Race Results for
OSRS #2 - Mitchell Memorial Road Race
Cleves, OH
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Road Race on 04/04/2010

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Anthony Viton   Westerville, OH 288957  R357 Team echelon
2541.11Sam Klontz   Black Mountain, NC 296965  R328 BSM
3542.22martin sanders   Cincinnati, OH 298528  R358 Wellington ortho
4543.33maxwell lundbeck   Cincinnati, OH 310242  R361 BSM
5544.44Alan Willey   Cincinnati, OH 296822  R311 
6545.56Jeffrey Schepper   Greenwood, IN 311601  R336 Speedway Wheelmen
7546.67David Shuley   Ft Thomas, KY 278635  R337 
8547.78Patrick Minner   Cincinnati, OH 290476  R332 
9548.89Spencer Hackett   Columbus, OH 297118  R366 Team B1 Bicycles
10550.00Tim Thielen   Cincinnati, OH 292865  R310 7-Hills
11551.11Scott Belcher   Cincinnati, OH 275510  R49 7 Hills Racing
12552.22Kurt Maxberry   Evansville In 305984  R331 Team Bikes and Moore
13553.33Franklin Mulich   Covington, KY 282036  R302 7 Hills Racing
14554.44Brandon Gaunt   London, OH 295589  R315 
15555.56Joshua Buchwald   Park Hills, KY 309304  R288 7 Hills Racing
16Eric Wunderlich     R343 Pelotonia
17557.78Gary Hickey   Germantown, OH 156295  R323 Team Dayton-Michelob Ultra
18558.89Tim Holt   Chicago, IL 311607  R287 BSM
19560.00Zachary Cahill   Cincinnati, OH 307262  R319 Team Hungry
20561.11Daniel Allen   Blanchester, OH 264123  R312 unattached
21562.22Patrick McConnell   Hilliard, OH 222344  R296 
22563.33Timothy Guthrie   Batavia, OH 14465  R292 
23564.44Christopher Carville   Cincinnati, OH 294881  R278 Biowheels Racing
24565.56Kim Swecker   Cincinnati, OH 304547  R339 Smittys Cyclery
25566.67Eric Lovins   Evansville, IN 21683  R330 Team Bikes and Moore
26567.78David Rose   Lexington, KY 296568  R335 Team Bikes and Moore
27568.89Ivan Murdock   Clarksville, TN 298503  R333 Team Bikes and Moore
28570.00Steve Godbey   Millbrook , AL 286037  R289 Cycling And Fitness Warehouse
29571.11Logan Leland   Sugar Grove, OH 293011  R325 Savage Hill
30William Schwieter     R362 
31573.33Van Johnson   Cincinnati, OH 297568  R327 Queen City Wheels
32574.44Ryan Tolle   Cincinnati, OH 311658  R364 Handlebars
33575.56Lance Brown   Cincinnati, OH 284915  R52 Darkhorse Racing
34576.67David Hack   Madisonville, KY 305254  R305 Team Bikes and Moore
35577.78Matt Harbaugh   Cincinnati, OH 302357  R285 
36John Moore III     R314 Team Dayton-Michelob Ultra
37Jeromy Bishop     R281 
38581.11Jack McCann   Cincinnati, OH 298338  R359 Prochain Turner
39582.22Patrick Lach   Cincinnati, OH 145722  R329 
40583.33Adam Noderer   Cincinnati, OH 311652  R334 
41584.44Craig Silber   Dayton, OH 304435  R338 Team Dayton-Michelob Ultra
42585.56Bruce Thoman   Lebanon, OH 240215  R340 Queen City Wheels
43586.67Paul White   Union, KY 310970  R342 Queen City Wheels
44Brad Ellis     R365 
45588.89Christopher Gustin   Fairborn, OH 281546  R363 Team Dayton-Michelob Ultra
46590.00Omer Hurlburt   Middletown, OH 311697  R326 
DNSDarryn Fessel   Cincinnati Oh 302129  R282 7 Hills Racing

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1458.45Scott Pardi   Cincinnati, OH 287065  G96 Team Hungry Cycling
2462.98Andrew Beckman   Louisville, KY 233714  G314 Main Street Velo
3467.52Matt Bole   Loveland, OH 669  G504 Team Dayton-Michelob Ultra
4472.05Luke Sundermeier   Columbus, OH 294885  G147 Ohio Orthopedic/Moro Cycling
5476.59Jeremy Burroughs   Cincinnati, OH 303772  G79 Queen City Wheels
6481.13Mike McLean   Chandler, AZ 275239  G327 Speedway Wheelmen
7485.66Phillip Boydelatour   Columbus, OH 276993  G76 Team Awesome/Jeni's Ice Cream
8490.20Chauncey Joyce   Cincinnati, OH 296435  G321 7 Hills Racing
9494.74Rod Sparks   Batavia, OH 239972  G466 Ghisallo Cycling Team
10499.27jeff schoeny   Cincinnati, OH 277142  G143 team michelob ultra
11503.81Douglas Polignano   Cincinnati, OH 297152  G153 Darkhorse Racing
12508.35David Steward   Cincinnati, OH 278342  G467 7 Hills Racing
13512.88Robert Thomas   Chicago, IL 220562  G468 Half Acre Cycling
14517.42William (Bill) Hoffman   Cincinnati, OH 163165  G502 Darkhorse Racing
15521.95Thomas Anderson   Cincinnati, OH 290824  G68 University of Cincinnati Cycling Team
16526.49Justin Ling   Columbus, OH 282163  G323 Jeni's Icecream
17531.03Brendan Canty   Lexington, KY 254527  G315 Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Pedal the Planet
18535.56Dean Akers   Midway, KY 240706  G501 Team McDonalds
19540.10Charlie Rabinowitz   Wyoming, OH 280931  G330 Team Turner/ Prochain Cycling
20544.64Doug Carraway   Columbus, OH 287612  G316 Ohio Orthopedic/Moro Cycling
21549.17Richard Hoeting   Cincinnati, OH 639  G505 QCW
22553.71Gene Spangler   Centerville, OH 295691  G158 unattached
23558.25Jim Rauck   Grove City, OH 273978  G99 Savage Hill Cycling Team
24562.78Chester Eng   Cincinnati, OH 236657  G319 7 Hills Racing
25567.32Michael Starr   Cincinnati, OH 277346  G146 Team Hungry!
26571.85Ken Trainor   Lexington, KY 42557  G469 
27576.39david duerk   Defiance, OH 285928  G318 Team DEFIANCE / Switzer Realty
28580.93Dan Barkeim   Burlington, KY 62279  G69 Unattached
29585.46Brandon ORear   Hixson, TN 230402  G329 CES/Pedal the Planet
30590.00Don McKenzie   Hebron, KY 84261  G326 QCW
DNSAnthony D'Varga   Middletown, OH 197572  G152 Ghisallo Cycling Team
DNSJerry Hayes   Cincinnati, OH 233064  G320 Queen City Wheels
DNFDaniel Dickinson   Lexington, KY 292096  G317 Main Street Velo
DNFDavid Lane   Lexington, KY 277766  G322 Main Street Velo
DNFMichael Malmer   Louisville, CO 168454  G324 Team Dayton
DNFDouglas Masraum   Cincinnati, OH 266513  G325 7-Hills Racing
DNFKevin Miles   New Albany, IN 291407  G328 Bikeclicks.com / Team Louisville
DNFJoshua Shough   Chicago , IL 300665  G465 
DNFBrian Roche   Upper Arlington, OH 192478  G500 Ohio Orthopedic/Moro Cycling
DNFSamuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 235804  G503 Team Turner/ Prochain Cycling
DNFDick Chartier   Hamilton, OH 238296  G86 Ghisallo Cycling
DNFPaul Colavincenzo   Kettering, OH 245039  G87 Team Dayton

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1384.14Adam Kruse   San Pedro, CA 275284  O99 US Military Cycling
2393.09Joseph Nalley   Louisville, KY 197048  O170 BikeClicks / Team Louisville
3402.04David Schroeder   Louisville, KY 235978  O173 Team McDonalds
4410.99Michael Savory   Miamisburg, OH 248650  O84 Team Ghisallo
5419.94Andy Prickett   Pleasant Hill, OH 266105  O172 Team Dayton/ Mich Ultra Mens
6428.89NICHOLAS BEVAN   Lebanon, OH 278971  O83 Ghisallo
7437.84Eric Barnett   Nicholasville, KY 197148  O66 McDonald's Cycling Team
8446.79Andrew Millard   Cincinnati, OH 42755  O169 ZWS/CycleSport
9455.74Scott Bond   Greenfield, IN 190551  O400 Speedway Wheelman
10464.69Michael Chewning   Cincinnati, OH 259605  O419 Team Hungry!
11473.64Martin Bearden   Louisville, KY 269250  O91 BikeClicks/Team Louisville
12482.59Rodney Roof   Blue Ash, OH 236003  O77 Zephyr Wheelsports
13491.54Joseph Hall   Columbus, OH 221249  O176 Moro Cycling
14500.49David Hart   Cincinnati, OH 166902  O85 ZWS Cyclesport
15509.45Joseph Bonnell   Columbus, OH 98909  O94 Echelon Cycling Team
16518.40Blair Fraley   Columbus, OH 193213  O416 Echelon Cycling Team
17527.35Joseph Bellante   Cincinnati, OH 199092  O92 BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
18536.30Tracy Segar   Cincinnati, OH 197625  O78 Queen City Wheels
19545.25Stephen Caminati   Columbus, OH 210170  O175 Team Echelon
20554.20M. Shayne Dillinger   Beavercreek, OH 267052  O71 Team Ghisallo
21563.15Daniel Waite   Dayton, OH 175584  O174 Team Dayton
22572.10Steve Fine   Fort Mitchell, KY 239980  O72 Team Dayton Mich
23581.05Dan Loescher   Louisville, KY 221383  O167 Bikeclicks/Team Louisville
24590.00John Gagnet   Cincinnati, OH 141848  O95 Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNSAndy Perrino   Cincinnati, OH 191478  O171 Bio Wheels
DNSTravis Kerns   Louisville, KY 272232  O98 BikeClicks.com / Team Louisville
DNFDaniel (Dan) Lach   Terrace Park, OH 119674  O166 Cyclesport/Zephyr Wheel Sport
DNFJosh Luster   Saint Paris, OH 270252  O168 Team Dayton
DNFChip Dobson     O418 Darkhorse
DNFMatthew Brooks   Alpharetta, GA 249788  O67 TT1 Devo
DNFNathan Grubbs   Cincinnati, OH 294298  O73 University of Cincinnati Cycling Team
DNFRobert Sherman   Loveland, OH 120645  O79 Michelob Ultra Cycling
DNFAddison Smith   Columbs, OH 224012  O80 COBC
DNFLouis Johnson   Hamilton, OH 155815  O97 Huntington Bank
DNFLuke Neubauer   Louisville, KY 244075  O420 Mainstreet velo

Men - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1295.58Daniel Campbell   Dayton, OH 259383  B302 Team Panther
2308.07Colin Barry   Cincinnati, OH 100867  B233 Team Huntington bank
3320.55Alexander Pratt   West Conshohocken, PA 248900  B226 Pelotonia Cycling Team p/b roll:
4333.04Nathaniel Beams   Dallas, TX 259780  B190 Pro Chain Cycling
5345.53Ryan Good   Cincinnati, OH 251528  B245 RGF-CCSH pb FELT bicycles
6358.02Kirk Albers   Upper Arlington, OH 1283  B234 Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
7370.50David Hauber   Clarksville, IN 209979  B247 Fetzer Cycling Team
8382.99Andy Moskal (1 - Cat1)   Columbus, OH 213069  B253 Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
9395.48O'Brien Forbes   West Chester, OH 11991  B194 Team Huntington
10407.97Joseph Bosemer   Louisville, KY 237064  B240 Fetzer Cycling Team
11420.45Cory St Clair   Cincinnati, OH 238230  B225 RGF Sports Marketing
12432.94Geffrey Moy (1 - Cat2)   Blacksburg, VA 185961  B219 
13445.43Kyle Lyman   Seattle, WA 250341  B218 Team Dayton/ Mich. Ultra
14457.91Christopher Nevitt   Louisville, KY 259511  B221 Fetzer Cycling
15470.40Nathaniel Cornelius   Lexington, KY 123271  B241 Texas Roadhouse
16482.89Christopher Durand   Cincinnati, OH 41404  B242 Huntington Bank
17495.38Jefferey McLane   Cincinnati, OH 79505  B249 Huntington Bank
18507.86David Hall   Fort Thomas, KY 126148  B246 CES / PedalthePlanet
19520.35Andrew Messer   Bloomington, IN 212310  B251 DRT Racing
20532.84Peter Bauer   Mason, OH 186474  B237 Huntington Bank
21Marco Aledia     B236 KENDA PRO CYCLING p/b GearGrinder
22557.81Michael Kennedy (2 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY 256322  B199 Fetzer
23570.30Andys Burns   Delaware, OH 5573  B191 National Engineering
24582.79Jason Karew   Cincinnati, OH 133936  B198 Bishops Bicycles
DNSMario Medina   Sussex, WI 181488  B257 Huntington Bank
DNFChristopher Chartier   Hamilton, OH 207349  B192 Alderfer Bergen
DNFTimothy Beberniss (Cat3)   Dayton, OH 129613  B239 One Call Now
DNFMichael Friedberg (Cat2)   Louisville, KY 267152  B243 Fetzer Cycling
DNFAdam Fuson (Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH 118329  B244 Reser
DNFDavid Linden   Yellow Springs, OH 190519  B248 Michelob Ultra
DNFAllen Morris   Cincinnati, OH 239914  B252 Project Velo Racing One Call Now
DNFLarry Stickler   Glenview, KY 233853  B255 FETZER CYCLING TEAM
DNFIsaiah Wallake   Columbus, OH 100343  B256 Ohio Ortho pb Bike Source
DNFEric Lyle (Cat2)   Louisville, KY 85693  B301 Solovelo

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1453.56Terra Kier   Grand Junction Co 275073  388 Michelob Ultra Cycling
2473.72Marilynn Hartman (1 - Cat2)   Lexington, KY 114314  482 Texas Roadhouse Cycling team presented by Motorex
3493.88Diana Halverson (1 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 257247  460 Team mcdonalds
4514.04Michelle Morris   Cincinnati, OH 236167  395 One Call Now
5534.19Jillian Kellbach   Columbus, OH 220409  453 COBC
6554.35Mary Wienholts   Lebanon, OH 286289  396 Velo Bella

Women - Cat 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1496.50Erika Howard   Hamilton, OH 291315  549 Team Dayton
2509.86Anne McDonald   Cincinnati, OH 295975  559 Velo Bellas
3523.21Erica Hemmy (1 - Cat3)   Apo, AE 141938  553 S3 Racing
4536.57Blair Barter   Cincinnati, OH 289561  545 Velo Bella
5549.93Angie Sexton   Cincinnati, OH 302437  554 Cycle Sport
6563.29Geraldine Schulze   Cincinnati, OH 293521  546 BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
7576.64Melissa Quinn   West Chester, OH 295999  600 BioWheels
8590.00judi rothenberg   Cincinnati, OH 304562  557 Team Kenda
DNFErika Edwards (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 293851  456 BikeClicks/Team Louisville
DNFKate Graham     545 Biowheels

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