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Garden Creek Gap RR
Arimo, ID
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Road Race on 05/25/2008

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - JR - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
DNF Adrian Naylor      Advanced Dental
DNF Nelson Naylor      Advanced Dental

Men - JR - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Ryan Westermann   Slc, UT02:40:13 264321   

Men - JR - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Sam Knight   02:20:55   Elko Velo
2 Stefan Naylor   02:21:08   Advanced Dental
3 Andrew Hale   03:21:07   Bistro

Men - JR - 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 julian fowkes   Salt Lake City, UT02:06:18 274402   ski utah

Men - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Scott Allen   Sandy, UT04:12:16 131004   Canyon Bicycles
2 Mark Zimbelman   Provo, UT04:12:23 91557   Bountiful Mazda
3 Bruce Bilodeau   Sandy, UT04:16:07 215197   Canyon Bicycles
4 Andre Gonzalez   Lehi, UT04:20:08 91576   Canyon Bicycles
5 Brian Schilling   Jackson, WY04:22:20 51077   Fitzgerald's Bicycles
6 Mark Llinares   Jackson, WY04:23:52 173873   Norwood Paragon
7 Jon Gallagher   Heber, UT04:28:02 61600   Cole Sport
DNF James Ferguson   Ogden, UT 200321   Bountiful Mazda
DNF Zan Treasure   Ogden, UT 143866   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team
DNF Brian Smith   Jackson, WY 180687   Fitzgeralds
DNF Jeffrey Noffsinger   Union City Indiana 41312   Fitzgerald's Bike Shop

Men - MR - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 John McKone   Park City, UT02:45:13 23665   X Men
2 Mark Schaefer   Ogden, UT02:45:40 66592   PaulTracy.com
3 Donald Armstrong   Ogden, UT02:50:51 1910   PaulTracy.com
4 Gary Gardiner   Centerville, UT02:50:41 78542   Bountiful Mazda
5 Clyde Done   Salt Lake Cty, UT02:51:11 57760   FFKR/SBO P/B Tour of Utah
6 Gary Porter   Roy, UT02:51:11 60559   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team
7 Michael Adams   Tampa, FL02:51:11 231630   C4
8 Jeff Clawson   Sandy, UT02:51:11 103430   Canyon Bicycles Draper
9 Jerald Hunsaker   Midvale, UT02:51:11 142960   Bountiful Mazda
10 Jamie Longe   Holladay, UT02:51:11 202145   Canyon Bicycles
11 Michael Profsky   Cottonwood Heights, UT02:53:23 67936   Canyon bicylcles
12 David Ryan   Jackson, WY03:02:04 30982   Fitzgerald's Bicycles
13 Stephen Tueller   Layton, UT03:03:38 220300   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team
14 Ken Louder   Salt Lake City, UT03:05:16 179491   
15 Lorin Ronnow   Salt Lake City, UT03:07:41 264904   FFKR/SBO P/B Tour of Utah
16 Robert Walker   Pocatello, ID03:18:44 48931   Bountiful MAZDA
17 David Saurman   Wilson, WY03:29:55 265715   Fitzgerald's Bicycles
DNF S Anderson   Richmond, UT 1698   Logan Race Club
DNF Scott Bales   Springville, UT 198784   Bountful Mazda
DNF Don Bowen   Pleasant Grove, UT 206404   Bountiful Mazda
DNF Ted Messer   Holladay, UT 242955   Ski Utah Cycling
DNF Sam Wolfe   Sandy, UT 38797   Canyon Bicycles
DNF Perry Woods   South Weber, UT 126003   
DNF Craig Sorensen   N Logan, UT 93356   Logan Race Club
DNF Robert Westermann   Salt Lake City, UT 210110   Spin Cycle

Men - MR - 55-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Gary Simmons   Layton, UT03:14:11 199407   Bountiful Mazda
2 Jim Gilland   Layton, UT03:15:32 260463   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team
3 Bob Marcinko   Blackfoot, ID03:31:34 248996   ICE/Rocky Mountain Sugery Center

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Luis-Alejandro Zamudio   Chula Vista, CA04:50:28 204879   American R.A.D.D. presented by Agel
2 Bill Demong   Park City, UT04:54:24 247228   American R.A.D.D. presented by Agel
3 Kris Lunning   San Rafael, CA04:58:35 121729   Fitzgeralds
4 Bryson Perry   Sandy, UT04:58:44 89388   American R.A.D.D. presented by Agel
5 Todd Hageman   Park City, UT04:58:44 50257   Binghams/Northshore
6 Sam Krieg   Pocatello, ID04:59:49 201431   Park City JEEP Sienna
7 Benjamin D'Hulst   Roy, UT04:59:59 211886   Park City JEEP
8 Francis (Gardie) Jackson   Larkspur, CA05:14:05 60511   American R.A.D.D. presented by Agel
9 Norman Bryner (1 - Cat2)   Salt Lake City, UT05:26:40 201017   Canyon Bicycles of SLC
DNF Kirk Eck   Smithfield, UT 116598   Park city JEEP Sienna
DNF Jesse Gordon   Salt Lake City, UT 182569   Contender Bicycles
DNF David Harward   Salt Lake City, UT 15338   Porcupine/Specialized Racing
DNF Craig Kidd   Chubbuck, ID 81717   ICE/Rocky Mountain Surgery Center
DNF Thomas Nelson   La Mesa, CA 185399   American R.A.D.D. presented by Agel
DNF Ben Nichols   Sandy, UT 242490   Porcupine/Specialized Racing
DNF Eric Pardyjak   Salt Lake City, UT 148432   Binghams/Northshore
DNF Steven Parker   Boise, ID 194712   ICE Rocky MTN Surgery
DNF Christopher Pietrzak (Cat1)   Park City, UT 145340   Porcupine/Specialized Racing
DNF L Nathan Thomas   South Jordan , UT 133255   Park City Jeep Sienna
DNF Ira Tibbitts   Layton, UT 241331   Park City JEEP
DNF Robert Van Kirk   Ashton, ID 48499   ICE/Rocky Mountain Surgery Center
DNF Kevin Van Loon   North Salt Lake , UT 184083   Contender Bicycles
DNF Dustin Eskelson   Roy, UT 219289   
DNF Troy Barry   Falmouth, ME 82836   Peaked

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Chase Pinkham   Salt Lake City, UT04:08:15 251593   Ski Utah Cycling Team
2 Jess Dear   Salt Lake City, UT04:08:21 212596   RMCC Cyclesmith
3 Robert McGovern   Pocatello, ID04:08:21 116465   ICE/ROCKY MOUNTAIN SURGERY CENTER
4 Jared Inouye   Salt Lake City, UT04:08:26 213878   BIKER'S EDGE/DESTINATION HOMES
5 Taylor Hansen   Seattle, WA04:08:26 229154   Scott Machinery
6 Spencer deBry   Sandy, UT04:08:33 242242   Ski Utah
7 Perry Hall   Park City, UT04:08:36 206431   Wright/Park City Rides
DNF Clint Carter   Salt Lake City, UT 220916   Ski Utah Cycling Team
DNF Josh Carter   South Ogden, UT 245675   Wright/Park City Rides
DNF Ali Goulet   Salt Lake City, UT 13796   FFKR
DNF Kirk Minor   Riverton, UT 242779   Ski Utah Cycling Team
DNF Brian Randall   Layton, UT 228881   Wright/Park City Rides
DNF Eric Moore   Park City, UT 256548   Alapp
DNF Brent Peacock   Jackson, WY 150981   
DNF Jeff Ward   Boise, ID 82968   Hoback Sports
DNF Nathan Timms   Sacramento, CA 216479   Spin Cycle Racing
DNF Thomas Milligan   South Jordan, UT 184616   Canyon

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Erik Harrington   Salt Lake City, UT02:53:30 263132   RMCC/Cyclesmith
2 David Welsh   Tucson, AZ02:53:30 142434   Kuhl/Scott
3 Joshua Hickman   Salt Lake City, UT02:53:30 248015   Wright/Park City Rides
4 matt bradley   Sandy, UT02:53:37 258372   American RADD p/b agel
5 Colby Tanner   Salt Lake City, UT02:53:37 228845   Spin Cycle Racing
6 Sam Todd   Salt Lake City, UT02:53:37 234348   Porcupine Cycling
7 Dustin Thiel   Salt Lake City, UT02:53:47 254372   Porcupine
8 kevin wilde   Salt Lake City, UT02:54:02 275240   Porcupine / Specialized Racing
9 James Crawford   West Haven, UT02:54:12 259282   Binghams/North Shore
10 Seth Gunderson   Charlottesville , VA02:54:52 256169   Salt Sea Pirates
11 Darin Wilson   Holladay, UT02:55:17 211177   Spin Cycle Racing
12 Patrick Greis   Salt Lake City, UT02:55:20 210595   Wright/Park City Rides
13 Karsten Shumway   South Jordan, UT02:55:54 243931   Spin Cycle Racing
14 Alan Stettler   Kaysville, UT02:56:02 267903   American RADD p/b agel
15 Joel Rackham   Pleasant View, UT03:01:19 269471   Northshore/Bingham
16 Justin Bingham   Roy, UT03:01:19 167381   Binghams/Northshore
17 Shawn Jordan   Roy, UT03:01:34 263666   Biker's Edge/Destination Homes
18 Zach Terry   Sandy, UT03:02:19 245783   Wright/Park City Rides
20 Tyler Kirk   Sandy, UT03:05:58 261681   American RADD
21 David Cole   Salt Lake City, UT03:11:23 259033   Biker's Edge/Desitination Homes
22 Jerrel Storrud   West Jordan, UT03:13:22 237141   Porcupine Cycling
23 Brooks Stevenson   Kaysville, UT03:37:20 245838   Wright/Park City Rides
24 BRYCE YOUNG   North Ogden, UT03:37:20 274878   Binghams-Northshore
DNF Grant Baron   Cottonwood Heights, UT 278601   Fstopgear.com ICE RockyMTN Surgery
DNF J Justin Brady   Pocatello, ID 189609   Fstopgear.com ICE RockyMTN SURGERY
DNF Stephen Coleman   Salt Lake City, UT utah premier 7375   ski utah cycling
DNF James Evans   Eden, UT 263118   Porcupine Cycling
DNF Blake Fessler   South Ogden, UT 264500   Weber State University
DNF Lance Jensen   Springville, UT 225888   
DNF Kirk Minor   Riverton, UT 242779   Ski Utah Cycling Team
DNF Todd Neumarker   Pleasant Grove, UT 259988   Porcupine Cycling
DNF Nathan Timms   Sacramento, CA 216479   Spin Racing Team
DNF John Bercaw   Salt Lake City, UT 202151   Ski Utah
DNF Quin Bingham   Salt Lake City, UT 213156   Bikers Edge Destination Homes
DNF Ken Webster   Sandy, UT 232155   
DNF Jon Moak   Salt Lake City, UT 133715   Sambucca

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 David Coates   South Jordan, UT01:39:32 276482   Canyon
2 Randy Anderson   01:39:57   
3 Darrel Byerly   01:39:57   
4 Forest Dramis   01:40:14   Peaked Sports
5 Tony Anstine   01:40:34   
6 JD Byerly   01:40:38   
7 Michael Kooreman   Park City, UT01:40:53 279519   NA
8 Mike Pimm   01:43:34   Fitzgeralds bicycles
9 Casey Marker   Roy01:43:54 276682   Team Excelerator
10 Eric Gardiner   Salt Lake City, UT01:44:56 268968   Logan Race Club
11 Adam Taylor   01:45:04   bcc
12 Russell Parry   Ogden, UT01:47:14 278476   North Shore CC/Team Bingham SMA
13 Alan Griffey   Roy, UT01:47:58 278392   Northshore/Binghams
14 Tom Coffey   North Ogden, UT01:48:16 271032   BCC Racing
15 Tracy Mikesell   01:48:46   Logan Race Club
16 Austin Tanner   Logan, UT01:48:58 264591   
17 Riley Siddoway   Coalville, UT01:49:28 277515   Spin Cycle
18 Andy Hall   01:49:43   
19 Brent Williams   South Jordan, UT01:50:24 229675   BCC Racing
20 eric dupuis   Layton, UT01:50:24 278019   BCC Racing
21 Hawk Carter   Jackson, WY01:51:20 262372   Fitzgeralds bicycles
22 James Hunter   Spring Creek, NV01:51:26 247284   
23 Kelly Dustin   Burley, ID01:54:18 276069   ICE Rocky Mtn Surgery Center
24 Jeffery Banks   Idaho Falls, ID01:54:28 263819   ICE Rocky Mtn Surgery Center
25 Michael Adams   01:56:00   Logan Race Club
26 Cory Muth   01:56:00   
27 Thomas Williamsen   Salt Lake City, UT01:56:10 214110   
28 Murphy Woodhouse   01:56:45   
29 Adam Vetter   Salt Lake City, UT01:57:21 267822   Utah Premier Cycling- Ski Utah
30 Jacob Andreas   02:01:59   
31 Jeremy Turner   North Salt Lake, UT02:02:11 264423   NA
32 BRIAN Smith   South Jordan, UT02:02:41 272129   SPIN CYCLES
33 Steven Mason   South Jordan, UT02:03:02 149248   BCC Racing
34 Brian Sparks   Moab, UT02:04:03 97048   
35 Mitch Bogue   02:05:00   Bountiful Mazda
36 Aaron Luptak   Salt Lake City, UT02:07:57 255518   Ski Utah Cycling
37 Jerald Olsen   Roy, UT02:09:11 278981   Team Excelorator
38 Rich Drick   02:10:29   team Sagegrouse
39 Brent Lusk   02:19:22   NA
40 Michael Brosenne   02:29:24   
41 Scott Johnson   02:34:23   TRAC
42 Roger Fuller   02:36:55   unattached
43 Brett Naylor   03:31:22   Advanced Dental
DNF Ryon Brewer      TRAC
DNF Michael Mason   Herriman, UT 278063   BCC Racing
DNF Tyson rickards      
DNF Dan Aldred      NA
DNF Jay Vickery      TRAC

Women - JR - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Courtney Taylor   02:45:41   

Women - JR - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Krystal Taylor   03:21:22   

Women - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Ellen Guthrie   Salt Lake City, UT01:57:41 208087   Spin Cycle
DNF Margaret Douglass   Salt Lake City, UTDNF 60449   Ski Utah Cycling Team
DNF Lisa Pascadlo   Salt Lake City, UTDNF 243294   Intermountain Financial/JR Smith Coachin
DNF Monica Steidele   DNF   Fitzgerald's Bicycles

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - Cat 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Kris Walker   Pocatello, ID03:12:06 48743   Bountiful Mazda
2 Kelly Crawford   Ogden, UT03:14:29 64973   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team
3 Kelsey Withrow   Santa Cruz, CA03:15:52 202477   PCIM
4 Kirsten Kotval   Park City, UT03:17:40 206135   PCIM
5 Jamie Bennion   Providence, UT03:23:14 244323   bountiful Mazda
6 Karen Appleby-Krieg   Pocatello, ID03:23:14 207487   Bountiful MAZDA
7 Kelly Dailey   Ogden, UT03:27:04 207981   Bountiful Mazda
8 Kristi McIlmoil   Provo, UT03:27:43 156951   
DNF Sonia Maxfield   Holladay, UT 238599   Porcupine / Specialized Racing

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Alison Frye   Salt Lake City, UT01:45:21 247526   Ski Utah Cycling Team
2 Alisha Welsh   Tucson, AZ01:52:28 276369   
3 BREANNE NALDER   Murray, UT01:52:14 263791   Ski Utah Cycling Team
4 Jamie Carter   Draper, UT01:55:59 273651   Ski Utah Cycling Team
5 Jill Damman   Jackson, WY01:57:11 227489   Hoback Sports
7 Diane Evans   Eden, UT01:59:22 262915   Bountiful Mazda
8 Anna Podgorney   Idaho Falls, ID02:02:57 246055   ICE/Rocky Mountain Surgery
9 Andrea Richardson   02:05:24   ICE Rock Mtn Surgery
10 Nancy Alcabes   Salt Lake City, UT02:05:31 278040   Ski Utah Cycling Team
11 Holley Aldred   02:06:15   
12 Melanie Helm   Salt Lake City, UT02:06:50 248126   Intermountain Financial/JR Smith Coachin
13 Stephine Dunn   Idahofalls, ID02:09:47 279172   ICE/Apple Athletic
14 Shanna Matheson   Salt Lake City, UT02:15:21 258348   Ski Utah Cycling Team
15 Kristin Vincent   Lehi, UT02:18:40 236122   Ski Utah Cycling Team
16 Brandi Gorden   St. Paul, MN02:18:49 236871   Ski Utah Cycling Team
17 Stephanie Falls   02:31:30   Binghams
DNF Cindy Taylor   DNF   

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