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CycloX Refrigerated - Broomfield
Longmont, CO
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Cyclo-cross on 11/13/2011

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Men - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1245.01Mitch Westall   Littleton, CO0:39:35 37798   Gates Carbon Drive
2262.29Ryan Mcfarling   Lafayette, CO0:39:43 215008   Mafia Racing/Pabst/Felt
3279.57Chad Melis   Lyons, CO0:40:47 161935   Gates Carbon Drive
4Daniel Porter   0:41:16   Echelon Energy Cycling Team
5314.13Benjamin Ollett   Park City, UT0:41:40 191650   Alpha Bicycle Company
6331.41Justin Sheldon   Denver, CO0:41:59 280424   Unattached
7348.69Timothy Lucking   Broomfield, CO0:44:01 266004   Gates Carbon Drive
8365.97Joel Budacki   Evergreen, CO0:45:34 115235   Unattached
9383.25Jesse Pisel   Golden0:46:34 362127   Unattached
10400.53Corbin Swan   Fort Collins, CO@ 1 Lap 329780   Greenstreet Cycles

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1121.56Brandon Dwight   Boulder, CO0:56:38 90939   Boulder Cycle Sport
2128.30Spencer Powlison   Boulder, CO0:56:51 161897   Plains to Peaks Racing
3135.04Peter Webber   Boulder, CO0:57:04 66936   Boulder Cycle Sport
4141.78Tim Allen   Golden, CO0:57:04 161831   Feedback Sports Racing
5148.52Michael Robson   Boulder, CO0:57:33 64112   Moots
6155.26Ken Benesh   Westminster, CO0:57:59 129356   Feedback Sports Racing
7162.00Scott Tietzel   Boulder, CO0:58:02 143903   Plains to Peaks Racing
8168.74Brian Hludzinski   Boulder, CO0:58:12 16334   Boulder Cycle Sport
9175.48Taylor Carrington   Denver, CO0:58:12 121888   TLR Cycling
10182.22Jon Tarkington   Boulder, CO0:59:06 59157   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
11188.96Chris Baddick   Boulder0:59:21 284559   Unattached
12195.70Shawn Harshman   Boulder, CO0:59:26 80580   Boulder Cycle Sport
13202.44Chris Brandt   Carbondale, CO0:59:58 115063   Honey Stinger/Trek
14209.18Josh Whitney   Boulder, CO1:00:06 246841   Rocky Mounts~Izze
15215.92Eddy Gragus   Highlands Ranch, CO1:00:26 48508   Team Helen's
16222.66Ryan Taylor   Broomfield, CO1:00:31 77395   Foxtrot Racing
17229.40John Klish   Grand Junction, CO1:01:18 193003   Feedback Sports Racing
18236.14Matt Lyons   Denver, CO1:01:51 293046   Unattached
19242.88Brian Lehman   Denver, CO1:02:02 298376   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
20249.62Matthew Opperman   Longmont, CO1:02:17 26780   Pro Peloton Racing
21256.36Bradford Sims   Lafayette, CO1:02:18 253182   Foxtrot Racing
22263.10Carlos Casali   Golden, CO1:02:23 216719   Gates Carbon Drive
23269.84Brett Pirie   Denver, CO1:02:26 243114   ColoBikeLaw.com
24Yuki Heda   @ 1 Lap   Unattached

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1296.62Brian Lehman   Denver, CO0:40:52 298376   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
2313.68Gavin Anderson   Louisville, CO0:41:01 363026   Unattached
3330.74Phillip Ball   Louisville, CO0:41:18 201144   Boulder Cycle Sport
4347.80Greg Ross   Silverthorne, CO0:41:24 257063   Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pie Piz
5364.86Josh Petrucci   Frisco Co0:42:10 362905   Wilderness Sports
6381.92Dan Mellish   Louisville, CO0:42:32 364519   Louisville Cyclery
7398.98Michael Huisenga   Boulder, CO0:43:11 363623   Unattached
8416.04Samer Khodor   Evergreen , CO0:43:31 78361   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
9433.10Scott Wilkonson   Denver, CO0:43:49 338136   Team Evergreen Racing
10450.16Stephen Fitzgerald   Denver, CO0:44:27 363596   RMRC p/b Turin

Men - Cat 3 - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1305.84Josh Holland   Colorado Springs, CO0:42:24 156679   Unattached
2315.32Joe Bryan   Boulder, CO0:42:40 247350   Boulder Cycle Sport
3324.80Paul Lugar   Boulder, CO0:43:38 21788   Unattached
4334.28Ben Delaney   Boulder, CO0:43:40 156019   Horizon Organic/Panache
5343.76Garren Watkins   Portland Or0:43:53 362025   Unattached
6353.24Jim Scheel   Littleton, CO0:44:01 363847   Team Adrenalin Cycles
7362.72Jason Sumner   Boulder, CO0:44:21 180028   VeloNews
8372.20Ryan Lewandowski   Longmont, CO0:44:41 244504   VeloNews
9381.68Peter Lopez   Denver, CO0:45:27 21586   Frites En Mayo Velo Club
10391.16John (jj) Brandstatter   Broomfield, CO0:45:31 131976   Boulder Cycle Sport
11400.64Mark Lorie   Fort Collins, CO0:45:33 197959   Velo-One Cycling
12410.12Brian Moran   Lafayette, CO0:45:33 24992   Boulder Cycle Sport
13419.60Bryan Grace   Boulder, CO0:45:33 298723   Blue Sky Velo
14429.08Timothy Barnes   Boulder, CO0:46:02 96071   Unattached
15438.56Todd Brady   Louisville, CO0:46:14 363767   Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pie Piz
16448.04Naz Alvarez   Denver, CO0:46:29 363605   Unattached
17457.52Mike Dixon   Boulder, CO0:46:37 58447   Rocky Mounts~Izze
18467.00Jeffrey Lifgren   Milford Ny0:46:48 362982   Unattached
19476.48Sean Steeves   Golden, CO0:47:04 92497   Rocky Mounts~Izze
20485.96Thomas Eng   Broomfield, CO@ 1 Lap 190576   8 Sixteen Racing
21495.44Chris Arterburn   Broomfield, CO@ 1 Lap 78478   Unattached
22504.92James Heuck   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 203317   RRV
23514.40Thomas Jensen   Fort Collins, CO@ 1 Lap 17787   Velo-One Cycling
24523.88Ian Ramsey   Littleton, CO@ 1 Lap 129710   Unattached

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1338.85William Nabours   Boulder, CO0:41:32 348996   Unattached
2347.22Todd Saveland   Arvada, CO0:42:42 244542   Boulder Cycle Sport
3Chris Magnotta   0:43:58   Unattached
4363.96John Deibert   Longmont, CO0:44:01 363058   High Peaks Masters
5372.33Bill Brant   Boulder, CO0:44:01 125036   Vic's Espresso-Peerless Tire
6380.70Cormac Dunn   Denver, CO0:44:03 271148   Unattached
7Ryan Day   0:44:04   Unattached
8397.44Denzel Stephenson   Broomfield, CO0:44:30 331144   BJC/Curve
9405.81Darren Hanger   Littleton, CO0:44:54 364013   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
10414.18Ed Yousse   Arvada, CO0:45:19 158252   RealD-Amgen
11422.55Rashid Farooqui   Boulder, CO0:45:29 269846   Rally Sport Cycling Team
12430.92Jeff Ayres   Denver, CO0:45:50 310130   RMRC p/b Turin
13439.29Anthony Carcella   Boulder, CO0:45:57 186248   Bike Radar
14447.66Chad Kumbier   Niwot, CO0:46:31 333522   Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pie Piz
15Paolo Durocher   0:46:31   Unattached
16464.40Liam Dunn   Denver, CO0:46:31 271147   Unattached
17472.77Miller Schuck   Erie, CO0:46:54 363474   RealD-Amgen
18481.14Andrew Fleming   Boulder, CO0:46:57 361148   BJC/Curve
19489.51Anthony Cyr   Arvada0:47:21 362782   Unattached
20David Ross   0:47:37   Unattached
21506.25Matthew Jimerson   Littleton, CO0:47:37 129380   Team Adrenalin Cycles
22514.62John Morris   Grand Junction, CO0:47:56 362693   Two Rivers Cycling
23522.99Matthew Alford   Steamboat Springs, CO0:48:04 1362   Swift Cycling
24531.36Clay Gilkerson   Midland, TX0:48:41 210494   Unattached
25539.73Brian Hemstreet   Aurora, CO@ 1 Lap 362435   Unattached
26548.10Eric Brandt   Littleton, CO@ 1 Lap 239991   Green Mountain Sports Velo
27556.47Brent Kingen   Greenwood, IN@ 1 Lap 343028   Unattached
28564.84William McGee   Westminster, CO@ 1 Lap 103660   Unattached
29573.21Ted Pazur   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 364271   Unattached
30581.58Jeremiah Crane   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 177560   Unattached
31589.95Ray Simmonds   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 362584   Yardsale

Men - Cat 4 - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1381.91Brian Baker   Vail, CO0:37:30 149470   Unattached
2385.27Chris Memelink   Broomfield, CO0:37:48 364236   Unattached
3388.63Douglas Walter   Boulder, CO0:37:56 363409   Boulder Cycle Sport
4391.99John Greig   Firestone, CO0:38:24 316036   Unattached
5395.35Matt Weadley   Broomfield, CO0:38:24 362452   Bike-N-Hike.com Racing
6398.71Paul Riciputi   Boulder0:38:44 364382   High Peaks Masters
7402.07Stephen Colburn   Parker, CO0:38:47 364226   Unattached
8405.43Ray Dohr   Madison Wi0:38:57 363205   Unattached
9408.79David Kendall   Lafayette, CO0:38:59 363343   Merrill Performance
10412.15Dan Sonnesyn   Broomfield, CO0:39:01 54221   Twin Peaks Racing
11415.51Craig Garrison   Arvada, CO0:39:07 363489   Golden Bike CX
12418.87Mark Notcutt   Boulder, CO0:39:13 364199   Louisville Cyclery
13422.23Bryant Gonsalves   Boulder, CO0:39:13 363543   Unattached
14425.59James Bedrosian   Boulder, CO0:39:13 238074   Unattached
15428.95Chris Settje   Westminster, CO0:39:16 364396   High Peaks Masters
16432.31Steven Capstick   Longmont, CO0:39:32 6061   Cross Propz Racing
17435.67Jeff Shoup   Thornton, CO0:39:33 363654   Boulder Cycle Sport
18439.03Stefan Muenck   Denver, CO0:39:35 239122   RRV
19442.39Jeff Stephenson   Loveland, CO0:39:36 190477   Unattached
20445.75Bill Manning   Boulder0:39:44 22398   Unattached
21449.11Greg Leneveu   Louisville0:39:45 305871   Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pie Piz
22452.47David Gelderloos   Boulder, CO0:39:49 363525   Unattached
23455.83Marc Gillotti   Broomfield, CO0:39:49 225042   Unattached
24459.19Jon Maule   Louisville0:40:07 117534   Foxtrot Racing
25462.55Matt Robinson   Louisville, CO0:40:07 363911   Louisville Cyclery
26465.91Kevin Graboski   Longmont, CO0:40:13 121381   Blue Sky Velo
27469.27Cris Willett   Denver, CO0:40:21 364240   Boulder Cycle Sport
28472.63Jason Barker   Fort Collins, CO0:40:28 363482   Velo-One Cycling
29475.99Kirk Groves   Louisville, CO0:40:48 14305   Foxtrot Racing
30479.35Michael Colip   Fort Collins, CO0:40:52 363695   Velo-One Cycling
31482.71Dale Riley   Longmont, CO0:40:56 29891   High Peaks Masters
32486.07Brian Claytor   Denver, CO0:41:00 363740   Unattached
33489.43Noel Culberson   Boulder, CO0:41:05 362487   Unattached
34492.79Jonathan Day   Fort Collins, CO0:41:11 55555   Velo-One Cycling
35496.15Anthony Mcneill   Ft Collins, CO0:41:11 226201   Team Rio Grande
36499.51Ken Brecheisen   Broomfield, CO0:41:21 149270   RMRC p/b Turin
37Mark Bereshiewicz   0:41:24   Unattached
38506.23Matthew Grandsaert   Boulder, CO0:41:28 363371   Boulder Cycle Sport
39509.59Shawn Pritchett   Broomfield0:41:28 28742   Rocky Mounts~Izze
40512.95Frank Devlin   Boulder, CO0:41:31 130877   Unattached
41516.31Chris Velez   Broomfield, CO0:41:44 364063   Rocky Mounts~Izze
42Greg Johnson   0:41:54   Unattached
43523.03Kyle Gustafson   Broomfield, CO0:41:54 363200   Unattached
44526.39Scott Dejong   Denver0:42:09 127512   Unattached
45529.75Bob Roman   Denver, CO0:42:33 362631   Green Mountain Sports Velo
46533.11Bret Kibele   Denver, CO0:42:56 363803   The Natural Way Racing Team
47536.47Peter Rosato   Boulder, CO0:43:03 349146   Rocky Mounts~Izze
48539.83Roger Hughes   Thornton, CO0:43:47 276698   Derby Bicycle Center Racing Team
49543.19Jason Gugelman   Fort Collins, CO0:44:09 363215   Unattached
50546.55Erik Springer   Englewood, CO0:44:09 363581   Unattached
51549.91Phil Murray   Loveland, CO0:44:25 179069   Blue Sky Velo
52553.27Mark Caraway   Colorado Springs, CO0:44:27 361954   Unattached
53Andrew Smith   0:44:30   Unattached
54559.99Kevin King   Denver, CO0:44:30 362499   Unattached
55Brad Reeder   0:44:30   Unattached
56566.71Ethan Fuld   Denver, CO0:45:27 69913   Unattached
57570.07Kendrew Peacey   Westminster, CO@ 1 Lap 363220   Unattached
58573.43Greg Everett   Mountain View, CA@ 1 Lap 107910   Unattached
59576.79Donald Libasci   Tucson @ 1 Lap 310475   Velo-One Cycling
60Vaughn Bigelow   @ 1 Lap   Unattached
61583.51Daus Mahnke   Westminster, CO@ 1 Lap 362656   Unattached
62586.87Michael Pins   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 362437   Unattached
63Ariel Solomon   @ 1 Lap   Unattached

Men - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1187.00Steven Stefko   Fort Collins, CO0:39:23 363631   Velo-One Cycling
2196.89Kurt Perham (1 - Cat1)   Brunswick, ME0:40:18 27727   Unattached
3206.78Tim Faia   Breckenridge, CO0:40:41 40096   Boulder Cycle Sport
4216.67Michael Hogan   Louisville Co0:41:01 191601   Unattached
5226.56Scott Upton   Boulder, CO0:41:32 56381   Rocky Mounts~Izze
6236.45Patrick Gallegos (1 - Cat2)   Superior, CO0:41:43 78794   8 Sixteen Racing
7246.34Charlie Merrill   Boulder, CO0:41:49 328646   Merrill Performance
8256.23Joseph Taddeucci   Boulder, CO0:41:55 112914   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
9266.12Jeremy Young   Boulder, CO0:42:00 39290   Trek Bicycle Store
10276.01Jason Glenn   Littleton, CO0:42:04 226037   Green Mountain Sports Velo
11285.90Jonathan Coln   Denver, CO0:42:31 7455   Rocky Mounts~Izze
12Mike Sutter   0:43:21   Vic's Espresso-Peerless Tire
13305.68Eric Rydholm   Boulder, CO0:43:56 358477   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
14315.57John Cotton   Longmont, CO0:44:14 7900   Blue Sky Velo
15325.46Carl Boni (1 - Cat3)   Erie, CO0:45:00 244813   Rapid Racing
16335.35Aaron Bouplon (2 - Cat1)   Boulder, CO0:46:02 269718   Rocky Mounts~Izze

Men - Master - 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1227.62Darron Cheek (1 - Cat1)   Breckenridge, CO0:42:01 192447   Cross Propz Racing
2240.76Jeffrey Hall (2 - Cat1)   Denver, CO0:42:13 130581   Justin's Cycling
3253.90John Mansell (1 - Cat4)   Boulder, CO0:42:38 353588   Rally Sport Cycling Team
4Dan Miller   0:42:57   ChristianCyclingCO.com
5280.18Michael Spangenberg   Golden, CO0:43:02 69228   Unattached
6293.32Cary Dunn   Pine, CO0:43:27 10203   OES/Bike Source
7306.46Jeffrey Homan   Loveland, CO0:43:50 188296   Echelon Energy Cycling Team
8319.60Art Schwadron   Boulder, CO0:44:22 31905   Boulder Cycle Sport
9332.74Lennard Zinn   Boulder, CO0:44:32 120345   VeloNews
10345.88Doug Williams   Boulder, CO0:44:35 38335   Rally Sport Cycling Team
11359.02Scott Fliegelman   Boulder, CO0:44:48 271458   Boulder Cycle Sport
12372.16Michael Beck   Lakewood, CO0:45:01 3084   Routine Leg Works
13385.30Harold Stephenson (3 - Cat1)   Broomfield, CO0:45:12 271424   Boulder Cycle Sport
14398.44Frank Smith   Nederland, CO0:45:18 364546   Boulder Cycle Sport
15411.58Eric Wright   Laramie, WY0:45:21 179327   Velo-One Cycling
16Jeff Taylor   0:45:45   Unattached
17437.86Andrew Holton   Pine, CO0:45:56 76649   Unattached
18451.00Steve Carpenter   Fort Collins, CO0:46:12 6222   Velo-One Cycling
19464.14Eric Juzysta   Boulder, CO0:46:23 128758   ColoBikeLaw.com
20477.28Jeff Payne   Arvada, CO0:46:50 27498   Green Mountain Sports Velo
21490.42Bob Prieto   Boulder, CO0:47:15 246085   Blue Sky Velo
22503.56Kevin Barker   Lakewood0:47:24 2596   Green Mountain Sports Velo
23516.70Clint Kay   Boulder, CO0:47:33 364612   Unattached
24529.84Charles Van atta   Golden, CO0:48:55 363694   Unattached
25542.98Ralph Hart   Boulder, CO0:50:56 328136   Boulder Cycle Sport
26556.12Allan Marvin   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 22787   Alpha Bicycle Company
27569.26John Kerschner   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 271469   Boulder Cycle Sport

Men - Master - 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1304.80Bill Herwig   Centennial, CO0:36:56 16011   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2322.58Bruce Dickinson   Frisco, CO0:37:10 9446   Front Rangers Cycling Club
3340.36Eric Perryman   Denver, CO0:37:20 121932   Colorado Velo
4358.14Laurent Mclaughlin   Nederland, CO0:37:51 205578   RealD-Amgen
5375.92Bill Brandt   Denver, CO0:37:54 125050   Unattached
6393.70Mike West   Colorado Springs, CO0:38:58 362623   Pikes Peak Velo
7411.48Rick Abbott (1 - Cat4)   Boulder, CO0:39:07 213837   ExcelSports.com
8429.26Larry Grossman   Eagle, CO0:39:33 210455   Unattached
9447.04David Edwards   Littleton, CO0:39:58 363447   Unattached
10464.82Michael Spak   Golden, CO0:40:49 46607   Schwab Cycles Racing Team
11482.60Butch Stinton   Castle Rock, CO0:41:23 34198   Pactimo Racing
12500.38Tim Holbrook   Lakewood Co0:41:35 364264   Boulder Cycle Sport
13518.16Tim Downing   Boulder, CO0:43:12 124988   Louisville Cyclery
14535.94Chris Canfield   Westminster, CO@ 1 Lap 199672   Blue Sky Velo

Men - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1385.32Torin Bickmore   Longmont, CO0:18:45 330652   BJC/Curve
2396.23Nolan Brunner   Boulder, CO0:19:01 318530   BJC/Curve
3407.14Davis Kang   Boulder, CO0:19:37 364465   BJC/Curve
4418.05Nolan Stephenson   Broomfield, CO0:20:15 364269   Unattached
5428.96Max Robson   Boulder Co0:20:48 364335   BJC/Curve
6439.87Ethan Wright   Boulder, CO0:20:48 362707   BJC/Curve
7450.78Oliver Hart   Boulder, CO0:20:56 318174   BJC/Curve
8461.69Osita Ogbuji   Superior, CO0:22:00 362640   BJC/Curve
9472.60Jackson Holicky   Boulder, CO0:22:01 363071   Unattached
10483.51Noah Williams   Boulder, CO0:22:03 363814   Unattached
11494.42Aiden Keller   Boulder, CO0:23:35 363875   BJC/Curve
12505.33Charleton Sagrillo   Lafayette0:26:15 363247   BJC/Curve
13516.24Carson Wille   Lafayette, CO0:26:22 363555   Unattached
14527.15Andrew Charlet   Boulder, CO0:26:50 363423   BJC/Curve
15538.06Caleb Blichfeldt   Longmont, CO0:26:54 363003   Blue Sky Velo
16548.97Curry Gardner   Littleton0:27:18 362560   OES/Bike Source

Men - Junior - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1331.00Cade Bickmore   Longmont, CO0:24:08 286308   BJC/Curve
2347.24Eric Brunner   Boulder, CO0:24:13 298963   BJC/Curve
3363.48Denzel Stephenson   Broomfield, CO0:26:00 331144   BJC/Curve
4379.72Cassidy Dzekciorius-bailey   Lyons, CO0:27:12 364300   BJC/Curve
5395.96Jacques De curnou   Boulder, CO0:27:52 293997   BJC/Curve
6412.20Cooper Ross   Boulder, CO0:28:55 362233   Unattached
7428.44Jack Tanner   Boulder, CO0:31:06 309291   BJC/Curve
8444.68Cameron Bellian   Boulder, CO0:32:34 362649   Unattached
9460.92Joseph Sagrillo   Lafayette, CO@ 1 Lap 363261   BJC/Curve
10477.16Foster Greer   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 363374   BJC/Curve
11493.40Lance Winborne   Highlands Ranch, CO@ 1 Lap 363642   Alpha Bicycle Company

Men - Junior - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1387.42Nevin Whittemore   Boulder, CO0:23:43 361565   BJC/Curve
2438.72Ben Hogan   Louisville, CO0:24:08 270866   Unattached
3490.02Jordan Heinrichs   Longmont0:29:36 363616   Dawson Cycling
4541.32Max Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO0:30:56 363173   Black Sheep Jr. Cycling

Men - Junior - 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ian Miller   0:27:35   Unattached

Men - Junior - 8-9

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1537.62Bryce Rodgers   Littleton Co0:12:23 363111   Unattached
2539.80Adrian Klanjsek   Denver, CO0:13:08 363390   Alpha Bicycle Company
3541.98Lucas Hartman   Boulder0:13:20 363790   Unattached
4544.16Max Kilcoyne   Louisville, CO0:13:34 362526   Unattached
5546.34Skyler Heinrichs   Boulder Co0:13:41 363157   Unattached
6Tanner Bauer   0:14:40   Unattached
7Kael Weadley   0:15:40   Unattached
8552.88Connor Garrison   Golden, CO0:15:40 363630   Golden Bike CX
9555.06Rand Bickmore   Longmont, CO0:15:53 364238   BJC/Curve
10557.24Nicholas Boni   Erie, CO0:16:07 362612   Rapid Racing
11Tristan Gandner   0:18:32   Unattached

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1163.16Kristal Boni   Erie, CO0:43:02 238717   Rapid Racing
2170.90Karen Hogan   Louisville, CO0:43:05 248610   Louisville Cyclery
3178.64Margell Abel   Boulder, CO0:43:35 1032   Tough Girl
4186.38Melissa Barker   Longmont, CO0:43:52 64184   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
5194.12Kristin Weber   Boulder, CO0:44:14 354314   Boulder Cycle Sport
6201.86Sonya Looney   Kelowna0:44:27 205174   Unattached
7209.60Amber Rydholm   Boulder, CO0:45:04 280345   NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
8Jessica D'amato   Boulder, CO0:45:24 364423   Rocky Mounts~Izze
9Mill Unattached   0:45:41 jr   
10232.82Sara Wisner   Providence , RI0:45:59 362550   Team ten20
11240.56Talitha Vogt   Lakewood, CO0:46:43 290689   Tough Girl
12Lindsay Jones   0:46:51   Unattached
13256.04Kate Powlison   Boulder, CO0:48:08 206491   The Service Course 1 WBR
14263.78Willa Johnson   Boulder, CO0:48:38 244213   Rivet-Sports Garage Cycling Club
15271.52Catherine Johnson   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 185214   The Service Course 1 WBR

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1363.57Marta Morris   Grand Junction, CO0:41:38 315188   JetCYCLING
2377.12Donna Berns   Boulder, CO0:41:38 364174   Rocky Mounts~Izze
3390.67Jennifer Kumbier   Niwot, CO0:42:58 347120   Tribella Race Team
4404.22Brittany Jones   Denver, CO0:43:42 363706   Unattached
5Christine Bell   0:44:09   Unattached
6431.32Kathryn Johnson   Greenville, SC@ 1 Lap 327088   Boulder Cycle Sport
7444.87Emily Zinn   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 363771   Unattached
8458.42Terri Smith   Pagosa Spgs, CO@ 1 Lap 33301   Unattached
9471.97Lori Antolec   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 363135   High Peaks Masters
10485.52Amanda Bye   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 364245   Tribella Race Team
11499.07Ellen Laird   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 362639   Blue Sky Velo
12512.62Lauryn Andre   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 292370   The Service Course 1 WBR
13526.17Jen Szabo   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 242332   Boulder Cycle Sport
14539.72Erica Ford   Lafayette, CO@ 1 Lap 363445   Outdoor DIVAS Cycling

Women - Master - 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1263.24Holly Wade (1 - Cat4)   Dillon, CO0:46:37 228978   Wilderness Sports
2280.38Susan Prieto (1 - Cat2)   Boulder, CO0:48:01 219062   Blue Sky Velo
3Jj Laughor   0:48:08   Velo-One Cycling
4314.66Kimberly Nuffer   Denver, CO0:49:04 210166   Tough Girl
5331.80Deirdre Garvey   Boulder, CO0:50:12 68552   Louisville Cyclery
6348.94Darcy Tiglas   Loveland, CO@ 1 Lap 255031   Echelon Energy Cycling Team
7366.08Kayla Thomason   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 269147   Blue Sky Velo
8383.22Linda Bitner   Longmont, CO@ 1 Lap 286321   Echelon Energy Cycling Team
9400.36Shelby Katz   Boulder, CO@ 1 Lap 230486   Unattached
10417.50SyRae Weikle   Denver, CO@ 1 Lap 70880   Tough Girl

Women - Junior - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1441.06Carrley Smith   Boulder, CO0:24:19 362236   BJC/Curve
2485.91Petra Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO0:26:30 363223   Black Sheep Jr. Cycling
3530.76Tea Wright   Boulder, CO0:27:20 363170   Unattached
4575.61Anna marta Cordova   Aurora, CO0:27:22 362492   JetCycling

Women - Junior - 8-9

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Paige Rodgers   Littleton, CO0:15:53 362563   Unattached
2Margo Klanjsek   Denver, CO0:20:45 363109   Alpha Bicycle Company

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