cat2)   Pittsburgh, PA 205264   Pro Bikes Pittsburgh Race Team
14390.94Steven Brewer (5 - Cat2)   Butler, PA 295586   AG3R
15407.64Henry Dimmick (6 - Cat3)   Butler, PA 94569   AG3R
16424.34Kirk Morrison (7 - Cat3)   Butler, PA 308594   AG3R
DNFJohn Cotter   Mckeesport, PA 293132   Freddie Fu Cycling Team
DNFSamuel Morrison   Boulder, CO 265086   The Gear Movement

Men - Men's Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1437.94Brian DeCann   Arlington, VA 306510   Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered by Pathfinder
2442.69Adam Cohen   Fortwashington, PA 291320   Team Heeb
3447.44Ryan Munko   Clinton, PA 352196   Young Medalist
4452.19Carl Lovejoy   Pittsburgh, PA 304355   Pro Bikes Pittsburgh Race Team
5456.94Thomas Borner   Mc Donald, PA 353622   Koeles Cycling Club
6Josh Egan      
7466.44Christian Korey   Pleasant Hills, PA 378942   SV/Bikesource
8471.19Alexander Daily   Pittsburgh, PA 309848   Trek Of Pittsburgh
9475.94Willem de Boer   Pittsburgh, PA 343238   Team Citius
10480.69Rob Riddell   Pittsburgh, PA 162391   West Liberty Cycles
11485.44Birk McGilvrey   Pittsburgh, PA 23470   Steel City Endurance/Beaver Valley Velo
12490.19Thomas Riddell   Dormont, PA 312698   West Liberty Cycles
13494.94Jason Samonds   Pittsburgh, PA 342828   Fat Head's Brewery
14499.69Patrick Kirkham   Aliquippa, PA 375323   Beaver Valley Velo
15504.44Tom Senkevich   Moon Twp., PA 272207   DPS Penn / Complete Title Solutions
16509.19Francis Hersh   Aliquippa, PA 64314   Beaver Valley Velo
17513.94Hank Ingram   Sewickley, PA 391259   Team Sewickley
18Chris Micelli      Beaver Valley Velo
19523.44Sean Hilty   Cincinnati, OH 327376   Pathfinder of WV
20528.19Dean Brandt   Pittsburgh, PA 330334   Team Ant
21532.94marco piccirilli   Morgantown, WV 338678   WVUcycling
22Matt Miller      ANT Racing
23Jarrett Lambright      
24547.19Robert Sedgewick   Pittsburgh, PA 266800   Biketek / Morningside Velo
25Charles Boyers      
26556.69Seth Staffen   Ambridge, PA 203125   Beaver Valley Velo
27561.44Christopher Bovard   Verona, PA 391655   
28Fred Fisher      
29570.94Aaron Bovalino   Beaver, PA 303771   Beaver Valley Velo
30575.69Dustin Wehler   Cranberry Twp, PA 262331   
31580.44Austin Bradley   Gibsonia 380009   None
32585.19richard dahlgren   Bulger, PA 43959   team rosenblum
DNFScott Diemert      

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1277.26Betsy Shogren (1 - Cat1)   Morgantown, WV 172363   Team Pathfinder of WV
2302.99Traci Rodosta   Morgantown, WV 6393   Breakaway Velo
3328.72Hannah Brewer (1 - Cat3)   Butler, PA 303338   Ag3r-Butler Health System
4354.45Stephanie Lamb (2 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 317274   Bike America Racing
5380.18Angelina Palermo   Butler, PA 377126   Dirty Harrys
6405.91Stacie Truszkowski (3 - Cat3)   Pittsburgh, PA 277254   Steel City Endurance
7431.64Dana Tinkey   Pittsburgh, PA 360892   Maxxis

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Mary Boone   Pittsburgh, PA 378178   Velo Femme
2548.25Sarah Lukens   Pittsburgh, PA 357597   Velo Femme
3556.50Holly Gatto   West Leechburg, PA 279687   Velo Femme
4564.75Cynthia Cornell   Pittsburgh, PA 382409   Velo Femme
5573.00Heidi Piatt   Allison Park, PA 374925   Pro Bikes
6581.25Stephanie Stambaugh   Pittsburgh, PA 247989   Velo Femme

Mixed - Single Speed Open

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1259.14Gerry PFLUG   Connellsville, PA 27999   Team CF / Pro Bikes
2268.74Gunnar Shogren   Morgantown, WV 32526   Team Pathfinder of WV
3278.34William Westover   Pittsburgh, PA 361758   Thick Bikes
4287.94Marc Glass   Morgantown, WV 112047   Breakaway Velos
5297.54Fritz Kessler   Frostburg, MD 275735   Breakaway Velo
6Robert Dubas      
7Lucas McIntire      Performance Bike

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