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SouthEastway Cross
New Palestine, IN
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Cyclo-cross on 11/21/2009

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

- Women 3/4 Master 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1539.74MALISSA PETROV   Mason, OH 303688   
2548.12Shellie Heggenberger (1 - Cat4)   Maineville, OH 253410   
3556.50CLAUDIA FRITZINGER   Georgetown, IN 292247   
4564.88CHRISTINA HALIORIS   Crestwood, KY 275569   
5573.26JENI ROOSEN   Cincinnati, OH 271257   
7590.02CAITLIN COAR   Bloomington, IN 241738   

- Women 3/4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
0463.88ALISON BEDINGFIELD   Cincinnati, OH 284729   
1478.48Briana Kovac   Carmel, IN 200504   
2493.08Hannah Mossman   Cincinnati, OH 260364   
3507.68Nancy Henderson   West Des Moines, IA 208557   
4522.28ELIZABETH COBB   Bloomington, IN 302950   
5536.88COOPER AMBJORN   Park Hills, KY 299864   

- race_category_select

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
0first last      

- Junior 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
0428.94Luke Haley   Louisville, KY 259716   
0452.97TYLER LACH   Cincinnati, OH 301009   
1477.00Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 235804   
2501.03ALEX MELLOY   Louisville, KY 299824   
3525.06Daniel Santos   Louisville, KY 292395   
4549.09NOLAN MCQUEEN   Louisville, KY 298828   
5573.12John May   Louisville, KY 292053   

- Junior 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1469.16Gavin Haley   Louisville, KY 259719   
2480.15BEN GLOVER   Louisville, KY 292770   
3491.14WILL MANDROLA   Louisville, KY 285197   
4502.13JEDIDIAH FRITZINGER   Georgetown, IN 292244   
5513.12RACHEL DOBROZSI   Loveland, OH 267450   
6524.11Andrew Rademacher   Loveland, OH 267448   
7535.10MACKENZIE GREEN   Mason, OH 300251   
8546.09EMILY FALK   Louisville, KY 296089   
9557.08Katherine Santos   Louisville, KY 302383   
10568.07Robert Prewitt   Loveland, OH 267669   
11579.06MICHAEL GRUENWALD   Cincinnati, OH 270146   
12590.05Evan Sennett   Louisville, KY 283745   

- Junior 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1466.22SPENCER PETROV   Mason, OH 301051   
2478.60JAMES FRANCISCO   Louisville, KY 269260   
3490.98EDWARD FRITZINGER   Georgetown, IN 292245   
4503.36FRANCES HALEY   Louisville, KY 285432   
5515.74ZACHARY ROSS   Cincinnati, OH 301225   
6528.12LUKE JOHNSON   Denver, CO 301664   
7540.50EVAN SEGAR   Cincinnati, OH 301097   
8552.88ZANE ASH   Cincinnati, OH 301021   
9565.26Evan Beckmeyer   Cincinnati, OH 301713   
10577.64ENZO ALLWEIN   Cincinnati, OH 301180   
11590.02NATHAN ROSS   Cincinnati, OH 301226   

- Elite Women

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
0374.10Sierra Siebenlist   Indianapolis, IN 166038   
1395.09ANNAJEAN DALLAIRE   Georgetown, IN 217836   
2416.08Nicole Borem   Warsaw, IN 184390   
3437.07AMANDA MCKAY   Columbus, IN 191704   
4458.06Gerry Schulze   Cincinnati, OH 293521   
5479.05Briana Kovac   Carmel, IN 200504   
6500.04Rebecca Finley   Indianapolis, IN 245823   
7521.03melissa corliss   Dayton, OH 285661   
8542.02Pamela Loebig   Bloomington, IN 241443   
9563.01Megan Somerville   Indianapolis, IN 170782   
10584.00Whitney Kroll   Lafayette, IN 196469   

- Elite Men

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
0326.29Isaac Neff   Madison, WI 200724   
1338.91Mitchell Kersting   Louisville, KY 237344   
2351.53Andrew Llewellyn   Louisville, KY 222859   
3364.15Tom Burke   Grand Rapids, MI 179205   
4376.77Mike Sherer   Boulder, CO 232977   
5389.39Erik Hamilton   Boulder, CO 238111   
6402.01ROBERT KENDALL   Georgetown, IN 117036   
7414.63Michael Kennedy   Louisville, KY 256322   
8427.25Zachary Edwards   Boulder, CO 213958   
9439.87Nathan Roberson   Louisville, KY 160464   
10452.49Aaron Hubbell   Durham, NH 54434   
11465.11Jacob Virostko   Columbus, IN 202432   
12477.73MATTHEW BELCHER   Carmel, IN 198022   
13490.35Eric Anderson   Indianapolis, IN 42611   
14502.97Christopher Nevitt   Louisville, KY 259511   
15515.59Ernesto Calderin   San Francisco, CA 271646   
16528.21Katsuhiro Tanda   Athens, OH 219952   
17540.83CORY SWIHART   Indianapolis, IN 277488   
18553.45Chad Salla   Greenville, SC 228233   
19566.07Adam Leibovitz   Indianapolis, IN 221190   
20578.69WESTON LUZADDER   Carmel, IN 240464   

- Elite Masters 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1312.55Michael McShane   Louisville, KY 23836   
2329.92Lance Fagerberg   Louisville, KY 11159   
3347.29John Mandrola   Louisville, KY 201258   
4364.66John May   Louisville, KY 195083   
5382.03Kevin Noone   Indianapolis, IN 66206   
6399.40Scott Bond   Greenfield, IN 190551   
7416.77Dean Peterson   Indianapolis, IN 27887   
8434.14Lou Beckmeyer   Cincinnati, OH 239440   
9451.51MATTHEW KOEHN   Indianapolis, IN 19546   
10468.88Kenny Sipes   Flaherty, KY 176930   
11486.25SCOTT BELCHER   Cincinnati, OH 275510   

- Elite Masters 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1337.74Donald Galligher   Bloomington, IN 180004   
2359.91Frederick Rose   Bloomington, IN 30553   
3382.08Micah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN 290524   
4404.25Tom Brockman   Louisville, KY 257632   
5426.42BRIAN ANDRIOT   Louisville, KY 275805   
6448.59Harry Clark   Carmel, IN 65323   
7470.76Matthew Johnson   Warsaw, IN 139614   
8492.93STEVEN BIVENS   Evansville, IN 257617   
9515.10TODD NIX   Owensboro, KY 242343   

- Cat 4 Mast 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jeff Schepper      
2522.18David Lane   Lexington, KY 277766   
4529.52Wes Harris   Bloomington, IN 15233   
5533.19Frank Troiano   Fishers, IN 206824   
6536.86Bryan Smith   Elizabethtown, KY 254271   
7540.53Kirk Dixon   Fishers, IN 134798   
8544.20david tharp   Cicero, IN 284848   
9547.87Brian Blackwell   Jeffersonville, IN 137673   
10551.54RODGER COOPER   London, KY 221784   
11555.21BRIEN FIELDS   Woburn, MA 179342   
12558.88JOHN WHEELER II    1002826   
13562.55BILL ARDERY   Indianapolis, IN 260730   
14566.22Douglas Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 108781   
15569.89JOHN PATRICK RADEMACHER   Loveland, OH 269307   
16Dick Wicker      

- Cat 4 Mast 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
0504.60Sonny Morocco   Indianapolis, IN 291591   
0500.89Richard McCreary   Cincinnati, OH 139952   
1508.31SHANE NALLEY   Boonville, IN 301929   
3515.73Scot Herrmann   Loveland, OH 196635   
5523.15JEFF CYRUS   Loveland, OH 86510   
6526.86Bryan Dalman   Fort Wayne 197438   
7530.57MIKE SHIPMAN   Richmond, IN 303145   
9537.99MATT STIERWALT   Maineville, OH 34173   
10541.70Yngvar Brynildssen   Indianapolis, IN 5285   
11545.41Joern Brockhaus   West Chester, OH 286015   
12549.12CHRISTIAN AMBJORN   Park Hills, KY 298154   
13552.83BRIAN HOLZHAUSEN   Indianapolis, IN 89855   
14556.54Thomas Mulpagano   Carmel, IN 142260   
15560.25Chad Nay   Carmel, IN 282137   
16563.96Pope Mobley   Louisville, KY 274141   
17567.67BRIAN SEGAL   Louisville, KY 270558   
18Brian Hazelwood      
19575.09PATRICK LACH   Cincinnati, OH 145722   
21582.51Scott Perry   Indianapolis, IN 208296   
22586.22JOHN WEBER   Richmond, IN 254981   

- Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
2442.82Ian McShane   Louisville, KY 257336   
3449.28Cooper Simon   Louisville, KY 269420   
4455.74RYAN PRESKE   Denver 303669   
5462.20JEREMY BURROUGHS   Cincinnati, OH 303772   
6468.66Isaiah Newkirk   St.louis, MO 282064   
7475.12MIKE STUMPE   Greenwood, IN 302852   
8481.58Samuel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH 235804   
9488.04William Bain   Louisville, KY 286658   
11Chris Downer      
12507.42Tobias Holsman   Indianapolis, IN 223735   
13513.88ANDY PASKINS   Carmel, IN 137920   
15526.80TYLER LACH   Cincinnati, OH 301009   
16533.26Thomas Standers   Greencastle, IN 201563   
17539.72Christopher metzler   Columbus, OH 250312   
18546.18CHRIS TOFFOLO   Indianapolis, IN 243127   
20559.10EDWARD FRITZINGER   Georgetown, IN 292245   
21565.56JEDIDIAH FRITZINGER   Georgetown, IN 292244   
22572.02Jeremy Crumbaugh   Fishers, IN 280757   

- Cat 3 Mast 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1409.69Richard Toler   Dayton, OH 66088   
2425.35Lou Beckmeyer   Cincinnati, OH 239440   
3441.01Greg Youngen   Terre Haute, IN 125512   
4456.67Kenny Sipes   Flaherty, KY 176930   
5472.33SCOTT BELCHER   Cincinnati, OH 275510   
6487.99Mitchell Beckner   Troy, OH 183739   
7503.65Harry Wicks   Butler, KY 120150   
8519.31Steven Vorderman   Fort Wayne, IN 50616   
9534.97Lee Jackson   Fishers, IN 212779   

- Cat 3 Mast 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1448.73STEVEN BIVENS   Evansville, IN 257617   
2462.82TODD NIX   Owensboro, KY 242343   
3476.91Peter Hills   Loveland, OH 117544   
4491.00TONY FRANKLIN   Covington, KY 190401   
5505.09Matthew Johnson   Warsaw, IN 139614   
6519.18Mark Trousdale   Indianapolis, IN 64750   
7533.27James Turner   Dayton, OH 189407   
8547.36Corey Green   Mason, OH 150266   
9561.45Duane Walker   Louisville, KY 220314   
10575.54Rick Maier   Liberty Twp, OH 48035   

- Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1374.74Adam Rodkey   Bloomington, IN 167200   
2384.99Micah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN 290524   
3395.24Luke Haley   Louisville, KY 259716   
4405.49MARTIN MEADOWS   Indianapolis, IN 242541   
5415.74MARK GIGANTI   Clayton, IN 172317   
6425.99Ryan Kiel   Indianapolis 220260   
7436.24Matthew Kiel   Indianapolis, IN 274433   
8446.49Peter Deucher   Indianapolis, IN 225739   
9456.74JOHN MAGGARD   Louisville , KY 230657   
10466.99EDWIN COLVIN   Indianapolis, IN 255350   
11477.24David Neis   Yellow Springs, OH 276289   
12487.49JOSH BIVEN   New Albany, IN 234251   
13497.74Scott Catanzaro   Washington, DC 290879   
14507.99Joshua Prater   Indianapolis, IN 28616   
15518.24Cory Rusher   Indianapolis, IN 283075   
16528.49Donald Parr   Louisville, KY 194587   
17538.74RYAN LINDSAY   Loveland, OH 156487   
18548.99ANDREW ALLWEIN   Cincinnati, OH 123421   
19559.24KEVIN VANWERT   Cincinnati, OH 284271   
20569.49Brad McCracken   Fort Wayne, IN 258432   
21579.74THOMAS SWALLOW   Cincinnati, OH 301365   
22589.99Andrew Truemper   Indianpolis, IN 242744   

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